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Chris Brown: Shirtless in Miami Beach!

Chris Brown: Shirtless in Miami Beach!

Chris Brown makes a playful pose while taking pictures on the beach on Friday (February 17) in Miami Beach, Fla.

The 22-year-old singer went shirtless and posed for photos with fans that recognized him.

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“Oh.. Almost forgot. What y’all think of the video? Can’t wait for y’all to hear to remix (sleep tweet),” Chris tweeted, referring to his “Turn Up The Music” video that just premiered earlier this week.

15+ pictures inside of Chris Brown shirtless on the beach…

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chris brown shirtless in miami beach 02
chris brown shirtless in miami beach 03
chris brown shirtless in miami beach 04
chris brown shirtless in miami beach 05
chris brown shirtless in miami beach 06
chris brown shirtless in miami beach 07
chris brown shirtless in miami beach 08
chris brown shirtless in miami beach 09
chris brown shirtless in miami beach 10
chris brown shirtless in miami beach 11
chris brown shirtless in miami beach 12
chris brown shirtless in miami beach 13
chris brown shirtless in miami beach 14
chris brown shirtless in miami beach 15

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# 1
YAAAS HONEY!!! @ 02/18/2012 at 2:31 pm

Wearing socks at the beach? How ghetto.

# 2
His gf is strange @ 02/18/2012 at 2:34 pm

I’m sorry but something is really wrong with his girlfriend, if she knows he’s sleeping, hanging out with his former girlfriend, and she’s still hanging on….That’s either desperate or it means she just cares about the fame, and doesn’t really care about what he does…Strange.

# 3

Looks like the alien popping out of someone’s chest from the movie Alien.

# 4

@His gf is strange: Or perhaps that’s a sign the rumors of him back together with his ex are false?

# 5

apparently anyone dating this waste of space has forgotten what rihanna looked like after him beating her down.

he’s a terrible karaoke singer too … not a musician

# 6

I wonder if that was the same look he had on his face when he beat up Rhianna.

# 7

is it me or was it strange how worked up miranda lambert got over chris being in the grammys and getting an award compared to everyone else? i didnt even know who she really was until recently!

# 8

@His gf is strange:

nah, nothings “wrong” with her, she’s getting press and that’s prob all that matters to her now, she’s young. would u be blogging about her right now if she wasn’t chris’ piece?

# 9
AmberWaves @ 02/18/2012 at 3:26 pm

jared I don’t know why you seem to keep posting about Chris Brown. These pictures of him he looks like an animal. He is a loser. No. I will not move on from what he did. Anyone who thinks he’s “changed” is a fool. He will do it again and worse. But they will try to keep it quiet next time.

Pull up your pants fool…

@Franson: I didn’t find it strange because I was angry too, but she encouraged violence as a means to ending it.

I wish this site wouldn’t post pictures of a horrible woman beater. He’s a vile criminal who should be banned from award shows and dropped by his record label.

noprobBOB @ 02/18/2012 at 4:31 pm

I don’t judge MUSICIANS on their personal character b/c tht would jus be silly! B/c WE ALL KNOW musicians dont ABUSE DRUGS, ALCOHOL, IN&OUT of the court system for various other OFFENSES..we listen to their music!! Jesus Christ ppl this is getting ridiculous! but his tattoos r a lil extreme haha

Say whatever you say. He’s hot.

It really says something about our morality when we allow someone who beats his girlfriend to come back into the spotlight and embrace him almost as if he were the victim. He committed a crime and he shouldn’t be upset that people remember it and are upset by it. He is a criminal and should not be getting such prestige and honor at the events such as the Grammys. Just my opinion but this just doesn’t seem right to me…

wow people move on. If rhianna can forgive him? Why cant you? lol you people are oh so perfect i bet! if you don’t like the guy leave him alone then! nobody is forcing you to waste your precious time on someone you dislike/hate.

Jesus died for all our sins. remember that. :) forgive.

Ugh! :( He is just disgusting.

I came across the article describing in detail what happened on the night of the attack the other week and felt sick to my stomach. There is no way he has changed, you can see it in his eyes, the way he still behaves and when he talks. What he did was barbaric.

I wish he didn’t make music because the fact that he makes decent dance music has taken over peoples’ ability to think straight.

Disgusted @ 02/18/2012 at 5:16 pm

He is scum. And a convicted felon. Every article posted about him should include a picture of Rihanna’s face after the beating.

Move on haters move on, im sure use have better things to do with your time then waste it on a post of his.

What an ape.

@Elle: It’s not him completely I don’t really care about him either way it’s just the message it sends. It says that you can do something like savagely beat a woman blooded and still be seen as a superstar. Yes Rihanna forgave him and that’s fine but what about the women who are in relationships like this and it seems like Rihanna is saying, “He hit me but it’s okay.” thats not a good message to send. I feel like if he weren’t famous we would push for him to stay in jail but since he is in the spotlight people want to forget that because he’s “hot” as@Lona: said. Yeah, will he still be “hot” when he’s beating the crap out of you?


If he seemed genuinely remorseful than I’d feel the forgiveness. Look at Mel Gibson…he hooked up with Oskana (who admittedly seemed more interested in his money and any way of getting it), but he did what the court asked, seemed remorseful, and is low key about his daughter making sure her privacy was of the utmost importance.
I find it very hard to forgive and forget Chris Brown just like I do Roman Polanski–both committed crimes but seem to feel there was no wrong doing involved and never genuinely said their sorry in any way shape or form.

Monkey As_hole, Douche Bag, Untalentless Ape

@camillus: he is far from untalented he is an amazing dancer and can actually kinda sing so calling him untalented just makes no sense you only say that cause of him hitting a girl so really word your sentences better

People shut up. He hit a woman…I think we get that. He’s not supposed to go through life dwelling on something that happened three years ago. It was wrong, horribly wrong for him to do that. That doesn’t make him an “animal” or a “horrible” person. Millions of women are beat around the world, but it doesn’t get reported. Chris is a young man with an amazing career. Just because you guys don’t forgive him, doesn’t mean **** quite frankly. There’s more that love him than hate him so…

@CRL maybe he will beat your a_s, it isn’t that he beat Rhinna, but he’s a Douche and still can’t sing and is untalentless……

Honestly if he went out and put out a real apology rather than a staged youtube video I would be able to let go but he didnt. Instead he made an ass of himself and made it seem as though he was being treated unfairly in the media.
If you go and tweet dumb ****, or get pissed and throw a chair through a window then you made yourself a target.

Someone You Don't Know @ 02/19/2012 at 12:54 am

Sorry, but Chris has changed dramatically. Before the *beating a woman incident* He seemed like a nice, honest, polite, gentlemen. He wasn’t like all the other black singers or rappers that talk about women, swearing, or having sex or whatever. Chris Brown showed the world that he had talent and he could sing. He did what he loved doing and that entertained all of us.
But after hearing what he did to Rihanna, you wonder if that part of him was always there inside him before it happened and was he just hiding it? I don’t know. Its just I don’t see him as a good person anymore.

Yeah, I like some of his recent music, still like his voice like in the past but there ‘s something different, I don’t like him or who he’s portraying to be now. I’m not buying it. Just my opinion.

Wondering when his 15 will be up cus I srsly am saddened & disgusted by a human being doing what he did serving NO jail time for it & is able to still have a career.. I will never EVER support any actor/musician that commits crimes. once a loser always a loser his actions after the beat down incident.

@noprobBOB: drugs, alcohol, etc is all fine by me because they’re destroying themselves but violence is committed on someone else! especially when there are so many abused women that don’t have means to get out like Rihanna…

Dude is an annoying attention grabber, a monkey, a hypocrite and a PIECE OF Shet!

disgusting pigggggggg

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