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Nicole Kidman: Tropfest with Cate Blanchett!

Nicole Kidman: Tropfest with Cate Blanchett!

Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchett serve as judges at the Tropfest 2012 short film festival held at The Royal Botanic Gardens on Sunday (February 19) in Sydney, Australia.

“This [festival] is how we all got our start, all the people working on the jury and obviously [actor and Tropfest founder] John Polson,” Nicole, 44, shared. “It’s all about film and young filmmakers and giving people a chance. It’s fantastic.”

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“It takes a lot now for me to want to act,” Nicole added. “I have a one-year-old [daughter Faith] and a three-year-old [daughter Sunday]. It takes a lot to drag me out of home.”

FYI: Nicole wore a Gucci dress with Manolo Blahnik shoes and an Omega Ladymatic watch. Cate is wearing a Hussein Chalayan outfit.

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Credit: Don Arnold, Brendon Thorn; Photos: Getty
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  • kary

    aww, nice that her little princesses are the first in her life.

  • Dieter

    Nicole looks like 32 or something !!!!

  • CaraL

    Poor Nicole, she looks disfigured !

    Cate Blanchett looks about 20 years younger than Nicole, even though they are about the same age. Cate is beautiful.

  • AmICynical?

    Cate Blanchett is my woman crush. There I’ve said it!

  • Roger

    @CaraL: “Disfigured”? I’m sorry but you need glasses. Kidman is absolutely gorgeous these days.
    I never cared much about Cate Blanchett, I find her quite boring as an actress.

  • sara whrite

    What a person that nicole kidman is just mentions two kids did she forget Bella and Connor

  • Moh123

    how lovely could Nicole be?

  • Frozoid

    @CaraL: CaraL You are absolutely right: Cate Blanchett looks years younger than the shiny-faced, over plastic surgerized Kidman.

  • Frozoid

    Esteemed Cornell Hospital dermatologist and dermasurgeon Dr. David Becker states that Botox actually causes NEW wrinkles next to the ones that were erased. He calls them “bunny lines” and singles out Kidman who has the new bunny lines since she started doing Botox.

    Which would account for her expression, which experts have described as both crazy and angry.

  • Nate

    Why weren’t her adopted children enough to keep her from acting? This is something very harsh for her older kids to be reading. Her face is unrecognizable at every red carpet event she attends. I agree. Very artificial looking compared to Cate.

  • Jen

    They both look really great

  • Liz

    They both look great. And I’m glad Nicole is looking more and more like herself lately. Look at her lips! She stopped using botox, and looks more like she did 10 years ago.

  • irene olson

    Don’t quit acting, Nicole. She is one of the few actresses that will do edgy roles. She is a great actress, and a great mom. She does not need to stay home for 17 and 19 year old children. I am quite sure Nicole was a wonderful mother to her two older children before the divorce and whatever Tom Cruise and his church decreed. We should not comment on something we know nothing about. Keep up the great work, Nicole, as wife, mother, and actress.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    @Frozoid: Spoof celebrity twitter accounts have more followers than your “expert site”. Go back in your hole of misery hit n dumb.

    Nicole looks gorgeous. Simple and elegant. So does Cate. A great night for up and coming Aussie film. Nicole should be applauded for donating the prize money each year for the acting awards. She never forgot where she came from.

  • Annie

    FLAWLESS.This is an amazing look for Nicole (the only time I didn’t like her style was when she tried being blonde). Seriously, people need to stop going on and on about botox in every Nicole post – how about we talk about the 25 year olds in Hollywood who shoot up more botox than Nicole ever has in her lifetime?

  • selena

    Cate is COLD, COLD, COLD.

  • vonny

    So pretty.

  • Gabriela

    Just to clarify one thing, Bella and Connor does not have to live with her ​​because she wanted then shut up please people !!

    Now, Nicole is fantastic is a great woman and is drop-dead gorgeous <3 <3
    Cate too :)

  • http://comcast Dee

    Frozoids back !!!!! Nicole looks absolutely beautiful !!!!! I’m sorry Frozoid but Keith Urban loves her and his girls.

  • crad

    Cate is a really good actress

  • melissa

    Nicole is beautiful, intelligent and a great actress. Perfect.

  • Noh8

    Both women look beautiful. It’s pretty stupid to say one woman looks prettier than the other. Really dumb comments. It’s nice Nicole chose her kids over Hollywood. It must have been really hard for her when Tom made the other two kids be Scientologists.

  • Sophie

    Nicole Kidman not have to be young, but it is a beautiful woman <3

  • hopeso

    Looking beautiful Nicole

  • Skeptics are stupid

    @Dee: Ha! I think hit n dumb and her alter egos maclen and tara have a little splainin’ to do. maclen said that Keith was going to The Voice to steal material, ideas, songwriters for his new album. Then she said he might not come out with anything at all. It’s come to light that Keith has been in the studio before going to Oz and will be back there all this year. Then tara said it’ll be a live album so he doesn’t have to put any work in to it. They are truly dim bulbs. They can’t keep their doom and gloom stories straight. maclen said Keith never had vocal chord surgery. BA-Freakin – HA – HA – HA!

  • Green

    Trespass was so bad!!! How did they get it made???! The script just didn’t make sense, they had the stupidest cons in the history of cinema, and so many gaping holes. Cate’s aging gracefully in more ways than one; her role choices outshine Nicole Kidman’s.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    Brilliant! A skeptic admits to watching a film with Nicole Kidman in it – again! Told ya – dim bulbs. BAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Olive

    @Skeptics are stupid

    You have really bad English. That’s an incorrect application of the word ‘skeptic’. Go back to primary school.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    You think I named them that? Liars would be a better term. They are such dumb twits they think a skeptic is someone who doesn’t believe anything and questions things by denying reality and making up their own version of the real world. Would it make you feel better if I called them The Skeptics? BAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • cari


    Actually Nate if you go back and check IMDb you’ll find when Tom and Nicole were together they alternated movies so that one was always home with the kids. Right after the divorce she had physical custody of the kids and took them with her onset. Then Tom had physical custody and the cult of Xenu basically kicked her out of their lives. And if I may point out, TomKat does not alternate movies so that one is always home with the kid. Katie drags her everywhere appropriate or not so much.

  • angel

    Nicole truly was amazing at the tropfest. Not only was she stunning visually but soooo down to earth and fiercely loyal to all her friends, family, country and her art. The warmth and sincerity in her smile never left her face inspite being swarmed with fans trying to meet her and she stayed on till the end even when the heavy rain started. True class act indeed. fan for life now. Keith was amazing at The Voice taping. Damn he’s HOT!!! They’re perfect together…just good people all around. True blue aussies!

  • taco

    : @Skeptics are stupid: Don’t bother to explain. My spidey sense tells me that’s SillySue back for more trying to change the conversation when things don’t look good for her, which is all the time.

    @angel: I heard they had to turn people away for the Voice taping. Security was tough on fans who wanted to meet Nicole at Tropfest. There’s a demand for Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban? Who knew? lol

  • julie

    Cate Blanchet, one of the greatest actresses, is aging so gracefully. The same cannot be said for Nicole after a couple of unsuccessful procedures. Poor face does not resemble herself anymore, except for the beautiful eyes.

  • Jordyn

    Both are fine actresses who look great. Cate doesn’t have the hot husband so not many jealous remarks are directed her way. Being with Keith has made Nicole the target for years. Some people can’t stand seeing them together and happy.

  • angel

    @taco: security is always tight, sometimes over zealous, at timesin any events in australia. you cant take a video inside concerts on your mobile, videocam etc. but nicole was always gracious and accommodating. Those that were refused entry due to overbooking on the taping of The Voice was given priority sitting on the next taping. it was a first come first serve basis which is specified on the rules and regulations. and yes there are great demands for keith and nicole coz they’re genuinely good, decent people that attracts only good karma in their lives.

  • angel

    @taco: also i have to clarify, those were security people at the event not nicoles’ own security…she didn’t have any. so its not her fault.

  • taco

    @angel: Wasn’t implying she had any – should have said venue security. Thanks for filling in the blanks.

  • Nate

    @cari: Get in this decade cari. Kidman has said it herself that the kids choose to live with Tom. They do not go back and forth depending on their movie schedules. She handed over the kids to Tom and allowed the brainwashing to begin.

  • taco

    You’re playing games “Nate” – as usual. How about you stop living in the past. Specifically January 14, 2005 the day before the couple met. He’s not going to kick Nicole out of Franklin, have one of the skeptics move in, and everything go back to your version of normal. Grow up and get help.

  • Dixon

    Keith Urban sure likes tall blonds, doesn’t he? Whatever happened to his former supermodel girlfriend? Can’t recall her name but she was on Sports Illustrated a bunch. Both Cate and Nicole are beautiful women. Nicole looks a lot happier with Keith than she ever did with Tom. I doubt she handed over the adopted kids to Tom. He’s a powerful Scientologist and probably had that “church” pulling the punches.

  • D


    Nate–I don’t think Kidman had any idea when the kids opted to stay in one place (during her post divorce gypsy phase) that she’d be denied as much access. She still sees them, but the abusive cult that Tommy girl supports has her down as a suppressive person. If this were a “normal” couple, then she ‘d not be allowed to see the kids at all. However, since it is two celebs, I’m sure Miscavage doesn’t want the negative publicity of outright banning her.

  • Blake

    Nicole is gorgeous!

  • KellyInNash

    I think Nicole’s considered a redhead and Alecia was a redhead so he likes them too! Laura and Delaney were brunette so he likes them too! But you’re talking about Niki Taylor. She’s a blond and was a supermodel. She’s married to Burney Lamar who is a racecar driver. They have 2 kids. She was married once before to a football player and they had twins who are now teenagers. She was also once engaged to Rob Niedermayer who was a hockey player.

  • Trin

    I love Cate Blanchett. She is so classy and so cute in the same time. The best actress in the world !
    Nicole is great, too. Both are fantastic. I would like to see them in the movie.

  • justBarb

    I didn’t know Nikki Taylor dated Keith Urban. I loved her on Celebrity Apprentice. She was very classy. Keith has good taste in women. Nicole and Cate look great in the pictures. I’m in love with Cate’s jacket.

  • terry

    Nicole needs a hair stylist.

  • duh

    Nikki is very sweet and classy. It was a shame she didn’t have a clue what to do when she was Project Manager on the Apprentice. She lost to Gary Busey as PM which had to be a blow. I think its bad personal dynamics. Women don’t get along in a group and everyone loses. The men can disagree on everything and still do a decent job. John Rich and Jose Canseco were buttheads the entire series and John ends up winning.

    It”s nice to see Nikki after her struggles to have a great life and the same for Keith and Nicole.

  • Wow

    An almost normal , decent conversation ! Good job people!

    Love the pictues. Nice to see both actors looking so happy and looking so great!

    Looks like the really old– tired — 7/8 years — of the crazy people are getting older by the minute…. and EVERYONE can see right thru them now! YEA!

    They just never learn how silly it all is and sounds to normal people I

  • http://Comcast Marlee

    @KElleyin Nash: Who is Alecia and Delaney
    . I hadn’t heard of those two. I love Keith and Nicole, they seem so down-to- earth. Since you are from Nashville , are they?

  • Jen

    Alecia Davis, worked for CMT, had a radio show for a while.
    Delaney Shanahan, worked on Music Row, also dated Ryan Adams.
    I don’t think either one was a serious relationship.