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Justin Theroux Breakdances on 'Ellen'

Justin Theroux Breakdances on 'Ellen'

Justin Theroux gets ready to bust a move while making an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in an episode airing Wednesday (February 22).

The 40-year-old Wanderlust actor chatted about how girlfriend Jennifer Aniston has “been obsessed” with making him breakdance ever since she saw his Zoolander performance.

“I have a very particular pair of shoes, which I breakdance in,” Justin told Ellen. “I breakdanced at a friend’s wedding, so [Jennifer has] been saying, ‘When are you going to breakdance?’”

“If I don’t have my ‘breaking shoes’ then I don’t breakdance,” he added. Ellen then pulled out a bag that Jen had sent over with the sneakers!

Check out Justin breakdancing in the clip below!

Justin Theroux Breakdances on ‘Ellen’

Bigger pic inside

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justin theroux breakdances ellen

Photos: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.
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  • Kirsten

    Not to be rude, but who is this guy? He’s getting all of this attention just because he’s with JA.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    ..I don’t dislike him but he really shouldn’t be doing interviews. Why is he being interviewed? LOL


    Love him!!! Hilarious! Only if he didnt wear such skinny jeans. He is still a good spot tho, AND he can definite dance.

  • BBperfume

    Justin Theroux is an actor and there is room in the industry for everybody.
    It was so sweet to mention his girlfriend!.Something fresh after listening a zillion lame-ass interviews by Brandgelina proudly citing coca cola as the breakfast drink of choice to wake up their tribe!

  • Cookie_Monster

    Brad Pitt just became old and boring!

  • Alex

    Well if you would have watched the movie screenings you should know that his character along with Marlin’s also have some big parts in the movie and they are all doing interviews so give it up. You are just looking for a reason to hate him because of who he is dating.

  • rose

    There you go… Fred Astaire reincarnated!! Not! Just a 4o-year old joke!

  • peterlyn

    that was great……Lol

  • megan


    aw poor rose….i’m sorry your jealous :/

  • Brittany

    How cute was that? He looked so surprised. That was so adorable. & the guy actually has some moves there. And him & Jen seem like a real genuine couple. good for them.

  • Clown

    Brad Pitt is an icon. A dignified superstar. He does not have to make himselflook ridiculous to sell movies. This guy is only getting atttention because of his association with Jen and Jen, with a million bombed movies to her credit is really famous because she was once married to Brad Pitt.

    Eight years later Jen is still bringing up Brad’s name in interviews. Even though she is living with Justin. That’s why John MAyer said Jen is still living in the past, not over Brad yet. This Justin guy will always live in Brad Pitt’s shadow, no matter how many breakdances he does on TV, unless he dumps Jen too, like the six guys she has dated since Brad dumped her. She needs to stop talking about Brad because no man wants to live in Brad’s shadow forever.

  • haha

    That was really cute, he was a good sport about it.

  • well

    LOL so prearranged. Plus he has a boyish body which is not a good thing. Cruise is short but doesn’t have a boyish body.

  • Liz79

    Wow that was so cool. Great moves!!!

  • @ Megan

    That should actually be “You’re jealous.” Learn the difference, silly girl.

  • KC

    Does this guy not realize the only reason he is getting talk show interviews is because of who he is dating? He has never been on a talk show before. When he and JA break up, he will fade into oblivion with his hooked nose and receding hairline.

    And no one cares about this film, it is predicted to flop with less than 10 million, proving once again JA can’t open a film on her name alone. Go back to TV where you belong.

  • jen jen

    LOL when are you all going to get over Brad. Ellen was promoting weeks ahead that Brad was coming on her show. But I have to give it to Justin the breakdancing matches the teenage jeans he is wearing. What a catch Jen.

  • Bree


    Think again. Brad is a 2x Oscar nominee this year plus many other nominations/wins.

    He is a father of 6, has Make it Right, produces great films, acts in great films and is an icon and loved around the world.

    He is so great Jen’s fans still are not over him leaving her. You are all still so bitter 7 years later.

    Justin is a no body. Most people in the US and around the world would see his pic and think Eddie Munster or used car salesman.

  • Bree


    Umm…fact is if he wasn’t dating Brad Pitt’s ex he would not be doing any interviews. It would be all Paul Rudd and Aniston. Accept it, he is fame hungry.

    He is milking the relationship for all its worth. Magazine spreads, Signing with a talent agency, pap pics, talk shows…..he loves the fame more than boring Jen.

    And you all loved Vince and John. They were also better than Brad and “the one” for Jen. You guys are a joke.

  • LoveMeDo

    I didn’t expect that. Justin Theroux has swagger.

  • Alex


    Thank you for such a compliment now I will sleep well. I however I am not going to waste my time calling other people names online. That is high school behavior but oh well.

  • Rocky

    He has a nice ass. I would rim him.

  • Sassy

    Dude can dance! He truly did look surprised and what a good sport for dancing.

    People: it’s time to S-T-O-P with the Aniston/Pitt shit. Really.


    Jennifer looks preggers in the black/white striped dress, side view. Google it. And also coming out of one of the late-night talk shows with the black blazer she’s gathering together at her middle. I hope she is, they’d be great parents.

  • Biped

    He is so unattractive. Stick Insect on the most vapid talk show ever.

  • Dee

    I might get ripped apart for this but I like Justin Theroux. He is genuinely a very talented guy. He’s a great actor and a good writer. He’s charming in this clip, he’s def not the best dancer but he’s not that bad lol

  • nancy

    @Bree: Oh shut up please, ou brangelina is not loved all over the ‘world’. The Europeans have much more beautiful and talented celebrities! and being and american i know that most of the america dislikes them as well! so stop promoting the stupid famewhores

  • Peapo

    How is it possible that Ilike Justin so much and dislike Jenso much? He is hip and cute and she is a dud. I hope they break up soon so he gets his credibility back. He’s much more than just Jen’s boyfriend. She’s – MEH.

  • NYC pal

    WOW …. someone has sunk to new depths! How’s it working for you Justin?

  • jane

    He’s awesome! What a sport! He seems like just the easy going type of guy for Jen!

  • Mejay

    Speaking as someone who is passive regarding anything to do with Jennifer Aniston (or the couple that she’s forever linked to…)I agree with you! People say they’ve never seen this guy before, but when I first saw him, I immediately recognized him from American Psycho. He gave a great performance and seems to have a career of his own, just not one as inflated as hers.

  • Transparent

    What the hell did I just wittness? Heidi Bivens must be laughing her azz off and thanking her lucky stars that this cheater moved on to someone that suits his standards!

  • Tori

    Well, this is the first time I’ve seen him give an interview. He looked uncomfortable and everything looked staged. Plus since he has started going with Aniston his face in pictures looks younger. Botox, fillers etc. Don’t see what the big deal is over this guy, but I guess if they are happy that is all that counts.

  • Transparent

    5’6” tops….

    just sayin’

  • Emma

    He seems like a nice guy but he is in way over his head with the Diva, I feel kind of sorry for him.


    In this life what really matters is and be happy, and what is seen and that both Justin and Jennifer are genuinely happy to be with each other, it is always like this …

  • Be real

    Sorry Anniston fans, but this guy is getting his come up by being Jennifer Annistons’ new guy.

    Never heard of him before. An actor of many.

    He joins the club of guys who got their come ups in being linked to a more famous woman:
    Eddie Cibrina, this guy,

  • The hag

    nancy @ 02/22/2012 at 1:01 am

    yeah right .. if Angelina is not love by americans then tell me how can see command a 20 million per picture and producers and directors come to her to offer her their movies whereas Maniston has to undergo auditions . Angelina is know all over Asia even in remote areas whereas MANISTON is known only in America and some parts of Europe.

  • wjliuo

    So much attention for just being Jennifer Anistons boyfriend. That relationship is definitely a pusher for Justin! i wonder if the love is real?

  • Alex

    If you hate her so much, why do you care if the relationship is real on not. Lol

  • JustThinkin’

    This guy is NOT a great actor. He is NOT a great writer. Jen calls him cold and “fish-faced”. He dresses like a demented elf escaped from Santa Land.

    Why is it we have to endure threads about him constantly?

  • The hag

    Sassy @ 02/22/2012 at 12:45 am

    Aniston herself said in one of her interview that she is not pregnant and in her last birthday celebration she was seen sipping wine.. ergo she’s not pregnant!! your idol does not want kids becoz it will ruin her body and she don’t like children just ask Courtney Cox.

  • wow

    hehheheee…that was awesome. That little clip was more entertaining that Jennifer’s whole career.

  • run dmc

    Bust a move. LOL Jared you are so funny. Was he so boring that Ellen had to travel back to 1995 to make him seem interesting.

  • Bella

    aha that is so cute !!!!!

  • annie

    That was COOL!:)

  • Jerry

    I’ve loved Justin since he was on Six Feet Under. So I’ve probably loved him longer than Jennifer – lol!

  • gracioza!

    After watching this video, stupitt and joho will certainly cry together in the shower with envy and despair like the Brange fans who are almost exploding bummmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

  • lol


    YEAH.. because if he didn’t who the hell would know who is was..

  • josh


  • sara

    He’s really COOL!