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Carey Mulligan & Justin Timberlake: 'Llewyn Davis' Duo

Carey Mulligan & Justin Timberlake: 'Llewyn Davis' Duo

Carey Mulligan heads to the set of her new movie, Inside Llewyn Davis, near The Hotel Edison on Wednesday (February 22) in New York City.

The 26-year-old actress wore sunglasses and a scarf around her head, while co-star Justin Timberlake kept warm in a dark double breasted coat.

Inside Llewyn Davis is the Coen brothers’ latest project, which centers on the world of the American folk scene in Greenwich Village during the 1960s.

John Goodman and Garrett Hedlund also co-star in the drama, slated to hit theaters sometime in 2013.

10+ pictures inside of Carey Mulligan and Justin Timberlake on the set of Inside Llewyn Davis

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carey mulligan justin timberlake llewyn davis set 01
carey mulligan justin timberlake llewyn davis set 02
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  • Creed

    Im so excited for this movie. Looks good for Justin, Im generally against singer-turned-actors but first a David Fincher Movie and now the Coen bros, sounds like he is on the right track

  • Gossipgirl

    I like Carey, but this movie sounds like a gigantic snooze-fest. I’ll pass on it.

  • John,

    Im guessing you are unaware of the genius work of the Coen Bros.

  • Biped

    She’s getting so much work when people don’t even find her particularly interesting to watch or a great actor. I’ve seen:
    Brothers: Can’t even remember her
    Wall Street: acts the same
    An Education: acts the same and the relationship between her and Peter creepy Saarsgard was creepy
    Pride and Prejudice: can’t even remember her as Kitty

  • Delphic

    @Gossipgirl: Don’t worry honey, that’ll mean more time for you to catch up on Gossip Girl.

    Anyway, I think Justin’s acting is embarrassing. How has he gotten to work with both the Coens AND David Fincher?

  • Gossipgirl

    @John,: Brain surgery, nuclear physics and propulsion science rank as genius to me; the Coen bros., no. Enjoy their genius movie when it opens.

  • Kirsten

    you sound stupid. You can be a genius of an art as well. Which the coen brothers are. They haven’t even hit 60 and have written and created so many modern masterpieces. And this is coming from a brain surgeon lol.

  • Alaia

    @Biped: Well, speak for yourself moron.

    What do you mean, acts the same? Do you know her? Her roles were incredibly small in Brothers Pride & Prejudice because she that was before she was discovered.

    Do yourself a favour and rent Never Let Me Go or wait for Shame to come out on DVD.

  • mel

    @Biped: I totally agree with you, that’s why she’s a “indie darling” plus, she’s not carrying a movie by herslef so that’s why she keeps getting work

  • Female

    @mel: Erm, what do you mean that’s why she’s an ‘indie darling’? Are you implying that ‘indie darlings’ are not talented? If so, then no wonder you don’t like her. You’re just as clueless as Biped.

    And may I remind you of a film named An Education? The LEAD role in a film she carried herself?

    Also, roles in the film industry are limited. Especially GOOD ones. She’s not an actress that signs on to anything. She actually puts thought into what she wants to do. There’s nothing wrong with supporting roles. Some of the best actors are the character ones.

  • Fan Justin Timberlake

    Justin Timberlake is best
    Justin Timberlake is perfect

  • mel

    @Female: Excuse me but you just insulted me for no reason! And I’m ofended so I’m waiting for an apology from you.
    I say she’s an indie darling because that’s e project she picks and if a good role on a bigger movies comes alog, she takes it, like Gatsby. But that movie is not gonna rely on her shoulders but in Leo’s. That’s why I said she’s an indie darling.
    An Education was a beautiful movie but any actress would have gotten the recognition had she not take on that role because it was charming and the story appeals to older members of the Academy because it’s classy and because it reminded people to Audrey Hepburn.
    I love character actors but Carey’s not one or, at least, hasn’t proven herslef yet because she does a different version of the same character over and over again. A character actor is able to change not only physically but also the expressions on his face and Carey seems to have only two. I think she’s a very good dramatic actress but she doesn’t appeal to masses because she always comes across as whiny on the screen. Maybe she doesn’t want to look like that but there’s something in her eyes that is extremely depressing. And I know there’s nothing wrong with supporting roles but she’s not a character actor, if you want to see a character actor that has only done supporting roles so far, then you gotta check Barry Pepper’s work out. He’s wonderful and he’s a fine actor that has not been discovered yet by the masses.

  • mel

    sorry for all my typos, i was writing very fast!

  • Amanda

    Oh Carey, you were on such a roll. Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Fassbender and then you downgrade to working with Justin Timberlake?? Love him as a musician, but as an actor he’s the equivalent of dog poop.

  • Jessica

    Didn’t she just get done filming The Great Gatsby? Wow, Carey is on a roll. Anyways, I’m excited to see The Great Gatsby. I’m reading the book right now. (:

  • Yaya

    For some reason JT with straight hair looks weird…. it may work for the film. I still think his acting is at Star Search level.

    I like Carey. Ever since I saw Drive, I’ve been interested in seeing her in other stuff. I’m not sure if I’ll rush out to see this one.


    they both looks OK,better than i imaged

  • Lilly

    What the heck is Garrett Hedlund still doing in the business? As an actor, he is a snooze fest all anyone cares about is his voice. He is overrated. He needs to go NOW!

  • Lisa

    Carey is sooooooooo AWESOME !

  • Laura

    What about Oscar Isaac? You know…the lead actor?

  • Biped

    OMG Oscar Isaac, a fantastic actor!
    Balibo: OMG, he played José Ramos-Horta to a tee
    Agora: Roman GOD
    Body of Lies: awesome supporting actor.
    Robin Hood: utterly believable as the naughty prince

    He is so underrated! And so why is this thread about those two drones?

  • jef

    Lord how much is Justink paying casting directors? Boy CANNOT ACT!!!

  • Female

    @mel: So are you trying to tell me her role in Shame was a different version of her character in An Education? Maybe if she went off the rails after going to university!

  • mel

    @Female: Actually, no, I didn’t say that. I said that. I tried to say that all her roles seem to come from the same emotional state, it’s like, the choices she makes are always pursued from the same angle and that’s why her characters look the same to me.

  • Marie

    Carey is now brunette!

  • h

    coen brothers wtf how can you pick justin — …..only jesus can save this movie

  • Lilia

    @Lilly You should go back to your Gaybert Pattinson’s board darling. ENVY KILLS. His movies outside the franchise are ALL BIG FAILURES. Garrett’s getting good roles after good roles. Famewhores like RPatz had their 15 minuts already. HE’S DONE. Don’t watch Bel Ami girls, it’s getting SLAMMED by critics LMAO

  • ladan

    Carey is so damn adorable!!, I can’t wait for the great for the great gatsby!!! I know she’s gonna kill it!!