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Adam Levine Surprises Anne V in Las Vegas!

Adam Levine Surprises Anne V in Las Vegas!

Adam Levine joins girlfriend Anne V and pals John Legend and Chrissy Teigen for a private after-after-party held at their penthouse of The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas on Thursday night (February 16).

The happy couples danced into the middle of the night, hit up a private casino in the hotel, and ordered tons of food – sushi, french fries, pizza, chicken fingers, and giant pancakes.

The 32-year-old coach from The Voice flew into Vegas earlier in the evening and surprised Anne. (John and Chrissy were the ones to successfully help coordinate the surprise.)

Adam walked into the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit party and Anne was shocked,” a friend of the couple tells “Her jaw dropped to the floor and then she had the hugest smile on her face. They hugged, kissed, and had their arms wrapped around each other most of the night. It was such a sweet moment because it meant so much to her.”

Adam flew into Sin City with his Maroon 5 bandmate James Valentine – they’ll be flying to New Orleans to perform for Mardi Gras. They’ll first act as Grand Marshals on a float in the Endymion parade on Saturday and then give a blowout performance at the Louisiana Superdome.

Enjoy this exclusive set of photos of Bruno Mars, who performed awesome covers all night, SI cover girl Kate Upton with SI Swimsuit senior editor MJ Day, red-headed beauty Cintia Dicker, L.A. cutie Alyssa Miller, and a series of SI models eating – Brazilian beauty Izabel Goulart, Danish stunner Nina Agdal, Aussie babe Jessica Gomes, and Floridian SI rookie Crystal Renn.

15+ pictures inside of Anne V and Adam Levine in Vegas…

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  • Puke

    photo op…these two gross me one knew who they were before JJ.

  • Not hating but…

    Clothes just look strange on Anne V. Usually everything looks good on a model but not with this chick.

  • dobbi


  • Mary

    People actually have after-after-parties? What’s the point?

  • just me

    Adam and Anne are so adorable. Glad to see them happy and still together!

  • MzKnowItAll

    Can I puke now?

  • Sean

    LAX to Vegas is a 42 minute flight. LOL! It’s not like he went out of his way to see her. Wouldn’t surprise me if they were the ones who leaked this info.

  • Helena

    Think it’s sweet but the only thing that I don’t like is how much attention is given to them and that’s only because the obsessed fanatic “fans” gobble this up and sit prying even more into their business, which is just that, their own business.

  • Mel

    I’m definitely worried now, because I think they are cool people.
    They just need”a close friend” (obviously her friend JJ) to say how important he is to her…. Unfortunately it seems that something is not going well in this relationship. Sad for them.

  • me

    I don’t think that was the point of the article, I think it was trying to say that Adam hadn’t originally intended on being there and surprised her by coming. Not trying to say that Adam is important to her, because that goes without saying.

  • Whatever

    Seriously, such fame hungry, attention loving whores. When is this skinny bitches 15 minutes of fame gonna be up? Send her back to Russia.. Please! Give us all a break!!

  • jaded

    Anne V is the epitome of Eurotrash. She literally looks like a Russian gold digging prostitute. Levine has always had the worst taste!

  • Naomi

    Anne and Adam are the cutest couple! I am so happy to know they’re still strong and to see Adam proud to be seen next to his lovely lady.
    I am deeply disappointed though that Anne didn’t get the SI cover this year. After so many years, I thought it was her turn.

  • barf

    anne, how much do you pay jared?

  • eva

    Anne V…..Sorry but she just looks like a whore

  • Sonia

    hmm,maybe its just me. But I love Adam w/Anne these two have been together for so long and he really seems to love her. They way he speaks about her,its adorable
    As long as hes happy,what else really matters? and Adam is the no bulls**t type of guy, so she might not be that bad as people make her out to be. Mostly on this site anyways I never see so much hate on any celeb then I do on this site

  • Belle

    This is so clearly staged. I mean just last week they were on the outs and now there are all these cheesy staged photos of them here on the blog. It’s all just smoke and mirrors. As soon as Adam realizes she is just using him to get attention and become more famous, hopefuly he will kick her to the curb. As others have mentioned she is just common euro trash and nothing special. She can’t even stand on her own. She seems uber clingy and is always saying how he is her man and boyfriend. Ok we get it already. Get over your self girlfriend!

  • http://website david ouellette

    Yeah, I’m REALLY surprised – because I don’y have the slightest idea who Anne V is. (does she have a real last name? She could be an inflatable doll for all I know.)

  • OMD

    she is meh. she looks like a mail order bride.

  • Whatever

    Remember when Adam Levine used to date cute girls like Becky Ginos? Seems like such a long time ago. I wish he’d concentrate more on his band & making music than letting his girlfriend use him for fame & photo opportunities. Did anyone outside of the fashion world know who she was before she dated him? Probably not. Will anyone care when they break up? Probably not. Will all the silly Maroon 5 fans who now worship her move onto his next girlfriend when this happens? Count on it. I look forward to new Maroon 5 music and seeing Adam doing what he’s best at, performing. Open your eyes Adam, you’re better than this.

  • no top model

    Its obvious she’s using him for publicity. If they weren’t dating , I doubt anyone but the people in the fashion industry would know who she is. She’s not even a top model. Adam could do so much better.

  • Sandra

    She’s definitely not a classy woman, but she is his choice for now. BTW, she’s a model, not a supermodel. Fact she’s using him, but who would not?

  • Lily

    they have been dating/living together for 2 yrs now. Why doesn’t he propose? Btw, she’s not pretty at all!

  • Helen


    Let’s be correct on this. She commute lives with him; when she’s in California. She has personally said out loud and in her tweets that New York is her home. Many say that she’s using him; has anyone once said that he could be using her? It works both way to keep the name out there. He seems to care more about being snapped left and right by the lens than being in the studio doing what he says he enjoys the most: making music. As for the person who brought up his previous girlfriend. People were hating on her too; maybe not as intense as it is on here with Anne, but they made rude comments about her as well. Recall the 2007 Howard Stern interview that was done? Shortly after that, people were trashing her so bad that word went around that Adam spoke on it on the band’s website.

  • me

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I don’t think people stop to look at this from both sides. I love Adam and Anne both, but we don’t know what goes on with them privately. All we know is what they choose to share with us. While I hope that they last for a long time, It’s their life. I could never hate on any of Adam’s girlfriends really because I don’t know them personally and I don’t have the knowledge to form an opinion on any of them. So I think the hate is senseless because honestly, who of all of you actually knows Anne personally and not just from her public persona?

  • no top model

    @Helen: I don’t think anyone actually hates Anne V ,I know I don’t. Its not logical to hate on someone you don’t know. People are just telling it the way they see it.

  • Mel

    Anne V semms to be so immature. Just read her tweets. Always seeking for attention. You don’t see other models/singers/actresses doing so in that way.

  • unknown

    The only thing I will say is this. Majority of celbrity couples that surprise one another. don’t usuallyh stop and hav e a photo opt. Unless its for .red carpets. This is typical beha vior of a couple on the end. This is exactly like so many couples that have put themselves out there. Then when they do break up then majority go on to be with people that are nothigh profile atleast vthe ones in successful relationships.

  • unknown

    Honey I’ve met Anne more than once and even way before Adam. Let’s just say my opinion on her is very low and the people I know that around her still today that have to be around her. They just put up with her especially the ones that know Adam pesonally. Peopele just smile and put up with her she acts like the sweetheart but gets her friendss to do the dirty work while she sits back. Hat kind of person invites the owner of this site to her BFs & his bands Halloween party so he can get all the exclusive. Have u noticed ev en the distance between Adam and Blake, when Anne happens to be around. It has changed since New Years. As many famous people a lot more famous than these two ever thought of being. Why is that JJ only goes to her twitter page and take photos off there? How about it only when Adam and especially Blake Miranda & Kelly where in it. There are photos off of certain pages show Anjolina Jolie and Brad Pitt doing work abroad and raising awareness. Yet, do they mention them. I would think no matter what it was. They would be mentioned esp a photo of them. Come on people. What kind of person acts like she is hosting a party when her BF and his band are hosting and performing at a Super Bowl party in Dallas. She is a liar. When asked what country in Africa she went to for two weeks. Because the way she made it sound like she was inspired to make a difference . Her response is Africa. All she did there was a photo shoot for a few days a wild life preserv e which the entire crew went to. And party. She is a Fame whore and if u read between the lines and quit kissing her so called butt because of Adam Levine. When they have problems start watching her friends esp Jorge and people she don’t follow but she knows them. Trust me. And from what I heard and trust me my source is very reliable. Said she wants to be famous and the best part about her. Is that she thinks her BF rides a Harley and watches Sons of Anarchy she can kiss up to anyone who rides. News flash to all of you. Marrissa Miller who is beyound beautiful and rides a Harley herself was picked because to be a model for the HD line. Anne wasn’t for several reasons. She isn’t hot enough for HD & yes they told her that. Second, she doesn’t ride. That’s a given when modeling for HD. You have to own and operate a Hog. In order to model for them. Their relationship has made strains in the bamd and ev en in his perso.nal life outside. If someone speaks up to her. They are mean and then all the sudden u hear nothing about those people anymore. Ev er wonder where the gruesomtwo some aka Alex Greenwald and his side kick went to. When they all use to be BFFs now they won’t even speak to eachother. Atleast aAlex & Adam. If u were to pretend to not know who she is. Trust me u would get her whole resume. Especially the first thing is SI VS and the fact she was in all her BFs videos. Which may I remind everyone she tried to take credit for it on twitteras well as the band. She will get hers as Karma will get her for sure!

  • Saul

    I’m worried. Jesse Carmichael is missing. Since last year he does not play with the band in public. Someone says Jesse is/was Adam’s best friend. They seem apart now. Annes’s effect?? Time will say…

  • Mark

    Tell more!! It seems very interesting!

  • Laurie

    Seriously… I don’t have a good feeling about this Anne girl…

  • unknown

    I would honey but I’ve decided I don’t want bad Karma on me. Besides. Like they always say. The truth will come out in the end. But I will say this much. I don’t know if you follow her on twitter but someone brought it to my attention she tried to crash a party at a resort at Club Med in Turks and Caicos. They threw her out. Ironic,ally she also said bad move and she needed to reevaluate her career. What that say about anyone who says that? It is also been said by someone that when she threw her tantrum. She not only said I’m a Super Model and her BF is a famous Rock Star. Now if I was to date Adam or anyone that was in the spotlight (just as an example) I would never disrespect my man by what he does for a living. That’s proably the most fame seeking comment you can say and superficial froo. It also has been said that the crew for Bed Bath and Beyound. Talked about what she had done including the photographer that was there. Trust me they talk more than any gossiper or blogger. It gets around. Not to many people like Anne as much as people think. My question to you is. If she wasn’t dating Adam, would people even know she excisted outside the US anyway. And why do every article has to relate her to her BF. Something tells me that if he wasn’t in the picture. No one would care who she is or even know she exciss. @Mark:

  • unknown

    Note to self. Use the keyboard and not touch screen LOL.spelling is aweful.
    Anywho just noticed someone saying Jesse is missing for a while now. Have you guys also noticed since January that Blake and Miranda have kind of seperated from Adam and Anne since the New Years pic was posted not only on twitter but on here as well. The only thing that surprised me was that Kelly Clarkson was there.

  • Mark

    The question is: and Adam? What does he think about this? And his close friends and family? Is Adam blind??

  • Oh come on

    You all have nothing better to do then talk about Models and musicians? Do you even know these people? Yes I am talking to you, the haters, not Just Jared. Did you HATERS ever think that maybe they are happy. I think your lives are so pathetic, HATERS, that you have nothing better to do then to try and see a good relationship as bad. What goes on with them behind closed doors is non of your damn business,,, what ,like he is gonna dump her and go for one of you.???????? NOT!

  • Chloe

    @Oh come on:

    Don’t know what is worse folks on here ripping them apart or folks on other social networks dissecting their relationship and commenting on it crudely. People are going to say what they want on here; whether it be good or bad, and believe me, I’ve read all the bad on here. There’s really nothing that you can do, and posting at folks for stating their thoughts is sort of pointless. Pretty much just keeping it going by ‘attacking’ those who come on here to say what they want.

  • Ok hello haters

    1) She is a TOP model- she does tons overseas.
    2) If you cant say something nice, shut the hell up
    3) Her life with Adam is none of your business.
    4) Your lives must suck if all you have time for is to critique someone who has a life they are happy with.
    5) If you don’t like her, DON’T LOOK! TURN YOUR HEAD!
    6) GET A LIFE!

  • Masaj Erotic

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    I chastise added your blog on my sucker in ignore bibliography of readed blogs.

  • Blair

    @Ok hello haters: It was you Anne V? Who did write these lines?? lol I bet!

  • Melissa

    @Sonia: Well, Anne has proved to Adam she’s bad people. Sadly.

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