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Chris Pine to Kristy Swanson: Celeb Crush Flashback!

Chris Pine to Kristy Swanson: Celeb Crush Flashback!

Chris Pine stops by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk about his childhood celeb crush, Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress Kristy Swanson.

The 31-year-old This Means War actor also explained his connection to the Kardashian family.

Khloe Kardashaian‘s step-father Bruce Jenner was on [the 70's show] CHiPs with my father [Robert Pine],” he explained. “I’m the 28th member [of the Kardashian family]!”

Click inside to watch Chris Pine‘s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Chris Pine – Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Part 1)

Chris Pine – Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Part 2)

Chris Pine – Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Part 3)
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Credit: Karen Neal; Photos: ABC
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  • dobbi

    You mean HIS childhood crush.

  • hey

    so is a good thing to be ‘related’ to the kardashians now? OMFG

  • ha ha

    wtf are those k/nts involved with EVERYTHING?! can we go a minute without someone bringing them up? Chris, I’m so disappointed…….

  • laura

    He likes em blonde

  • Stacie

    I still love him. Can’t wait to the new Star Trek 2 comes out . I heard Chris say that they Are working on it Now !!!

  • Tom

    Yes he stopped by JUST to talk about his childhood crush and not promote his new film. I hate the way Just Jared phrases things.

  • frisbee

    @Tom: Agreed 100%.

    Also, Chris Pine? Yum yum.

  • Awee

    Tom Hardy is hotter!

  • http://website david ouellette

    Chris Pine must be desperate for publicity to put himself in the same league as the Kardashian family. YIKES!

  • Eli

    I guess it’s better to talk about the Kardashian family than the incredibly stupid blunder known as “This Means War”!

  • S@n

    Great, Chris Pine is a funny, polite and gorgeous guy and was in Jimmy Kimmel Live with one of K, and commented that her stepfather was in Chips, with his father, so after Jimmy Kimmel address the issue.

    Fortunately he has more sense of humor than some pretentious people who make comments here.

  • kelli

    he looks so much like michael c hall!!

  • !!


    ” pretentious people” wtf? everyone is entitled to their opinion, not only you.

  • Dee or Deemebr

    Oh the gorgeous “taken man”… Captain Fine and his hair combed for the other side….

    Hey JJ, Chris Pine is starring in the “All I Want” video of The Ivy Walls………….. it’s GREAT!…


  • Well damn..

    He’s a ‘taken man’.. I’m just gonna go cry in a corner now.

  • Keachick

    Chris spoke about the Kardashian connection, more of a joke really, his childhood crush, talking to her (his crush) and noting that he was a “taken man”, being on the set of Star Trek and a little about This Means War after the trailer had been shown.

    Very little had to do with anything Kardashian and yet that is what some posters immediately hone in on and are negative about it. Of course, why not? Everyone writing here personally knows the Kardashians and have every right to be rude about them and towards Chris for his rather tenuous connection, because they are bloggers who like to crap on people/actors on the worldwide web, because they can and because they are just neat wonderful people themselves…[sarcasm]

    Chris is a honey. This Means War is a good movie, a nice movie, a funny movie with a happy ending. Reese is lovely and so is Tom Hardy. Such a cool threesome, for real, for sure. Shock, horror -now, of course,we can’t have such things and if we do, someone will be sure to tear it apart, rip it up, defecate over it, you name it…because nothing and no one can be or have nice anymore…

  • Bree bree

    Anyone else notice how he hesitated before admitting he wasnt single..he prob remember she was backstage and so he had to acknowledge her. And yes she was there, she made sure to mention it on her twitter..

  • Free to blog!

    People are free to call it as they see it. No need to get so uptight about it and start attacking others whose opinion differs from yours.
    TMW is neither funny nor is it romantic, so the majority seem to think. Why don’t you check out the reviews at RT??

  • Jana

    Poor Keachick, red faced with hysteria because no one likes Chris Pine’s movie…….which BTW, is a miserable, annoying mess!

  • Keachick

    For one thing, I do not need to read some reviewer’s opinion of a movie in order to form my own. Why? Do you?

    Actually my reaction was more directed at people who took nasty potshots about the Kardashians because of one tiny mention of them.

    Oh and I did not know that TMW was just a Chris Pine movie and not an ensemble movie. Here I was thinking he had two co-stars, Tom Hardy and Reese Witherspoon.

    And yes, people do seem (generally speaking) to find it easier to rip up, tear down as opposed to doing the opposite. I was attacking no one in particular, just making a general observation/comment.

  • Free to blog!

    Yes, I read reviews of movies for the simple reason that I like to know what other people think. I find it interesting. Sometimes I agree with the reviews, sometimes I don’t. But I NEVER come up with lines like “of course,we can’t have such things and if we do, someone will be sure to tear it apart, rip it up, defecate over it,…” that’s just ugly and uncalled for and stupid!

    Re: the Kardashians. Some people dislike them and they don’t like Chris Pine associated with them. They are entitled to say so. If you think it was just a joke and no biggie that’s ok too. So what’s with the line “because they are bloggers who like to crap on people/actors on the worldwide web, because they can and because they are just neat wonderful people themselves…[sarcasm]” can’t you handle it when people don’t think the way you do??

    Don’t be a smart a** Keachick, of course there are others in the movie, but it is because of Chris Pine that you are here, with your panties in a wad, raving & ranting like a Dumbchick….

    Anyhoo, I don’t usually reply stupid comments but did this time….. will not again. Go watch TMW. It might calm you down. LOL

  • Free to blog!

    Oh forgot to include this in my post…..
    “And yes, people do seem (generally speaking) to find it easier to rip up, tear down as opposed to doing the opposite…” Really? I mean really? you seem to think so little of humanity……where on earth do you come from??!

  • Keachick

    @Free to blog – about Chris Pine

    “He looks like a bloated tranny on her day off gone to buy some bleach to bleach his nuts and a pack of duct tape to stop his little missy from flying all over the place when he is doing spread eagles for his many male customers.”

    Perhaps you should be asking where on earth does a person who posts the above come from or do you think it is OK to make that kind of comment? This kind of stuff is everywhere yet I am the one who, according to you, is supposed to think so little of humanity?

    Interesting, because this JustJared board is dedicated Chris Pine board so I guess it would make sense for me to be here if I wanted to know or post something to do with Chris Pine. There is a separate board for This Means War, as well as ones for the other actors.

    I also read a lot of stupid comments as well.

  • Free to blog!

    Please do not cloud the issues….
    Don’t drag in disgusting posts made by others. They have absolutely NOTHING to do with this thread or the issues discussed. We are discussing YOUR COMMENT #16. Stick with the point.
    You are being deliberately obtuse and this is becoming tiresome…….

  • euro

    after reading the twitter and all the nonsense -domi pi- wrote there, uf well I just can say it must be so hard listen her, all day long. plus the hilarious “this means war” (nunu) oops means cp just has fall down about twenty places at my list of people with brains

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