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Jennifer Aniston: 'Kimmel' with Justin Theroux!

Jennifer Aniston: 'Kimmel' with Justin Theroux!

Jennifer Aniston comes out to support her beau, Justin Theroux, during an appearance at Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday (February 20) in Los Angeles.

The twosome are currently on a promotional tour for their new movie, Wanderlust. Justin will appear on Thursday’s ep of JKL.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Aniston

Earlier in the week, Jen and Justin premiered Wanderlust at the Mann Village Theater.

On Wednesday (February 22), Jen will receive her very own star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame!

25+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux at Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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140 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston: 'Kimmel' with Justin Theroux!”

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  1. 51
    Jen IS a Meangirl Says:

    Anyone who considers Chelsea Handler their friend and invites her to introduce them at the Graumann’s ceremony is just as bad as she is. It is especially despicable for a mother to do that …. like Paltrow and Reese Witherspoon.

  2. 52
    WanderSLUT Says:

    At picture #12, it didn’t look good. Old Granny Ticky seems like ready to cry. Probably, Justin kind of mad maybe she’s acting like a diva or probably she’s pis sed off that there were only few fans and paparazzi in the site. Poor woman. You are not Angie Old Granny Ticky, put that in your mind if you have. Thank you.

  3. 53
    yum Says:

    I love paul rudd!

  4. 54
    guest Says:

    Angie didn’t break-up a marriage, Brad skidded away just like John Mayer, Vince Vaughn and the other 5 dudes. And never looked back because “She’s BORING”. If she hadn’t married Brad she would be on a segment of “Where are they Now”?
    Her current piece is not attractive. He’s short, balding, skinny and looks gay dressed-up. JA is no beauty either. He must be causing her stress she looks like she aged and gained weight since they’ve been together. I wonder what she really looks like without the blond dye, contacts and weave.

  5. 55
    tweedle dee and tweedle dumb Says:

    Wow look at the twin honkers and matching chins. Both are just average in the looks department. Btw, what, no complaints about all the black attire? Hypocrites.

  6. 56
    Magnolia Says:

    I say
    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    I’m seeing BARBRA Streisand!!!
    @reply | Flag This
    —————————————————————————————————I was thinking that too but then I thought about how Barbra Streisand looked at her age and I dare say she was a lot more attractive and incredibly talented!!
    Barbra Streisand has the full lips, bluer eyes, lovey voice, she articulate.
    Don’t insult Barbra Streisand like that.
    there was this interview awhile ago, where someone interviewing Jennifer Aniston was told that she resembled a very famous actress and asked her to guess who he was talking about.
    She did try and started naming all these incredibly gorgeous actresses that do comedy, the interviewer told her that it was not any of those and said he thought she resembled Barbara Streisand.
    It was clear he meant this as a HUGE compliment but she nearly chocked on her drink, she was sooo INSULTED!! it was obvious.
    Then she tried to quickly in her best fackery to mask how she felt and mumbled a thank you and said how much she admired Barbra Streisand.
    Its clear this woman sees herself through a different mirror then the rest of the world, that or she believes her own hype.
    I think she thought after it ended with Brad that she would find another A Lister quickly, its funny how these many years later she is sooo happy to be with a No name shorty.
    I bet if someone had told this is where she might be at this point in her life she wold have not even had believed it as a possibility.
    I think when she was married a lot a people catered to her because she was the wife of Pitt and she actually believed it was because of her.
    Now she is making tiny movies and resorting to getting with no name attached men to have some kind of a life………..reality is a *****…huh

    I actually think she is really lucky to have him, he actually has something in his brain…..I do feel for him though, he has got to be bored out of his mind and terribly missing his EX…but hey he wanted the fame…that’s what he gets.

  7. 57
    JL Says:

    guest, for all the America (and not only, trust me) Jennifer is a HOTTEST women of all the times. But you are talking here she is boring! It’s you are blind and boring! You see these pictures and talking here about her “weight”! You must be a girl. Probably Heidi….

  8. 58
    Magnolia Says:

    I bet you Jen called her agent desperately asking him to find her someone…ANYONE!! and he searched his brain and looked carefully at everyone he knew for just the right person with enough need and desperation to take on the TICKY and stick around.
    He remembered how incredibly desperate Justin was for fame and some secretive phone conversations with him.
    They probably decided on this “relationship” before Justin was given the movie role.
    That was probably a part of the deal.
    This is not so far fetched, remember Brad was hooked up with Jen through their Agents and Ticky recently stated in an interview that her agents call her up with dates. She said this for an interview promoting ” He is just not that into you”…..anyways that is just my take on it.
    If this is indeed the case poor Ticky is never going to have peace of mind in this relationship, she is going always now that he gave up the woman is supposedly loved for fourteen years for a chance at fame.
    I guess that’s karma working everything out.

  9. 59
    AGA Says:

    @Magnolia: Great Post..I agree that she thought she would hook an A-lister straight away,instead after VV,she got with a series of losers who all left her. After they filed for divorce,the hens all get quacking at how quick Brad and Ange became a public couple.BUT they forget that “Devasated”JA was in Vinces bed at the same time. I still find it incredible that she got back with Mayer after he dumped her in front of paps on a street corner. Wish he had said more in the Playboy interview,more details instead of basically she is Boring!

    I can see this ending as well as he is looking all annoyed all the time and when the movie bombs it will be embarrasing all round.
    And he would NOT of got an interview if not for his GF-not good for a mans ego. I totally feel for Paul Rudd,as he is the star of the movie,yet most dont know he is even in it(But maybe thats a good thing for the movie will fail)

  10. 60
    WanderSLUT Says:

    Okay, let’s analyze picture #12 & 13, on Justin’s reaction in responding Old Granny Ticky’s demand, he looks like he was thinking “I’m going to kill you woman, enough of your attitude, you are a sh*t, no wonder why Brad Pitt and all other guys they ran as fast as they could because you treat us like a dog. No wonder why Brad was chasing Angie because she has everything and yet she still doesn’t act like a diva, even my Heidi did not treat me like this the way you treat me. So, just shu t up!” And Old Granny is crying in the car. Poor woman. She got what she deserves. Good one Justin for standing up, for not acting like a dog that keeps following her commands. You are the man, Old Granny Ticky needs to respect you even if she paid you to be with her. After you dump her, get ready because she will tell everyone that you’re the guy who doesn’t know how to open his wallet like John Mayer did. Good luck with Old Granny Ticky.

  11. 61
    Magnolia Says:

    Exactly, I think the main reason these guys get with Aniston in the first place is for the exposure, they figure it can’t be that bad and then boy they are hit with the reality of who she is at take off running. Even the possible fame acquired is not worth what there life becomes with the Aniston.

    I think this is evident especially in JM case, he really courted the press when he broke up with her. He was so concerned about everyone knowing that he did the dumping, it was so clear that he was looking for a certain image of him to be portrayed.

    Even he, so terribly desperate for as much exposure as possible and probably missing the press attention it gave thought he could take another go at it… but we all know how that turned out, lol.

    I think Jen EX’s would love to say a lot more but are so afraid of the repercussions of doing so. She spends a lot of money on Press and everyone knows that Jen will retaliate if even the littlest thing is said about her in a negative way.

    Remember when Alec Baldwin after costarring with her on 3O rock made some little comment about kissing Ticky and it was not exactly positive? He meant it as a joke ( well he probably meant it) but he had to issue a clarification after her people had a word with him.

    She seems to have a very intense and highly paid group of agents that are constantly on call.

  12. 62
    WanderSLUT Says:

    @JL: Oh! please, Old Granny Ticky is the hottest woman? If she is, why on earth do she needs her PR Huvane looking for a guy to date her? Can she not get it on her own? Why depend on her PR agent who she will date? unless if they have an agenda on whom to date. Like what I suspected, first it was Robert Downy Jr. when he was in jail and here came Ticky visiting Him in jail but at least RDJ was smart enough to smell the stench of their plan so they move on to Brad Pitt, the brokenhearted one and they succeeded. I guess, being brokenhearted is worse than drugs. At least, it was not too late for Brad Pitt to wake up, thanks to GOD that He sent Angie to save him. And until now, Ticky and Huvane still doing what they always do, looking for a guy to help Ticky stay in the business.

  13. 63
    nina Says:

    He has a big bald/forehead at 40? Who would’nt go for a freeriding YAWN!

  14. 64
    WanderSLUT Says:

    @Sarah: Honey, mentally challenge people doesn’t have the capabilities to analyze anything, that’s why they need help from the normal person like for instance, Old Granny Ticky the way she answer the questions in her interview, she always needs Huvane to help her on what to answer or what to do. When you watch her interview, you wonder, Is she plain dumb or mentally challenge or maybe both? On analyzing their pictures, are you mad because you know I was right? If so, thank you.

  15. 65
    Jessica Says:

    Why are all the these people on JustJared hating on Jennifer Aniston? I mean I LOVE Brad and Angelina, but I don’t dislike Jennifer. Why?

  16. 66
    Not a Brange Fan Says:

    WHY do all JA fans think that posters who do not like her,must be crazy Brange fans?? I like BP/AJ OK,BUT i like other actors much better. However I dislike JA b/c I don’t find her funny,her body is average,her hair same ol sameold and face awful. Her selection of films and men are poor and she played the poor mecarrd for to long. Her divorce was easy compared with other public women who were humiliated beyond belief eg Bullock,Woods,Longoria,Bryant even D.Richards, and many others who acted classy and dignified,instead of crying in interviews Poor Me.
    Some Just Don’t Like Her Full Stop.

  17. 67
    Carolina Says:

    I have a question for all of the haters, in what way shape or form does Jennifer Aniston’s life affects any of you?? really I’m curious!!

  18. 68
    Carolina Says:

    @Not a Brange Fan: hahah and then you ask why people assume all the hate come from immature brangelina fans. also I’m sorry to burst your bubble but Aniston’s body is so not average, & her selection of man, that is something that shouldn’t affect you at all hun!

  19. 69
    Jen always WAS a Meangirl Says:

    Wow they both look uber-miserable!!!

    I wonder if Jennifer promised Justin they would be presenting at the Oscars and be the toast of the town. That is what I suspect…. that and he would have tons of job offers.

    Sad that!

  20. 70
    WanderSLUT Says:

    @Jen always WAS a Meangirl: Yeah! Same thing what Ticky promised to John Mayer. She promised that John M. will be more popular if he will be with her, will have more offers because her PR agent and her is so well known in the industry. And guess what, nothing happened to John M. if there was, his fans were trying to avoid him and his music. John M. fans did not paying attention on his talent anymore because of he kept making headlines with Ticky. And I am sure that will going to happen to Justin, if he has talent it will just wasted because of Ticky.

  21. 71
    Moo Cow Says:



    Mayer really suffered during his Ticky Time …… that and his insane mouth.

  22. 72
    hihihi Says:

    all these comments, geez. I am sure that neither Jennifer nor Pitt give a damn about your silly comments. you don’t know any of them.

  23. 73
    charlie Says:

    Love them together … she looks happy

  24. 74
    hippo faced Says:

    Jen’s face looks like an old hippo she should be working in circus not movies.

  25. 75
    Two Orange Clown. Says:

    JA is to annoying to watch, to painful to look at, and beyond irritating!
    I can’t barely watch Friends simply because of Rachel Green.
    I have always been BP no 1 fan, until He married JA, I lost all interest on anything BP, as I was so disappointed, beyond believe!
    Than…. The most Wanted… Power Couple is born…. HALELUYAH….
    PRAISED the LORD!!!!!

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