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Katie Holmes: Froyo Fun with Suri!

Katie Holmes: Froyo Fun with Suri!

Suri Cruise tries a sample of frozen yogurt while stopping for a treat with mom Katie Holmes on Saturday (February 18) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Earlier in the evening, the 33-year-old actress took her daughter to dinner at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

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Katie carried a giant stuffed animal of Suri‘s as they arrived at a building the day before. Earlier in the week, Katie chatted on her cell phone as she took a walk down the street.

15+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes getting froyo with Suri

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katie holmes froyo fun with suri 01
katie holmes froyo fun with suri 02
katie holmes froyo fun with suri 03
katie holmes froyo fun with suri 04
katie holmes froyo fun with suri 05
katie holmes froyo fun with suri 06
katie holmes froyo fun with suri 07
katie holmes froyo fun with suri 08
katie holmes froyo fun with suri 09
katie holmes froyo fun with suri 10
katie holmes froyo fun with suri 11
katie holmes froyo fun with suri 12
katie holmes froyo fun with suri 13
katie holmes froyo fun with suri 14
katie holmes froyo fun with suri 15
katie holmes froyo fun with suri 16
katie holmes froyo fun with suri 17

Photos: GSI Media, FameFlynet Pictures
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  • anom

    gosh its been pretty chilly here in california! how is this little child walking around dressed like that??!!

  • C r I

    this kid looks kinda like a shit but i seriously feel bad for her shes only 5 and already hiding from the cameras they should back the F off if a kid is hiding there face losers

  • joel

    Those poor bodyguards, always having to drag along on these stupid outings. Bet Katie’s shoes smell. Look at Suri’s gold jewellery

  • Pzzld

    Mother is wearing fall clothes and daughter is on summer clothes?

  • roberto


  • colourcollar


  • mika


  • ???

    Doesn’t Suri ever feel the cold?

  • Comical

    I know it’s wrong to dislike a child…and she’s probably a lovely kid…but she comes across as a spoilt brat.

  • jaspisgirl

    c the little girl in pic number 14?????? that is how u dress ur kid !!!!!! but to give ,,supermom” some credit,little miss rain does some pen and calender please!!!!!!

  • Single Mother

    She should get remarried so she can have some company.

  • Friends

    Where are Suri’s friends and Kate’s potty mouth son, Connor?

  • carrie

    I find it very strange that Katie and Tom have not had another child. They both said they wanted more. Suri is almost 7 years old. I mean Tom is not getting younger. I would think he’d want to be able to run around with his kids. Plus it’s not like Katie has this big movie career or designer career going on right now.

    just thinking.

  • suri’s birthday

    when is the real one? was it january?

  • Bella 1st

    OMG….!!! What happened to katie’s leg in pict. 2nd. that tight made ​​her butt look more flat.

  • Rizzo

    Suri deserves to be spoilt she has no friends which I think it’s the most important vital thing she should have. I would be on my nerves mostly all the time too if I was always freezing cold and living the non sense life she’s living watching disney movies all the time.

  • lucy2

    Yes # 14. Suri is already 6 and her birthday is believed to be early to mid January (there were some Sci “be quitet” signs delivered to the cultmaster TC around that time)
    #15 – No insult intended, but where have you been for the past 6 years?
    Katie was already pregnant when she signed up with the cult. I am a believer that Josh Jackson is Suri’s real father. Katie and Josh were together just 2 weeks before Tom whisked her out of the country for the Sci brainwashing.
    Sorry to destroy your fantasy of Tom’s virility, but Tom and Katie have never had, and will never have s*x, so the only way “another” baby is going to happen is via in-vitro and an amendment to the current contract.

  • lucy2

    Sorry…my response noted to #15 is actually for Carrie (#13).
    I don’t have Romeo’s numeric response skills. ROFLMAO

  • http://website david ouellette

    I am getting so tired of seeing pictures of this kid Suri – she’s a privileged kid with a science- fiction name. Enough already!!!!

  • KC

    Oh no! Not those nasty booties again!

  • whatthehikey

    If shes a fashionista as she says she is. how come she dresses so badly – aren’t you supposed to HIDE one’s flaws???? Hide those massive legs Katie, please!!!! it emphasized the tinee tiney head of yours – it just so highlights the stupidness of someone called you!

  • don’t get it

    I don’t know why people trash this mom, she is not worthy of ridicule…she has done nothing wrong and never has!

  • cc

    Poor Suri she hates the paparazzi, unlike Jennifer Garner’s kids, Jennifer has taught them to smile and to love the paparazzi.

  • Tor


    No, every other Hollywood type has taught their children to put up with the paps, ignore them, or has somehow gotten the kids to know that the paps can’t go wherever it is they are going–so just gri and bear it while they walk. Most of the A listers keep their kids out of places that the paps frequent for the most part. TomKat loves the paps–they take her to known pap hangouts – eateries, shopping etc.

  • Kate

    Probably it’s just my bad eyesight and wild imagination, but every time I look at Suri’s face, I see Josh Jackson’s nose and eyes.

  • Carla

    They are both in need of a decent haircut. They look unkempt. Katie’s outfit is that of a depressed woman.

  • bullsit

    @Kate: You are crazy girl

  • I agree

    Suri definitely looks like Josh. Especially her nose, mouth, and forehead! They will get Suri’s nose “fixed”, but only to make it look more like Tom’s and less like Josh’s!


    I thought she threw those nasty boots in the garbage. Guess not. Why is Suri always eating ice cream or cupcakes?

  • Sunshine

    Yes, and once again look at the jumbo size container that they chose (after Katie got Suri’s approval).

  • ali

    there is something wrong with a kid that dress like that
    in Febuary .

  • Rox

    @lucy2: well, you could’ve hit the reply button instead.

  • Nisa

    @don’t get it: Really? Do you think Suri has dressed up by herself and chosen her clothes on her own all her life? She’s a kid. Parents are responsible for everything their kids have been.

  • lucy2

    you either have no sense of humor or need more medication. lighten up :-)

  • Sally N

    Of all the places to have dinner, why would Katie take Suri to have dinner at the Beverly Hilton Hotel? That is where Whitney died one week ago and that place right now is the highlight for many fans to drop by flowers or candles and the paparrazi is hanging around there. Maybe Katie also wanted to see where Whitney died?

  • ….ahhhhsoooo

    @Sally N:
    Katie went there because she was certain to get attention from the paps. Usually the LA “we aren’t looking for attention” events are harder for team Cruise to manage than the ones in NYC.

  • Aryn

    @cc: that’s not the point. The point is Suri realizes that she lives around Hollywood atmosphere. Violet and Seraphina act like normal girls who smile at the camera everytime they’re being photographed. Kids love it. They love to see their faces in a photograph.

  • cari

    Does this woman never look in a mirror? The sweater would be perfect if it were at least a size larger and paired with a decent fitting pair of jeans. Katie’s thighs and calves are not the best so shouldn’t be highlighted by a pair of leggings. This sweater is most likely designed to be worn loose, yet it is way too tight–highlights her flat chest, poochy stomach and wrinkles in the back. And those awful suede booties. The bag whether new or not looks vintage (the two separate compartments and colors) and does not go at all with the outfit. Please someone teach this fashion challenged woman how to dress for her body type.

  • Rose

    Why are people so harsh on this family? I don’t get it. It’s like every comment made on their pictures are negative. Why?

  • kimmy2000


    I agree with some of what you said but lets be real Jennifer Garner dose not keep kids out of places that the paps frequent, she always taking them to Pap friendly places and J Garner kids are the most photograph celebrity kids ever, just shows that she loves the attention as much as Katie.

  • Babycakes

    I hope Suri was in a booster seat this time, unlike the last time they went out and Suri just sat in Tom’s lap in the car not safe at all, Suri is 5 or 6  she needs to be in a booster seat.

  • yeahriiiight

    @don’t get it:

    Maybe its because she’s a subpar of a mother She does not do anything good to benefit her child. She’s a bad actress and WHAT HAS SHE DONE SO FAR FOR HER FELLOW HUMAN BEING? NEVER MIND SEEING SURI MAKES ME REALIZE THAT IF SHE CAN’T BE A GOOD MOTHER TO HER OWN CHILD WHAT USE IS SHE TO OTHERS.

    By the way. I don’t think Suri looks healthy. She looks malnourished i guess with all the empty sugar they feed her this was to be expected.

  • D

    Why would anyone take a five year old child to dinner at the Beverly Hilton Hotel when there are so many other child friendly restaurants in the area? And this kid is nearly six, so why the heck is Katie carrying a giant size Olivia stuffed animal and Suri’s blankie? And to do it after Houston died there–is KH so desperate for a pap photo op that she takes her kid there for dinner? What about going with a friend and leaving the child home? Katie isn’t new to the acting business–she had to have known there are still reporters and paps crawling around the hotel looking for an exclusive!

  • Romeo

    Poor bodyguards and stupid outings, #3? It is their job to protect them!

    No, #8.

    How does one come off as a spoiled brat, #9?

    She’ll be six this year not seven, #13.

    Ice cream shops and public sidewalks are known paparazzi hangouts, #24?

    Probably had a business meeting there, #35. It doesn’t seem to matter much because there are no pics of them seen there.

    All kids are different, #36. Making comparisons is pointless.

    Link me, #41.

    You don’t know how any celebrity parent raises their kid, #42.

    Read my comment to #35, #43. Plenty of kids her age carry stuffed animals and blankets; nothing strange there.

  • Jenn

    Again with the fugly boots katie?!I don’t know why anyone would call these two fashionistas.They need a stylist & they both need a hair cut,they have long straight hair that looks so stringy!katie looks so stressed & fed-up.What’s with the yougurt the size of the kids head, suri doesn’t look healthy at all.

  • zaza

    ugly boots? they are isabelle marant, and every girl in europe are craving to get them. rosie HW is always wearing them too. this girl looks like tom! seriously guys! same eyes!

  • annie

    Suri is such a beautiful looking little girl, and looks so much like Katie, in that pic above, except that she has Toms blue eyes.

  • Paul

    She is an absolute copy of her mother, the face, nothing from Tom.

  • D


    Right Romeo, bodyguards–it is their job to protect their client not haul their crap around–their blankies, stuffed animals and bags.

    And how does she come off being a spoiled brat? Well to paraphrase Elizabeth Barrett Browning–Let us count the ways!

    And yes, Romeo, you show your ignorance of all things Hollywoodom. Certain shops and restaurants are known pap magnets because they know famous people want to be seen and photographed. Katie could have taken her to some place more obscure, gone in, gotten the yogurt and left before any pap had a chance to arrive, but noooooo–she goes to an ice cream shop the paps are familiar with and take the kid to the Beverly Hilton Hotel (a well known pap hangout) that she had to have known had paps crawling around looking for Whitney exclusives.

    Yes all kids are different and Suri is very different and not always in a good way.

    What do you mean link you to the picture w/ no car seat. Are you that lazy? It just came out this past week. Apparently everyone on here knows how to do a simple search on the Internet but you. HERE: (and it has already been posted on JJ)

    You are right we don’t know how she is being raised, but based on KH’s interviews and TomKat’s pictures with Suri we have a pretty good idea of what the future Paris Hilton will look like.

    And you don’t have any kids Romeo or you would know that six year old children normally don’t carry around their blankies and stuffed animals unless they are going on a trip or something. If this was a business meeting at the hotel, then Katie should have left the child at HOME.

    Mind your business and not ours.

  • LA Lady

    I dont get why Suri always looks so miserable. The Garner girls are always smiling. Same with the Rossdale boys and Posh and Becks boys too. On the other hand Suri looks unhappy almost all of the time. I havent seen a pic of her smiling in ages. I wonder what makes her so unhappy and frightened. If somebody says the paps, thats ridiculous because those other kids are photographed just as much if not more. Suri seems to be a very unhappy, sad, frightened little girl when she is outside her comfort zone. If I was her Mother, I would look into that. Oh wait….its her mothers fault (and her dads too)