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Gabriel Aubry & Nahla: Zoo Fun!

Gabriel Aubry & Nahla: Zoo Fun!

Gabriel Aubry laughs with his adorable daughter Nahla as they walk around the Los Angeles Zoo on Sunday (February 19) in Los Angeles.

Their daddy-daughter day consisted of checking out the animals, riding a merry-go-round, trying on fun hats, and looking at exhibits!

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Also pictured inside: Nahla‘s mom Halle Berry and her beau Olivier Martinez heading out to lunch together at the Four Seasons Hotel that same day.

10+ pictures inside of Gabriel Aubry and Nahla having fun at the zoo…

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gabriel aubry nahla zoo fun 01
gabriel aubry nahla zoo fun 02
gabriel aubry nahla zoo fun 03
gabriel aubry nahla zoo fun 04
gabriel aubry nahla zoo fun 05
gabriel aubry nahla zoo fun 06
gabriel aubry nahla zoo fun 07
gabriel aubry nahla zoo fun 08
gabriel aubry nahla zoo fun 09
gabriel aubry nahla zoo fun 10
gabriel aubry nahla zoo fun 11
gabriel aubry nahla zoo fun 12
gabriel aubry nahla zoo fun 13
gabriel aubry nahla zoo fun 14

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  • Shue

    Queue the comments saying he is an amazing father who is having his child taken away by a crazy monster.

  • BEAN

    Shue, lol just about to say the exact same thing. TMZ reported that one of the accusers was Nahla herself. What now, Halle coached her? Get real people. Charges being brought against him means something isn’t right, and he’s certainly not innocent.

  • nelly

    Finally, the mother let her daughter spend time with the loving DAD! Hopefully she is getting the message,otherwise she will be paying the consequences…

  • alexi

    The minute I saw photographers hanging around, that’s when I’d go someplace else. He’s looking for camera time.

  • JC

    She seems happy with her father and with her mother. I think the media and all these “inside” sources are just trying to make it seem worse than how it really is.

  • isis

    That’s the longest I think I’ve ever seen someone in a cast!

  • Sayangsarina

    Amazing amazing DAD!!!! Nothing else to say or to proof. The smile from Nahla is GENUINE!

    She is happier with Daddy ..

  • VJ


    Dumb—- what kid isn’t happy at the zoo??

  • mkhay

    she looks happy, isn’t that the only thing that matters.
    Its sad that their divorce is just putting her in the middle of their crap.

  • mike

    Odd that the report says she is scared of him, but looks ecstatic whenever photoed out with him

  • Mush!!!

    Is Halle a bit jealous of Nahla? For whatever reason Gabriel dumped her,maybe he just didn’t want to stay with such a damaged person for the rest of his life, but he really truly loves Nahla..Halle had to rebound quick and found the next guy who fell in love with her..I hope she has calmed down and become nicer to Olivier..she seems to have a lot of pent up anger from her life..she should have confronted all those other guys and people that took advantage of her years ago.. Gotta let it go.

  • Sad

    Halle comes off so tragic.. I feel like it’s not going to end well for her.. She has many demons:(

  • kerry simiy

    Now that Halle has moved on to the next man, she want’s the child all to herself. Halle needs to grow up and get the “Man” chip off her shoulder.

  • Helen

    She is going to say the same about Oliver when they break up.

  • MooCow

    Where is the visitation monitor?

    Gabriel hasn’t been charged with anything but Halle got the court to say he has to be supervised whenever he has Nahla and he can’t have her overnight.


  • love

    girl seems happy, glad for her!!

  • zaza

    she would not touch him like that if she was afraid of him! seriously!

  • deb

    @Mush!!!: #11

    Halle is the one who did the dumping.

  • What’s he looking at?

    @alexi: It appears a large amount of time Halle and her boyfriend have photographers around with Nahla…

  • Best interest

    If he’s abusive, Halle would have charged him in the first 2 years of Nahla’s life. Not until Halle wanted to move to France to be with Martinez did these type of allegations come out. Halle should know that as a god mother, you put your self last. Taking your child away form her father and moving half way across the world is selfish. Halle has no one to blame but herself. Don’t blame Gabriel for loving his daughter and wishing to share her life and up bringing.

  • Liverwurst

    @deb: I don’t know where you got your resources but Gabriel is the one who initiated the split from Halle.

  • huggy bear

    deb, gabreil did the dumping not halle she to controling

  • lexy hates bilson

    Halle is full of crap! This kid NEVER looks scared around her father like Halle claims. She’s full of crap and needs to let this little girl enjoy time with her father and turn down the drama!! Maybe focus on her career b/c that new movie of hers looks pretty awful!! Or get a body guard since she’s soooo scared for her life!!

  • huggy bear

    she use to have a bodyguard when she was having nahla and afte what happen olivier is making he broke

  • villedeville

    Halle looks very unhappy because Nahla is happy being together with her father, Gabriel. That is not supposed to be that way, if Halle had her way. Regretfully, Halle will have it her way, all the way.

  • http://website david ouellette

    Gabriel Aubry is a great Canadian guy. How could he not be wonderful?!!

  • huggy bear

    for a happy in love couple their don’t look like their in love at all it look stage not love kiss or hugs when she was with gabriel she look happer and more younget

  • no right to complain

    Halle gave up her right to complain when she chose Gabe to be her IVF baby daddy and agreed for him to have shared custody with her. Hope she gets a decent check from Cloud Atlas and be grateful for her Revlon,. Coty and shoe contracts. She’s going to be in for a rude awakening.

    Yes Nahla doesn’t look afraid of her father her or on DMUK.

  • Jen

    OMG!!! I’ve never seen a child soooooo afraid of her daddy!! (note sarcasm). She always looks happy with Gabriel, and yes she looks happy with Halle.

    Halle chose him to have a baby with. She needs to grow up and realize that Gabriel wants and deserves to be in their daughter’s life (as inconvenient as that may be for Halle!). Stop making Gabes life miserable, because it won’t just make his life miserable, but Nahlas as well!

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …She doesn’t look scared to me. Halle has major issues. I almost feel sorry for Gabriel.

  • char

    Halle is just plain nutso. She needs to stop being so controlling. Hope her new movie tanks, I’ll never watch anything with her in it again

  • reba

    She looks so much like him:)++

  • deea

    Nahla looks very happy with her daddy and also she’s gonna be such a stunner when she grows up!

  • pootie

    funny how the men her life always seem to be crazy. And the common link between all of these “crazy” men? halle!
    hopefully she gets help soon. I mean it’s fine if she wants to destroy her own life but to destroy her child’s life by denying the child a relationship with her father..that’s unconscionable

  • Lailah

    Whats with the Halle hate? I’m not saying Nahla doesn’t look happy here but no one knows what’s going on behind closed doors. Halle may seem a certain way because tabloids say something but none of us knows her personally. How can you judge a woman who obviously loves her child more than anything and would go to extreme lengths to protect her. That’s a woman who should be praised instead of bashed. I know none of them personally but I do know things aren’t always what they seem. We just don’t know what’s the deal behind closed doors so how can any of you say hateful things like you know them personally?

  • jesse



  • flo

    Where is the supposed court appointed shadow?
    Sounds just like more of Hallucinator Berrys B.S. to malign another man she is done with. Hell called Satan is holding a special seat for her.

  • Jade

    mike @ 02/20/2012 at 1:06 am
    The report IIRC is that he yelled at her and she was scared. Ok, I don’t know a parent who hasn’t yelled at their kid at one time or another. It doesn’t mean they make a habit of it. Of course the kid would be scared, in the moment, but that doesn’t mean the kid is scared of the parent in general. It’s all about how you ask a child a question.
    It would be nice if we were all perfect, but we’re not. We do and say things in the heat of the moment.

  • Mush!!


    Halle is that you?? Then Halle knew she wasnt good enough for him:guilty conscience.

  • Darling

    Still in a cast? Does anyone think Halle will do just about ANYTHING Wouldn’t be shocked if she took a bottle of pills in the bath one day….

  • anybody?anybody?

    If Halle truly cared about the welfare of her child, instead of moving Nahla out of the country and away from her dad, she could hire a bodyguard, move to a gated community— any number of endless things that don’t include separating her completely from her dad. And I’m not buying that Gabriel is dangerous to his daughter. Where is the physical proof? Where are the specifics that he hits her, abuses her, molests her, anything? I agree with a previous post: yelling at your kid isn’t abuse, and it’s obvious from the pictures that Nahla isn’t permanently terrified of her father.
    I truly believe Halle is a selfish, egotistical woman who is thinking about herself only and not her child, because all children deserve to grow up with both parents. And it’s no coincidence that Gabriel became this terrible man right when she started seeking sole custody of the child they made TOGETHER.

  • Ronda

    I like the Father Daughter interaction with Gabriel and Nahla. He seems to be a great Dad. Spending time with his child in spite of how he’s seemingly fought at every turn he continues on forming that very important bond with his daughter.

    I applaud you Gabriel! Nahla will look back at this time later on and be happy she had BOTH of her parents there for her.

  • Jennifer

    @deb: #19

    Yes, Halle did dump Gabriel.

  • terry

    @Darling: #41

    What a despicable thing for you to say.

  • http://molestsher huggy bear

    she better becareful that olivier don’t molests her daughter he already kissing on the lips .he not blood be very very carful when you call wolf

  • Annie

    Nahla looks so relaxed and natural around Gabriel, more so than with Halle if you ask me. At 3 she’s too young to be faking body language for the cameras. Unfortunately the authorities do have to take Halle’s claims seriously since they can’t take any chances with a child involved (which is exactly what makes Halle’s claims to malicious and damaging if she is indeed making them up) but they also need to investigate Halle and her latest French piece. Halle is the one with the backrecord of unhinged behavior. I think she has trouble telling apart reality from the fantasy of one of her B horror films.

  • won’t be around that long

    @huggy bear: While I can see your concern, I don’t OM is going to be in the picture much longer.

    Halle knows the comments on TMZ and other tabloids is not too favorable.

    Just because it’s on TMZ (very close to hitting bottom, if not bottom) doesn’t always mean it’s true. Their all about increasing the readership and ad revenue they don’t care if the info is accurate or not.

    Once a judge rules on Halle’s request along with Gabe’s okay (shared custody-that’s why she’s busting her a$$ to discredit him), no engagement, no living in Paris, no green card. It can take the judge up to 6 months for a Judge to rule–which could be late summer/early Fall. It could be sooner depending on how the movie does in DVD sales/theater, his restaurant opening and her 4th Coty scent and shoe line release all next month.

    She’s going to schlep Nahla all around Europe and the US. Mark my word, Gabe will get his overnights back, whether monitored that I don’t knwo.

  • annie

    @Annie: agree the allegations do have to be taken seriously. there are too many red flags for aubry to be totally in the wrong. there is deception here on halle’s part on some level.

  • Yoki

    Damn, he is so fine! I think Halle is jealous because he dumped her old ass!