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Angelina Jolie: Croatia for 'Blood & Honey' Premiere!

Angelina Jolie: Croatia for 'Blood & Honey' Premiere!

Angelina Jolie hits the red carpet on Friday (February 17) at the Croatian premiere of her movie In the Land of Blood and Honey in Zagreb, Croatia.

At the premiere, Angie, 36, posed for photos with Croatian actor Rade Serbedzija, who plays Nebojsa in the movie.

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On Thursday, Angelina and her partner, Brad Pitt, attended the Parisian premiere of In the Land of Blood and Honey.

FYI: Angelina paired Robert Procop jewelry with her J. Mendel dress.

Check back later for more pics!

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Credit: Hrvoje Polan/AFP, Pixsell; Photos: Getty, Splash News Online
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  • blah

    wow how bad does she looks?

  • LiLo

    sooo bored with this old thing…. Go away angie…

  • MadeleineCarol

    She should try with tv… maybe she will have some sucsess there…

  • Anuston

    I used to like her… but after those horrible movies she worked on in last few years, I gave up… she should pay more atenttion to witch scripts she is choosing

  • MariahCareyFAN-4EVA!

    she is still promoting that indie flop? wow… that is sad

  • Eva89

    scary face… just scary

  • Mama-Mia1991

    Why is she soo thin? Does Brad like her that way or is this some new “trend” she is promoting?

  • JenniferROCKS

    I have nothing against her… but I don’t like her new movie, to be hnest I think Madonna did better job with WE


    Wh0relina just go away, please

  • Slits for eyes

    and the nanny is with the kids again… why did she adopted them when she is not spending time with them anymore? I guess she needed them for staying relevant in Hollywood…

  • http://website david ouellette

    Is there anywhere in the world that Angelina hasn’t gone yet to promote this movie?! IT’S ONLY A MOVIE!!!!!! Shouldn’t she be spending more quality time at home with her large brood of children?(they’ve got 8 nannies but they need to see Mom once in awhile)

  • Slits for eyes

    @david ouellette:
    I know what are u talking she definitley should!

  • Gormogon

    Croatia? Is that somewhere in Africa? I hear that u can buy cheap kinds there :)

  • Sean

    Finally she’s with someone of her age!

  • FriendsUNITE

    Brad really? U left Jennifer HOT Aniston for THIS HaAg? Look at that face, she looks like 45, not 30-something… I guess he like that kind of look…

  • RachelGreen

    She is wh0ring herself for the sake of this movie… and that is sad…

  • 456789hf

    she should take a break, she is working way to hard, and movie is still a flop… sad


    Another amazing appearence of Angie! Can’t wait to see “In the Land of Blood and Honey”.

  • Mangelinafaggs?U there

    Is there any MANgelina fans left? It’s kinda sad if there is some…

  • DiatribesAndOvations

    Say what you will about her, she and Pitt are true humanitarians. Rarely do celebrities put their money where there mouths are. Brad Pitt is so cool

  • slutelina

    trying too hard to hide sad face… Brad is old and cant satify her lust for … well strong C000k… we all knew she was a wh0re in the past..

  • JustSadDestinuOfFadedStar

    face full of plastic… it is just sad… what kind of example is she to her kinds, and to young boys and girls around the world?

  • SadStar58

    this movie should have been released on dvd right away… this way she is loosing money



  • Croatia

    according to Angie at the premiere,Brad is already looking at properties in Croatia through pictures.

  • Relevant?

    why is this late 90s actress still relevant?

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Poor name changing troll. Sad to be you. If Angie really care about the box office hit, she wouldn’t make a film about this heavy subject.

    Angie looks great. Amazing woman.


    Dream on, dream on? Why whould they want to live there? better question is why would anyone want them there, they are not welcome in Croatia!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    @Media Wh@re MANiston:

  • nanna2112

    with this statement you say more about yourself than about Angelina,
    and no-Croatia is not in Africa

  • What Comes Around Goes Around!

    as I said in previous CENSORED post, you rape every Jennifer Aniston post here, now you got what u deserved…

  • Angelina Shines

    wow , looks like all the troll haters are home today and mad about the bad reviews Maniston is getting.
    Angelina looks amazing in that color dress and lipstick. She has been home with kids , this is her job so has to take time away from kids but only a few hours. If any of you JA fans are old enough to have kids you would be away from your kids every day for at least 8 hours. You go Angelina , you may have been wild in your young day but classy mom now unlike another *JA* who tried to be *America’s sweetheart * in her youth , now as she is middle age has gone for cheap sexy trash look and morales. Wow . now lets see who has their act together and who is headed for another Demi breakdown???

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Sucks to be a 12 year old troll.

  • JenniferAniston ROCKS!

    @Angelina Shines:
    I don’t know witch one of those two is STARVING herself??? As far as I can see JA, as u call her, is very happy, and looks healthy…

  • Croatia

    I don’t need to lie like you little trolls do.I don’t even need to give you the link either you slopy little bug.If fans want the link,I would gladly provide it.

  • Angelina Shines

    @Media Wh@re MANiston:
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  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    @Angelina Shines:

    I know. This name changing 12 year old troll is going nuts. She or it should lay off the med.

  • Lara

    Another successful premiere for Angie. What an amazing lady, and now she’s back home with Brad and her children.

  • OurWorkHereIsDone

    @Media Wh@re MANiston:
    There is army of Jennifer Aniston fans FULL of your shit… u keep on trashing Jen and believe me we will trash angie more… so bitch bring it on!

  • plez

    LOL jenhags still screaming @ the ocean.

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    There’s only 1 hag who is going bunker. Poor pathetic name changing troll. She would rather be here than MANiston’s thread.

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    What Comes Around Goes Around! @ 02/17/2012 at 3:35 pm

    LOL Did you just admit that all of the posts were yours as if we didn’t know.Which one are you Bet? Yoga chic or the acting tutor?

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    I meant going bonkers.

  • trolls meltdown

    The JPs are leading amazing lives and giving so much back to the world- they deserve all the love, happiness, mega-success that they have and ten-fold more…odd that troll(s) get so upset by happy people-(JPs & their fans). Spending possibly your last breath on earth hating- especially hating on amazing people like Brad & Angie- what a sad miserable existence the trolls must have.

  • trolls meltdown

    if granny manny had “so many fans” she would not have such a horrible box office and be forced to audition for embarrassing movies. People with lots of fans are like Brad & Angie- they can work with whomever they like whenever they like- both projects big & small- not only are the JPs extremely talented, they clearly have longevity and loyalty with audiences around the world.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    @trolls meltdown:

    Don’t forget the box office hits are not hers. She has been doing movies for 10 years and still gets pay less than Reese. If MANiston is so loved, her fans would’ve helped push her salary to 15-20 mil/movie. She is still less than 15.

  • Passing Through

    Damn…this entire week has been a hectic pace for the J-Ps. Is this their last premiere or do they have one in London tomorrow? I guess Brad stayed in Paris with the kids. The kids are probably about ready for mommy to get over the whole work thing because it’s seriously cutting into coloring time or fingerpainting time…or worse, cuddling time…

  • Bowie

    Šerbedžija is of Croatian Serb ethnicity

  • CNN

    she cant keep a man.
    bbt left her remember
    he said supermodels and hot actresses
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