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Zac Efron & Taylor Swift: Duet on Ellen!

Zac Efron & Taylor Swift: Duet on Ellen!

Zac Efron and Taylor Swift pull out their guitars and sing a duet on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing today!

The 24-year-old actor and his co-star from The Lorax chatted with Ellen about their dating rumors and what they really did for Valentine’s Day last week.

Taylor, 22, shared, “We are not a couple. He’s awesome, we are not a couple though. You hear people get together when they’re shooting movies, co-stars. But not like animated co-stars. You know what I’m saying. Oh my god, as we were recording our voiceovers on separate coasts we really connected.”

After hearing how Taylor spent her V-day, Zac said, “That’s so different than what single guys do. I went to a screening of a film that I did called Liberal Arts. Then cooked some dinner with a friend.”

FYI: Taylor is wearing an Oscar de la Renta floral cotton dress.

Check out the video clip below…

Zac Efron & Taylor Swift: Duet on Ellen!

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179 Responses to “Zac Efron & Taylor Swift: Duet on Ellen!”

  1. 1
    u know Says:

    taylor swift cant sing btw
    its sad how bad current singers are

  2. 2
    merlin's mum Says:

    Absolutely LOVED Zac singing!!! He is soo beautiful!! I adore him! Hater’s be damned!

  3. 3
    lauren Says:

    its kinda funny on ellen kinda calls him out about the shirt ”we only hook up once shirt” implying he has alot of hook ups?

  4. 4
    bababa Says:

    i love how he is saying “lets take a break!” ;)
    he is so sexy.

  5. 5
    Stephanie Says:

    I LOVE YOU ZAC! always have, always will.

  6. 6
    YAAAS HONEY!!! Says:

    Squinty, girl, you’re just a faghag. Face it! Has she ever had a straight bf?

  7. 7
    lauren Says:

    well he’s not gonna say
    ”yea i’m banging/hooking up with lilly”
    like he’s really going to talk about his personal life, ellen or ellen’s research team prolly google/research his name and saw all the rumors and stuff. so yea.

  8. 8
    kathy Says:

    Sorry Jared but you heard things wrong.
    Zac said he cooked some dinner with THE friend which,he didn’t make it clear,is Lily Collins.You can see afterward he’s very shy about Ellen’s questions of HER name.And he’s not meant to say he’s a single guy,he’s just surprised by what single girls did on V-day as Taylor claimed.

  9. 9
    nohumor Says:

    He needs to take a shower. I have a feeling his armpits smell.

  10. 10
    arogantitsbest Says:

    i just think they are both super arrogant.

  11. 11
    lauren Says:

    @kathy did you even watch the video?
    jared is doing wht he’s being told to write. stop.

  12. 12
    Whatever Says:

    @kathy: Yup. I agree. He’s busted, cause we clearly saw pics of him leaving that movie with Collins. Friend, my a$$. Quit lyin’, Efron.

  13. 13
    lauren Says:

    can you just stop? why do you hate him so much?
    he’s not gonna say ” yea im banging/seeing lilly” it’s his personal life, so go sit down and sit in the corner.

  14. 14
    nohumor Says:

    @arogantitsbest: Maybe they just feel ugly inside aww how cute (ironic)

  15. 15
    Yessssssssssss Says:

    Sounds like Taylor wants a Chance with Zac.

  16. 16
    Jennifer Says:

    love taylor
    love zac

  17. 17
    Yessssssssssss Says:

    I know im late but why did he and Vanessa break up?

  18. 18
    Whatever Says:

    @lauren: And why are you so sensitive, lauren?? “Why does everyone hate him so much? What has he ever done to you?”. We know your whole line of crap. We’re just pointing out that NOW we know who he spent V Day with, and it wasn’t himself. Now, why don’t YOU go take a time-out in that corner and chill.

  19. 19
    Tim Says:

    @Yessssssssssss: because she is a cheating piece of scum!!! :)

  20. 20
    merlin's mum Says:

    @Whatever: But really, what does it matter to you who he spent valentines day with? Who did YOU spend Valentines day with?

  21. 21
    lauren Says:

    i’m chill.
    i’m asking why are you being such a douche on here?

  22. 22
    Rachel Says:

    Aww, they are soo adorable:D And that duet was very cute:D
    Love you Zac:D

  23. 23
    Sabrina Says:

    Zac is such a weird fairy!

  24. 24
    marcus Says:

    For someone with a functioning brain,an hour with Taylor would be eternal torture.

  25. 25
    Davido LegEagle Says:

    @u know: @u know:

    The truly great country music artists who can sing—and there’s plenty of them—should be embarrassed that Taylor Swift is somehow regarded as an upper echelon country music artist. The girl is a woeful singer.

  26. 26
    savannah Says:

    adorable :D

  27. 27
    amelia25 Says:

    Beautiful Zac!

  28. 28
    barbara Says:

    They are really cute, it was nice hearing zac sing again, it has been, a long time.

  29. 29
    Whatever Says:

    @lauren: Because you’re a douche to Vanessa. Get it? Pay backs a b*tch.

  30. 30
    lauren Says:

    i’m a douche to vanessa because she’s fake, and i’m not a fan of her’s
    so why do you have to be an ass to me on here? go back to your precious vanessa posts.

  31. 31
    lauren Says:

    also @whatever
    you dont think all this lilly and zac (mostly on lilly’s part) that is some kind of fake pr thing? in order to get some press for her crappy movie coming out?

  32. 32
    savannah Says:

    Please, why do you even bring in Vanessa here? This is a post about Zac Efron and Taylor Swift attending Ellen show, not Vanessa Hudgens.

  33. 33
    kami Says:

    that was hella cute. zac has a good singing voice. but what’s with his ugly hair?

  34. 34
    Whatever Says:

    @lauren: Well, I think he’s a snake, a cheat, and fake as well. How do you like them apples??

  35. 35
    aquarius64 Says:

    “…I cooked dinner with a friend”. Really? Dude, you’ve been spotted with Lily Collins-twice; be a man and own it. He’s making Lily look like a jump-off or at best a part of a harem. No wonder the gossip press is ginning up this “showmance”. I give it to Switfy’s team, it always makes sure she is portrayed as the girl guys chase after, not the girl doing the chasing.

  36. 36
    Brad Says:

    First of All Can’t wait to see Taylor Swift and Zac Efron Singing together on the Ellen show today. 2: This Zac and Lilly Collins Relationship I don’t know weather or not they are dating or Just Friends But if they are dating then That’s Good It’s time for Zac To Move On If their Friends then that’s awesome. But the Timing seem off to me A Little bit Because they both have movies coming out next month.

    I Have seen A Lot of people saying that Zac and Lilly Collins are just a Fake Relationship or some PR Move I don’t really know what’s going on between them but whatever it is I Hope they are both Happy. Only Time will tell If Zac and Lilly Collins are Dating or Some Damn Pr Move just to be Promoting Their Movie who knows But I Guess A Lot of people who live in LA Knows what Happens In PR.

  37. 37
    Lovely Says:


    perhaps because he prefers men and she was only dating him to cover up his homosexuality while they filmed those weird movies? I am not sure- just what I have heard

  38. 38
    lauren Says:

    how do you know he’s a cheater? a fake? and a snake?

  39. 39
    lauren Says:

    that’s because there is a tumblr blog posting info saying it is fake.

  40. 40
    urbigfatass Says:

    bums and homeless sit on street corners with guitars too !

  41. 41
    sam Says:

    “WE ONLY HOOKED UP ONCE” Good shirt for Zac. :)

  42. 42
    stan Says:

    Taylor is so beautiful/smart and talented. She is the perfect girl really. :)

  43. 43
    Mia Says:

    WTF?! Why are people so obsessed with whether Lily and Zac are together or not? Even in the Zac posts where Lily isn’t mentioned like this you’ve got people arguing back and forth. All this drama from one blurry set of paparazzi photos and one report. And now people are bagging on him because he wants to keep her name private? I don’t know if they are just friends or whatever but they seem to be trying to keep things private and low key and aren’t trying to put all their business out there. People should just let them be.

  44. 44
    Sara Says:

    Back at the beginning of Zac and Vanessa it was cute for them to keep it kind of secret and it was cute that Zac wore a bracelet or a ring for his ‘friend’ and now everyone is mad at him for not wanting to talk about his new girlfriend. But I don’t understand why. He hasn’t been dating her long why should he talk about her.

    Wish people would leave Vanessa out of it and not hate on her here or on her posts and if you are only here to hate on Zac because Zac and Vanessa broke up I wish you would just stop too. What you say is cause your mad about something you can’t change not what is actually happening. He wasn’t your boyfriend why can’t you move on like Vanessa. I want them both to be happy and they are.

  45. 45
    Lake Vacations Says:

    love Zac

  46. 46
    lauren Says:

    im pretty sure zac and lilly are for ”pr” and its not real?
    do you really think they are ‘dating?

  47. 47
    ? Says:

    This will open a can of worms but oh well. So I guess zac is never going to address his break up with Vanessa and just pretend the whole thing didn’t happen? I’d really like to get his side of the story, I mean we have Vanessa’s and it seems like this wouldve been the perfect time to do so. I’d just really like to hear his side.

  48. 48
    Kathy Says:

    Why are people making so much fuss about Vanessa and Lilly? This is about Zac and Taylor’s appearance on Ellen, and have any of you actually watched the whole performance and interview that this article is so clearly about?

  49. 49
    Kathy Says:

    @u know: Did you watch the duet? She sang on-pitch, and her voice was great.

  50. 50
    vic Says:

    just saw the ellen show zefron was really entertaining, great to see and doing his thing and comfortable doing it

  51. 51
    hey there! Says:


    Oh yeah right!!!!!!! Vanessa’s version was lies as she said it was diustance thing and they are still friends yeah right!!!!! They clearly don’t talk and havn’t since the split and if the distance thing was an issue she wouldn’t be with Josh or Austin.

    Afraid you’l have to keep waiting as Zac will never talk about the relationship.

  52. 52
    True Says:

    It’s much better to keep things on the down low when you start a new relationship. That way if it ends after a few months you won’t feel embarrassed or have to explain. You can say “We were just friends” and move one. But it’s when you do a big PDA production and the breakup happens, everyone in the universe wants to know what happened. But both parties have to agree to the “secrecy” or it will kill the relationship before it even starts.

  53. 53
    Dee Says:

    I cannot wait for Zacs movie with Nicole Kidman to come to theatres, I think it’s going to be great.

  54. 54
    carolina Says:

    look how taylor looks to zac when she see the shirt “we’ve only hookep up once”

  55. 55
    Sherry Says:

    Very enjoyable interview :). My two favorite celebs and my favorite talkshow host sharing the same stage…. perfection!

  56. 56
    ? Says:

    @hey there
    I know Vanessa lied when she said that. People like to throw around the term pr a lot and I doubt half of them understand the concept of what it means I don’t like using the term but I’ll use it here as Vanessa gave a very standard pr answer but she still answered. I mean look at the latest break up of Nick jones and delta saying they’re still going to be friends, do u really think that’s true? How many other former couples have said the samething? If zac were to ever talk about it I’m 98% sure it would be all friendly lies and standard pr aswell but I’d still like to hear it. But I think you’re right in saying he’ll never talk about it, which in my opinin is too bad.

  57. 57
    sam Says:

    Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling broke up FIVE YRS AGO, and while she was promoting her latest movie, reporters yelled these questions to her:

    “Hey Rachel! What do you think of Ryan dating Eva Mendes? Does it make you jealous?”
    “Rachel, hey, over here! Rachel, do you think you’ll ever get back together with Ryan?”
    “Wait a minute, Rachel! How much better was it kissing Ryan in The Notebook than Channing in The Vow?”

    Hollywood relationships.

  58. 58
    Whatever Says:

    @lauren: He’s a cheat, because I don’t believe he was always faithful during their relationship, and I strongly believe he did something in New Orleans that broke them up when she found out. You can disagree all you want, but behavior speaks for itself. She was visibly heartbroken at her BD celebration in Las Vegas that year, and when he got back to LA, he chased her and tried to fix things. The one who screws up is always the one who does the chasing. Human nature. He’s a snake, cause he is charming to anyone who can further his career, but is intense, a perfectionist, and insecure in private. And because of that, he’s a fake as well. Not to mention how insensitive he was at times to his relationship. There. Plenty of reasons to not like him. But you go right ahead. Just don’t expect us being all nicey-nice to him, when you can’t do the same for Vanessa. You keep it up, so will I. Capece?

  59. 59
    Lauren Says:

    Again no one really knows what happen between thn with the break up and them off ending it in late jan, I’ve heard things about both of them. He said she said stuff. I’m not saying Vanesaa is perfect either . You don’t think at all zac was heartbroken ot hurt? Vanesaa just moved on like it was no big deal,.

  60. 60

    A great voice coming from a hot man dressed in cool clothes will open more legs than a gynecologist…esp when his name is Zac Efron.

    His sex appeal just exponentially increased…

  61. 61

    @Whatever: but is intense, a perfectionist, and insecure in private.

    And your point is? Sounds like he’s human. I’m like that and alot of high achievers are like that as well.

  62. 62
    vic Says:

    @WICKED WENCH: yeah i agree this is what people want from him because this is how they know him

  63. 63
    tim Says:

    @Whatever: ok. and others have reason to believe that her cheating broke them up. and as she has now had to admit to dating her leading man that she was working with at the time I think that is highly likely!!! I heard that when he turned up in hawaii she was sitting on JH’s lap. :(

  64. 64
    sam Says:


    If you want to cast stones, it’s also “highly likely” that Zac was getting it on with his leading lady in NOLA. You know, as in “finishing” the deed after the director yelled cut. I know a few cameramen, and believe me it happens. Zac wouldn’t be the first to do it. And the break up didn’t happen overnight as in “Hey, let’s break up tomorrow.” In my experience those things are in the works six months to a year before it’s made known to the public. Most likely, the breakup was in progress when they went off to do their respective films. And the distance helped them finalize it.

  65. 65
    ? Says:

    and I heard he slept with everything that moved while in new Orleans, it doesn’t make it true. I also heard they broke up because she wanted to get married and he didn’t, I heard he wanted to get married and she didn’t. I head he wanted to date around, I heard she wanted to date around and about 50 other different senerios. Why is cheatng the only thing either side can say? You can’t keep a secret that big for this long if cheating was the case it wouldve come out by now another reason I want to hear zacs side of the story even if it’s all lies and pr answeres it would put stuff like this to bed And highly likely? I guess that’s why the break up wasn’t announced for another month, but doesn’t quite explain the whole Eden nightclub date they had or why zac went to north carolna to see Vanessa and also spent time with Josh. There’s a pic of the three of them together on boat for gosh sales. And why so many of their mutual friends still spend time with both of them. Just doesn’t add up.

  66. 66
    !!!!!!!!!! Says:

    Both of them can’t sing. Taylor is a songwriter of teeny country bob songs but that’s it. And what about Zac? well his notorious singing voice is just meh!

  67. 67
    jj Says:

    @!!!!!!!!!!: you can sing better?

  68. 68
    lauren Says:

    uh @ ?
    are you really believing on what you hear based on blind items, ONTD stories and other such things?

  69. 69
    !!!!!!!!!! Says:

    @Whatever: I totally agree with you. They may refute all they want but nothing can be taken from the truth!!!!

  70. 70
    A Says:

    Zac was with Lily Collins on Valentine’s Day… and just by the way he was acting, it sounds like he’s with Lily now.

  71. 71
    ? Says:

    no I base what I believe on facts that I see and hear. Has Vanessa said zac cheated on her? No. Has zac said Vanessa cheated on him? No. Has there been one story or article printed accussing either? No.So why is that the only thing people can come up with and cause hostility. In fact as I recall “no third party was involved.” Tim said he heard zac saw Vanessa sitting in Josh’s lap, we’ll I heard zac Slept around on vnaessa in new Orleans. Is either true? I highly doubt it just like I highly doubt the other 100 different stories and reasons why zac and Vanessa broke up, they all can’t be true. But the only thing both zac and Vanessa fans can say is cheating without anything to back it up. In my opinion besides zac Vanessa and their families the only people who know why they broke up are Ashley, Laura, Ryan, Alex and maybe Brittany snow and maybe rumor Willis and that’s about it. Although it may be possible the other hsm co stars know too but I’m not sure.

  72. 72
    Tom Says:

    One day Vanessa will probably write a book her and Zac. Especially if people keep blaming her for the breakup. But I’m betting Rumer will spill the beans first about her and Zac’s hot s-e-x. Or not hot.

  73. 73
    Maria Says:

    Why do you keep capitalizing words in the middle of your sentences? It’s very distracting.

  74. 74
    LoveNessa Says:

    First of all, it isn’t really anyone’s business why they broke up. He is an actor and a public figure, but he also is entitled to a private life. You do not get to know everything. He will not ever say why they broke up, because he is too much of a gentleman. Do you really expect him to say that he left her because she was cheating on him with Josh? He would not do that to her.

  75. 75
    Whatever Says:

    @?: That’s what burns me up about the “she cheated” lies. I heard stuff about him for YEARS, AND in New Orleans, and even HE said in an interview that his time there was life-changing. His fans have very short memories about all that. In FIVE years, not one rumor of her cheating ever happened. Yet, she ends up briefly dating her costar about 4months after her breakup, and it’s assumed she had to have started seeing him while still with Zac. HOW STUPID. She loved his sorry ass, and never cheated on him. Dating someone AFTER a breakup, is NOT cheating. If anything, it’s a rebound relationship, and usually doesn’t last, and even he admitted it only lasted like 2months, probably around April to late June, early July.

  76. 76
    Whatever Says:

    @Lauren: She was too, cause she stayed in hiding for at least a month before she was out publicly in NC when the end finally came. He came back from seeing her in North Carolina, and hit up a bunch of Aussie actresses, and went to a premiere for Teresa Palmer, who was hardly a friend, the following week. He proceeded to party, ninja, bar-hop, etc, with NO sign of being heartbroken. I NEVER saw him look upset OR heartbroken. Yet Vanessa was clearly upset in Vegas after the breakup, and was seen sitting by herself with the dolphins in Hawaii, looking sad and heartbroken. So don’t go saying crap like that. You don’t know anything, missy.

  77. 77
    Deb Says:

    You are so wrong. The one who screws up is NOT always the one who does the chasing. I would say that the one who is heartbroken is the one who wants to mend the relationship, because they do not want it to end, so they are the one chasing. I would say that the one who screws up is always the one who easily moves on without ever looking back.

  78. 78
    ? Says:

    @whatever and lovenessa
    I think you both missed my point and I don’t really want to explain it again. And @lovenessa if zac cheated on Vanessa or Vanessa cheated on zac, NO I DONT THINK EITHER CHEATED, why wouldn’t they say it it would give them sympothy and turn the public on the other and give them revenge. I mean look at zacs co star Taylor there, she’s made a career out of outing her relationships and people love her for it.

  79. 79
    Lauren Says:

    @ whatever
    You don’t know anything either

  80. 80
    VanFan Says:

    I have followed them for a long time, and I never heard anything about EITHER of them cheating during the 5 years they were together (until I heard the V-Josh thing). Since when does “life changing” equate to cheating? He was the one who said that even though his friends wanted him to play the field, it wasn’t in his heart.

  81. 81
    You're so right! Says:

    @Whatever: You are so right. I’ve never seen or read someone that douchy like Zac. His ego is like over the top – hooking up with different bimbos after the break up. These crazy fans try to defend a lost cause and end up stupid. He partied on and on, and reports about him all indicate what a big A… he is.

  82. 82
    You're so right! Says:

    @?: Taylor didn’t make a career of her cheating on relationships. She wrote songs about a girl in love and got cheated or played. I don’t think your dear Zac will admit that he cheated. At least now that his career is hanging on a thread. His career is dying so there’s no reason for him to admit to anything. He’d proven it before that all he thinks about is his career and getting in the big league. Sadly he does not have an iota of acting potential to back it up!

  83. 83
    Whatever Says:

    @VanFan: And you believe that?? He lies all the time to hide the truth. Well, that only lasts so long, cause he’ll mess up somewhere along the way and the truth comes out. What a way to live… In fear that you will be found out. Also, you must nott have followed him all that well, cause there were reports of him hooking up in London with the Harry Potter chick, in Australia with some meet-and-greet winner, in Isle of Mann with a girl who worked at the theatre they filmed at, with Nikki in Toronto, in Hawaii when he was there with his brother when they went to some house party, and honestly, I could go on. So, sorry, but there were MORE than a few reports of him cheating. Nothing proven, but certainly enough to make him seem slimey.

  84. 84
    You're so right! Says:

    @Whatever: When there’s smoke, there’s fire! Yup! Touche.

  85. 85
    derpina Says:

    @Whatever: What girl from harry potter? What Nikki you means Nikki Blonsky? lol

    How many bullsh*t

  86. 86
    Whatever Says:

    @Deb: I beg to differ. The one who screws up and realizes it, is the one who tries to make it up to the one he hurt. The one who is hurt does NOT go begging the other to take them back. Why would you go begging to someone who supposedly cheated on you?? Uh, no. Wouldn’t happen. You go begging if you screwed up. But you may be right about the one who screws up moves on faster, cause Zac certainly wasted no time, getting off the plane from North Carolina after seeing Vanessa, and hitting the bar for shots with the Aussie chicks. Talk about moving fast.

  87. 87
    Lauren Says:

    @ whatever are you done?
    If you hate zac so much why are you on here continuing to bash him, we get it u don’t like him, now stop,

  88. 88
    devon Says:

    taylor and zac are both great. stop with the bashing. whether you like someone or not, don’t post things on here that you wouldn’t say to their faces. And don’t be hypocritical!!!

  89. 89
    Whatever Says:

    @derpina: The red headed chick. They supposedly met up in a bar late after a premiere there. I’m not saying any of those were PROVEN, but there were ALWAYS rumors flying around about him. Yes, rumors are BS, but hey, sometimes they’re not. And since he’s so good at being secretive, ya never know…..

  90. 90
    ellie' Says:

    Always love Ellen’s shows..and this one was great too!!!

  91. 91
    kami Says:

    kinda funny about zac and taylor’s hair:

    “As for Zac Efron… you know I like this boy. He seems sweet. I kind of want him to do well. But he really needs to stop trying so hard. This hairstyle is TOO overdone. I feel like he played with his hair for a good hour before he walked the red carpet – and that’s too long. Also: GIRL, I CAN SEE YOUR HIGHLIGHTS.”

  92. 92
    VanFan Says:

    You are so full of crap. None of those “report” have any substance to them. And most were PROVEN to be wrong. Also, Zac doesn’t lie about things. He may say things that don’t state the whole truth or that are a bit of an avoidance, but that is so he doesn’t talk about his personal life because it’s no one’s business.

  93. 93
    sjk Says:


    Thank you for being the voice of reason! Have never heard or seen any substantiated reports that Zac Efron is anything other than a gentleman and all-around nice guy!

    Loved him on Ellen. He sounded great!

  94. 94
    Whatever Says:

    @VanFan: So why did we never hear of the same with Vanessa?? All rumors are NOT wrong, and where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And he does lie. Whether it’s avoidance, protection, whatever.

  95. 95
    yum2333 Says:

    @whatever you seriously have some mental issues do you know zac have you ever spent any time with him or around him no yet you pass judgment so harshly at the end of the day no one cares what you have to say and zac surely doesn’t your opinion of him doesn’t matter you can bash him until your head explodes but that won’t change our opinions of him zac has millions of fans and the thoughts of one deluded psycho isn’t going to change his appeal one iota and for all the others who hate him so much why do you waste your time and come on a blog that is clearly about him are you really that bored with your life that you have to hate or someone that hasn’t done a thing to you smh this world is screwed up all people do is hate on the next successful person
    I’m a proud fan of Zac’s he’s incredibly humble and he’s going to go far in life and happy that he seems to finally be moving on from his split with vanessa

  96. 96
    Amanda Says:

    You Vanessa fans stay pressed.

  97. 97
    Carla Says:

    ZAC is gorgeous.

  98. 98
    VanFan Says:

    No, he doesn’t lie. Just go away already. You are the liar.

  99. 99
    Whatever Says:

    You incredibly narrow minded people are missing the point of this whole conversation. I responded to a stupid comment by the resident Zac lover lauren, who loves to accuse others of cheating without proof, when in fact Zac has frequently been associated with rumors of cheating throughout his relationship. I did NOT say any turned out to be true. But she no more cheated than he did. It just did not happen, as much as you pea brains want it to explain the split. So lay off the cheating rumors, cause Zac’s had a plenty, and you can see how sensitive everyone gets about it around here.

  100. 100
    savannah Says:

    What’s the point in arguing? Whenever I go on here i see that most of the comments are made by two or three people just trying to prove each other wrong. Be positive guys, life will be so much funnier!

  101. 101
    lauren Says:

    its because its someone like you who comes on here and posts all this crap, and goes on, when we get your dam point.

  102. 102
    Deb Says:

    What is it that you think he lied about?

  103. 103
    lauren Says:

    you should read the last 20 comments buy him he explains it in his hatred.

  104. 104
    tim Says:

    @Whatever: the girl from harry potter ( Bonnie who played Ginnie Weasley) was just something that someone posted on twitter, they said she put her number in his phone. well tom felton admitted to having Zac’s phone number, is he f***ing Zac too??? Please explain why gossip and rumours about Zac are all true, according to you, but anything said about his saint of an ex are garbage? Even when another ex of hers talked about how great ot was filming with the person you are dating, and she was supposed to still be daating Zac then?

  105. 105
    Deb Says:

    I’m so glad that you mentioned that. Do you have a link to where he said that? Was it in an interview or something? I’ve always suspected it, but of course I had no proof. Thanks.

  106. 106
    ? Says:

    @whatever and Tim
    you’re both impossible.
    Has Vanessa accussed zac of any wrong doing? NO.
    has zac accussed Vanessa of any wrong doing? NO.
    Yet you both are so sure of what happend, now you’re just being stupid. Look at Ashley if Vanessa hurt zac who she’s known longer and called her brother would she still hang out with her? I doubt it, heck in my opinion it looks like she even set Vanessa up with her new bf. And the same goes for the oth way around. I know I’m just wasting my time and you’ll believe what you want with no fact behind it but I tried.

  107. 107
    Caz Says:

    Wonder how many hours Zac practiced for this song that Taylor wrote. Considering how intense (and the perfectionist) he is, I’d bet every day for two weeks. He works hard to come off natural.

  108. 108
    Whatever Says:

    @tim: Do you have a problem with reading comprehension?? Talk about twisting my words. I NEVER said those rumors were true. EVER. I was MERELY pointing out some of the rumors of cheating that have swirled around Zac while he was dating Vanessa, since little lauren insists she”s a cheat. And there was NEVER a statement made like that by an ex. Proof please, cause that was never said. Again , twisting words to say what YOU want to hear.

  109. 109
    Hook up King strikes again Says:

    The awkward moment Zac Efron drops a condom on the red (orange) carpet at The Lorax premiere! He asks his publicist to hold something in his pocket and, as he takes it out to give it to her, a gold condom packet falls out. He picks it up and looks so embarrassed, then mouths “Oh my GOD!” to his publicist. Not before the paps notice and start laughing their heads off!

  110. 110
    Deb Says:

    @Hook up King strikes again:
    Yeah, nice try, you moron.

  111. 111
    kyle Says:

    I like their duet.

    If Zac is dating someone, it’s about time he does. I surely admire him for not blabbing about his personal life to the public.

  112. 112
    R U sure Says:

    He said he went to a screening of “liberal Arts” Then went home to cook dinner. two separate thins never said he tool Lily home.
    Right there it shows all the stories of the Romantic V day dinner at SOHO were wrong.
    New Orleans stories were just gossip.

  113. 113
    R U sure Says:

    Sorry about that , should of said separate things and never said he took Lily home

  114. 114
    Hook up King Strikes again Says:

    Here ya go, Deb. Didn’t make that up. Was posted.

  115. 115
    R U sure Says:

    @Hook up King Strikes again . So Zac practices safe sex, what a crime. You don’t know if he has one partner or more, why do you care?
    Do you wish it were you? I sure wouldn’t mind.
    You have two things here , he doesn’t want any unwanted kids. or he is preventing VD. Either way he is being responsible.

  116. 116
    florence2 Says:

    And boy does he look smug about it falling out of his pocket and putting on his stupid grin and turning away and hiding his mouth with his hand.

    But you clearly see that helets out a sigh of relief as if to say’ I hope no one saw that don’t want to ruin my goody two shoes image’

    By the same token Vanessa is obviously practicing safe sex but if that had fallen our of Austins pocket she would have got crucified and got called all the names under the son. But once again efron get’s praise for doing something that he obviously felt guilty about judging by his reaction.

  117. 117
    jaded Says:

    Oh the irony. Of all the places for a condom to fall out of his’s on the red/orange carpet of that Dr. Seuss kiddie movie. That’s too funny! You can’t make this stuff up.

  118. 118
    mattie Says:

    It could had happen to anybody. He was embrassed by it and probably didn’t know it was there and didn’t want anyone to see it. Stop with the if Vanessa did it she would had been crucified, because it could happen to anyone anywhere .

  119. 119
    florence2 Says:

    How can he not know that it was in HIS jeans pockets and what the hell was he thinking taking one to a premier and a kid’s one at that unless he was hoping to get some action later.

    And it is true if that was Austin and Vanessahe would get called all the names going, but efron has it happen to him and he gets praise for it for playing safe and yet his smug fce says it all. He obviously is enjoying his single life and good for him but he’s not the only one who is allowed to have healthy sex life his ex just chooses not to hide unlike him.

    Once again he’s all about I mage but youcan tell from the video he was far from embarrassed that it happened he’ll lap it up and once again more attention for him with 2 movies coming out.

    So wake up some efron’s fan’s he’s not having a empty bed like some think he is.

    At least Lily won’t have to stop work to bring up his kid.

  120. 120
    lans Says:

    kondom after party

  121. 121
    mattie Says:

    @florence2: florence again he probably didn’t check before he left. Wait why am I explaining this again. It becoming oblivous that all you see is Zac was happy about it when I think he wasn’t. Nobody probably would had cruicifed Vanessa if it happen to her. Again it could happen to anyone, just Zac got caught by mistake and now someone want to embrassed him more.

  122. 122
    self-promote//show off Says:

    For me it is pathetic. I just do not get why he is caring the condom in his front pocket like this? Is he wanted to do with the carpet ….pfff

    Idiotic idea of ​​PR people

  123. 123
    ******** Says:

    If you do not have what you like, it’s throwing condoms on the carpet

  124. 124
    jellybean Says:

    @self-promote//show off: could you check before you post so that people can at least understand what you are trying to say?
    So a grown man is carrying a condom in his pocket?
    Big deal!!

  125. 125
    Caz Says:

    @self-promote//show off:

    Most dudes carry condoms in their wallet or a zipped pocket, a safe place. My bet is this was something he and his PR lady planned to make Zac come off as a player. Don’t think Efron does anything that isn’t planned and thought out WELL ahead of time.

  126. 126
    aquarius64 Says:

    @Caz: Agreed. Condoms aren’t usually use in a monogamous relationship. They’re used when there’s more than one sex partner for safety reasons. If Lily Collins’ PR team wants to sell the idea that she is Efron’s rumored gf (as some articles have hinted) this is embarassing. The condom out for all to see has blown that presumption out of the water.

  127. 127
    kim Says:

    Way to go Zac! I love that he practices safe sex. He’s 24 people! get over it. Hilarious when he had to turn around to get himself together, I was giggling along with him. That must have been soooo embarrassing. Thank you @HookupKingstikesagain your post brought a genuine smile to my face. I love when we see our favorite celebs being human. Reminds of a time when my hubbie and I were out shopping and he was complaining that I was taking too long grocery shopping, by the time we got to the checkout aisle he was having a little hissy while he loaded items on the belt from the front of the cart. So, from behind the back of the cart I dramatically whip my wallet from my purse to hand him the debit card but a tampon had gotten stuck in the top so when I whipped the wallet out the tampon went flying out, sailing over the entire length of the cart and smacked him in the forehead and then fell to the floor. Of course I was mortified but the look on his face was so classic that I couldn’t stop laughing at him. 25 years later and were both still laughing about that one. Needless to say he doesnt go grocery shopping with me any more. ;0) You go Zac, we still love you!

  128. 128
    kim Says:

    @aquarius64 condoms ARE used in some monogamous relationships. Women who can’t take hormones or on long term antibiotic regimen are just a few of the reasons. My opinion, which isnt really worth much is, this was an honest mistake. He might have grabbed a pair of jeans he wore out previously on another occasion and hadn’t yet laundered, so the condom may have been forgotten about until that embarrassing moment. Why all the analyzing over every little thing. This was nbd.

  129. 129
    VanFan Says:

    Condoms aren’t used in a monogamous relationship? Are you serious? Have you ever heard of birth control?

  130. 130
    aquarius64 Says:

    @VanFan: yes I’ve heard of birth control. But condoms are also advised when you have more than one bed partner. Is that the reason for your objection – you don’t want to believe that Efron is possibly sleeping with 2 women at the same time? That’s your opinon and I have mine so we’ll leave it at that.

  131. 131
    mattie Says:

    @kim: haha that funny. Least you and your husband had a left. I agree with you. It was a honest mistake that now gone viral and hopefully he learns to check first before leaving for anywhere.

  132. 132
    mattie Says:

    Sorry I meant laugh.

  133. 133
    hey there! Says:

    @ kim thanks that was so funny you made my day. I am so glad you can still laugh about it. I am quite sure these kind of things happen to EVERYONE once in their lifetime. So really this is no big deal.

    I remember buying a new top and wearing it to work forgetting of course to take the label off and i walked about all day like that. We all had a great laugh about it.

  134. 134
    kim Says:

    @mattie and @hey there! I’m glad I could make you laugh. Life sometimes gets too serious and we all need to take a step back and laugh at our own silly mistakes. I’m sure this will be one of those moments for Zac, I’m still laughing about it.

  135. 135
    Zzz Says:

    The things this guy gets praised for just blows my mind. He brings a condom to a childrens movie premiere and gets applauded. Why do I get the feeling people would stand and cheer everytime
    he blew his nose? I’ll never understand you people.

  136. 136
    mattie Says:

    @Zzz: @Zzz: none appaluding him. We just said its a honest mistake that ANYONE can make. Gosh stop making it a big deal.

  137. 137
    mattie Says:

    @kim: haha I know. I need it anyways my dad’s birthday today and it hard because he died 5 years ago in December. Yeah he probably already making sure to not make this mistake again.

  138. 138
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    He drops a condom as a publicity stunt. Unfortunately he sucks so much in acting and that didn’t help. This guy is a dud. May all his films tank!

  139. 139
    mattie Says:

    @!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: are you kidding me? It was a mistake. Many people makes mistakes. Nobody perfect. Stop with the public stunt. It just a mistake.

  140. 140
    mattie Says:

    Sorry accusing him of a public stunt.

  141. 141
    kelly Says:

    It wouldn’t be a big deal– if if it wasn’t at an animated kids movie preimere. I don’t know why he is laughing. It isn’t funny.

  142. 142
    mattie Says:

    He embrassed. People laugh when they embrassed. Again please stop with the hate. Its a mistake that everyone makes.

  143. 143
    kim Says:

    The age of most children attending that movie wouldn’t even know what it was, and the older kids who would know, wouldn’t have been caught dead at a Dr. Seuss movie. It’s the adults who are making a big deal out of this. Get over yourselves. Those who are screaming the loudest are usually the worst offenders. Get off your “judgement throne” only one person is allowed to sit there.

  144. 144
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    That just shows that he’s gonna do anything just to get in the big leagues. He is an idiot. Who does that?! But Zac is too full of himself and he could not care less. He is the greatest idiot ever

  145. 145
    kim Says:

    In response to (!+) You stated, “Who does that?!” Thats just it………..NO ONE would do that. I don’t know too many people who are so “full of themselves” as you put it, that would purposely redicule themselves by dropping a condom at a childrens movie on the premiere carpet to gain attention. I don’t like to name call but I’m going to use your own words back at ya. Looks like the only “idiot” here is you.

  146. 146
    schtoopid Says:

    Mistake? LOL. With Zac, it is already proven that he always injects sex slant in promoting his films just like his makeout sessions in the trailer practicing a scene, of his kissing his older co-stars, etc. So before you say that it was a mistake think again. HE DOES THAT every time!!!! Such a Loser

  147. 147
    schtoopid Says:

    Ant the only idiots are his fans who thinks he can do nothing wrong! like Kim

  148. 148
    mattie Says:

    @schtoopid: Do we really need to start this whole thing again. I really tired of people who are so judgmental and believe something that not true. the sex slang has time and again been proven wrong and really becoming annoyed. Like I said it was a stupid mistake that being thrown out of proption. (Sorry can’t spell). If it was you, you probably laugh too. Get off your high horse and give him a break.

  149. 149
    kim Says:

    @schtoopid – the spelling of stupid, Websters dictionary: Stupid -means foolish or careless. Urban dictionary: stoopid – meaning: really really stupid. So I think I think the name you chose for yourself is perfect!

  150. 150
    VanFan Says:

    @Hook up King Strikes again:
    You can’t even see what fell out. All you can see is Zac bending down to pick something up. The ground isn’t even shown. So, again, nice try, moron.

  151. 151
    VanFan Says:

    I don’t have any objection except that you said that condoms aren’t usually used in monogamous relationships. You are so wrong about that. I would hope that Zac would be practicing safe sex, no matter how many partners he has.

  152. 152
    LoveNessa Says:

    You know, I have to agree with you on this one. You can’t see what fell out. And you don’t see the ground, so you don’t know what he picks up. I think @Hook up King Strikes again just made it all up to start something.

  153. 153
    kim Says:

    VanFan and LoveNessa, I’m going to concur. You really can’t see exactly what fell out. I guess it was his reaction to what happened along with the size and color of it that I assumed. And you know what that old saying says about assuming, yep, you make an a&& out of u and me.There I said it, I’m an a&& for assuming what it was.

  154. 154
    kim Says:

    I will always support Zac and if that makes me an idiot than I’m the happiest idiot out there! XO

  155. 155
    kim Says:

    @mattie, so sorry to hear about your father. My dad passed away in 2004 and I still think of him every single day. Sending some love your way! and I’m sure if Zac knew he’d send some too. ;0)

  156. 156
    mattie Says:

    @kim: thanks I wanted to go to his grave today but unfortunely I didn’t get the opportunity. Haha he might.

  157. 157
    Deb Says:

    I’m jumping on the “you cannot see what fell out of his pocket” bandwagon. You really can’t, you know. I’m also gonna agree with LoveNessa. I think that poster was just trying to start something and see how many idiots would just follow along and “see” what isn’t there merely at the suggestion of it.

  158. 158
    kate Says:

    I read the comments and the only thing i see is pathetic people….No offence but why are you interested in what happens in their lives or the reasons behind them??? Their job is different and you should judge what you see. I mean you should be interested about how good they were in their jobs. There is no point discussing their personal lives. They do what “normal” people do. There isn’t any difference. Who cares why he broke up with Vanessa, who he’s dating or who he’s f***ing?? As long as this doesn’t affect his performance in his movies it is not our bussiness…Thank you.

  159. 159
    kim Says:

    Kate, I believe this is a place where fans can come and discuss things about their favorite celebrities.Sometimes we don’t agree, sometimes we do. What I find kind of “pathetic” is just sitting back and never having any thoughts or opinions other than an actors performance. Of course thats one of the more important aspects of it, of course they’re “normal” people, thats why if you’re a true fan you’re interested in all the aspects of who they are, on screen and off. Granted some fans do get carried away, even delushional, but on a whole, whats the problem with an opinion or thought about whats going on around us.

  160. 160
    Whatever Says:

    That blurb posted by Hook up King is real, cause I read it as well. It’s been on Fan Forum, the Wildcats livejournal, a couple of Zac sites, and on pap sites. Not made up, folks. Everyone saw what dropped, and was explained in that blurb. It WAS a condom, but of course St Zac practices safe sex, so it’s ok to drop his equipment anywhere he goes, even at a kid’s movie premiere.

  161. 161
    kyle Says:

    The video showed Zac’s publicist asking something from Zac, then Zac said, ” here it is,” then delved his pocket to hand whatever it was to her. Unfortunately, it fell off, which made him smile. End of story. The poster of the video has a wild imagination to say it was a condom when it was not even clear what fell off in the first place. What is amazing is that a lot of gullible people believed it was a condom and bashed Zac about it without even bothering to view the video itself!!! It is a simple case of “too much ado about nothing.” Lol.

  162. 162
    kim Says:

    @whatever -no one is disputing there is a video of something falling from his pocket. We are disputing the FACT that you can’t tell what fell out of his pocket. If you can show me the enlarged portion of that video where you can read the name of the condom on it (this is called proof) then maybe I’ll believe you. And if you do come up with this proof, I already have an answer for you and that I have stated previously…….get over it.

  163. 163
    jellybean Says:

    Sorry, but I really DO think it is a condom. But you know what? Big Deal!!! So it suggests that a 24 year-old guy is having sex!!!! How awful!! people are just being so damn stupid about this. Haters are using it as an excuse to bash him yet again and some fans are feeling that they should defend him for being a sensible!! hw is NOT Troy Bolton people and surprisingly some adults have sex!! :)

  164. 164
    Whatever Says:

    The paps are the ones who posted what it was, cause they had a clear look at what fell out of the pocket. Seriously…..why would you react like that, get all embarassed, turn and laugh away from the cameras, and need to regain your composure, if it was just a stick of gum? Use the brains God gave you. And if it wasn’t a condom, then he’s stupid for reacting like that. Just sayin’.

  165. 165
    Deb Says:

    @jellybean: Just because you THINK it is a condom doesn’t make it true. But I agree with you. Big deal! Better to have one in case you need it, right?

  166. 166
    jellybean Says:

    @Deb: If it’s not a condom then what else is it that comes in a square foil packet? There are guesses and then there are educated guesses. Shouldn’t people be more worried if he was having unprotected sex? Not that it is actually any of our business!

  167. 167
    kate Says:

    @kim: I agree with you and maybe i exaggerated a bit. but when you come here and see people actually fighting about others lives what do you expect me to believe??? They’re fighting like it’s about their lives not somebody elses!…I hope you get my point..

  168. 168
    florence2 Says:

    His reaction gives the answer to what it was and yet he still gets praise for taking a condom along with him to a family film and I don’t buy he did’nt know it was in their people usually check that they hsve things like keys,phone etc when they go out a condom is’nt top of the list unless your pkanninf or hoping to get lucky at some point that day.

    But it has got him the reaction he and his PR team wanted which is that he is a player and is in no way thinking of settling down. It’s all convent that this happened when he has another film coming out soon that involves him getting naked and his favourite sex scenes which he loves doing.

  169. 169
    nicky Says:

    @florence2, @Whatever: Especially you two. Cut the crap.
    You sound like desperate, dried virgins who made moves on him several times and got rejected every single time. Leave the guy alone. He never did anything to you.

    You two just spill your poison towards him for no reason. None of you knows why you hate him. I want to hear reasons which can withstand cross-examination in a courtroom. I’ll tell you something, none of you have something like that.

    What’s the big deal with that? He stood in front of a bunch of photographers, reporters and the guys with the video cameras. It was embarrassing enough for him.
    The only thing he is doing is to show and take responsibility. Not like millions of guys out there who give a **** about diseases or to get a girl pregnant and go when they’re done.
    He can do whatever he wants. And he wants to be safe and he doesn’t want kids at this time.
    And if should be together with Lily (what nobody knows at the moment), it’s totally normal to have condoms in the pocket. They are at the beginning of a relationship.

  170. 170
    mattie Says:

    @florence2: Florence really you saying the same thing over and over again like a broken record. Seriously. Okay maybe it is a condom. Still doesn’t mean he knew it was there. People have a tendency to forget things and I think he might be one of them. Just like someone said earlier it’s a mistake and it his life. Stop with the whole he did on purpose because you saying the same thing over again.

  171. 171
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    These stupid fans are the ones praising him but majority of the people are fed up of this dude. He has no talent and all he tries to sex up his image to get noticed every opportunity that he gets. In promoting his movies he always talks about sex, about making out sessions, and kissing older co stars. HE IS PATHETIC.

  172. 172
    mattie Says:

    @!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Are you starting this **** again. Seriously I’m so sick and tired of people who said he always talking about sex and been proven wrong more times but don’t get it. We get it you hate him, you said many time get over yourself. I hate repeating myself over and over again but if I have to I will, but it get boring when the same people said the same thing just to keep the argument going. Like my mom said If you don’t have anything nice to said don’t said anything at all.

  173. 173
    kim Says:

    @Kate – I completely get it. Point taken. We all get carried away, especially when it’s something or someone we care about. :)

  174. 174
    kim Says:

    I just have to ask, in what world would a PR team want for their client to be portrayed as a “player” ????? How is THAT a good thing. Some of your hateful comments on here really crack me up! Have a loving day everyone! Go hug someone and make their day!

  175. 175
    Deb Says:

    There are lots of things that come wrapped like that. I find it so comical that one person posts the video declaring that it’s a condom, and everyone just jumps in and blindly follows like stupid little lemmings.

  176. 176
    Big Bet Says:

    I say his buddies made a bet with Zac that he didn’t have the balls to drop a condom on the orange carpet at his movie premiere. Wonder how much money he won. Zac’s fans shouldn’t be worried about him carrying a condom in his pocket. They should be more worried about him hanging with drug bunnies like Rummer Willis and Paris Hilton. I seriously hope he’s not the next dude in HW to end up in rehab.

  177. 177
    Whatever Says:

    @Big Bet: Yeah, and did you catch the weird pics of him with the feather and peacock feather mask at Hilton’s party? So, so weird. Everybody else has normal masks on, but Zac is wearing gay peacock feathers. And hanging with the young Hollywood drug crowd. Scary.

  178. 178
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