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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Beach Bashful

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Beach Bashful

Nicole Kidman holds hands with her husband Keith Urban as they leave Balmoral beach on Monday (February 20) in Sydney, Australia.

The 44-year-old actress tried her best to keep a low profile as she looked away from the photographers smiling.

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Over the weekend, Nicole served as a guest judge for the Tropfest Film Festival held in Sydney. She was joined by actors Cate Blanchett, Tony Collette, and Geoffrey Rush who chose the short film Lemonade Stand for first prize.

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  • Cris

    AWw so pretty together.
    Nicole was seen in the playground with one of the daughters.
    Do not have pictures?

  • Jen

    I’m envious of the beach weather! Thanks for the pictures, Jared. I’m a Keith Urban fan.

  • April

    Thanks! They are so cute together!

  • musicfan

    It is so nice to see this beautiful couple enjoying time together.

  • westenra

    Good to see them out together. They had full schedules with Nicole at Tropfest all day and Keith at a double taping of The Voice.

  • And thw winner is…

    cute and casual.

  • Louise

    I do hope Nicole realizes how fortunate she is to be married to the Hotttt, Talented, Handsome, Kind, Generous KEITH URBAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gloria

    Love this couple! They are so perfect together. Both beautiful and talented! Nicole looks happier than I’ve ever seen her and so is Keith.

  • Ybbony

    Awww how sweet! Husband and wife outing and making time for each other! Long live Kidman-urban family! May you continue to defy the odds and stay in love forever!!! You both looked soooo good in love…as Keith would say! He’s been singing this song quite a lot lately!!!

  • ellie’

    Love Nichole & Kieth..beautiful family….

  • Joy

    Keith’s outfit is cute. Glad they get some couple time and enjoy the scenery.

  • hopeso


  • Rose

    Bashful my arse! LOL

  • melissa

    they are so pretty together

  • love


  • D

    Nicole looks great. She looks as though she has put on about five lbs. Makes her look really curvy! Great couple.

  • maria

    Love them and their beautiful daughters!

  • Lace

    Whenever I see a pic of this couple , I cant help but smile!!!
    They really brighten up my day, most esp. when they’re with those gorgeous Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret!!!! Thanks, JJ

  • yep

    Gorgeous family! Love them!

  • kary

    aww…what a lovely couple… =) they look really good together

  • molly

    Ah, flip-flops and shorts, I’m so jealous. They look cute together.

  • Missy

    Ditto love for this couple. They look so happy together and their daughter’s are beautiful.

  • Moh123

    I am glad that she is happy

  • http://comcast Dee

    Where is Frozoid, Rose etc etc etrc ??? I miss them, not really. Wow, Keith and Nicole are a beautiful couple.

  • we know you

    @Dee: Frozoids, Roses and all the etc etc etcs. disappeared when she embarrassed herself here last week and none of her “friends” came to her rescue. Bahaha.
    Great pictures of the Kurbans. Another #1 for Keith, more film projects for Nic, cute kids and romantic walks on the beach. Love and success. That’s the reality.

  • Leslie

    Congrats Keith on “You Gonna Fly”!! #1!!! <3
    Can't wait for Nicole's new movies to come out this summer and fall, I'll buy HBO just for her haha

  • jim

    They are so beautiful together!

  • Lexie

    The Urbans have it all goin on!

    Another #1 for Keith. WTG!

  • Tippy

    LMAO !!! Looks like CDan let the idiots down and now it damage control. LMAO too late losers

  • linto

    Love this couple. Always together, always in love. I hope they’ll have another baby as soon as possible.

  • Just Barb

    Well, this is a nice change; no haters for once. I must say Keith is wearing his t- shirt VERY well. heh heh.

  • Just Barb

    Forgot to say congrats to Keith for another #1!

  • duh

    Tippy if they read Joel’s twitter maybe they’d know when Nicole R and the kids are coming.
    The tabs in Oz are just as dumb as the ones here. Delta and Joel were seen having dinner together. Keith and Seal did the same but that’s not an interesting enough story, unless you are a skeptic and dinner is proof you are gay lol
    The US Voice cast are as pure as the driven snow according to Silly Sue. What a freaking moron. BAHAHAHA!

  • Skeptics are stupid

    @duh: You know what’s really funny about this whole Voice thing? hit n dumb as maclen on her UM blog posted that no one in the US would know who lowly Aussie pop star Delta Goodrem was. And no one should care. Guess who knows exactly who Delta Goodrem is? The skeptics! LMAO!

    Nicole and Keith attended the 2007 Aria awards (Aussie version of the Grammys). Nicole was photographed with Delta.

    You can imagine the bs that poured from their mouths…Keith was hot for Delta. Nicole was sending dagger eyes to Delta. Nicole is threatened by Delta. Delta is a real woman befitting Keith. Delta as a cancer survivor is a saint. Nicole uses her mother’s cancer and charities as nothing more than personal PR.

    hit n dumb and the rest of the skeptics know exactly who Delta Goodrem is. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


  • Missy

    The US Voice cast are probably worse. Blake Shelton cheated on his wife for Miranda and she proudly talks about how she knew she was breaking up a marriage but couldn’t help it. Christina has had affairs with men and women and CeeLo Green announced recently that he sleeps with 3 women a night on average. Adam Levine supposedly had an affair with Jessica Simpson when she was still married to Nick Lachey. To say the Australian cast is worse reaks stupidity. It’s playing to an Australian audience so it wouldn’t matter if the US knows who Delta Goodrem is anyway. They do in Australia, dummies.

  • Pass along to MV

    The fake OSL just stated she will looking to watch the Aus. Voice on Keith’s fan community site!

    Now I wonder if she wil delete that slip. up real quick ………………………. he he

    Another # 1 Awesome!

  • Eve

    She won’t find it. They don’t have the rights to air it. Plus, MV is going through another overhaul with 2 different boards, one public and one for paid members only. Even if they had the show, do you think just anyone could go to the site and see it? Dummies.

    I can’t wait for the Oscars to see if Nicole shows up, classy and awesome like always.

    The Hemingway movie is premiering sometime in May. No specific date set for anyone wondering.

  • Leslie

    @Skeptics are stupid:

    That’s just sick :( Some people…some people

  • Sekptics are stupid

    @Leslie: That’s just another day of doing what they do. Another time on the red carpet Keith and Nicole were interviewed by Alecia, an ex of Keith’s. It was never a serious relationship. She hosted for CMT, in fact she still might. They said all the same things, Nicole must be shaking in her boots. They took screen caps and saved them to their computers like a real throwdown happened between the two women when in actuality absolutely nothing transpired.

  • holly

    @Pass along to MV: Now why would a group of disgruntled old fans want to watch an episode of The Voice, Australian style, anyway? For a bunch who think he’s so gay and all, they really can’t stop searching for info about every little thing he does. I guess they want to find it so they can watch it over and over and over again to try to find that one little clue that lets them know the end is nearing. The way his face lit up when he saw how hot that chick singer turned out to be, how flirtatious he was, how sad he looked at the mention of Nicole and the strings that made his mouth say he loves her too. Then they can pow wow together about which road he’s actually paving the way on and when exactly they’ll have to start the diet and exercise in order to be all fake tan and ready for him when he’s free from that nasty old contract and his plastic, bean-headed children. I understand. Really, I do.

  • duh

    It was Extra not CMT but it was a country music event – the CMA’s. Alecia was doing the Music and a Movie packages for CMT but I so rarely tune in anymore she might be gone. I used to see her a lot more around town. If Nicole sent her death stares why are the Urbans still on her sizzle real? So many question and everyone already knows the answers!

  • duh

    @holly: They will find any justification to speculate that Keith is gay. Why they haven’t figured out they wouldn’t look as dumb if they would not, the next day, say he was lusting after a secret girlfriend in another town is beyond me.

    From a skeptic

    “And since sexuality IS so fluid a characteristic, I do believe there are some people who find, long after adulthood has kicked in, that they’ve been living a lie. Or simply come to the realization that their attractions have changed.”

  • Still Wondering

    I put this on the other thread but when did Keith date Alecia and Delaney? I thought he went from Laura to Nikki to Nicole.

  • molly

    Who is Delaney?

  • Been There

    Girl, you crack me up!

  • Carla

    @Still Wondering, @molly, The discussion about Keith’s former g-friends is on the Tropfest page.

    Keith took time to honor Glen Campbell again via satalite. I love this giving couple.

  • Rose

    @we know you: This is the only name this Rose posts under. Where’s the wet hair from the swim? Nothing romantic about these two. Nothing at all.

  • Rose

    Kidman dated Tom Cruise when he was married. No different than anyone else who dates a married man.

  • HUH?


    Wet head? Please re-read the headline.

    Nicole Kidman holds hands with her husband Keith Urban as they leave Balmoral beach on Monday (February 20) in Sydney, Australia.

    Now if they swam or strolled the beach whatever… JJ reporter didn’t mention it! Lets let JJ tell us if it is so important to YOU.

  • http://comcast Dee

    @Frozoid, I mean Rose, I mean etc etc etc, You are quieter than usual ?????????????