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Rihanna & Chris Brown Reunite On Two Songs!

Rihanna & Chris Brown Reunite On Two Songs!

Rihanna and Chris Brown officially reunite on remixes of each other’s songs “Birthday Cake” and “Turn Up The Music“, respectively.

The 24-year-old Barbadian recording artist, who celebrated her birthday yesterday, wrote on her Twitter, “#RihannaNavy Come and put ya name on it!!!!!. #Teambreezy.”

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Chris, 22, wrote, “The pub and excitement of this industry / society is only a surface! Really want us as a human race to unite! Bigger than music!”

The day before, Chris took to his Twitter to wish his ex-girlfriend, RiRi, a happy birthday.

Pictured inside is Rihanna leaving her hotel on Tuesday (February 21) in London, England.

Rihanna & Chris Brown – ‘Birthday Cake’

Click inside to listen to “Turn Up The Music” with Rihanna

Chris Brown & Rihanna: ‘Turn Up The Music’
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  • Bobbie

    Rihanna is proving she’s not very intelligent…

  • km


  • Stephanie

    LOOOOOVE IT! I can’t enough of both remixes. Their voices sound great together.

  • Nicole


  • sorella

    Both these songs are horrible, can’t see them even cracking Top 5 (but I could be wrong, people today often have horrible taste). The worse is the Birthday Cake song, Rhianna’s music and lyrics are getting worse all the time. I don’t respect her for singing with Chris, she is weak person who thrives on attention, even negative and violent attention it seems.

  • Mariah

    Instant hit!!! #1!!! So happy for them. They belong to each other. People should never teared them apart. They had some problems in the past but who hasn’t.

  • loli

    People has to stop judging her because she has or has not forgive him ! That’s her life and her feelings. If she decided to forgive him that’s her call, she’s the victim not you people !

  • lindsaylohanFan

    If ever chris brown hit her again, she’ll gonna have to blame herself

  • Yessssssssssss

    Rihanna’s report on what happened that night and her Actions are Conflicting. I know Chris beat her and he is wrong for that, but what really happened that night? She lied about something else!
    Who in their right mind, when they have protection from a Court and Bodyguards around them 24/7 lowers that Order and reunites with the person who Beat them, all along singing songs about S&M and liking that kind of sex and treatment.
    I say Rihanna’s guilt from lying about the events that surrounded the beating Consumed her and she is back with Chris 2 yrs earlier than the Court had advised! I think she regrets that the Police got involved but she has wanted Chris back from the day she went back with him by P Diddy’s house but it wud have been Career Suicide!
    Open ur eyes and see her trends and actions. She Reached out to Chris repeatedly. I hope Chris knows that if he chooses to cheat on her again or stay with Karucche and Rihanna cries Wolf, he is going to Prison so He has a lot more to Lose than Rihanna, since she is the person we know as the Victim.

  •!/NachoCornejo Ignacio

    So STUPID!!

  • FutureMrsEvans

    @Mariah: I’ve had meaningful relationships and now I’m engaged and I have NEVER had to be beaten up to know that he and I belong together. Your comment is stupid, ignorant, and insensitive. Rihanna lacks self-respect to put herself in this position again. It’s OK to be civil and wish him good luck in his music career, but what she’s doing now is enabling him and making it seem like what he did is commendable. It’s not just her, though; the media and fans like you add to his twisted sense of reality.

  • T

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the TURN UP THE MUSIC remix…..birthday cake…not so much…..go #TeamBreezy

  • MGM

    Unfortunately, she has forgiven him and moved on.

  • sdfsdfsdf

    disgusting. i think the lyrics of birthday cake clearly tell us what chris wants to do with her, and she’s not stopping him. i feel bad for his current girlfriend.

  • Louise

    I now have no respect for Rhianna, she has sent out a very bad message to her fans. Since when is it ok to reunite with your former abuser and actively work with them and be seen to be friendly???? I just don’t get it at all.

  • gigi

    wow tat is seriously messed up, wat message is she sending so just forgive and forget someone who beat ya up. Not cool.

  • hey

    Music is every time worst! It’s so sad :(

  • Sayer

    What a joke she is. Now, let’s hope her “fans” turn away from her.

  • charles

    OH¡¡ MAN.. Really, i can understand that she forgive him, but doing this together i not good, U know, he beat you can forgive but not forget

  • André

    This is a CARREER SUICIDE! I just can’t express my disappointment, I feel extremely disgusted. Well, I don’t care what other people think. Personally, I won’t buy a single cd from her anymore.

  • agatha

    Not only has no respect for herself nor for her fans and for all women in the world.

  • Vedder

    So i guess she will do just about anything these days to get some publicity.

  • lilY

    As a WOMAN I just lost any respect I had for her.

  • JOna

    Well, if she’s dumb enough to get back with that monkey (Yes, he’s not a MAN – a REAL man does not touches girls), she deserves what she gets.
    Riri, you just lost another fan: ME.

  • jizzy

    How can I be a fan of a girl who has absolutely no respect for herself? She just lost her mind.

  • Cédrik

    Are u serious? This girl should be beaten again by Chris Brown, did she learn somethin’? NOT. She’s not an example for young people. Also, why RIhanna must rescue Chris Brown career? This dude it’s pathetic. Horrible remixes by the way.

  • Santi

    they just wanna have sex :)

  • Jarod

    R.E.S.P.E.C.T. 4 UR.SELF? NOT. L.U.V.4.UR.SELF? NOT. GOOD EXAMPLES? NOT. GOOD “REMIXES”? NOT. Maybe Rihanna lost her mind when he beat her…Who knows.

  • Sarahh

    I think it’s so pathetic how she wants to act like nothing happened. I know we should give people second chances , but he has never acted like a person that is truly sorry for what he did. Instead he moaned about the LITTLE community service he had to do, i mean seriously? he’s lucky he got off so easy. I don’t care if you are a famous person, you should have to pay for what you did, and he should consider himself lucky that he didn’t even have to go to jail. All I can say is that just like I stopped listening to his music when he assaulted her, I will not listen to her music anymore or buy anything that she promotes. She may not want to be a poster child for domestic violence, but she sure is sending one hell of a message right now!


    She should have a tattoo saying: STUPID IN LOVE.

    D I S G U S T E D

  • Me

    It is not your life, it is theirs and if she wants to forgive and move on that is her business. I wouldn’t but that’s my choice. Both songs are catchy.

  • hm…

    don’t like this…………. rihanna this is a mistake and you know it…

  • lauren

    BREAKING: Rihanna and Chris Brown to release remix of ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’…”

  • jasonderulo

    Not gonna buy another cd from her ANYMORE. Duck brain

  • DRDre

    Well, at this point it’s clear to everybody that the whole story was invented by them so that they could make more money…
    That’s really really sad.. It’s just an insult to all her fans, let me say their fans, and to all women who have been beaten in ther lives..
    I feel disgusted and sad.

  • LUKE


  • LUKE

    Thery have abused of the story to make more money. CB had enough moeny to stay away while his girl was making money with all those interviews on tv. such a bad example for girls. i’m leaving rihanna navy TODAY

  • yawn

    Shades of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston or more like Ike and Tina ….. Wake up girl before you end up dead


    she’s just so FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE

  • Mimi

    They’re both disgusting! She deserves to have him beat the s h i t out of her again. These two talentless losers make me long for the good old days of Whitney Houston.

  • Brit

    I think it’s pretty irresponsible of her to be frolicking her “friendship” with Chris brown. I understand forgiving someone but how could you openly invite that person back into your life. And even then, if she wants him to be in her life, she shouldn’t be so public about it. She has too many young female fans who look up to her and are going to learn bad life lessons. Unfortunately for her, she chose to be in the public eye and has some responsibility to be a role model. If this is the message she wants to send, she is much more dumb than I thought. I appreciate both her and Chris brown’s music because they are both talented, but as people- I’m NOT a fan.


    I would have expected something lovey dovey song with meaning and explanation about how they are still friends and all, BUT then they release CAKE.. Im feeling kind of nasty just listening to that o.O “Girl I wanna f**k you right now. Been a long time, I’ve been missing your body” SERIOUSLY… WTH really Rihanna has problems- anybody sane who lets the guy who beat the livin craap out of her back into their life is INSANE. “Give it to you the worst way” WHAAATT THEEE HEEEEELLLL! I feel like Im listening to a bad p*rn soundtrack or something.. smh this is creepy. Now let’s just wait for the music video.. maaan if I was part of this girls family/ entourage in anyway I would try to slap some sense into her fcked up brains. AND I NEVER SUPPORT VIOLENCE, but this case.. chiiiiild you need someone to do that for you.

  • Richard Ensor

    Well, don’t u feel a little bit stupid? We all believed that the the assault was true and gave her more visibility..
    Now she’s trating us like idiots, maybe we deserve that for being so blind.
    Such a fake person.

  • Guy

    I think it’s perfectly fine to forgive people we get into fights. And say things we don’t mean but this is her ABUSER she needed a restraining order for him. What kind of message is this sending to woman in these situations, they should go back is what it says! I’m sorry Rihanna but trust me if you lived in my family we’d all be taking turns slapping some sense into that synthetically blonde head…

  • Richard Ensor


  • sky

    The bible teaches forgiveness. If this is what Rihanna needs to move on with the rest of her life, good for here. People like Miranda Lambert and Billboard Magazine should not be judging her or chis for their decisions. They are not the two of them.

  • yep

    Lost all respect for you.

  • Whatever.

    Everyone should stop giving them the attention that they want.

  • Lalalove

    Aren’t suppose to forgive, people?!!! Yes, we are. Of course it’s not a good idea to go back to being with your abuser; but that doesn’t mean you don’t forgive him. So, that’s not the issue here. These two are downright idiots; they’ve always been a pair of idiots. The explicitness of this song is what should be considered “not a good message.” Then again, why are your panties in a bunch? Does Rihanna ever send a good message?

  • Monique

    LOVE both songs!!!!! Riri if the White people cant take it, come on back over to the urban side. We got ya’ll!!