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Dianna Agron: What Is Quinn's Fate on Glee?

Dianna Agron: What Is Quinn's Fate on Glee?

Dianna Agron and Kevin McHale race to the set of Glee in wheelchairs on Tuesday (February 21) in Los Angeles.


On tonight’s (February 21) winter finale, Quinn (Agron) gets into a car accident while on the way to Rachel (Lea Michele) and Finn’s (Cory Monteith) wedding.

Could the crash have put Quinn into a wheelchair?!

In case you missed it, check out the Glee girls recreating the iconic Bridesmaids poster and be sure to catch the next new episode on Tuesday, April 10, at 8/7c on FOX!

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  • Brandon Hilton

    I LOVE DIANNA! she’s adorable!

    please “LIKE” and check out my music, I’m a new artist, please give me a chance =)

  • SB

    “Wheelchair-bound”? I feel like I’ve been transported back to the year 1900. I won’t be too hard on ya since this is about fictional characters, but as I wheelchair user I hope people realize such terminology is quite offensive and implies a negative and very untrue stereotype. Just for future reference.

  • JP

    I will stop watching Glee if they put Quinn in a wheelchair. She had a baby, was abandoned by her family, kicked off the Cheerleading squad, and finally when everything is going well again she gets into a car accident and ends up in a wheelchair.
    It sends the message to not even bother because no matter what you do something terrible will happen.

  • alex


    she had a baby because she had unprotected sex. got kicked off the cheer leading squad on her own accord. everything that has happened to her has been a direct consequence to her decisions.

  • Ari

    Is that a real picture (Quinn in wheelchair)?
    i didn’t want to be spoiled as to whether she would
    Live or die…

  • Brooke

    Too much drama for one character…and that’s saying a lot considering this is Glee. Nobody else gets kicked as hard by the Karma-fairy as that girl does no matter what their stupid choices are…for some reason, I think the writers hate Quinn/Dianna and it kinda shows. I think they were bullied by people like her (despite the fact that she’s getting her life in order and has good things coming on the show) and they want to bring her down to size… sucks. Plus, reusing plot lines from “Popular” (teen marriage, pregnancy/pregnancy scares, pretty popular blonde cheerleader getting into a car accident) is sad, but reusing a plot line from season one of this very show (“Wheels”), REALLY? If that’s what the end of this season is looking like, I’m out.


    Quinn’s fate is to be in a coma (in which she dreams the wheelchair scenario), after being struck by that vehicle in the same way that every car crash commercial depicts accidents. Car wrecks can be more violent – why do they always get hit directly in the side door in Hollywood (ahem, Lima)?

  • sarah

    @MATTHEW: how do you know this? I really really hope ur right.

  • Asha

    Poor Quin. Hopefully the wheelchair is not permanent. Not to be mean but it would just look really weird to have two people in wheelchairs trying to dance during the Glee performances lol.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    I hate this show.

  • amanda

    this is the glee writers writing dianna off the show

  • @Brandon

    Promoting yourself on someone else’s page is rude. Begging for people to check you out is lame. You’ve been at it for years. Give it up and get a real job before you’re too old.

  • tara

    @Brooke: If the writers hated Quinn or Dianna they would STOP writing dramatic things for her! Don’t you get it? This is the writers showing that they like her by giving her lots of dramatic things to act! That’s what actors live for!!

    This is a huge favor to Dianna.

  • Brooke

    @tara: I totally understand what you’re saying and Dianna is probably thrilled at the chance to do all of this dramatic acting, but I’m just coming at it from the perspective that they seem to like every bad thing in the book happen to Quinn and Quinn alone. Sure, there are the PSAs about bullying and what not, but that poor girl got pregnant, carried a child for 9 months only to give it up in the end, was part of 2 separate cheating scandals, joined a group of skanks, went off the deep end when her baby came back (which by the way, only one person helped her deal with while everyone seemed to help Kurt and Santana during their personal struggles), and now this. She finally has something going well and she’s healing and getting better and being an all around better person and with having something to look forward to in getting into Yale, then they had to throw her into a major, life-altering car accident. Cant the poor girl just be happy for once? Why cant something equally as major as having a child or possibly becoming paralyzed happen to someone other than Quinn? Yeah, the bullying stuff was serious, but throw some of the drama at the other members and just let her have a normal, happy ending.

  • Thisguy

    So what if she had everything going good for her suddenly. This is life, you never know what is going to happen. The worst things can happen to the best of us.

  • Shannon

    I miss when glee was funny and well…good. Tonight’s episode was way too heavy with one depressing thing after the next. I’m pretty much getting to the point of being done with Glee….I liked it originally for its humor and fun which it hasnt been for a while

  • Brooke

    @Thisguy: They can…but they all seem to happen to Quinn. They should spread the wealth when it comes to crap luck.

  • Brooke

    @MATTHEW: And the more I think about the coma/wheelchair dream sequence or some other thing like that, the more plausible it sounds. Given the fact that they are just now filming the post-regionals episode and she was just in a car accident, it would seem very sudden for a spinal injury victim to be racing someone else around in their wheelchair, given the amount of time it takes to heal from an accident and injury like that, let alone learn to function with a wheelchair well enough to race in it…

  • Sofia

    Honestly this accident can be very helpful, because first it helps to stop the marriage of Rachel, the second may perhaps something comes up between the two. I love the couple FABERRY that not yet exist in fiction, I prefer a thousand times the two together know think they have something in common, when Rachel gave Quinn a hug, it was strange that his reaction was like, “please do not marry him. “Will say that nobody noticed. I root for them and hope that Ryan understands about it. Also, I wonder why the scene did not show them discussing? PS: Sorry for my English I’m German

  • chelsea

    @JP: that’s life. as soon as all goes well, bad things happen.

  • xax


  • angelbaby

    glee has had its time, and there is no interesting story line to tell anymore without making audiences feel like they are trying to make things interesting, or to try and liven the show up again. It has lost its spark, and ingenuity, it was good at first, but now its just like a dead dog. its time to be put down.

  • @BuffaloHunter9000

    Is this show Glee or Gay? The constant push of gay agenda is becoming very dull. It’s every episode now.

    As for Diana, it’s so predictable. The episode started with a death that didn’t happen and a life renewed (Diana). It will end with a life lost (Diana) and a life restored (new beginning) with Karofsky. Diana is being written out because she has a proper career now and wants to move on.

    I’m sure we’ll end up later in the season with Sue’s baby having downs syndrome because of her age and risk factors (how predictable) and she’ll most likely choose to keep the life of her baby to honor her sister (yawn).

    Ryan really needs to pull his head out of his latte and look around a little more, perhaps live life a little more outside his immediate community. Maybe incognito if that’s possible.

    On a more enlightened subject – when is the remake of Dallas being released, that sounds like more fun :) Maybe a singing JR! :) I hear Diana has a role in Dallas as well…

    Have a nice 7 weeks of suspense!

  • as


  • jeaniulani

    I don’t understand why people are so mad about her being in a wheel chair like being stuck in one is a death sentence or means you’re going to have a miserable life. One of my best friends is in a wheel chair and he has an amazing and full life. I am excited to see how Diana Agron uses this storyline to showcase her talent in acting.

  • http://elizabeth_robb bethh

    if you don’t like spoilers, then how did you even get to this page? people these days…

  • eleanor

    sorry finchel is forever so sick of faberry cant anyone be friends anymore why does everything have to be romantic

  • Corinne

    If Quinn being in the wheelchair is true then I think it’s an opportunity to start a new story line. Artie would understand what Quinn is going through and probably help her, and two characters who have never really interacted now can.

  • sandy


    so just because she made mistakes she doesn’t deserve to be happy. she got pregnant becuase she had unprotected sex because she was drunk. puck took advantage of her. in that case Dave deserved what happened to him. he was a bully.
    I just hope that Quinn recovers and can go to yale, and this experience helps her grow up.
    It feels like the writers hate her . everything bad happens to her.

  • xax

    @bethh: because I visit this site daily and there I see her on a big square picture on a wheelchair?

  • speaktruth

    Just so you know Jared, it’s not smart to give away HUGE plot points like this so casually within the week of the episode airing. There was no surprise for me at the end of the episode because you ruined it for me. Thanks.

  • Ali

    I bet she’ll walk away from the crash unharmed.

  • Lea

    you people think they are messing up the show put quinn in a wheelchair its not if anything its helping diana agron because she getting more money for the attention and the show will get more rating because everyone wants to know quinn’s fate. its how showbiz works and they cant kill her off because glee will lose rating because she a main character. next time dont go deep in the topic take a second to think

  • Lea

    @Ali: thats very unlikely because in real life people dont do that so what makes u think thats going to happen here on tv they try to make it real as possible

  • Lea

    @Corinne: true you make a good point

  • nick

    RYAN MURPY SUCKS, he really mad at quinn :(

  • kjkj

    @SB: What are they supposed to say then? It’s an accurate description to say that someone is wheelchair bound if they have to spend their life in a wheelchair.