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Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: London to L.A.

Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: London to L.A.

Kate Bosworth and her boyfriend, director Michael Polish, land at LAX Airport on Tuesday (February 21) in Los Angeles.

The couple flew in from England where they both attended the Burberry Fall/Winter 2012 Womenswear show during London Fashion Week.

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“Journalist: ‘Why did you attend @Burberry today?’ Me: ‘Because of a wise man.’” Kate, 29, who sat in the front row with celebs such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, tweeted the day before.

“I’ve come home and I’ve come down from #LFW MADNESS,” she wrote in another tweet.

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  • Slu

    That dude should get a few inches shaved off his chin. Maybe next time Kate goes in to get her lips done he can join.

  • CJ

    These fools twitter accounts are one hilarious read. All they do is cross promote each other! It’s embarrassing to the max. Do these celebs have NOONE in their lives to pull them aside and say hey guys you look like tools!

  • Actually…

    Oh we definitely needed a post about this duo leaving the airport. (/sarcasm) Am I the only one that finds it weird to call a fashion designer “wise”? Is she trying to make a joke that referenced the owl on her sweater?

  • Creepy

    One hell of a creepy couple.

  • ladybug

    What, she didn’t stay in London and shop and hang out with her best bud Sienna?

  • Delphic

    @Actually…: Anybody that points out their own sarcasm is probably devoid of any humour.

  • ladybug

    @Actually…: Yes. She’s trying to be cute and clever.
    I’m sure we’ll see the owl sweater again soon. That sweater just doesn’t look good mixed with dressier casual:

  • Actually…

    @Delphic: I don’t normally point out sarcasm but it is hart to tell on the Internet because you can’t hear the inflection of someone’s voice and some people on JJ have been confused before. Way to be internet savvy.

  • austin

    She’s very sexy and pretty.

  • DailyNightly

    Looks like she sat on her sunglasses and forgot to bend them back into shape. Did she get her lips done?

  • Macy

    “Oh hey look everybody, I got a free Burberry coat. See how in lurve I am with my BF the amazing director Michael Polish. Remember to watch my new fashion “films” for um, um, Jewelmint”. *eyeroll*
    Ugh, so annoying! Again with those hideous boots.

  • fairy

    Funny. MP is tucking his jeans into his boots, the same way a certain tall Swede usually does.

  • Samantha Patterson

    God bless Alex for escaping.

  • chelle

    @ladybug: .The 1st thing I thought of with that stoopid owl was the old Tootsie pop owl….how many licks does it take?

  • Tulip

    I think Michael and Kate make a good couple and I’m happy they’re happy. I also think MP is a talented filmmaker and I very much like his voice. I must be a voice person because I like Alex’s voice too.

  • Asha

    Kate needs to eat a few burgers. Gaunt is not hot.


    Kate, you are really really way too skinny. I am not saying get all fatty and stuff, but my lord child, please EAT SOMETHING.

  • Rachel (): Don’t get mad, but

    I f*cking hate it when ppl wear brown with black. I know this sentiment is old fashioned and isn’t fashion forward and that some of you probably do it, but OMG! STOP it Kate. Don’t ruin that beautiful coat. There is such a thing as clashing! Molish is doing this sh!t too. Wtf? I think this may offend me more than the owl…not as much as the shoes did, though.

  • Rachel (): Don’t get mad, but

    @Tulip: I’m happy if they’re happy too(I guess…as long as they stop w/ the lameness), but happy ppl don’t TRY SO HARD. Happy couples aren’t so shocked that ppl think they love each other that they retweet bs about them being more aspirational than iconic de@d couples(which was f’ing disrespectful!). People in love don’t need to announce “Hey everyone, someone else thinks we love each other too!” Happy ppl don’t need to be told they’re happy to actually BE happy. They just are.
    Kate Bosworth has never just been.

  • Jeannie

    @Rachel (): Don’t get mad, but: For someone who claims to be so private, she is really pushing this relationship. Congrats, I guess, on finally landing someone who is willing to play the fameho game with you KB!

  • mforman—

    @#19—Rachel():Don’t get me but:—Just stop already. This retweeting of hers and his and knowing that a lot of the photos are taken outside by paps and then bought by the the two of them is disgusting, they do not even hide the copyright. I mean seriously, if I see that photo of her after a little afternoon delight, not dresssed, with MP’s caption “Just Like Heaven”, I can not be held accoutable for what I might do, it is truly just disgusting and worse yet distrubing. As you stated KB has never been in love or doesn’t even know how to act like it, as we have seen in her previous pap shots, and truly I don’t think she will ever will know how to act, so unforutnaltely we will be faced with more of this disgusting behavior and the worst part is, is that he is just as big a famewhore as her, so it will only can worse.
    @#20—Jeannine–Like I said above he is just as big of a famewhore as her, so we are for more and more damage. That is why it made me laugh, when she says in interviews how she likes to keep her private life private, who is she kidding.
    @#9—austin—Please tell me you are kidding, I mean everybody is entitled to their own opinions, but KB has absoutely destroyed her face and especailly her hair.
    She definitely redid her lips and it looks like some botox, you can really tell from those pictures at Sundance, promoting BlackRock, especially next to such a natural beauty as Lake Bell.
    It just kills me that they get those freebies. That Burberry Coat and Sunglasses are absouletly beautiful, and what kills me is KB will wear them in the airport and that is the last we will see them, what a disgrace.
    @#12—fairy—I noticed that he was wearing how a certain Swede wore a black scarf around his neck last week, with such style and class, MP needs to stop, he cannot even come close.
    @#15—Tulip–I am not being mean, but he is not talented. DId you see Astoraunt Farmer, or those JM commercials, please stop using the word talented and MP in the same sentence. Also KB and MP aren’t a happy, in love couple, they are two people who know how to use the system, they are two famewhores who will use it to get what they want.

  • angelbaby

    does kate even act anymore, like girlfriend, why show your face when you arent even contributing towards the entertainment industry, you havent been in a movie since blue crush. get a script, or get a job in the real world, instead of rocking up at burberry and acting like you are still famous.

  • ladybug

    @angelbaby: Oh, she’s been in movies, she just hasn’t been in many and, with exception of Superman Returns, not successful ones.
    But she’s a fashion icon now, so she’s got that going for her.

  • Creepy

    The creepy couple are back on JJ with another post.

  • Jill

    Now Kate, this is why I call a downgrade.

  • This chick

    You’re right they are indeed.

  • Dieter

    I love her full round ass !!!!

  • Kate

    Love the coat! It look beautiful on her. Why some much hate? She looks beautiful.


    she was so cute in blue crush. what has she done to herself!?