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Lindsay Lohan Lands Elizabeth Taylor Role in TV Movie?

Lindsay Lohan Lands Elizabeth Taylor Role in TV Movie?

Lindsay Lohan has landed the role of the late Elizabeth Taylor in a new Lifetime movie titled Liz and Dick, according to Access Hollywood.

The 25-year-old actress must stay on the right side of court and follow the rules of her probation to keep the iconic role.

Liz and Dick will focus on Elizabeth‘s love affair with Richard Burton and will be produced by Larry Thompson.

Lindsay is set to host Saturday Night Live on March 3 with musical guest Jack White.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Lindsay Lohan playing Elizabeth Taylor??

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  • SPK

    Ick. Can’t stand her. She symbolizing everything that’s nasty about Hollywood. Sorry to see she’s hosting SNL next week. I won’t be watching.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …This girl’s “career” now is nothing but rumors. Rumored this rumored that with nothing happening. LOL

  • MGM

    EW no! Megan Fox would be a thousand times better.

  • teri

    Stay out of trouble Lindsay and good luck.

  • dobbi

    No way.

  • ace11

    i think this girl is fantastic

    all you haters are the worst

  • Marie

    It will be a shame! She’s vulgar and has no talent. It could happens only if she sells her body for the director. So, has a good chance.

  • Wes

    Good luck Lindsay. I hope this movie can be her comeback!

  • Gonestealth

    If you made mistakes in your life you would hate to have people always putting you down everytime you try to get back n track. All of you people out there who have a negative opinion.. Remember how the universe works. You will probably find yourself in the same position with people like YOU putting you down. Cut her some slack. Drew Barrymore was a screwup growing up. She got her shit together and is doing very well.. Be encouraging.

  • believe

    I don’t care one way or another about this girl but she should not even be mentioned in the same paragraph as Liz Taylor. And I agree with the second poster, her career building path seems to be spinning rumors or what parts she will play, but never gets interestingly enough.

  • peachhhh

    so sick of this loser…

  • Marina

    Haters gonna hate, of course. Her personal life is a failure, but nobody can deny that she has talent.

  • natalie

    I don’t think she has enough talent to pull off the role of Liz Taylor. Not sure what the casting director was thinking.

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    I think that both Elizabeth Taylor and Lindsay Lohan have that gutsey “I don’t care what you think about me” attitude, therefore Lindsay will be just fine playing Elizabeth.

  • FutureMrsEvans

    Lindsay has neither the acting chops nor the slightest resemblance to Taylor. There are plenty of young and up-and-coming actresses who deserve the opportunity a lot more than she does, and who would probably do a better job. At least they stipulated she handle her sh!t to stay in the movie. And it’s Lifetime, nothing Oscar-worthy, so I really don’t care either way.

  • mel

    @Gonestealth: the problem is that we first started hearing those nasty rumours we believed in her, we believed she could get better and we just don’t believe anymore and I personally can not support a person that should be in jail right now.

  • mel

    @Marina: She was great as a kid because she was precocious like all the young actresses today (Clhoe, Hailee, Elle, etc) once they grow up, they struggle because they have no real talent to back it up.

  • anna’ll make her roll in her grave!

  • http://aol Patti

    What in insult to Elizabeth Taylor!

  • Sarah

    I think Megan Fox would be better choice, but who knows… Maybe Lindsay will finally give her best and do this movie the right way… I really hope she will, and if she fails, well it’s just a tv movie… Lindsay this and snl are your last shots! Don’t spoil them!

  • Sarah.

    omg nooo! I’d rather have Megan Fox playing the role. But I’d prefer someone unknown cause then I could just watch and enjoy the tv movie.. instead of being annoyed by Lindsay Lohan.. Although, the tv movie is getting more noticed because of Lindsay.. maybe that’s why she was cast.

  • Ceci

    uuhhh Liz was an icon a true star and 4 Lindsay to play her nooo

  • Charlie

    @Gonestealth: Please, she keeps making the same mistakes. She’s more known for her personal life than her ‘talent’. She should have no place on tv. When you’re in such a competitive work environment there are no 100th chances. Cause that’s what she’s had so far.

  • kami

    good for her. hope it works out. she is/was a good actress.

  • POGO

    NO NO NO she is just so wrong to play Elizabeth Taylor.

    She is a red head with red head complection.

    Elizabeth Taylor was a dark hair person.

    So not right for the part.

  • Dianacc

    phew….i freaked out for a second…….IT’S OKAY PEOPLE…’s only a LIFETIME movie… As long as it’s not a big feature film, i don’t really care.

  • Dave JD

    At least she’ll hopefully be dying her hair dark brown soon- which, fortunately, will look better on her.

  • Lisa

    I hope she does well and hopefully can get her career back on track.

  • Lou

    Her public image has tainted any chance of people actually believing her to be Liz Taylor regardless of whether or not she has the talent

  • deea

    i think this woman here is beautiful and she has enough talent, she has time to overcome her personal life flaws, leave her alone.

  • Annie

    Just like with Lovelace, she’ll be sacked and replaced with a clean, respectable, insurable actress before the cameras even start rolling (if this is even true and not dreamed up by Dina). Fox would indeed be a better choice (I think she actually did resemble a young Liz before she started messing around with surgery and botox). I’m sure there are plenty of gorgeous as-yet unknown young actresses who would jump all over this too. Lindsay’s attitude reminds me of Chris Brown – she thinks she can do what the hell she likes and look like a sack of sh*t but still be praised and rewarded and be a big “star”, ya’ll.

  • Ivy League Student

    Oh my god, they’re letting this twit play the lovely Elizabeth Taylor? Are these people mad? She’s going to mess up Elizabeth reputation!

  • Jack Reppet


  • Jenna

    OMG – no, please no. Who’d want to see this?? Let’s face facts: she’s a has-been, if that. She did everything to ruin her possible career. And now off to rehab, girl!