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Brad Pitt: 'Vanity Fair' Hollywood Portfolio Portrait

Brad Pitt: 'Vanity Fair' Hollywood Portfolio Portrait

Brad Pitt and his Moneyball director Bennett Miller pose together for a portrait featured in Vanity Fair‘s 2012 Hollywood Portfolio for the March 2012 issue.

The 48-year-old actor was featured in the mag for his two Oscar nominations that he received this year for his work on Moneyball.

VF figured out that Brad is separated from this year’s Oscar honoree James Earl Jones by just three degrees.

Pitt co-starred in the Ocean’s movies with Don Cheadle, who was Sammy Davis Jr. to Ray Liotta‘s Frank Sinatra in the TV movie The Rat Pack; Liotta was Shoeless Joe Jackson to Jones‘s sportswriter-mystic, Terence Mann, in Field of Dreams.”

Bigger pic inside…

Just Jared on Facebook
brad pitt vanity fair portrait

Photos: Tom Munro/Vanity Fair
Posted to: Brad Pitt, Magazine

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  • busted

    Jared this is an old story.

    but I still love seeing the Mr. Brad Pitt.. and Bennett Miller is a great addition too. Two great talents together..

    Not a bad thing ever.

  • jmho

    This does look familiar, but maybe it’s new for Jared. I don’t mind . . . that is a hot picture of Brad : )

  • ladys

    Sexy!!! :)

  • Alice

    Jared, this is an old news, you are way behind. Brad looks hot though.


    @exmrs: You got it right but Anuston is not the one who does the dumping, its the other way around. She’s way too clingy and needy for her to dump those men. Remember she is a DESPERATE cougar. She’s the DUMPEE, the loser that is being dumped. FACT.

  • Two degrees, not three

    Umm, Jared, Brad can be connected to James by two degrees. Brad stars in the upcoming Cogan’s Trade with Ray Liotta and Ray was in Field of Dreams with James Earl Jones. It’s okay Jared, we appreciate your efforts.

  • Two degrees, not three

    My apologies Jared, it’s not your fault, VF gave you bad information ; )

  • umm


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  • Just a Lurker

    This is cute. At ITLBAH premiere in Paris, Brad won’t sign an early photo of himself in overalls. But Angie like it, she say’s ‘awww, it’s cute’

  •*/ ADa_

    Work those glasses!

  • Bleu

    Congrats on James getting honored. He deserves it.

  • lurker

    what is he honored for??

  • Cheryl

    I know this man has enough money to afford a decent haircut and razor for a shave. Come on Brad – you clean up so nicely!

  • lurker

    brad looks yummy

  • busted


    everyone has a right to their opinion about Brad’s hair and not shaving.. things is why is this such a huge topic. We see other males with long hair or beards. But I don’t recall all the talk like it is with Brad. Other than a few hand full of movies he has always had facial hair, and when off camera Brad is very casual and easy in his dress. Has his own style.

    I just don’t get it.

  • awww

    @Just a Lurker:
    It is so funny. I guess Brad doesn’t like some of his early photoshoots.


    She’s a Jen hen idiot troll, these bitter betties who hate that maniston has a short bald middleaged no name orange poseur rent a date, like to forget that Brad Pitt is the biggest freakin movie star in the world, and that his appearance is typically dictated by the parts he’s playing.

  • Taylor

    Mar 2012??

    Love Brad he turns me on. Never tire of his gorgeous face whether this is an old pic or new.

    Bless him and Angie ! What a fun year we have had with them both.

    not over yet.

  • Bella

    Brad is so handsome.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    @Just a Lurker:
    Awwww. This video is so sweet. Brad is so w/o vanity not wanting to sign his adorable picture. I am with Angie it is soooo cute.
    Have a feeling little mr. Knox is going to be just as cute as daddy was in that picture when he reaches his teenage years and then look out. He is going to blow the media world away with his sweet personality and his looks.
    Beautiful family.


    Wouldn’ t a new thread about LOBAH winning NAACP IMAGE AWARD for best FOREIGN FILM last night be a more timely thread ?

  • Dc

    Brad with long hair, short hair. Beard, glasses, etc. always handsome to me. Even though I saw this pic before still nice to see it again. Don’t matter if it’s old news, new news always good to see/hear about Jolie-Pitts. Just heart them.

  • teri

    Brad is so easy on the eyes, he’s yummy.

  • kelli

    he could at least try to not look homeless

  • goopiness

    @Two degrees, not three:

    Degrees is played with films that are out already. Brad was in “Devil’s Own” with Harrison Ford who was in the Jack Ryan films with Jones and Jones played with Don Cheadle in Meteor Man and Don was in the Ocean;’s films with Brad. Sean Bean was in “Troy” and “Patriot Games”.

  • cute

    Forever gorgeous Brad.

  • lylian

    So Brad Pitt looks like a homeless vagrant to you? LOL!! As a Brad Pitt fan, I’d like to thank you on his behalf for the compliment.
    I really like that Brad changes his looks around so effortlessly. From super good looking rich dude to homeless vagrant to mean assassin to boy next door. That’s true versatility and a great virtue for an actor. It sure beats being an actor who has just one look (a half covered face) for the last 15 years and one persona on screen (aka Rachel Green).

  • Yuku is a Biatttch

    Anybody having trouble connecting to AB+6, Yuku? I tried switching to Firefox from Safari and that worked for a few hours but now it won’t connect either. Jeessh! Cold turkey is tough, I swear.

  • Passing Through

    # 272 Gotta say it @ 02/18/2012 at 4:49 pm
    # 273 Gotta say it @ 02/18/2012 at 4:52 pm
    Pffft. No, I am correct. We seem to go through this every few months because some of you refuse to see the forest for the trees. Every time this comes up I have to remind people that Brad himself, in the Sep 2007 Details magazine, said they’d together “two and a half years or so” when the interviewer said he’d gone from 0 kids to 4 in a relatively short time. The interview was done in mid-July 2007 while they were in Prague when Angie was shooting Wanted. In the interview Brad said they were just about to leave Prague and take a 2 week family vacay and refused to say where they were going. That’s when they went to France and were seen looking at a lot of different properties. You do the math and tell me how “2 1/2 years or so” comes out to March or April 2005 instead of mid-January/early-Feb. Brad was very specific in saying “a half or so”. If he’d meant March or April he could have said “two years or so” but he threw in the extra 1/2 year for a reason. Duh. The quote is in the last 10 or so paragraphs.
    As far as when the “Ask us the sex question was filmed” – Doug Liman said it was filmed “literally at the last minute” and “still wet” when the movie premiered on June 7. Liman has never given the exact date but it was NOT part of the reshoots they did in mid-March 2005. It was probably filmed after Brad returned from shooting Babel at the end of May. Both Brad and Angie were in NYC at the end of May/beginning of June – and later flew to LA – separately – for the premiere on June 7.
    Also, I have NEVER said that Brad and Angie got together before early Feb 2005 – for one simple reason – She was out of the country until Feb 2 doing UNHCR work and attending Davos. Brad had to cool his jets for almost a month before Angie came back to the US. After that he was off to the races.
    PS – the next time you want to call me out on something try using your regular name. I hate it when people don’t have the balls to post under the name they normally use because they’re too big a wuss to let me know who they are. Grow a pair already.

  • Gotta say it

    @Passing Through:

    Holy mother of pearl, I’m not going to debate the 2 1/2 year statement again because I just don’t agree with your interpretation. The end.

    And as far as your theory that the Sex Question scene might have been filmed in May . . . you might try going to Simply Brad and looking at the 2005 candid pics. Brad gets a buzz cut for John Smith reshoots in March and from then on his hair grows and grows. He could not have shot that scene any later than March because he had too much hair for it.

    BTW: I basically change my name every time I post (which is very rare), I like to do it that way, and I don’t want to grow a pair, cause I’m a girl. Sowwie.

  • Beautiful

    In the and.. he is just a jerk


    I have to agree that Mcbaldy also known as Theroux-the-stolen-midget is a jerk. He acts like he’s so cool and bad as$ but he just look like a fool and an as$. LOL Who is he before he meet Miss Rachel-the-Homewrecker? Yeah I thought so. Pathetic. LOL

  • Yuku

    @Yuku is a Biatttch:

    I’m also having problems connecting to AB+6. Thought it was my computer. So it’s a yuku crash, i guess.
    Anyone else having trouble?

  • Lara

    Great pic, even if we have seen it before. Hope the family are having a relaxing time together before Oscars.

  • observer

    Wow, Bennett Miller is HAWT!!!

  • BoweBowe

    He’s freaking handsome

  • Harrison J Bounel

    Hey Brad, ditch the glasses

  • Red

    Luv yuo Brad

  • Red

    Oops you not yuo you

  • Barry Bounel

    I love his movies!

  • Harrison Soetoro

    I like the vest

  • Lindsay BO

    I think he’s a commie
    just kidding

  • Tebow

    Shhh don’t spill his secrets…;)

  • James

    I’m so sick of them!!!!!!!!!!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    Really. You are so sick you are here.

  • Iconic JPs

    Rugged elegance- cool. Also like the part where he says, “boys don’t like it when girls are too obvious”.

  • lylian

    Wow!! Fox news is still full of Ticky news though everyone else has moved on, if they even had ticky news to start with.
    Call me a cynic, but I’m willing to bet that ticky and huvane have bought advertising space! I smell desperation!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    i used both Internet Explorer and Firefox to lurk Yuki. Both didn’t work.

  • carrie


    The funny thing is NOBODY CARES.. they don’t care about her “romance” or this movie coming out. The Premier was like a blip on the screen. She will be promoting next week so get ready for more ummm ummmm as she hits the talk shows. It should be funny to watch.