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Jennifer Aniston: 'Kimmel' with Justin Theroux!

Jennifer Aniston: 'Kimmel' with Justin Theroux!

Jennifer Aniston comes out to support her beau, Justin Theroux, during an appearance at Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday (February 20) in Los Angeles.

The twosome are currently on a promotional tour for their new movie, Wanderlust. Justin will appear on Thursday’s ep of JKL.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Aniston

Earlier in the week, Jen and Justin premiered Wanderlust at the Mann Village Theater.

On Wednesday (February 22), Jen will receive her very own star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame!

25+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux at Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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jennifer aniston kimmel justin theroux 02
jennifer aniston kimmel justin theroux 03
jennifer aniston kimmel justin theroux 04
jennifer aniston kimmel justin theroux 05
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jennifer aniston kimmel justin theroux 16
jennifer aniston kimmel justin theroux 17
jennifer aniston kimmel justin theroux 18
jennifer aniston kimmel justin theroux 19
jennifer aniston kimmel justin theroux 20
jennifer aniston kimmel justin theroux 21
jennifer aniston kimmel justin theroux 22
jennifer aniston kimmel justin theroux 23
jennifer aniston kimmel justin theroux 24
jennifer aniston kimmel justin theroux 25

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  • guest

    Even Beyonce was named and not really known for film. But no JA,, GOOP, Reese, Courteney, Cameron.. You know the “Mean Girl ‘Gang.
    And the article was written by a MAN…
    See legimate news media knows who will be talked about in the next decade or so. Not some Men’s Health Magazine that cater to Gay Men.

  • marisa

    I don’t know how he can stand being with her. She is so annoying.

  • Danielle


    Are you for real? You are sayig this is Justin Therouxs resume?

    And yet when the scoop came out that Jennifer Aniston bought herself a new man , sadly when is name was brought up everybody said
    Who’s Justin Theroux.

    Really who ever heard of this little guy till Aniston nabbed him??

    the most TheAnti will get out of this is ppl will know him or i mean his name as the guy Brad Pitt’s ex stold from the lovely Heidi Bivens.

    Hedi Bivens is a beautiful young lady , been googled much more than the assssswipe who dumped her after 14 yrs of what she thought was a happy relationship and he lied to her about it being happy, that is till Aniston came along., the 14 yrs suddenly became uinhappy.

    Nasty,… all for the love of FAME.

    If LMFAOPMP this is really his resume that tells me he can’t act b/c after all of those Yrs , come on somebody would remember at least one…or something.,,joke

  • sullivan

    What’s the matter with Aniston’s tiny boyfriend? At the premiere he looked like he rolled around in a bag of Cheetos. I assumed Aniston did his make-up. Now he looks relatively pale. He must have read the comments about his looks. And, hey, the hat is covering his Betty Paige bangs.

  • sowhat

    also, for those of you who think jennifer looks great, consider the fact that, at 43, all she’s done is focus her life on her career – television and movies, going to movie openings, dating numerous guys and vacationing. she has no responsibility other than primping after herself.

  • Mikale

    So Jen said she knew Justine for 5 years before they got togther .

    Hmm that means she knew him when he was living a cosy together life with Heidi Bivens for 9 yrs. So 9 yrs is no roll in the hay it happens to be double the number of yrs Jen was with Pitt.

    The article about the cast and their partners , husbands wives, significan’t others all going out for dinner during breaks thru out the filming means that Jen sat at the same table and partied hardy with Heidi and Justin
    and the rest of the crew. By now Jen knew Heidi and Justin were together 14 yrs in what would be considered in HW like 40 yrs.

    How the helllll does Jen sleep at night as for Jutin he is just another scum looking for fame.

    Thanks for that article on Justin T(the one with that pube-visible photo of him), didn’t it state that Justin and Jen have been together for a year? A year ago means ‘February’ 2011, around the time Jen bought property in NYC. That was two months before Justin and Heidi were last seen out together as a couple. It was three mos before Beverly Bivens , Heidi’s mom was quoted as saying that according to her soninlaw Justin and her daughter Heidi everything was fine ,just lovely at their abode.
    Poor Heidi she was so blindsided.

    ps..Oh yeah and Jen said in her interview that absolutely nothing happened while filming they didn’t start a relationship haha ontill when ????? Jen says Mar2012. justin says Feb 2011. get your lies straight!! They both drug and drink so much they never will get their lies to line up not will they care.

    Should anyone be shocked at her lies. Jen knows there are pics out there with dates on them. Jen also knows many ppl know about the house she rented on the lake to have parties while the movie was being made.
    Many times with friends but many more times with just her and Justin…but the rest of the world is stupid ..ya know…Pffft!

    No Heidi Bivens did not deserve any of this . I won’t be seeing the film and b/c Jen and Justin think it’s okay to hurt Heidi or any women in the process of making what are mostly bombs in Jen’s case ( in both cases) I won’t be missing out on anything. Comes on tv free a couple of mos/ after the theater ‘if i was all that iterested. sickos..

  • AJ is a fake WH@RE

    wow..what is her secret?SHE KEEPS LOOKING BETTER AND BETTER…great couple.they look great

  • leave

    lol at the crazy brangelina fans–i don´t wonder you worship that bimbos…i mean crazy people like crazy people..i guess you are like your goddess..(besides that you must be really fat and ugly..thks is why you find her so sexy,although she looks clearly anorexic and like a zombie) are completly selfunaware and HAVE NO FEMALE FRIENDS.
    there is a old rule:if a female has no girlfriends:RUN!SHE mUST BE CRAZY


    Haters, you spend more time caring Jennifer Aniston’s life than the life itself, by the way who cares of your life again? Let her alone, they say nothing will change the fact that her healthy, beautiful, talented, loved by family, friends and millions of fans and best of all SHE HAS a MAN NOW YOUR TIME Jennifer aniston is happy and you will not ruin it!!!

  • Manny

    Even with all that info I still haven’t seen him in anything…
    BTW being in a music video…LMAO…

  • CMC

    OMG You people are so devastatingly pathetic. Do you just read through the comments on these articles and see whether the vibe is positive or negative and then post your own matching comments to fit in..


    Aniston biggest w#ore ever
    JA toxic waste
    use gas mask
    use thickest rubber
    all disease


    Heidi was in a 14 year relationship. It ended. It ended because Justin and Jennifer started a relationship. There is pics of Justin and Jennifer out together. There our cast members saying that they were flirting together. Heidi was still living in the house that her and Justin were living in together when the news broke the Jennifer and Justin were together. At that time Heidi mother was telling the entertainment media that Justin and Heidi were still together. WHERE WAS JENNIFER’S SENSITIVITY
    CHIP. Oh that’s right. Only Aniston feelings matter. Only Aniston can go and on in magazine about being hit with the news.
    Stay classy Heidi.
    Regardless how pathetic Aniston and her fan are it will never be forgot that SHE IS A HOMEWRECKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • The ORIGINAL Miami D.


  • guest

    @ Saara
    You can providel a bio of Boy Toy fromday he was born. But, the bottom line no one has heard of him or remember his work until he started dating JA .. If he played such an important part in these films how come he was never a guest on Jimmy Kimmel, Jay Leno, David Letterman or ever featured in any mainstream magazine before.

    Let’s be real, if he wasn’t dating JA would he be on Kimmel, in people magazine and GQ ? NO!!!

    He’s a user and gaining some fame by association.

  • Team Heidi

    Heidi You are so beautiful and from what has been said about you is you don’t say a bad word about anybody. You got hurt bad b/c a selfish twit thought the only one who is important in life is herself Jennifer Aniston is a HO who SUCKS!!

    Anustin is the Biggest phoney in HW!!!

    Heidi wishing and hoping for you that all your dreams come true.

    You Go Girl!!!!!

  • WanderSLUT

    @leave: Honey, you know why Angie doesn’t have female friends in the business? because most female in the business are shallow and dumb. What they talk most of the time is how to look good. Why would she hang out with those dumb ones? Look at Angie’s friends like Amy Pascal, one of the bosses in SONY, Marianne Pearl, Christiane Amanpuor and some other respective journalists plus Hilary Clinton compare that to Old Granny Ticky’s paid friends like Chelsea H., Reese W., Courtney C., Charlize T. and some other unknown friends. Ticky’s godless circle all have in common, they’re dumb, desperate, shallow, mean spirited and pathetic. If any of them in their circle who is smart and started talking a deeper conversation, I am sure they will kick her of right away.Angie doesn’t need to have those type of friends that Ticky have because Angie is confident, doesn’t need an approval or validation from her circle of friends. Only insecure women need to have these type of friends like Ticky have. Even Oprah admitted it that she’s one of those who needs a friend to get an approval and that’s how Ticky is but not Angie. Brad really is lucky to have Angie.

  • ellie’

    your really hurting to think that..and you know it…Jennifer was always popular and always will be …She most certainly never needed Brad..

  • alw

    what’s with the black purse? it started in june 2011 at the airport. if she was hiding a bump,she would be much bigger today?

  • ellie’

    What man wouldn’t be happy ..whips chains blood beating and another woman..If that’s what your into,,to each his own..Brad doesn’t complete her alone..
    I myself can do it all on my own….

  • ellie’

    I have 3 grown children and i look darn think woman look bad by having birth..How old are you/

  • Manny

    So Anistoned likes whips and chains… Is that how she keeps men with her then?

  • ellie’

    What the h*ll are you talking about…Angie is the one admitted to S&M,,you do know anything goes..pain…and how can one give up her woman..!!!
    I’m not arguing with you morons anymore…Angie did break up a marriage…That woman would have said NO!!! …But I remember her saying I WOULD NEVER GO WITH A MARRIED MAN….WELL ANGIE REALLY DIDN”T CARE WHAT HER MUM FELT THE PAIN SHE WENT THROUGH,,,She a liar, both of them I have no clue what to believe.. She did its over I don’t care… Those 2 are meant to be together..Never gave one cent of there own money to a charity,,only by selling there children…Angie got pregnant on purpose to make herself the biggest ever…She thinks she is..But they are both over good at acting that I see…one movie I will only love is Legends of the Fall”…that’s it moving on…I don’t like even like writing to you people..and I have no hatred for Brad nor Angie either..for what reason..Sh+t happens..Right..!!
    Jen has moved on and I’m happy for her…Have a great night..!!

  • andu

    jenpoo bores me from her face to her tits

  • ellie’

    Then why are you here????????

  • ellie’

    Not b/c of BP…Its b/c of Jennifer Aniston.A- List star..Get use to that ..Jen.always popular and is never going away…accept that already….

  • Manny

    Anistoned broke up a 14 year common law marriage so she is no different from what you are accusing Jolie of doing. Anistoned had an adulterous affair. There is no way of spinning it to be anything else.

  • Laurenjen

    Home wrecker BITCH

    Girl next door?????

    NO!!!! W#ORE NEXT DOOR……………..

  • Team Nancy (Jens Mom)


    Yes Jen is very popular so why don’t you ask her to feed her dying mother. yes i heard Jen say she holds a grudge and likes to fight dirty on the Chelsea Handler show but can’t she take a little bit out of of her millions and not let her mother die in a run down place and pls fill her fridge with some groceries.

    I have never liked Jen for that one reson. Calling her only mother Her’Cancer’ and saying she is dead to me . when Nancy had her first bout of sickness many yrs ago and the Salvation Army called Jennifer Aniston and asked her if she would help her mother,.. she said NO AND HUNG UP ON THEM. Her mother survived tho,.. it took almost two yrs.

    Suddenly she had a stroke 2 summers ago and Jen went to the hosp. b/c Paps wanted to see if she would be there. Yes she went and never went back again.. She showed up one time for the sake of her image.

    I was put in moderastion last time for telling this truth about Jen’s sick mother so no doubt will be again. PPl know its not a lie. Jen did not allow or invite her own mother to her big fancey multi million dollar wedding to Brad Pitt.

    I just can’t warm up to Jen due to her calling her mother ‘ Her Cancer’.

    Or for letting her starve. It’s NOT too late maybe ellie b/c you defend JA at all times you have some clout and know another address where you can beg Jen to spend a little bit so this poor sick women can die in a clean room or hospital.. She uses a cane now due to her latest stroke. the apt she lives in has stairs so makes it difficult for her mother to climb into. Her Mother loves her .

    When you have a daughter, an only daighter who has the amount of $$$$$ money Jennifer Aniston has, there is no need for JA’s mother to die in such a cruel way.

    I could never be a Fan to Jennifer Aniston for this very sadistic reason.

  • anistoned is a hasbeen

    fame ho supreme meet fame ho junior …

    This hypocrite lies like a sidewalk. Boring, untalented, coarse, yeah she’s got it all. Good hair ten years ago and a lucky break and this useless bish has hundreds of millions of dollars and all she thinks about is her body, her manipulated fame, bikinis and baaaaaaaaaaad B- movies.

    Take out the hair extensions, pluck out the ‘blue’ contacts, kill the bottle blonde, fire the yoga coach and you’d have one homely broad…..even with hundreds of millions and hours devoted to herself everyday, and she is still nothing special.

    Anyone with this kind of money who isn’t a real talent, should feel guilty. And what does she do with it other than spend it on her own vanity and buying ‘dates.’ She is over the hill in HW now with no talent to diversify…and the egomaniac thinks she’s too young to play mothers……..hell, she thinks she should be the next Bond girl………wake up Susie, the best is behind you…and that was nothing to write home about. Even your PR QUEEN

  • anistoned is a hasbeen

    …..can’t save you from the fact that your fame and biological clocks are loudly ticking……

  • guest

    John Mayer said enough without saying too much in that Playboy interview. How embarrassing/humiliating for JA that her recently ex-boyfriend tells the world that he would pay $10k to have sex with the woman (Jessica Simspon) he dated before you and you’re described as Taupe (boring).

  • julie

    all the haters should watch justin break dance on ellen….amazing

  • Liz ..Lest we 4get

    Remember this..Cnn gave Jen 9 mins and explained how she gets away with making lousy movies, stays rich, plays the same game over and over.

    If the guys sshe nabs is already a star he was leaving anyway.
    if this guy JT never could make it in movies before i doubt he will after this gig but it’s all part of her game .

    racy boooby pics and talking about her ex marriage to brad Pitt . Angie and daring to talk about their kids if that’s what it takes.

    Doesn’t mean her movie has to be good.

    Check it out, explains it all.

  • Manny

    We should care that the loser break dances? OMG you are reaching now.

  • loverducky

    wow, you really think a grown, 40 year old man, who has had a successful career in the eyes of any normal person, really cares about dating someone for fame? And all the popular people (we’ll call the popular people the ones with the most ‘thumbs up’) really think you are so smart for comparing this guy to relationship that ended how many years ago? Get over it, and get over yourselves. They seem like perfectly nice people…and if they’re not, then don’t let it affect your lives so much. Now go ahead and thumb me down, it will hurt my feelings ever so much..

  • gracioza!

    haters spend so much time caring for the life of Jennifer who forgot to go and see itFLOPbah and moneyBOMB, you will see why they two big flops …

  • Sash

    She is extremely overrated and annoying and so is her partner.PLUS, she is a homewrecker….”uncool”, isn’t it Ms.Anistassakiss? Just get lost.

  • ellie’

    @Liz ..Lest we 4get:
    I loved the tape show,,everyone knows Jen is a hugger and loves everyone..That’s not for a movie or any publicity ..That’s Jennifer and that’s why we all love her…

  • imane assi


    You mean the gir lwho DUMPED BP?Because let me remind you that SHE KICKED HIS CHEATING ASS TO THE CURB AND FILED FOR THE DIVORCE