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Chris Brown: 'Turn Up The Music' Video Premiere!

Chris Brown: 'Turn Up The Music' Video Premiere!

Check out the video premiere for Chris Brown‘s latest single “Turn Up The Music“!

The 22-year-old singer makes his directorial debut in the electrifying video which was co-directed with Godfrey Tabarez.

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“Music is FREEDOM! The video is out!!!!,” Chris wrote on his Twitter account. “Love you team breezy!!! #turnupthemusic.”

“Turn Up the Music” is the lead single off his fifth studio album, Fortune, which is due out March 16 – the track is available on iTunes now.

Chris Brown – ‘Turn Up The Music’
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  • http://carlitooscarVimeo carlito oscar

    Forget what has been said about i love the songs Chris..

  • Sara Bitter

    This song doesn’t tell me anything. All commercial songs sound the same.

  • Leo

    He’s so irrelevant.

  • fukinbun

    He’s a bad person like you and whoever nowadays. Harm is done.

  • Shelly


  • Noisy Boy

    Chris Brown to appear on finished version of Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” track. Looks like she got over it. What do you think, haters? lol

  • FrG

    I do not endorse what Chris did in his private life. Don’t get me wrong.
    But the video is WOW like a musical slap! And the song is not bad.

  • O.J

    He’s a natural born model

  • LOLA

    It’s funny how people can be so judgemental and act like they never make mistakes. The only difference between Chris Brown and you is that his mistakes were made public and yours aren’t. So before u hate on somebody u should think about yourself…
    And for what happened that night nobody can tell what really happened so.. I’m not saying he is innocent but obvi Rihanna gets passed it so why keep hating??

  • LOLA

    He is an amazing artist btw

  • lem

    #RIP Chris Brown Career!!! That was horrible and the same old MJ dance moves rip off.

  • Weekplay

    Watch the HQ Version of the “Turn Up The Music” Official Music Video here:

  • Annie

    I’m not even gonna watch this. Chris should NOT have been welcomed back by the music industry until he’d earned back his place by proving he’d changed. What he did to Riri went beyond just the usual teen/twenties mistakes. So far he’s shown he’s still the same person – big time anger issues and entitlement issues. Like Lindsay Lohan he refuses to admit he has any problem.

  • sky

    Dear Annie and Miranda Lambert,

    Get off your high horse. There are a lot of great musical acts that are amazingly talented throughout music history that have been the crap out of their wives and girlfriends, gotten busted, gone to jail and done their time and are not treated like chris Brown. I pray to god that you don’t make a mistake and people hold it against you for the rest of your life you selfrighteous dimebag.

    Chris Brown Fan

  • Dan

    why all these haters write that shit and still watch the video???
    nice one breezy <3

  • Annie

    @ sky – there is so much wrong with your reasoning I barely know where to begin. Because other artists have been violent criminals we should let Chris Brown get away with it? No, NONE of these people should be rewarded by society by being turned into “stars”. If you do something that is looked down upon by society, people will hold it against you if they find out, FACT OF LIFE. Should we make an exception just for poor lil Chris Brown? Is is ok that people hold a mistake against others? Yes and no depending on a lot of complicated factors that I won’t go into here, but no, I do not think an unrepentant, violent criminal should be held up as an idol/role model to society, ESPECIALLY not to the teenage/early twenties people which are Chris’s target audience since they tend to be more impressionable. You say “I pray to god that you don’t make a mistake and people hold it against you for the rest of your life”…well personally I understand the deal that if I act in a way that harms others then in all likelihood I will have to face some nasty consequences like prison time, limited opportunities in life or a damaged reputation, or failing that, karma. Chris is too immature to get this, he is arrogant enough to think he can get away with everything.

  • mel

    Majority of u are saying he should not be welcomed back to the industry until his proved his changed, okay and what can he do to prove his changed? Go to domestic violence and anger management lessons, yeah his done that. Do community service, yeah his done that. Apologise, yeah his done that too.Disappear from the music industry, yeah his did that for a while.

    some are saying he hasn’t paid the price for the beating. Everyday getting messages for something that has happened 3 years ago, is not something easy. What more can he do? Your all pointing fingers at him saying ‘you shouldn’t have beat her’, I think he knows that he can only learn from his mistake at this point, and nothing more. What his done was inexcusable, but he can only learn from his mistake, his still young.

  • Amanda

    Hi Annie,

    I wanted to use this opportunity to reply to the message about Chris Brown. I also wanted to do it with respect… So no name calling if you reply. First of all, can I ask you a question? What can Chris brown do to show you he is remorseful.. So he can be forgiven? I know its not going to be doing community service (which he did), apologizing and not repeating the same behavior (which by the way he hasn’t in the past three years following the incident with Rihanna) What would make you happy and content? That he gets stoned? That he gets blacklisted? The truth is.. All those things won’t solve the problem/ease your judgements. Chris brown is a talented young man who made a disgusting mistake with which I am sure he has to live with for the rest of his life. That’s fine. But what if he never does it again? Should we judge a person for a mistake the made when they were 19.. according to you even when he is 45 the public should not forgive him.

  • Lalalove

    Forget him and his personal life; this song is LAME.

  • Amanda

    You need to understand the intersectionality of what is really at play here. This situation can not be removed from the political, the racial, nor the gender implications which arise. We live in a racist, agist society.I think that’s what ski meant when she said why is it other OLDER man like charliee sheen can beat on his Wife repeatedly, be on aggressive drugs and he is “winning”? Why was his stand up show sold out when he went on tour? Chris brown is a young man who can still learn from his mistakes. Let him! The only thing that worries me is that others are not going to be able to put their self righteous aside to do that. Abuse is disgusting no matter what, but I think it’s what the person does after that will determine the true character of the individual.

  • Annie

    Yeah, he does have to live with it for the rest of his life because some peeps just never forgive. I’d be more willing to forgive Chris than others – I can’t speak for everyone but the reason I can’t forgive him is mostly the way he’s acted in the 3 years since rather than the event itself. He acted in uncontrolled rage that night but just look at his twitter and you’ll see that it is filled with rage and hate and entitlement to this day. Then there is the smashing windows and ripping off his shirt, making light of the incident “can I have your number no beatings I promise” and naming his album FAME – F*ck All My Enemies. More than anything what still p*sses me off about Chris is how he expects he can do something like that (which is a pretty big deal, it ain’t like he stole some lollies from the supermarket, he might have killed Ri albeit accidentally) and just continue on with his music career while everyone just STFU. Dude, you do something like that and you can expect to have to answer some questions. He’s delusional. If he’d have laid low for a couple of years and HONESTLY done some soul searching to get to the bottom of his anger issue and answered all the questions in a mature way, then I’d probably have forgiven him, since I did like him a lot before.

  • Mary

    why does he even bother

  • LOLA

    @Amanda: You are so right Amanda I couldn’t say it better

  • Cinesnatch

    If Chris Brown was physically unattractive (which would have made it difficult to have his career in this first place, but it gives you something to think about(, how many of you who love him would be expressing the same supportive sentiment?

  • Yessssssssssss

    All the Self-Righteous people posting on here who have Never lost your temper and done something inexcusable can go to Heaven right now because you have No SIN! *Sarcasm*
    Good Video Chris, I like the song, very Club!!!!

  • http://westlifesous sous

    hi how are slt cv b1

  • SIVR

    I just think people deserve second chances, there’s people who’d done worst, and they have recieved forgiveness, why chris cant? just because u dont like him anymore?. Just because some of us admit dat chris DOES GOOD MUSIC and dat he is a GREAT DANCER, does not mean dat we aprove what he did, dat was unacceptable. He has done so far and so well, but if u consider dat’s not enough for you, u r the one wit the problem here, not him. He’s gonna live wit dat the rest of his life. Rihanna is out there smokin weed and doin sexual videos (like a role model for teen girls), and living her life…. so let them be.

    I respect ur opinions of course, but just because u cant forgive him, doesnt mean he not a good musician and dancer.

  • quita1

    chrrisss i love it forget ur haters they have no life thats why the talking about urs keep making them hate u doing good:)

  • http://@BedurH Bedur Brown

    I am so happy for you Chris Brown for winning that Grammy. You so deserve it and even more. I Love you so much <3

  • Janet

    I truly enjoyed that video. I will be incorporating this song in my workout routine. Great video!!!

  • Stephanie

    LOVE the song! And absolutely LOVE the video. Keep up the good work Chris and ignore the haters.

  • Stephanie

    @SIVR: WORD!

  • http://fb saro zums

    @LOLA: i agree 2 u lola he is amazng n terrific