Robert Pattinson: 'Bel Ami' in Berlin!

Robert Pattinson: 'Bel Ami' in Berlin!

Robert Pattinson and Christina Ricci smile for a photo call in support of their new movie, Bel Ami, on Friday (February 17) at the Grand Hyatt in Berlin, Germany.

The 25-year-old English actor was also joined by co-star Holliday Grainger at the photo call.

Bel Ami, out March 2, is a chronicle of a young man’s rise to power in Paris via his manipulation of the city’s most influential and wealthy women.

FYI: Christina is wearing a dress from the Thakoon Fall 2011 collection. She accessorized with YSL shoes and Solange Azagury jewelry. Rob is wearing Smokey Aqua Alpha Khaki by Dockers.

Also pictured inside: Rob catching a flight out of Los Angeles earlier in the week. 15+ pics inside…

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121 Responses to “Robert Pattinson: 'Bel Ami' in Berlin!”

  1. 1
    Annie Says:

    Bald is not for Robert.

  2. 2
    ugh Says:

    he is getting ugly.. ugh

  3. 3
    Nia Says:

    AW!! He looks adorable!! Hair or no hair…he just has a presence and thats HOT!

  4. 4
    Anne Says:

    I never thought he was beautiful. He was fine as a vampire ’cause he really looks like one, with his unusual face, fangs and apathy. But nothing special. Not great performances at all.

  5. 5
    Jenna Says:

    Beautiful man!

  6. 6
    Sara Says:

    I think he is gorgeous!! Not only on the outside but he is just so lovely too. Wish there were more like him around!!!!!!

  7. 7
    david ouellette Says:

    What’s with Robert and the shaved head?! He looks like he just escaped from prison.

  8. 8
    Liz Says:

    Love Rob! Really looking forward to seeing Bel Ami.

  9. 9
    Molly Says:

    Not everyone can carry a shaved head off, but that beautiful man can! Swoon.

  10. 10
    A Says:

    sigh he was so cute in harry potter

  11. 11
    MollyPom Says:

    “It’ll grow!!!!” (quickly please)

  12. 12
    Ash Says:

    I’m so sick of people going on about his hair! He’s still handsome without it. His face is what is beautiful. I mean yes I like men with more hair not a big fan of buzz cuts but for those thinking he’s ugly now because of it are just silly. Plus he probably wants to try & look ugly so crazy girls will leave him alone. Also I’m sure Kristen likes it & she’s the only opinion that matters to him I’m sure.

  13. 13
    GGGgive Says:

    Okay, enough about robert.. look at christina ricci looking fabulous!!!

  14. 14
    Taylor Lautner Says:

    Rob looks dirty. Kind of hot, though…

  15. 15
    ewww Says:

    the bald head just made an ugly man even uglier
    i didn’t think that was possible
    so glad when this foot faced, lousy actor disappears

  16. 16
    Lana Says:

    WTF is he wearing?! He looks like a hobo! At least he could have dressed up a little when he is promoting his movie. Look at the girls, they look great.

  17. 17
    Marie Says:

    Even myself being a fan of Rob, I must admit that a shaved head does not suit her at all! it increases his cheeks and nose! and why the hell should he dresses so badly? he always has to be as badly dressed as his girlfriend? Christina is so elegant and sexy, plus a true great actress (everything KStew is not) … if he was decently dressed, they would have made a beautiful couple in the photo, but instead in reality it’s weird

  18. 18
    yaas Says:

    okay so you all must be very handsome to say such stupid things..!..i guess not because jealousy doesn’t make people that pretty..!
    so, go do something else than judging this talented, gorgeous young man!

  19. 19
    @18 Says:

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You might think that he is handsome, but there are a lot of people who do not. Get over it.

  20. 20
    nicki Says:

    I wonder if he and Christinal Ricci are dating. She just broke up with her husband, and I haven’t seen any recent pics of him and Kirsten Stewart.

  21. 21
    Miss Says:

    People are judging Robert because they are bitter Harry Potter fans who hate the attention Twilight is getting over HP. I personally think there is room for everyone. There is also room for more than Oscar bait actors in Hollywood. Robert is suited for romantic comedies. The ladies love him.

  22. 22
    nepenthes Says:

    Yeap, bald look doesn’t work for Rob and yeah he’s ridiculously under-dressed for such an event.

  23. 23
    Ann Says:

    WHY did he shave his head??? NOOOO? ROBB!!

  24. 24
    NiCe Says:

    Sometimes i wonder why the hell i thought he was so flipping hot in the first twilight it must have been his character haha cause now he is sooooooo unattractive still like the movies but he is not hot.

  25. 25
    @21 Says:

    Well, THIS lady doesn’t love him. I think that he is hideous and untalented. And my opinion has NOTHING to do with Harry Potter vs Twilight.

  26. 26
    @25 Says:

    It’s so easy to insult someone’s looks and talents when one is also lacking those qualities and desperately wish to possess for themselves. You’ll grow up and realize it isn’t really important.

  27. 27
    HappySue Says:

    Rob is so handsome even the buzz cut just makes him look masculine! He suited up for the Red Carpet so take a brake and just look at him. So pretty! Love them…

  28. 28
    @26 Says:

    And maybe you will grow up and realize that people have different opinions. And their opinions are just as valid as yours.
    IMO, Rob has very limited acting ability, and a very homely face. And evidently, I’m not the only person who feels that way.

  29. 29
    @28 Says:

    Insulting other people’s looks and talents is low. Just an excuse to express hate. Constructive criticism that is not.

    As for homely face, I guess you prefer Daniel Radcliffe?

  30. 30
    @29 Says:

    Actually, I prefer Orlando Bloom or Johnny Depp. Chisled features with great cheekbones is my idea of male beauty. Not beady eyes and a heavy, but weak jawline. But to each his own. And I have as much right to say that I find Rob ugly, as you do to claim that he is gorgeous. My opinion is as valid as yours. If you want to hear only from people who idolize him, stick to the fanboards.

  31. 31
    @30 Says:

    Ha, funny because Rob has one of the most chiselled jawline in Hollywood. It’s not weak, small, double chinned. It is wide yet prominent. Your argument just broke down. Claiming someone is gorgeous does not imply just his looks. It’s well meaning. Calling someone ugly is small minded, especially since he has no medical deformity. The medically deformed must not mean much to you either.

  32. 32
    @31 Says:

    No. Rob;s jawline is not chisled. It is very fleshy, and heavy looking. Fleshy jaws look weak.
    And you think that only people with medical deformities are ugly? That has to be one of the most ridiculous things that I have ever read.
    BTW, a lot of people think that Rob is ugly. He’s not know as “FootFace” across the internet for no reason.

  33. 33
    @32 Says:

    I don’t think medically deformed people are ugly. They are beautiful creatures created equally in the eyes of god. They are physically different from the classic beauties so I assume that’s why you think they are ugly. You’d categorize Rob as not being a classic beauty as you think his face is shaped like a ‘foot’. A far cry from normal classic face shape.

    Rob’s pretty skinny. I wouldn’t call his jaw fleshy looking. That’s reserved for more heavy-set people. Side-ways, you could clearly see the angle of his jaw. That’s chiselled to me.

    Those people , who i assume you are one of, call him footface because he is in Twilight. They are Harry Potter fans. His look is very classic with the young British acting circle. Wasn’t he a model before acting?
    No one on the internet who doesn’t have a hidden agenda would be invested in hating him. He’s completely harmless.

  34. 34
    Danira Says:

    He is really getting ugly ;( sorry rob but the look is NOT good for you!

  35. 35
    @33 Says:

    You make no sense.
    First you say that Rob can’t be ugly because he has no medical deformity. Then they answered you wondering why you thought that only people with medical deformities can be called ugly (which is what you said). Then you say that people with medical deformities are beautiful, even after you just called them ugly. ?????
    And you still believe that anyone who calls him ugly is a Harry Potter fan? You don’t have to be a fan of ANYTHING else to see that Rob is ugly.
    Heavy jaw, heavy brow, beady eyes, small mouth = UGLY.
    Like him all you want. Think that he is gorgeous all you want. In five years you’ll realize how blind you really are.

  36. 36
    @35 Says:

    You are an idiot. I did NOT call medically deformed people ugly. I implied in my post that you must think they are ugly because you throw the term ugly around for normally attractive people. I can’t imagine how you will react to people who are not the classically beauty, ie. the medically deformed (for they are exactly the opposite). Don’t try to nit pick and throw my argument out. You were the one who called people hideous as if you were talking about the weather.

    Rob is harmless. If you find someone ugly, people will choose to ignore or not to comment. The fact you are picking a fight makes it look like you are harbouring a hidden agenda. The only people with a bone to pick with Rob is HP fans.

    Heavy jaw is a male trait. A light jaw is feminizing. Heavy brow is a male trait, manicured brows are feminizing. Beady eyes are a male trait, large, opulent eyes are feminizing. Small mouth is a male trait, big, inflated mouths are feminizing. He is attractive to woman. Are you attracted to women? Because the traits you hate in him are what makes him a man and not a little boy/female.

  37. 37
    @36 Says:

    Let me guess. You are what? 13? 14?
    Evidently not old enough to acknowledge that other people are entitled to their opinions, and not everyone will agree with you.
    You said, and I quote, “Calling someone ugly is small minded, especially since he has no medical deformity.”
    Meaning that you consider only people with medical deformities ugly, so Rob can’t be ugly. You made the statement. No one had to put words in your mouth.
    Well, sister, Rob IS ugly to a lot of people. And we aren’t “picking a fight”, we are simply adding our opinion. If you don’t want to read differing opinions, then you are definitely in the wrong place.
    And then you go on a rant accusing someone of being attracted to women if they don’t fing Rob attractive? A bit of a homophobe, aren’t you.
    And while a lot of very handsome men have strong jaws, they aren’t ‘heavy’. Eyes can be small without being beady. Brows can be heavy without looking like a Neanderthal. And a mouth can be small without looking like they are sucking on a lemon.
    He’s ugly. No hidden agenda needed.

  38. 38
    @37 Says:

    No, I’m trying to see sense in your argument. You must be, what, a frustrated 20 something HP fanatic with no other important tasks on their hands but continue to argue back? IF you have no hidden agenda, why would you continue to argue? You obviously enjoy our little argument because you hate Rob for something besides his lack of good looks or talents. The other two aren’t driving forces enough to motivate you for so long. Your not convincing anyone, darling.

    I’m not being a bit of a homophobe. I’m trying to figure out your reasoning. Rob is perfectly normal looking for someone with a big jaw, small (or beady for you) eyes, and thick brows (Neanderthal, really? Are you resorting to compare an actor known for his good looks to a Neanderthal, or caveman? You can spin his distinguishing traits to fit your agenda, I see). Sucking a lemon, wow, Keira Knightley and all the other pouting starlets must all be sucking extra sour lemons to you. He’s not the worst offender in that category. Your agenda is showing again.

    My quote was taken out of context. In the spirit of the post, I was contrasting your tendency to call people known for their attractiveness hideous, to people who are given a hard time for their looks because they were born deformed. If your attractiveness scale is truly objective and Rob is your benchmark, it is very high. Now, I feel you do have a hidden agenda because you find medically deformed people not ugly, which is higher on your rating scale than you have for Rob, who by all definition to the general public, is considered VERY attractive, compared to the general public’s perception of deformed people. Deformed people don’t appear on the face of beauty magazines like Vanity Fair, or play a vampire known for his god-like good looks..

    If you feel he’s ugly, why spend so much time arguing it? You obviously feel stronger, his looks are not hideous by any means. Truly hideous people are a cause for sympathy and you feel no sympathy for him, or at least not express it in any of your post. There is something more to your rant, and that feeling is evident in how long and painstakingly defend your post to an anonymous user. Take a chill pill HP fangirl.

  39. 39
    @38 Says:

    Only someone of juvenile intellect, be they 13 or 30, would believe that their opinion is the only correct opinion. I continue to comment because you are being so stubborn. The only agenda here, is yours.
    And There is no arguement. No one can argue against the subjective opinion of beauty. As has been said, you have your opinions, and we have ours. Neither are absolute, but both have a right to be expressed. There is no OBJECTIVE opinion of beauty, since, as the old saying goes: “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Someone gave their opinion, that opinion differes from yours. And you don’t seem to be able to admit that not everyone in the world finds Rob attractive, much less beautiful. And you seem to be fixated on HP fans. Well, dear, I’m not a HP fan. If I had to be labeled, I would be a LOTR fan. Now Orlando, Viggo and Elijah are beautiful, in my opinion. But I wouldn’t dare claim that anyone who disagrees is an “idiot”.
    And if Edward was supposed to have “god-like looks”,IMO the casting director fell far short on that one. And if I had a “benchmark” for beauty, Rob would certainly NOT be at the top. He would probably be in the lower third of the list, with the actors that I mentioned above being near the top.
    So keep ranting all you want. You are just making yourself sound unhinged.

  40. 40
    @39 Says:

    FhStubborness is your excuse to continent this argument. Wow, I guess someone on the Internet who I’ve never met is trying to teach me a lesson on differing opinions. Your rudeness in your first post already disqualify you from any further opinion. I don’t take seriously your self I’m not going to acknowledge your rightgeous freedom to have an opinion when you choose to express it in that manner. You can still express it without offending everyone’s sense of decency. The fact you choose to use the most offending words shows your hidden agenda. There’s a story behind this. Something rob chose to do obviously offended you in the past to the point that it elicited this type of reaction. I can only think of the Hp fans being offended of his participation in twilight. You choose to keep replying. This shows that this is a subject that interest you very much and affects more than simply your repulsion of his face .
    What would a lotr fan be doing reading jj? There’s no lotr actors on here besides stay at home dad Orlando. You confuse me so much. You are obviously lying through your teeth.

  41. 41
    @39 Says:

    Expressing yor opinion is not a right, it is a priviledge. Expressing your political views are protected by the state. Expressing your view on an actor’s level of competency is entirely subjective to the whims of your audience. I can tell you to shut up without apologizing for not listening to your tripe. You can’t buy a listener by bringing up this crap about a person can hold a differing opinion. You can hold it, but I can choose to argue it or ignore it. You can’t tell me to ignore what you say and leave it be. If I disagree, I can point out your weakness and discredit you.

  42. 42
    @40-41 Says:

    Evidently you do need to be taught a life lesson. Not everyone will agree with your SUBJECTIVE standard of beauty, and there is nothing that you can do about it. There doesn’t have to be a hidden agenda, and there is nothing to discredit. In fact, you CAN’T discredit someone elses opinion. That is impossible. Saying that you can is ridiculous.
    And how were they “rude” or indecent when they called him ugly? That’s not rude. He’s a public figure. This isn’t a fan site. You called a poster an “idiot”. THAT is rude.
    Expressing an opinion IS a right AND a priviledge given to us on this open gossip site. You have a right to censor opinion ONLY if you are the site owner. JJ allows BOTH sides to comment. If you can’t handle that without going off your rocker, then stay away. It’s like the old saying about the dangers of eavesdropping. If you choose to do it, you run the risk of hearing exactly what people think of you. If you can’t handle what you hear, don’t do it. If you can’t accept the fact that a LOT of people think that he looks like a foot, don’t come to an open site.
    And just because someone is a LOTR fan, that doesn’t mean that is all that they are interested in. People outside of the twilight fandom actually have lives and other interests. But just so you know, “stay at home dad” Orlando is filming the next movie for the LOTR series. The highly anticipated, and highly respected across the board, The Hobbit.
    You really do need to step outside for some fresh air once in a while.

  43. 43
    @Rob fan Says:

    So let me get this straight….
    You think that anyone who expresses an opinion contrary to yours is wrong? That you can “discredit” their opinion? That they are “rude” if they don’t agree with you?
    You’re 12.

  44. 44
    lil Says:

    he looks HOT, yummy. Gorgeous guy.

  45. 45
    @HP fan Says:

    So let me see, you don’t think it’s rude to call someone hideous and untalented with no proof of explanation? I don’t call that having an opinion, I call that simply being a troll.
    It’s not discrediting their opinion, It’s discrediting them as a person, a.k.a. a Harry Potter troll dumbass.
    You’re not rude for disagreeing with me, you are rude in general. It’s not what you say, it is the way you say it.
    I rather be 12 than a completely ignorant grown up who hasn’t learned to express themselves on sensitive subject matters without offending other’s.
    You are still replying to me. You obviously have some grind to pick with Rob fans. If it was to express an opinion, you obviously have expressed it already. You personally hate Rob because you hate the fact Twilight took over Harry Potter’s positive momentum in its last few films. You probably voted like crazy for the fan voted awards and lost. The time you sacrificed and not get your way as upseted you and you are taking it out on Twilight fans.

  46. 46
    @45 Says:

    Well, you’re still responding to THEM. I guess that means that your agenda is to fight anyone who dares disagree with your opinion of that ugly, talentless excuse for a human being, named Pattinson.
    And you DON’T think that someone expressing their opinion is, well, their OPINION? That is beyond stupid.
    At least you admit that you think that anyone who disagrees with you is a troll. Once again, you are claiming that your opinion is the only one allowed.
    And again with the name calling? I guess that’s what 12 year olds do when faced with an argument that they can’t POSSIBLY win. You’ve made it a point to offend others, that’s why people keep responding to your ridiculous posts. You don’t have to be a HP fan to hate Twatlight and everyone involved in it. Anyone with good taste, and common sense, can’t stand it.

  47. 47
    @HP fan Says:

    oic, you say you are a lotr fan, particularly the actors, implying that’s why you come here, because you didn’t mention anyone else, only them, and i told you they are rarely on here, now you are backtracking and saying you come for other actors. AFTER i pointed out your weak point for coming. A lord of the rings fan site would give you more news on lotr actors.
    You’re telling me you need to teach me a lesson? Why would I try to learn anything from you? Do you even know the first thing about teaching? You can’t force someone to learn, you have to earn their respect before they believe anything you say. You obviously teach with the stick, which won’t work. You are simply trying to teach a complete stranger over the internet by boring them to death with your ‘everyone can hold an opinion’ post. lol.
    No, don’t try to teach me anything, I don’t take anything a stranger on the internet say seriously. especially ones who profess their love for orlando bloom, poor taste. It is a priviledge to teach people. You need a Bachelor of Ed. to teach HS students, a masters/pHD to teach undergrads etc. I don’t known anything about you besides you like lotr and HP, which I don’t take seriously.
    Orlando is filming the Hobbit movie, huh? I bet he didn’t have to audition. He got the role because of his alumni status. This is likely the only big budget movie he gets from now on. Not knowing orlando is in the hobbit does not mean i need to get out more. knowing about what a washed up actor is doing is not my prerogative or any other busy individual’s.
    JJ allows for freedom of expression, but you are trying to silence me and telling me i need to let you have an opinion (that your opinion is not wrong). ARE you dense? You are still posting and i am still responding, obviously I am letting you have an opinion, am listening and responding. Are you trying to say I can’t disagree with your opinion (saying that you are wrong?). We are having a discussion. Discussions need to have sides. If everyone agrees with everything anybody says, there would be no discussion.
    I’m challenging your reason for expressing yourself in that way because there is a reason for everyone’s action. Come on a Rob post at, say he’s hideous and talented, then end post, there’s a reason for that. Then continue to spend more time arguing with someone about having a right of argument, there’s another reason. I figured you must be a pressed hp fan. I deny it, state you’re a lotr fan (yet still frequent jj for some other actors you won’t mention), state you can say whatever you want and you have the right. Well, we already past that point. You ALREADY stated whatever you want. Now you are here to try to convince me you can state whatever you want because opinions, for you, are never wrong, can never be challenged, are subjective. YOU need to get out more. If you walk up to a twilight fan and tell them their movie is stupid, you think you have the right to say that and they will let you get away with it? Or at the very least disagreeing with you and have a discussion with you? The can have an opinion, but other people can choose to disagree with it, itsn’t that what communication is? You communicate your hate for rob, we communicate that we disagree with you and try to convince you otherwise with facts like being cast in a good looking roles (cedric, edward), beauty magazines. You are not trying to teach me that everyone can have an opinion, because i already agree with you that everyone can have differing opinions. You are trying to tell me that I cannot possibly try to change your opinion, which is what I am doing. I disagree with it, and i’m trying to show you otherwise.

  48. 48
    @HP fan Says:

    Oh, and btw, people go into discussions to try to change the person they are arguing’s opinion. Why bother having an argument with it is not to change it? Why bother arguing if they know they won’t get through to the other person. Don’t tell me that everyone who has ever argued only argued on points that have a solid right or wrong answer. Because if that’s the case, just show the fact and there would be no argument.

    LOL, i’m still responding to them. Obviously you are still responding to me. Are you that easy? I just flipped it around and showed what a dumbass you are for making that statement.

  49. 49
    @47 Says:

    You see, you can be taught.
    You went from making the statement ” I can tell you to shut up without apologizing for not listening to your tripe.”, to actually admitting (in a very round about way) that people CAN be allowed to have differing opinions.
    Maybe next time you can accpet it gracefully without resorting to calling them a “dumbass”.
    But you still don’t understand that people don’t have to justify their opinion. I can consider him ugly all I want, without having to prove my point. Just like you can believe that he is God’s gift, no matter what others think.
    But you are definitely a hypocrite. You complain that people were being rude in expressing their opinions about Rob, yet you then lay into Orlando the same way. That’s no way to earn respect.

  50. 50
    @48 Says:

    You can’t change someone’s opinion on something as subjective as physical beauty. There is no way that you will ever convince me that Footface is handsome, because he ISN’T…IN MY OPINION. Nothing that you say will ever change that.

  51. 51
    @46 Says:

    Let me summarize for you, you came on here to express your opinion, I already acknowledged what you said so obviously you succeeded in expressing it long ago, but I also disagreed with what you said, which is also my right as it is your right to express it, which I let you have and continued to acknowledge it in my post by responding to specific points you’ve made.
    Now, you are arguing with me and trying to tell me that you can have an opinion, that opinions are never right or wrong, implying that I can’t disagree with your opinion, and god forbid, try to convince you to change it or at least take a less extreme view.
    Now, I also disagree with that because people CAN disagree with opinions, and they can ALSO choose to argue their point and TRY to convince other people of the other side of the argument. Beauty is subjective, but that does not mean it can’t be argued with. Peopel have measured beauty by awarding beauty crowns, acting roles and modeling jobs designed to award beauty. Magazine covers designed to award beautiful people. So beauty can be measured and quantified. Those are facts that can be used to convince other people who disagree. They may not be exposed to all aspects and achievements of the person so they can still be convinced otherwise.
    If you still want to argue this, then it’s up to you. But spicing your arguments with ad hominems makes you look bad and takes up your time typing it out.

  52. 52
    @49 Says:

    Oh thank you, the most positive thing I heard from you. Don’t worry, my aggressiveness was only for your benefit. The shade on Orlando was so you get a taste of your own medicine. I would never enter a post and start off as rudely as you did, never. Why should I continue to be polite while you continue to be rude.

    Yeah, I still believe I can tell you to shut up and not listen to your tripe because from the time you first posted, you showed no respect so you don’t deserve anyone’s respect in return. I still responded to you because i still disagree with you and want to convince you otherwise, but I could easily tell you to shut up and leave the post.

  53. 53
    @49 Says:

    You say you can’t be convinced of Rob’s good looks. Who say I’m trying to convince you of his good looks? I’m trying to help you to see that he may not be ugly. There is a whole space between good looking and hideous. I’m trying to help you see that he’s not as hideous as you believe him to be. And I’m entitled to do that by giving you facts, figures, and pictures if it has to stoop to that low.

  54. 54
    HA! Says:

    I love how this Rob fan thinks that she is speaking to only one person, and attributing all posts that mention how ugly Rob is to that person.
    I think that he is ugly, too.
    And yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are no facts or figures that can change that fact.

  55. 55
    @54 Says:

    LOL. after a while it all sounds like it comes from the same person. Your writing style is very similar, lol. I like arguing. And no, beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, not to the extent you are suggesting. Some beauties are evident across all cultures, unless you lived in a cave since the turn of the century, lol. And yes, facts or figures does support and quantify beauty. That’s why there are jobs that only beautiful people can do, or modelling roles that only beautiful people can get. Beauty contests that only beautiful people can win, or plastic surgeries that are based on an ideal beauty. LOL, I reply at most three times a day if i feel an urge and curious if i get a reply. No one posts until I reply so how many ppl are replying doesn’t matter. I control the pace numbskull. You won’t have anything to say unless I respond. it works better that way so i don’t have to read anyone else’s post defending rob and contradicting what i want to say. And I don’t actually respond to everything in a post, just the points I choose. Yawn, Please reply more to my posts than just one post each after I post. If there’s more of you, why aren’t I bombarded with posts? lol. pathetic, you all must feel strongly about Rob, much more than his looks. i have a feeling you are bitter hp fans looking to take revenge on innocent rob and his betrayal of your precious hp franchise. lol, those are the only fans who hate rob with a passion.

  56. 56
    @54 Says:

    this is a one-to-one person conversation because i am only being thumbed down by one user. If there’s more, there should be more than one thumbs down. lol you are hilarious hp fan. or should i say fanatic.

  57. 57
    @ the fan Says:

    You are indeed talking to more than one person. I just don’t make a habit of ‘thumbing down’ people unless they are offensive, and not just expressing an opinion. But just to make you happy, I went back to give your posts negative marks.
    And ‘beauty is NOT in the eye of the beholder’??? Since when? That’s ridiculous. If everyone had the same taste, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. And if you could change someone’s opinion by offering ‘f’acts’, then you would be agreeing with US, since we gave a lot of reasons why he falls far short of handsome.
    And by the way, the only reason you are still posting is because we are responding. You are desperate to prove your point, while we are enjoying winding up a twatlighter.

  58. 58
    geez Says:

    Yeah, Rob need to grow his hair back. Bald head doesnt fit everyone. And I agree on WTH is he wearing? Rob is a VERY VERY laid back type of person. He has that I-DON”T-GIVE-A-F’CK kind of attitude which is cool. BUT, he’s a celeb now and he needs to dress better then that. They have nice confortable clothes he can wear that’s very casual looking that looks good.

    And BTW, I think ROb cut his hair for two reasons: either he had bug lice, or he just get tired of people wanting to touch his hair. You know he’s a paranoid freak. Not trying to be funny. But its true.

  59. 59
    @57-58 Says:

    No no no you are not winding me up lol. I enjoy our little debate because i enjoy debating in general. it’s even better when i get to discuss a topic that’s enjoyable. Discussing a topic that you hate (rob) just sounds like a lot of work to me, lol. i see there are two people responding. that’s a far cry from one person lol. nonono the reason i am posting is not because you are responding dumbass. the reason why i am posting is because i want to make you see my way. lol don’t worry, i am not winding up. i am in the comfort of my own home discussing a topic i feel strongly about. i don’t mind that you have a differing opinion, i just want to convince you how wrong it is. you on the other hand have to discuss a topic that you hate, which really makes it more work for you since you probably know very little about rob other than the pictures you see on jj from time to time lol. nice try. and you only respond when i post, i am setting the pace since it is 2 against 1. you probably have lots to say but waiting for me to reply. i am moving at my own pace, the control is on my court. the person with the control is the least stressed. You have no control, no way to set the pace. You are the one who is being wind up darling. i am having the time of my life. lol.

  60. 60
    @59 Says:

    Just stepping into the discussion here…
    I’m just wondering how old you really are. People have called you 12, and you haven’t corrected them. And now you are stating that you are trying to convince people that their opinion of what is, and is not beautiful, is wrong?
    If you were older, or more rational, you would understand that is impossible.That’s like taking someone who hates chocolate, and force feeding them so that they will change their mind. It just doesn’t work like that.
    I don’t think that Rob is very good looking either, and nothing that you could ever say would change my opinion.

  61. 61
    @59 Says:

    But this isn’t a debate. It’s one person trying (and failing over and over) to get other people to change their perception of beauty. That’s ridiculous.
    You can’t change someone else’s idea of what is beautiful. Believing that you can is indeed, juvenile.

  62. 62
    @60 Says:

    Oh look, this is person two, right? You’re the one who respond with @number to whoever you are replying to.
    There is a spectrum between hideous and god-like. I don’t mind that you consider Rob not good looking. Obviously you are not a fan so paying any type of compliment to him would be unthinkable. I don’t think that anyone deserve to be called hideous objectively. That’s disgusting, especially to describe a movie actor known for his good looks (cedric, edward, modeling). Someone is a closet Potter fan who can’t admit her identity. Just airing out the laundry.
    And please, continue to post.. lol. I know you are not enjoying it and you have stated that before, that i can’t convince you that rob is good looking. again, i state that i am trying to show you that he is not hideous. if you can’t admit to that by looking at his CV, you have a hidden agenda and still can’t fully accept it.

  63. 63
    @61 Says:

    Yes, proclaim it is not a debate. How juvenile of YOU. You obviously have never had one. They get quite ugly. Thank your lucky star it is a war of words only lol.

    Trying to convince ppl of their opinion is exactly what a debate is supposed to be doing. They might not admit it deep down be they leave with a new perspective. it’s unfortunate the participants in this debate resort to crude language and ganging up to try to accomplish something. there’s no judge to award the winner of this debate. you really just wasting your time but i enjoy discussing this topic so it’s leisure for me. and debating is leisure for me, too.

  64. 64
    @61 Says:

    Failing over and over to try to change their perception of beauty…again, you have a lot to learn. You already admit that evidence can be used to quantify beauty. Rob has a lot of evidence that say he is beautiful, which you probably have none so it’s kind of sad to be debating with you on beauty in the first place. You acknowledge that so…deep down, even though you won’t admit it, Rob has more merit when it comes to beauty. You probably didn’t realize before that the world has created a system to quantify beauty, to award beauty. Even if you think he cheated, defrauded, faked his way to awards he didn’t deserve, you can’t deny he succeeded in making women go watch twilight and making it the global phenomenon it is with he ladies. Please, you can’t argue fact. THIS is what you can’t argue with, opinions are contestable, can be debated.

  65. 65
    @61 Says:

    Oh yeah, I reasoned with you how Rob can’t be hideous by bringing in facts (awards, movie roles that specify good looking actors, modelling jobs that specify a type of aesthetic) to support my argument. All you can argue back with is how you think he has a fat jaw (chiselled in the picture i pointed out), beady eyes (they’re quite round when he is posing next to other actors, like Taylor and Kristen), sour lemon lips (pouty is the better word to describe it, and models tend to pout, it’s a habit from his modelling days), all opinions to support your opinion, and so unconvincing, sadly. You are using your own judgement of Rob’s features to support your own judgement of Rob’s beauty overall. All are contestable and don’t hold any weight in a debate where facts count for more and immeasurably more convincing. I don’t need to convince you with my opinion, I just need to show you facts. You can’t contest that, and you certainly can’t call him hideous unless you choose to ignore and discredit fact, in which case YOU are not thinking irrationally, dear.

  66. 66
    @the obsessed fan Says:

    Uhmmmm, how can you say that there is only one person commenting back to you because they use ‘@#’? Everyone posts that way, INCLUDING YOU! LOL!
    FACTS (please look that word up) can be DEBATED. Opinions on those FACTS can also be debated. But beauty has no facts to debate. Subjective opinions have no facts.
    I think that Rob is ugly (no one, except you, has used the word “hideous”). There are hundreds of young actors in the world who are better looking, IMO. Someone earlier mention Orlando. Now he is not my favorite actor, but he is head and shoulders above Rob in the looks department IMO. Chisled jaw, high cheekbones, large eyes, and a finer brow. And he played an elf, a role described as “fair of face beyond the measure of man”. He also played Paris, who was supposed to be so beautiful that the Gods faught over him. Now if you disagree, I can name dozens of magazines that list him as the most beautiful, and dozens of polls that place him at the top, but that shouldn’t matter to you. That would not sway your opinion. I wouldn’t try to shove my opinion down your throat, the way that you are doing here. My opinion is the only one that matters to me. Just as your opinion is the only one that matters to you.
    NOTHING you can say will ever change my mind, or any of the other people posting.

  67. 67
    @66 Says:

    Facts cannot be debated. At least not the fact I am using, he did win the awards, he did get those roles, he did receive recognition in beauty magazines, he did get cast in modelling jobs. Those facts, honey, can’t be debated. Opinions based on facts can be debated, but the opinions are more convincing than opinions based on your own opinion. If you deny fact you are irrational, lol.
    Beauty has facts to debate, I just stated that and you agree with me in an earlier post. There are beauty achievements that shows someone IS beautiful. Being recognized more and more is not a fluke.
    Opinions does not need to be qualified with subjective since they are inherently subjective in nature. Facts are objective in nature. Beauty can be objectify. Anything can be measured and given factual status. Acting talent can be measured with Oscar recognition, beauty can be measured with winning roles that call for a beautiful person (cedric, edward). The first post by person 1 called rob hideous and untalented. It’s on the first page honey.
    Orlando is ugly now, he’s not in his prime anymore. You can’t seriously be comparing someone who is deemed hot now with someone who is reaching his 40s?
    I said there were 2 people, one who respond with @ and another who doesn’t. I guess you both adopted that moniker, but that’s not very intelligent of you since you want to show your number but can’t seem to find a unique name. I can use that because there is only one of me, honey.

  68. 68
    @66 Says:

    You are just being irrational now for ignoring Rob’s achievements and his awards for his beauty. Denying beauty cannot be measured and quantify because again you use the redundant phrase, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, is plain irrational. I am not trying to make you see he is the most good looking guy in the world, because in that sense, there are equally as many good looking guys and then it comes down to taste and something more than just looks. But being called hideous is just plain irrational, and yes, the person I was originally arguing with called him hideous. No one in the world should be called hideous. No one is hideous, especially not someone who is known for his good looks, because if he is called that the person who called him that is just being childish and has a bone to pick.

  69. 69
    @Mrs. Pattinson Says:

    “Orlando is ugly now”
    LOL! You just proved yourself wrong.
    Orlando appeared in a ‘best looking’ poll just a month or two ago, and was just seen being drop dead gorgeous on the cover of Men’s Health magazine. He is also still so gorgeous at 35, that they wrote his “fair of face beyond the measure of men” character into a movie where he previously didn’t exist. So if you are using polls, and magazines to back up your claim that it is impossible for Rob to be ugly, then how can you turn around and claim the same thing about Orlando?
    So you aren’t just delusional and stubborn, you are also a hypocrite. LOL!
    And too bad that you can’t learn from your own statements….
    “..and then it comes down to taste” means that BEAUTY IS SUBJECTIVE. You said it yourself.

  70. 70
    @69 Says:

    ONLY at the top of the echelon dimwit. Read the whole sentence and the preceding sentence before that. Between hideous and extremely good-looking, there is a scale to quantify beauty numbskull.

    Best looking poll from what magazine I pray tell? Did his publicist pay for that poll? LOL.

    Anyways, I’ve only seen pictures of him bumming around in sweatpants. If you agree with my use of quantitative beauty, why can’t you admit rob is far from hideous? You’ve seen him at the premier and award shows…

  71. 71
    @70 Says:

    OK, I’ll agree that there is a scale between hideous, and extremely good looking.
    Let’s say that scale ranks from 1-10, with hideous being a 1.
    IN MY OPINION, Rob falls in at about a 3.5-4. While IN MY OPINION, Orlando falls in at a 10.
    As you said…in your own words….”it comes down to taste”.
    And how is it that you expect us to take all of these supposed awards when we consider Rob’s looks, yet you completely discard all of the acolades that Orlando has received.
    Again….you’re a HYPOCRITE.

  72. 72
    @71 Says:

    Oh okay, so you agree Rob is not hideous lol. Took you long enough. Here I thought you’re completely blind or prejudice. 3.5-4 is not hideous by any means. Learn to express yourself better darling or you will offend many many people. 3.5-4 I would classify as below average, with average being 5. Most people are average looking at best on a normal day, much better when well groomed and presented.
    Orlando is a 10…okay you must love his work, how he looked 10 years ago, and his personality because well, if he is taken as he is now…I question your judgement.
    It comes down to taste only when the two are equally ranked or within close distance. 1 to 10 is not “it comes down to taste”. I wouldn’t give anyone a 10, Orlando probably a 5 when he smiles. I’m not dismissing the accolades for Orlando, i’m asking you to give proof of what accolades, specifically, he has recently, since we are talking in the present tense. You don’t seem to want to go into detail so i assume you are hiding it. Orlando is only getting legolas role again because it makes sense for an elf to still be around in bilbo’s time and to bring in the old lotr audiences. he would not be cast as the heart throb in any other big motion film where he plays the lead. he just isn’t talented or good looking enough anymore.

  73. 73
    @72 Says:

    As the other poster said, no one in this conversation called him hideous. We have been calling him ugly. LOL!
    Do you really think that the two people here are the same people from page one? Do you really think that there are only two people on the net that think that he is ugly? If that’s the case, why is he so widely known as ‘FootFace’??
    No matter what you say, I will always think that he is ugly. That other person was being generous. In these photos, I would give him a 2, tops.
    As for Orlando, you gave no specifics on Rob, while the other poster gave the specifics of the Men’s Health magazine for Orlando. He was also just on the cover of In Style Man, and is the face of Boss Orange, which has become one of the fastest sellers for Boss. Mainly due to the fact women are buying it for their men because Orlando is hot, and because men want to emulate Orlando. If Orlando wasn’t gorgeous, no one would want to buy the cologne.
    He also just recently played the Duke of Buckinham in The Three Musketeers. A real person, who was said to have been the most handsome man in England. No wonder Orlando was their first choice.
    BTW, Orlando is playing Legolas again because even after more than ten years he is still beautiful enough to play the elf. If he no longer fit the description, they would have simply left him out of the film. They didn’t have to write him in to bring in LOTR fans. They have Frodo, Gandalf, Galadriel and Elrond for that. They wrote in Legolas because they wanted Orlando back. Simple as that. So simple, in fact, that even someone as dense as a Rob fan can understand it.
    It’s funny. I’m not even an Orlando fan. But when comparing him with ugly Rob, it is very easy to sing his praises.

  74. 74
    @73 Says:

    Lol, sure you are someone different. You write exactly like her. You might not realize it but every person has a certain way of writing and responding that makes them different. You have a patten of writing and bringing up the same idea in every posting. You seem to know more about Orlando than someone not his fan. lol. If you weren’t his fan, you could choose another actor you know. I’m not interested in orlando and you didn’t provide any link so i could verify. I still think those roles you listed are not anywhere near as successful or seen by many people compared to Twilight and HP as Rob were in. Orlando’s press is minuscule. He was probably cheap and his former heart throb status allowed him to get these modelling contracts since he isn’t really working too much now. Why don’t you use another actor to compare, if you are not Orlando’s fan, it shouldn’t be so tough.
    You think Rob is a 2? I would consider that on par with hideous. I wouldn’t classify anyone a 2 no matter how ugly they are. They are human after all and probably beautiful in their culture or if birth defect, than by nature’s doing. I think you have a prejudice against twilight actors and rob in particular.

  75. 75
    @74 Says:

    “You write exactly like her” Like what? Proper English? And the only reason we are talking about the same things is that we are responding to you. Who does nothing BUT say the same thing over and over (and over, and over, and over). So how could our comments vary?
    And you keep asking for others to post links as proof, yet you have yet to do so. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.
    And I know so much about Orlando, because I pay attention to all of the LOTR actors. And nothing that I posted is anything that could not be found on this, or any other gossip site. And I used him as an example, because he was brought up in an earlier post, and also because you chose to insult him.
    BTW, Orlando isn’t cheap. Far from it. His continued popularity is why he received more for his role in The Three Musketeers, than all of the musketeers combined, even though they were the lead roles. And rumor has it that he is being paid millions for his (near) cameo in LOTR. Again, if they didn’t think that he fit the part, or thought that he wasn’t worth the money, they would have left him out of the film.
    he was also paid more for advertising in Japan than Brad Pitt.
    Oh, and Orlando has been working on a lot of independent films. Acting and producing, as a matter of fact. Maybe you should check your facts before spouting off.

  76. 76
    @75 Says:

    OMG you know way too much about Orlando to be saying you are not a fan. Those are all rumours. Maybe his publicist planted them, who knows. You defended Orlando by doing all these research and reading tell tale rumours just because I insulted an actor (my assessment of his talents and appearance). I didn’t think you care so much as you find it reasonable to insult actors you dislike in general.
    No, don’t be dense. You wouldn’t know your writing style because you are living it. Other people who are familiar with your writing can figure it out easily. Just ask your English teachers.
    I ask for links because you are giving me facts I’ve never heard of. All these figures are not officially published over the net. They are just rumours and spin doctoring by publicists. I gave real facts, rob’s roles in hp and twilight, his teen choice hottie award just last year. Those you can easily searched for on the net from credible sources, or just watch his movies/watch the award show.

  77. 77
    @76 Says:

    As I said, I like and follow all of the LOTR actors, but am not a “fan” of any one actor. And no research was involved. Simply a good memory of things that I have read.
    And you say that you have given “real facts” about Rob’s roles? Yet you don’t consider the FACT that Orlando has played roles that required an amazingly attractive actor as proof? Hypocrisy YET AGAIN! Legolas and Paris weren’t “real”? Now you’re just being stupid.
    BTW, Orlando also won the Teen Choice award for Best Hottie. Are you also going to say that isn’t proof when applied to Orlando? He also was chosen as People magazine’s hottest bachelor.
    and I don’t have to know my writing style to know that I am no the other person. That’s just ridiculous.
    I also love the idea that you are discounting facts just because you have never heard of them, yet you admitted that you didn’t know Orlando was returning as Legolas. Proof that you have a very narrow scope of knowledge, rendering your arguments invalid, since that was huge news that was WIDELY reported across the entire internet, television, and radio. Maybe you should put away your FootFace blow up doll once in a while, and see what’s going on in the real world.

  78. 78
    @76 Says:

    Oh, and I forgot about the Duke of Buckingham…..the most handsome man in England.
    And the director for the Pirates films said that they were worried that they would not be able to find an actor who was handsome enough to have a girl convincingly choose him over Johnny Depp. But once they sat down with Orlando, they knew that they had found him. And on the commentary for The Curse of the Black Pearl, Johnny Depp mentioned how handsome he is. He said something like when Orlando and Keira were on screen together, they were almost “painfully beautiful”
    Are you just going to ignore these FACTS as well?

  79. 79
    @78 Says:

    Okay, first off, I said currently. Am I talking about him, orlando, like it was 2001? NO. Am I referring to a good looking actor who is considered good looking AT THIS POINT IN TIME?? YES. Why are we bringing up awards and roles from another decade ago?! Anyone can be more handsome than Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. His character wasn’t meant to be good looking. He’s a pirate who’s been imprisoned for how long ago?
    You remembered everything Orlando won and how much he made in each modelling job and what magazines he appeared on and what the title of that magazine said to promote his issue?! That sounds like an obsess fan to me. I can’t even name Rob’s salary for his latest movie, Cosmopolis. You need to get your face out of Orlando’s ass, you know way more than any fan girl should know WITHOUT HAVING TO LOOK IT UP.
    Duke of Buckingham is the most handsome man in England you say? Never heard of the guy nor the movie. When was that filmed? It doesn’t matter, at least I am not delusional and think Rob is a 2. Lol. I gave Orlando credit where credit deserve. At his age and in the candid pictures I see of him on jj, in purple sweatpants no less, he is a 5 when smiling.

  80. 80
    @78 Says:

    Oops, meant to say a 3 in sweats and a 5 when dressed up and smiling, lol.

  81. 81
    @delusional fan Says:

    CURRENTLY, Orlando is on the cover of In Style.
    CURENTLY, he is filming a role as a character “fair of face beyond the measure of men”
    CURRENTLY, he was just on the cover, looking fine as hell, of Men’s Health.
    CURENTLY, he is the beautiful face of Hugo Boss Orange.
    CURRENTLY, he appeared as the Duke of Buckingham in THE THREE MUSKETEERS, aka: “the most handsome man in England. And if you really claim to have never heard of that film, you are dumber than I ever imagined.
    Everyhting I just stated could be read on this gossip site. No further investigation, or research needed. Even you, with your narrow vision, remembered Orlando in the purple sweats. I guess that means that you are *gasp* OBSESSED with Orlando!!! Oh dear, Rob will be so jealous. He thought that his ass was the only one that you were kissing.
    Poor FootFace will be broken hearted.
    BTW, you kept wanting details that proved that Orlando was considered good looking, we gave them to you, but you still haven’t given details that prove Rob is. More hypocrisy? Or lies?

  82. 82
    @obsessed fan Says:

    Lol, not being educated on a failed movie like the Three Musketeers is not dumb. It’s actually smart as hell since i don’t waste my time with watching failed films. You need to get out more and actually care about worth while films.

    No, I only remembered the purple sweat pants because it was so bad it stuck. Never have i seen anything so pathetic on a supposed heart breaker, lol. Orlando really lost his fashion ways. I hoped you didn’t try to slash yourselves to make you feel better because you think rob here is underdressed, lol.

    Everything can be found on this site? Why don’t you provide a link if it is so simple? The only time orlando is mentioned is in conjunction with his wife and baby. lol.

    I already gave details. His roles. They are well known even to you, hopefully if you expect me to care about what the hell is the three musketeers or what magazine he appeared in.

  83. 83
    @82 Says:

    Ha! You just got caught in a lie. First you claim that you had never heard of The Three Musketeers, now you just didn’t care about it, and are calling it a failed film. A failure? Hardly. It earned over 132 million worldwide. Waaay more than Water for Elephants. Care to try again?
    And at least those purple sweats looked clean. Rob always looks dirty and smelly. Even when representing a film, he looks like he hasn’t bathed in a week.
    And once again, you show your hypocrisy. We’ve given you Orlando’s roles and his recent magazine covers, yet now you want links? Well, where are the links to your proof about Rob? You know Orlando’s roles, why do you want more proof if you aren’t willing to give links yourself? And when given proof, you ask why you should care. Because you asked for it you dimwit.
    Are you really this stupid? Or just pretending? Either way, you are giving Rob’s fans a really bad name. But carry on. LOL!

  84. 84
    @83 Says:

    Give Rob fans a bad name, huh? LOL!
    You are giving all HP fans and orlando fans a bad name, by posting endlessly on a Rob post. Yeah, such a good example to all Orlando fans. NOT!
    That was a figure of speech, can you read between the lines? The Three Musketeers is a flop for the type of film it was supposed to be. Maybe that’s why Summit had to sell, because it produced such a shittty film and cast the wrong actors for the part…LOL.
    Water for Elephants did well for a mid-size budget film by a lesser known studio. It earned recognition for its actors, that’s what counts for the actors. No one would want to associate their name to the critical and commercial flop that was the TM.
    Sweat pants look clean? They look like they smell foul.
    Always dirty and smelly? He looks clean to me. His skin is blemish free. There are no dirt on his black t-shirt.
    I don’t need to give proof because his roles are well known even to a troll like you.
    Orlando’s roles are minuscule. Legolas is best a cameo. Duke of whatever sounds like some arrogant fool. It fits Orlando well. Not everybody is obsess with Orlando to keep up with his career. He’s washed up ever since his one hit wonder role.
    I don’t care about Orlando, that’s why. If you don’t bother with links, I’m not going to believe you. This conversation about him is boring me. Why don’t you use another actor who you actually care about. Or are you going to admit you really are obsess with him?

  85. 85
    @Rob's fan Says:

    Please stop.
    You really are making the rest of us look crazy.
    Let them have their opinion. Not everyone is going to like Rob, and the more you press the issue, the more reasons that they have to make fun of us. We love Rob, and that’s all that matters, right? Continuing an argument that you just can’t win is silly.

  86. 86
    @the idiot Says:

    So you don’t think that you have to give proof because everyone knows his roles? Yet you think that Orlando’s roles aren’t important?
    Roles that led him to be the highest ranking box office star of the last ten decade? And the biggest difference is that Orlando has been in films that attract men and women of all ages. Rob’s films only attract teens and pathetic twi-moms. LOL!
    You are bringing up Rob’s roles as “proof” that he was hired for roles that require a good looking guy, right? And you don’t want to acknowledge that Orlando was hired for roles that required a good looking guy, because why? It interferes with your agenda. And you REALLY think that people wouldn’t be familiar with Legolas, Will Turner or Paris, Prince of Troy? What kind of bubble do you live in? And anyone who reads books other than pathetic Twilight cr@p, has read the CLASSIC Three Musketeers, and knows who the Duke of Buckingham is. BTW, Orlando got rave reviews for his turn as The Duke.
    And until you provide links to all these SUPPOSED magazines, etc that proclaim him beautiful, I won’t believe it either. After all, how could a man SO UGLY be called handsom by anyone other than a 12 year old TWATLIGHTER? Put up, or shut up, as it were.

  87. 87
    @Rob's fan Says:

    OK, since they are refusing to give you a link since you aren’t willing to do the same, I’ll give you one.
    Rob is my favorite, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Orlando.
    This link is to my favorite, one stop, Orlando site. She always has great scans of magazines, and current photographs and news. You can see all of the things that these ladies have mentioned, including the latest magazines.
    I think that Orlando is still gorgeous, and some of the newer portraits prove that. So please stop this. Don’t you realize that they are just laughing at you (us)?

  88. 88
    @85 Says:

    Sorry if you feel embarrassed. This conversation has gone past convincing these delusional HP stans to like Rob (they probably thought otherwise when he was Cedric). If you haven’t been keeping up, we are discussing the beauty merits of Orlando fcking Bloom, the most beige actor in film history.

  89. 89
    @86 Says:

    Nonono I ask for recent movies, not old movies from 2001. He is certainly not good looking now. Three Musketeers, huh? What made you think we all read the same books? Never read it, nor watch any of the remakes. Sounds embarrassingly boring. Don’t make me look it up, can’t you discuss another actor’s beauty merits since you are offending a fellow Orlando fan? Hey Rob fan, we are discussing opinions and how beauty can be quantified. Rob and Orlando are just two actors we choose to use as examples. If you are embarrassed, just leave the post.
    JJ isn’t a haven for the intellectual, that’s for sure. Don’t be embarrassed if these celeb obssess fan girls want to waste their time defending their precious orlando bloom.

  90. 90
    @86 Says:

    Me:I argued that beauty can be quantified. Can be objectified, measured, agreed upon in general, surpassing cultural, language, race barriers.
    Them (obsess Orlando fan): Argued beauty is in the eye of the beholder, can’t be convinced Rob is not anything but butt ugly, people can rate someone a 1 another a 10 based on looks alone.

    Me: examining evidence, still not convinced orlando, at this point in time, is anything higher than a 5 when smiling, aka average in looks. Role as duke of whatever sounds like some rich guy. Not meant to be some god-like beauty, a role infinitely easier to cast.

    Them: Using MY strategy to quantify beauty to convince ME of Orlando’s godly good looks….LOL. Rob wins this round of who’s better looking AT THE MOMENT just because he is the current heart throb to women. Why do you care if Orlando’s movies appeal to men, too? Are we discussing his likeability to all sexes or his heart throb status? Make up your mind bit-ch.

    If you are trying that trick, admit your assessment of Rob’s beauty (2/10) is highly irrational. I’m not going to say anything else about Orlando until you admit this. As it stands, my assessment of Orlando is fair taking into account his CURRENT accomplishments. Don’t waste your time on a theory you don’t believe in and put into practice yourself.

  91. 91
    @90 Says:

    If you believe that beauty is NOT in the eye of the beholder, then how do you explain how some people find Rob handsome, while others find him ugly? And how can you call Orlando “average”, when he is chosen for fashion and health magazines that glorify his beauty? An average man would not be admired that much. So if other people find him beautiful, you should too, right? After all, that’s your argument about Rob. That beauty is absolute and consistant and has nothing to do with personal taste or opinion. Or are you still playing tha hypocrite card.
    And by the way, you claim that a role that Orlando got years ago, and is playing again doesn’t count, right? Well then, since Rob first got the role of Edward more than four years ago, that role doesn’t count either. Again, I’m using your idea of logic.
    And did you check out the link that the Rob fan gave you? You’ve been demanding the link, so you should have. I sure did. And that link shows current magazine covers and current portraits that prove that Orlando is still gorgeous.
    It must really suck to be you. Pathetic and desperate to win an argument that even your fellow fan realizes is a lost cause.
    But my favorite part of your rantings is this little gem:
    “JJ isn’t a haven for the intellectual”
    LOL! So says the idiot who had never heard of the literary classic The Three Musketeers. LOL!

  92. 92
    @91 Says:

    LOL, how narrow minded of you. Not reading something is not the same as not heard of it. Maybe we are from different cultures and never studied it in school. How narrow minded of you again. I guess if in your world, if you haven’t read T3M, you are uneducated and stupid…okay. How sad you must view your fellow humans. I’m sure not even 5% of the world can read let alone read a specific book like that.
    Like I said, I’m not going to acknowledge your little Orlando bloom worshipping until you answer me this:
    “If you are trying that trick, admit your assessment of Rob’s beauty (2/10) is highly irrational. I’m not going to say anything else about Orlando until you admit this. As it stands, my assessment of Orlando is fair taking into account his CURRENT accomplishments. Don’t waste your time on a theory you don’t believe in and put into practice yourself.”

    Don’t apply the rules only to Orlando and not to Rob, Orlando’s obsessive fan. IF you don’t believe in it, don’t use altogether for your own benefit. It just shows your hypocrisy..

    Don’t be a purposely dense now. We are talking a movie series that has been out steadily from year to year as opposed to a movie that’s been rejuvenated after a decade and his role a glorified cameo at best.

  93. 93
    @92 Says:

    OK, I’l re-asses.
    Neanderthal brow, beady eyes, sallow complexion, fleshy, heavy jaw, small mouth, unkempt appearance….
    Yep. Looks like a 2 to me.
    And how can “current accomplishments” have ANYTHING to do with beauty? That’s so stupid. But if you are adding accomplishments into your rating of beauty, then don’t forget to add Orlando’s many independent films, his production company and the fact that he is an ambassador for UNICEF. The fact that he is a fine human being makes him even more beautiful.
    And “Don’t apply the rules only to Orlando and not to Rob”???
    Oh, that’s right. That’s your specialty.
    And you still didn’t check out that link, did you. Afraid to face the truth?

  94. 94
    @Rob's fan Says:

    I think that you have to be more accepting of people’s opinions.
    As I said before, these ladies are just laughing at you. You keep saying the same thing over and over, and you keep expecting a different outcome. Why can’t you just admit that not everyone will like Rob the way that we do, and move on?
    Oh, and here’s another link that is one of my favorites for Orlando. It’s a Youtube video of when they were shooting the Boss Orange commercial. It really shows Orlando’s beauty, and his personality. This man is far above average in the looks department.

  95. 95
    @94 Says:

    Sorry Rob fan, but we are not discussing about Rob any more if you are offended, stay out of the post.

    As for @92, why did I choose current accomplishments, let’s see, because we are talking about looks right now, not a decade ago maybe.? Are you really that dense, do I have to spell everything out for your thick brain? You must fill your brain with orlando trash day in and day out that you think everyone in this whole wide world also know the same shiet that you have accumulated in your empty head.

    By accomplishments, i am naturally talking about beauty accomplishments. you really are off today, i see. We are discussing beauty after all, whether that person is also an upstanding human being really comes down to their publicist’s work. don’t make me wretch with ambassador to unicef. every celeb seems to be an ambassador to unicef. unless he donates his hard earned cash, it is just another publicity move.

    No, that’s your specialty…you are trying to convince me that orlando is good looking by giving me all his magazine covers. Like I said, admit you believe beauty can be quantified before you try to convince me of orlando’s attractiveness.

    It’s interesting that Rob’s fan seems to post directly after obsessive orlando fan post, and only after she posts. Are you the same person? There is only one thumbs down for my post so I assume that must be the case, LOL. How pathetic. There’s supposedly three of you, there should be three thumbs down at this stage, or are you a sock account as I suspect. You bring up the same point rob’s fan as obsessive orlando fan.

  96. 96
    @the vulgar idiot Says:

    Uhmmm, you have two thumbs down. By your own statements, that proves that there are two different people disagreeing with you. I doubt that a fellow Rob fan woul dgive you a thumbs down.
    And you keep talking about current accomplishments, yet when we give you examples of Orlando’s ‘beauty accomplishments’, you ignore them, and refuse to look at them. So if you are using Rob’s ‘beauty accomplishments’ as proof that he is handsome, you can’t ignore Orlando’s. You set the terms, the terms were answered (numerous times) and by choosing to ignore them, you prove that you are a ridiculous, and vulgar hypocrite.
    And BTW, for the majority of the English speaking world, the word “accomplishments” is used to refer to good deeds done, and not beauty.
    And BTW, no PR person can buy their way into UNICEF. That just doesn’t happen. You can’t buy the UN. And Orlando not only gave his hard earned money, but also travelled to Nepal more than once to promote clean drinking water iniciatives for underdeveloped countries.

  97. 97
    @the hypocrite Says:

    LOL. Good press is free. UNICEF will jump at good press. They are a charity but their execs get paid, too. From your donations, may I add.

    Accomplishments with regard to beauty accomplishments numbskull. Don’t take the word so literally. Why should you waste your time and my time discussing every little thing Orlando has ever done? That won’t accomplish the task at hand, which is to discuss his beauty merits…

    2 Thumbs down is not 3. There are 2 of you apparently and there is ‘Rob Fan.’ Rob fan disagrees with me solely, so she should, if she even exist, thumb me down. Unless she doesn’t have that functionality because someone is impersonating her. LOL.

    I’m not going to acknowledge Orlando’s accomplishments until you admit that beauty can be quantified.
    Don’t be a hypocrite now, admit it or we are not going anywhere, LOL. You can’t choose to use something for your own benefit but won’t acknowledge the reasoning behind it.

  98. 98
    @@the vulgar idiot Says:

    May I also add that your knowledge of Orlando’s other accomplishments is astonishing? For a self proclaimed LOTR fan, closet potter fan and Twilight hater, you know way too much about untalented Orlando Bloom. Get out more and log off the internet once in a while, darling.
    You are losing this round and it’s better to lose gracefully before I exposed more of your lecherous lifestyle to the interweb.

  99. 99
    @the vulgar idiot Says:

    My goodness, you just twist yourself into knots trying to avoid the obvious.
    YOU said that Rob’s beauty can be proved by his roles and his magazines. But YOU refuse to acknowledge the same thing about Orlando.
    YOU claim that Rob’s *cough* beauty can be quantified, yet provide no proof or links. People HAVE provided links for (your version of) ‘proof’ about Orlando’s beauty. But then you refuse to even look at it.
    And you wonder why people across the entire internet laugh at you twatlight idiots? Pathetic hypocrites, the lot of you.
    And BTW, since you have absolutely no knowledge of anything OUTSIDE of twatlight, and are on this thread at all times of the day and night, I think that it is YOU who really needs to get out more.
    I’ve told you about Orlando’s activities because he is who we are talking about here.. Now do you want me to tell you about Viggo’s latest award? Or Ian’s last play? Or Billie’s band?
    A LOTR fan is well versed on all of the actors in LOTR. We don’t have the tunnel vision that you seem to have.

  100. 100
    @the vulgar whore Says:

    Tunnel vision, LOL. good excuse for being a closeted lotr nerd. Being well verse on Billie’s band sounds like you are well rounded indeed, NOT!
    On all hours of the day? You are replying to my post on all hours of the day. Every time I come there are new replies, LOL. You people can’t get enough.
    Like I said, you are trying to convince me of Orlando’s attractiveness. And like I said before, no, I’m not going to acknowledge that fact until you admit that beauty can indeed be quantified. You need to admit that before you use it or it doesn’t make a difference whether i think orlando is good looking or not.
    “This lot” you say? I didn’t know you’re british. Or maybe you’ve been reading too much HP, LOL>
    Who says I have no knowledge outside of Twilight? I know less about its actors than you know about ALL LOTR actors, LOL, and can recite back information to me without looking it up. Have you been keeping up with them for ten years since they were last relevant??
    There are almost no lotr actors on jj, how come you come here so often to post, you are one desperate woman. You are making everyone laugh at you potter and lotr fans. Grow up bit-ch.

  101. 101
    @22 Says:

    “ doesn’t make a difference whether i think orlando is good looking or not”
    You just admitted that even though we have evidence that suits your standard of ‘proof’, you don’t have to look at to decide whether or not you think that Orlando is handsome.
    Gee, since you claim to not need proof, you just admitted that beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!!!!!!
    Praise the Lord! Idiots CAN be taught!
    Thank you for finally admitting that you were wrong!
    But you still can’t understand time zones. I post between certain times. The other rational person giving you thumbs down ratings posts during different time periods. YOU, however, are on here ALL THE TIME! LOL! So desperate!

  102. 102
    @orlando's bit-ch Says:

    LOL! I post when I”m available.
    YOu are so so so stupid. twist a quote and take it completely out of context. are you still that dense, i said it doesn’t matter TO YOU whether i think orlando is good looking or not USING YOUR style of proof because YOU don’t believe that beauty can be proven. I said I won’t say until YOU admit beauty can be quantified, because no matter what I say, you won’t believe it because you believe beauty cannot be changed. You believe once i think orlando is ugly, i cannot be convinced, LOL! Take your screw up logic and throw it in the trash, crack *****.
    You jump to conclusion too soon. You obviously like winning more than discussing a point you feel strongly about. If you want to quit, just say so. Don’t try to end the argument by twisting some words I posted so you win!
    You are a desperate bit-ch who needs to be taught a lesson. Here you go with learning again, you just keep coming back I see. I thought you failed in convincing me and quit. Sign, Orlando is weeping at your failed attempt with every desperate post you make.

  103. 103
    @orlando's bit-ch Says:

    My post only has one thumbs down. I see you are the same person who post in posts #93,94,96,99, and 101 because my posts in response to those only receive one thumbs down, so i am speaking to one person….for now.

    what a coincidence that both you people are obsess with orlando bloom, lotr, and harry pooter and hate rpattz and twilight, lol.

  104. 104
    @robsasskisser Says:

    Now it has two thumbs down.
    Not all of us are online all day like you are. Some of us have productive lives and only drop by to laugh at you.

  105. 105
    @orlando's personal ass wiper Says:

    LOL! There are three of you numbskulls but I only see two thumbs down. You people need to sort out your names if you try to sound like there are so many of you.
    My life is 10 times more productive than you ever be. You have no life but to argue to a complete stranger and supposedly ‘gang up’ on to laugh at LOL! How productive can you really be if you act like school yard bullies over the internet? You must be right nasty in real life because you are bitter that you wipe ass for a living. LOL I wouldn’t stoop to your level. But I like to loosen your screws because you keep coming back for more! haha.
    Anyways, tell me if beauty can be quantified or I am not going to give you an answer about Orlando, LOL!!

  106. 106
    @105 Says:

    Three? So you are calling a fellow Rob fan a numbskull? LOL! Doesn’t that violate some kind of twatlight code? I love it!
    And how can your life be more productive, when you spend twice as much time here as we do, just to “argue to a complete stranger”.
    Yet more hypocrisy and stupidity.
    And you can’t “bully” someone who is the instigator. You just couldn’t stand the fact that we (and many others) think that Rob is ugly. You continued to argue a point that (as your fellow fan stated) you just can’t win. BECAUSE YOU ARE WRONG! LOL!
    And I don’t care if you EVER give an answer about Orlando. That wasn’t the point, you moron. We know that he is far more handsome that Rob could ever be. We don’t need validation from you. We were just pointing out the fact that you are a hypocrite for DEMANDING evidence about Orlando, without providing any about Rob. Even your fellow fan was so sick of your hypocrisy that THEY provided proof. But again, true to form, you ignored it because it would prove you wrong.
    Maybe you have some reading comprehension problems. Maybe that’s why you can’t follow along. You should have that checked out.

  107. 107
    @the idiot Says:

    One question…
    One simple question…
    So simple that even an idiot like YOU should be able to answer it…..
    IF beauty is NOT in the eye of the beholder, how can you think that Footface is handsome, while so many others, well, call him Footface?
    How can people have differing opinions of what is, and is not beauutiful?

  108. 108
    @orlando's personal asswiper Says:

    Just because a fellow rob fan is a fellow rob fan does not preclude me from calling her a numbskull. If she acts like one, she should be told she is acting like one. LOL. I’m not prejudice, unlike you, corrupt POTTY fools.
    I can’t answer questions from idiots, they only deserve idiotic answers…but I will grant you this answer because you’ve asked it before so I don’t have to think: potty fans call rob footface because they are prejudice potty fans??! LMAO.

  109. 109
    @orlando's personal asswiper Says:

    Can’t bully someone who is the instigator. Let’s see. This is a Rob post. You come in and proclaim him ugly. Who is the instigator in this post?? Don’t you know who reads Rob posts? You came looking for trouble. IF I post in an Orlando Bloom post and called him ugly, I would be the instigator because I know who this post is for. Definitely wasn’t for his haters to trash him, LO>L.
    OH you don’t care if I ever give an answer? Then why did you work so hard trying to prove to me orlando wasn’t ugly then? I only need you to tell me if you believe beauty can be quantified. that isn’t so hard, isn’t it? you keep ignoring my question but continue to post pages after pages. hmmm you DO care what i think then. you DO need validation from me or you wouldn’t bother trying to convince me. deep down, you DO and even your little fake account ‘rob fan’ try to get me to see your evidence and admit it. you are so desperate, i pity you. don’t try to convince me after you said I couldn’t convince you about rob,lOL.
    Reading comprehension problem is your last resort??! This is the internet darling, there is no time limit to reading, you should know that. You need to get a life and admit you just wasted time energy, and fake accounts getting me to admit orlando’s beauty while before we’ve been arguing that i can’t get you to change your mind about rob’s beauty…you are the hypocrite and the pathetic no-life troll. 2 against one and you can’t even outsmart a little “twilight’ fan. LOLOLOL

  110. 110
    @107 Says:

    You see. She’s too stupid to even answer the simplest of questions.
    Guess that’s why she’s a Rob fan.

  111. 111
    @110 Says:

    Please, I asked you if you think beauty can be quantified. Answer that, stupid Potty fan. Won’t answer about Orlando until my question gets answered, lol. Outsmarted again.

  112. 112
    @111 Says:

    We have answered you a hundred times. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That is why you can find a sloppy, pasty, beady eyed, fleshy hobo attractive, while we, and MANY others find him ugly as sin.
    Every time you claim otherwise, you prove our statements.
    If you are too stupid to see that, it’s a wonder that you can function at all.

  113. 113
    @ Orlando's personal ass wiper Says:

    LOLOLOL. If that’s the case, stop asking me to say that Orlando is beautiful. Stop trying to convince me that he is beautiful. Stop spending endless posts and recruiting Rob fan to convince me Orlando is beautiful. And last of all, stop pressuring me to acknowledge your evidence if you believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Obviously you don’t believe it or you wouldn’t try to get me to change my mind on Orlando….

    Look who’s the one who has no life. I was away for two days and no one posts. Then I come back and you post an hour right after me, replying to my post. Look who is obsess with posting. Man, you have no shame.

  114. 114
    @113 Says:

    Gosh you’re stupid.
    No one has been trying to convince you that Orlando is gorgeous. In fact, quite the opposite. We’ve been using him as ANOTHER example of beauty being in the eye of the beholder.
    To repeat the question that you seem to be DESPERATELY avoiding…
    If beauty is NOT in the eye of the beholder, how can we think that Orlando is gorgeous, and you think that he is ugly. And how can we think that Rod is ugly while you find him handsome????
    That sure seems like a simple enough question.
    You are just avoiding it because you can’t answer it without proving yourself WRONG!

  115. 115
    @ass wiper Says:

    I already answered that question, god you haven’t been reading shi-t I wrote. I said your bias cloud your opinion. Ugly is a strong enough word. I wouldn’t use it to call perfectly normal looking people ugly. I said Orlando is average. Your personal bias for orlando in your precious lotr movie made you give him 10/10. get it together lady.
    you are trying to convince me of orlando’s attractiveness by giving me all these evidence as to his beauty accomplishments. why bother doing that if you weren’t trying to convince me? if you believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you would accept that i don’t think orlando’s attractive then leave it be………………….

  116. 116
    @the idiot Says:

    “ are trying to convince me of orlando’s attractiveness by giving me all these evidence as to his beauty accomplishments. why bother doing that if you weren’t trying to convince me?”
    Uhmmmm, maybe because you KEPT ASKING FOR PROOF! DOH!
    “if you believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you would accept that i don’t think orlando’s attractive then leave it be…”
    If you actually read the response at #114, you would see that I actually said that I knew that you didn’t find Orlando attractive. The ENTIRE ISSUE here has been YOUR inability to admit that there are people in this world who don’t find Rob attractive. You just can’t admit it! THAT is your problem. Not ours.

  117. 117
    @the ass wiper Says:

    Who said I can’t admit there are people in the world who don’t find Rob attractive??? I said your bias towards Rob make you classify him as ugly. LOL. Admit it, you were probably indifferent to him OR MAY EVEN FIND HIM ATTRACTIVE when he was Cedric, in the movie and during HP promos.

    NO, your problem is that you say one thing and do the complete opposite. NOW you are saying you knew I wouldn’t change my mind about Orlando. BEFORE you spent ages reciting to me Orlando’s accomplishments without prompt.

  118. 118
    @the ass wipers Says:

    I was away for two days and no one post anything. I come back and you all are still here. Do you not have a life but to respond to everything I say??

  119. 119
    @the idiot Says:

    Another simple question for you….
    How can you state that we recited Orlando’s accomplishments “without prompt”, when you demanded proof that people still found Orlando attractive? You are just twisting yourself into tighter anmd tighter knots.
    And I have a great life, thank you very much. I just have fun irritating people STUPID enough to like twatlight. Nice, cheap, hilarious entertainment. You keep posting. We keep laughing.

  120. 120
    @orlando's personal asswiper Says:

    You find it fun to irritate people who like twilight. What kind of life must you led if that is the greatest enjoyment of your day? Man you need professional help?
    Yes, you started giving me Orlando’s accomplishments without me asking, LOL. I only asked for proof because I am not as obsess with Orlando as you are. But, yes, you did list his accomplishments first and continue to do so time and time again without giving proof to the first set of accomplishments. You needed someone who is a fan of Rob to step in and give proof. How ironic.
    I enjoy twisting your brains and show what a bunch of screw up bullies you are, LOL. And the screw up bullies can’t sort their arguments out. Keep working on it, and I continue to prove you are the dumbest bunch of Potty fans on the ‘net….

  121. 121
    YEH Says:

    Go Rob, you WIN the trolls!

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