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Chris Brown: Thank You For Supporting My Music!

Chris Brown: Thank You For Supporting My Music!

Chris Brown returns to his hotel room after hitting up the sunny outdoors on Wednesday (February 15) in Miami, Fla.

The 22-year-old singer was spotted later in the day hanging out on a balcony with a group of pals.

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“TeamBreezy, the Grammy I received was for those of you who supported my music and the hard work and growth in my life. I thank you! Love U!” Chris tweeted that same day about the award he won for Best R&B Album this past weekend at the 2012 Grammy Awards.

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  • Zac

    Team Breezy Czech Republic!


    Fist Brown.

  • LizardGorgeous

    Go to hell! And yes, I’m a hater. I’m a Chris Brown hater. Call it what you will.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …You’re giving this kid too much attention.

  • Lona

    He could be that gentle from the beginning, he did not need to act like an angry kid then fix his mistake. Chris is being attacked over and over for what he did to Rihanna just because people know it will piss him off. I don’t think that any person should keep paying the price of his mistake for the rest of his life, no matter how horrible that mistake was. But the thing is that Chris Brown did not know how to get over it, he keeps reacting and he keeps getting angry, he keeps himself busy with what people say instead of making himself busy with doing better things. If he keeps a positive attitude and just ignore anything being said about the past, people will get bored sooner or later from bringing up the Rihanna story again. I am not defending him, but I think that any other star in his place could be way over it by now. It’s ridiculous to keep reminding him of what he did, and it is not clever from his to keep reacting. He is just easily affected by negative talk, and some press knows that and takes advantage of it.

  • offtheproperty

    He takes a LOT of heat.
    And he’s actually a really good guy.
    He made a mistake and he has learned from it.
    All props to you, Chris Brown.
    Another awesome performance at the Grammy’s!

  • T


    How has he learned from it? He has never really genuinely apologized. He has had several incidences of anger or rage. The latest being the twitter he deleted the day after the Grammys.

    This would be over with if he had apologized with some true feeling. If he had addressed the issue frankly with the media instead of walking out, tearing up a dressing room etc. If he’d quit tweeting asinine tweets that show he really is angry.

    The man or should I say child? is immature, hasn’t learned a damn thing from the incident in terms of how to manage his anger, how to manage the media and how to manage PR control.

    So he may be a really good guy, but he certainly hasn’t learned a thing from all of this. Furthermore to show up at Rihannas party and having his thug bodyguards try and require everyone to sign a confidentiality statement that he wasn’t there is not mature. And at another grammy party, it is being reported that he picked up some random chick and her head was in his lap all evening and she wasn’t sleeping.

    He is his own worse enemy.

  • Bobby Brown

    Stop promoting violence against women, Jared!

  • Disney22

    He is a pathetic loser!

  • Yessssssssssss

    Wat is it you Put on Rihanna that she just can’t get over you Chris? After all her success post-incident, she Still can’t Stop thinking about you!
    Wat kind of Lover are you?

  • Wesie

    He is a disgusting human being. Anyone who buys his musics should feel ashamed.

  • aimee

    his career has suffered enough for something that has happened 3 YEARS AGO. rihanna’s over it, why can’t everyone else do the same? he earned his grammy for best r&b album. team breezy!

  • Sean

    Just in case some of you people forgot, this is what he did to a WOMAN. Bet you’d be singing a different tune if she was your mom, daughter or sister:

  • bobbyweiner

    Chris is an icon and role model

  • T


    If he was genuinely sorry I’d forgive him. If he showed the slightest bit of remorse. I’d forgive him.
    But he isn’t and hasn’t. So therefore I don’t need to spend money on a person that beats on women.

  • NiCe

    If Rihannas over it and is able to let this guy near her then all you haters should give up on putting him down yes what he did was wrong but use all act like he did it to you when it happened to 1 person not the whole world and im pretty sure Rihanna has forgiven him by the sounds of things so why dont use all just get over it, like someone said it happened 3 YEARS AGO! the only one that should still be affected by it is Rihanna not use haters if you dont like him ignore him cause that can do more harm then a few nasty words over the internet.

  • Anne

    Rihanna is stupid once hitter always a hitter he will do it again not with her it will be with someone else.

  • Pffft

    Lol, so once the PR team get to him he comes out with the nice messages. What a joke!

    Can’t believe Grammys allowed him to attend, let alone anyone voted for him. Has yet to show any true sense of remorse, guilt, contrition or even any sense that he’s matured at all & accepted responsibility for his actions. Always blaming “haters”, never his own actions & choices that got him those haters. The guy needs to grow up, get over his ego, sort through his various issues & actually show some sign of genuine remorse. Just because it happened years ago doesn’t change what happened whatsoever.

    And all those messages of people saying they’d happily get beaten by him are among the most depressing things I’ve ever read on the internet. Just absurd.

  • okk

    blah!!! i can’t take all these people supporting him, saying he deserves a second chance.. second chances shouldnt be given to those who abuse (i dnt care if its a man/woman/child/animal that is being abused — it’s still disgusting and shouldnt be pushed aside).. i am so surprised abt how many people are saying we should let this go – especially teenage girls!!! Call me a hater, i dont give a sh*t.. id rather be a ‘hater’ than a person who supports abuse.

  • sara

    @NiCe: congratulations on being ignorant. i hope you don’t have children.

  • anna

    I just can’t over the fact that he BEAT HIS GIRLFRIEND. I understand that people make mistakes and learn from them but I can’t even listen to his music (not that I would anyway but you get my point).

  • C r I

    to many negative people on this post and grow up @sara not a nice thing to say to anyone saying you hope they dot have children pretty immature if i say so myself. Chris has some good music not that ill waste money on buying his albums but i still enjoy listening to it on the internet, his music and his personal life are to different things and if the rumors are true rihanna has pretty much forgiven him if they are doing a song together like the rumor going round is saying.

  • mkhay

    lol growth. kiss my ass.

  • Jack

    I think he’s a disgusting human being, the very idea that people find him attractive is repellant. I don’t know how people can stomach the idea of supporting a man who threatened to murder his girlfriend and violently assulted her. He made someone fear for their lives, in my opinion that makes him a disgusting human being.