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Bar Refaeli Plays Tennis In Her Underwear

Bar Refaeli Plays Tennis In Her Underwear

Bar Refaeli strips down and plays tennis in these pics posted on her upcoming underwear line’s Twitter page. “is a new label of underwear for men and women, designed to simply fit, by Bar Refaeli,” the brand’s website reads.

“The philosophy is that underwear should complement your body, not steal the show,” Bar previously shared.

“It was appealing to me to do a line of underwear from the fabric I like with the basic, comfy design I always look for, as well as underwear that can actually be delivered to your door,” she added.

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  • Brandon Hilton

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  • Fassdong

    That underwear sure ain’t complementing her body!


    Jared get you tag off her butt

  • rhui

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  • melan

    She really annoys me for some reason, she seems so stuck up.

  • Creed

    I like her long and fertile chin.

  • commonsense

    Has anyone notice she only ever post half-naked pictures?

  • Creed

    Her chin automatically begs for attention, Sticking out far from the rest of her face

  • Tracy

    Where, oh where is her a/ss???

  • Naomi

    Can’t wait to see her whole underwear line.

  • Mush!!!

    White girls don’t have the cutest bodies at all!!! They are all FACE

  • @Brandon

    Promoting yourself on someone else’s page is rude. Begging for people to check you out is lame. You’ve been at it for years. Give it up and get a real job before you’re too old.

  • martha

    Well she is much better looking than Gisele!

  • marq

    She does a great pitch for the clothing.


    yum.. This girl is gorge. She looks hot

  • Stunning

    She is way prettier than that Giselle. Fantastic. Keep up the good work JJ

  • Too bad

    Errrrrr why are people saying she’s much prettier than Gisele? I don’t like Gisele but she’s so much better than that! Bar is such a butta face ugh

  • Joshua

    I love u Bar!♥

  • Joshua

    I want kiss beautiful&Sexy Bar♥

  • Kim

    Not sexy

  • ghtd

    wow first the boyfriends, now lingerie line, someone needs to get off someone else’s a**! Where is she on the Forbes lists? lol…

  • leofan

    Im not a fan of her or Gisele but why are you Bar fans obessesed with mentioning Gisele? I’ve never once seen Gisele fans talk about bar, lol. I guess it shows who has the sour grapes and wishful thinking about a mega career Bar will NEVER have with her bland looks. I do not like copycats though. First Bar dates Gisele’s exes and now a lingerie line? Its just super psycho of her!

  • adriana

    ..I think comparing a modeling icon to her all the time is a little far fetched…Bar is more like Kate Upton/Irina Shayk level. come on get serious…

  • Mafgee

    Bar fans are like 12 yrs old. Bar isn’t even on Candice Swanepoel’s level and has been modeling way longer than her, let alone a model whos sur name is superfluous. Prettier is subjective. Portfolio/status is FACT!
    Bar can wave to the top models being paid as she sits in the audience of the shows some more…

  • Kate

    @adriana: I don’t know I think Kate Upton is even more popular than Bar LOLLL at least she has wayyy more twitter followers than boring Barf.

  • barbie

    Brazilian journalists refer to her as copycat :D

  • SourLemon

    I think Bar showing her whole life away on twitter and hardly working for A list modeling work shows her status….only d listers show their whole life on twitter. You wont find Leonardo doing so…He promotes his causes and thats that. Bar is a fame*hore

  • Kerr

    HAHAH she had to start her own panty line because Victorias Secret never wanted her. haha.

  • lolaS

    How is her a s s both flat and fat at the same time? She needs to find someone who knows how to use Photoshop, bcos she def needs it

  • Samson

    A wedgie? Really? She gets more desperate by the day

  • nolita


    fat and flat bum to match her face

  • nolita

    leo bankrolled this to get rid of her without a fuss. fact.

  • YAWN

    Yes but will her line put her on the Forbe’s richest models list (because they count earnings/relevance of a model) ,where she is no where to be seen every year…? If her line flops and doesn’t sell off racks than she will again be absent from the list because her modeling work (or lack thereof) certainly won’t put her there!

  • nolita

    say what u will about gis, she is a supermodel. say what u will about kate upton, she has a personality, an si cover, and more fans than bar. bar is a whingey baby. don’t be a bar ppl

  • nathan

    I dont mind her bum but she better watch those love handles area…looking a little muffin ish and those short pop eye arms do not do her proportions any favors either.]

  • Lia

    To Barbie: Speak for yourself. Bar is very loved in Brazil. She is just beautiful.

  • Breta

    Bar is perhaps not as rich as Gisele … She’s not an A-List as some are saying … but she must have money enough to be so happy. She slowly built her career with great dignity and always surrounded by friends. She is very beautiful and full of freshness. It’s a real pleasure to read her posts on Twitter and get news of her. Go ahead Bar !

  • adriana

    @Breta: Again stop with this Gis madness! KATE UPTON is Bar’s rival. Irina Shayk is Bars rival. Brooklyn Decker is Bars rival. models like that… These are the girls who try to get the same types of jobs as Bar does. Bar should not be compared to ANY VS/Vogue model! end of story. You’re not comparing her to Adriana Lima are you? no because Lima has a much better career. keep dreaming all you want I guess…

  • Stunning

    The most beautiful super model

  • Sarah81

    Wow, she looks naturally hot. I wish I`d have that body

  • ?

    Honestly this girl is just trying to do her job. whats with the hate.Twitter is a prompting plat form isn’t it.
    She never called herself a supermodel,just a model
    it was you people, she never compared herself to Gisele. she never even mentioned her. Only model she ever named was Hedi Klum,she called her idol and that she would love to have a career similar to her
    What’s wrong w/her body,it looks fine
    She is beautiful,she has a lovely face, nice dimples,great smile. Nice personality,shes a sweetheart,so bubbly
    and omg she is wayyy better then Kate Upton, personality and face wise. Kate looks odd for her age,remember Bar at 19
    and Leo, Jesus Christ, get over it. They dated they broke up. Shes better then his new chick anyways

  • ?

    well then,say what you want about Bar,shes much better then you isn’t she ;)
    and Christ,she does post fully covered pics on twitter,all these ppl accusing her of stuff do you people ever actually check her twitter page,or just jared?

  • jewksy

    whos making fun of her chin>? if she didnt have a chin she’d really look like a smashed lemon face! he is lucky to have bone structure or she would really be AVERAGE bc her features are kinda blah. chins are good. chin implants are one of the most sought after plastic surgery features. lol.

  • 44

    I like what I’ve seen so far with her new line. Probably will be very sucessful. However, she still is a famewhor, and if you are a panty model, I don’t think you can call yourself a ‘supermodel’ unless you work for VS. Couture runway doesn’t hurt either. She’s a fame and money sponge.

    Hope 43 is also Jewish, b/c that could be interpreted as very disrespectful.

  • lily

    stunning gorgeous shes got it all

  • 46?

    Ugh, button sticks!! Why am I being moderated? This is where Jared told me to post. Can you please post my last message that is still waiting? It’s honest and fair.

  • iBash

    Is she SINGLE?!
    Because I would play tennis with her any day :)