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Demi Lovato: 'Stay Strong' Trailer

Demi Lovato: 'Stay Strong' Trailer

Demi Lovato opens up about her post-rehab life in Stay Strong, a new MTV special airing March 6th.

“I wanted to share my story but I knew it had to be honest, it had to be real,” the 19-year-old musician said in a statement.

“I have daily challenges but so do many kids who are struggling to feel comfortable in their own skin. If opening up and sharing my story inspires even one person to stay strong or to get the help they need, I’ve succeeded,” Demi added.

The one-hour documentary begins in the fall of 2011 as Demi prepares to face life post-rehab and embark on her first tour in recovery.

Viewers will see Demi go back for the first time to the facility she entered in October 2010 as she speaks candidly to her recovering peers about her experiences, and thanks the counselors and staff who helped her.

Stay Strong premieres Tuesday, March 6th at 10PM ET/PT on MTV.

Demi Lovato – ‘Stay Strong’ Trailer
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  • Guy

    I really like Demi she is very pretty, her voice is awesome, and I think she has got a lot of guys to openly discuss her issues because you know that with other celebrities, they go into rehab for a few days and are back and doing the same thing. I really don’t see her as that kind of person, I mean when you look at it, Demi really has changed she has gained weight and looks healthier, her voice is stronger and it doesn’t crack like it used to and thats really good. I think she is a refreshing drink of water because she is showing the world what happens when the pressures to be something your not become overwhelming. So I think even if you don’t like her or her music, I don’t think you can say that she is fake because shes putti all put there, don’t think it gets deeper than that…

  • Hannah

    I honestly cannot wait to watch this. She is such a great person to look up to. I really like the fact that she opened up to her fans, she let them know what she went through to help them. It’s incredible when you see on twitter, tumblr etc… the number of people who say they feel better BECAUSE of Demi. She is a great role mode; even if you don’t like her, you have to admit that.
    I just love her. #StayStrong

  • solecito

    Demi is so pretty, why all that paint on her face? It will only age her prematurely. A natural look is always better, specially for such a young girl.

  • Karz

    Please Demi, stop whining! Go in a refugee camp, go in a children hospital, stay away from your fridge, and see that you have everything and are a lucky girl and should go on now! I fought eating disorder (binge eating disorder if it’s the correct name in English) during 10 YEARS and I can’t stand her attitude “me me me me me me me”. Thumb down if you want, it won’t change the fact that she is too self-centered and acts as if she had the worst life ever. And personally I have never punched anyone, mean girl… yeah a role model!

  • ego

    @Guy: You have to understand that the typical Demi Hater is a moron. Their lack o vocabulary and general arguing tactics is pretty low. So they tend to recycle old BS like “she’s fake” or “she’s a crack ho” and what not. You’d think a lot of them would come up with something a little more original, but alas, their idiocy is their biggest down fall.

    Come on Demi haters. You’re making this too easy for me to insult you :) I know you are there and you’re gonna make a post here, the least you can do is put SOME effort into your overall stupidity ridden post.


    I wonder if she has been (sexually) abused as a child.

  • noooooddd

    reminds me of Britney for the record -.-
    staaaaap milking this.

  • Delphic

    Oh god, this chick is always moaning. How about we ship her off to Syria where people have REAL problems?

  • nono land

    I am sick of celebrities who aren’t making billboard charts using their “small” problems to make a penny. Go to Africa and Middle East where people have serious issues and tell me that your life is so bad. This girl is bitter and rude, lack appreciation for what she has so please stop with the complaining and cheap publicity. Where was the humility when she went off the train bashing Disney on Twitter over a small little comment made on their TV show, the same TV channel that made her famous? Just stop, you have a great voice, but without even watching this video all I have to say is: you are boarder line tacky and dramatic! Enough already!

  • ?

    Demi,I love you I know you’ve been through alot and you have spoken about that quite enough now. You can stop it.
    Your beautiful, you have a great voice stick to music and prompt that .
    Your not the only person in the world who had an eating disorder or been to rehab. People have been through worse
    I get that she wants to encourage other girls,etc but I mean u can sing about right. Interviews and stuff won’t really help. Eating disorders are a really personal and difficult issue. No girl going through that is gonna watch her interview and be like oh I should stop. No its much more deeper then that.
    When I was going through it watching celeb interviews didn’t help me,actually it was real music. Christina’s A. “Beautiful” song came out and that actually helped me. Or encouraged me

  • Circle

    Personally, I don’t care what other people think are the reasons behind Demi coming out about this. I know what she’s done for me. But suffering is suffering and we all handle different situations differently. And let’s not forget, the mind is a dangerously powerful thing. Honestly, I really want to see this. It is going to explore more of her life post-treatment than what led her there (which we have heard many times) and I think it’s important people see that you don’t just go to treatment and get magically better. You have to keep working at it all your life. And, documentray aside, Demi’s still talking about it because it’s an important issue and people keep asking her about it.

  • simmer down.

    Can we stop the complaining about her overcoming her issues? At the end of the day, she has millions of fans, and I guarantee you there are some going through the exact same thing, and if she helps them through it and steers them away from the path that she took, isn’t that what matters?

  • ego

    @noooooddd: Why should she when idiots like you continue to talk about it? Good job giving her a career boost you idiot.

  • ego

    @Delphic: I find it funny you say SHE is always moaning when YOU are the one complaining about her. Also are you saying that people who live in the states dont have the same problems as people who live in syria? Not only are you an idiot, but you are a condenscending moron who doesn’t know the difference between GLOBAL and local issues. Your stupidity amazes me.

  • ego

    @Karz: Hey Kraz, do us a favor love and go back to school to learn some proper english. Because I don’t understand what you mean by “go on now”. Do you mean MOVE ON NOW? Cause that would sound more apporprite and not so idiocy ridden like the lot of your Demi haters tend to show off. So do us a solid and get that checked out. But on a more serious note, I find it funny you say that YOU “Fought” an eating disorder for TEN YEARS and YOU are telling us YOUR story yet you are complaing about her “me me me” attitude? Lol, hey idiot its HER special. of course it’s going to BE about her, SHE is the subject. Also how are you going to complain about her selt entitlement when you act like a self entitled brat yourself? How dare you call HER self-centered yet you show off just how selfish YOU are in this post. Ohh it’s Demi Lovato’s fault that you suffered an eating disorder for ten years? Oh it’s Demi’s fault that you are hurting? Oh shut up you self entitled, self centered pseudo intellectual light weight brat. it’s people like you who give people with REAL eating disorders a bad name. Oh yeah I went there, I think YOU are faking having an eating disorder seeing as how you called it “binge eating disorder” newsflash you moron. it’s not called BINGE EATING DISORDER. It’s just called BINGE EATING. Which is a SYMPTOM not the disorder. So no I don’t believe you. Spare me your hypcorisy you idiotic know it all self entitled self centered selfish B**ch.

  • ego

    @nono land: Yeah Eating disorders are such a small problem right? Oh yeah I totally agree. I mean it’s not like it is a serious mental disorder that KILLS thousands of teenagers a year right? Oh wait it is? Oh wait, you’re a deluded invalid with the research capabilities of a plank of wood? My bad. I thought you were someone of common sense. I won’t make that mistake again. Just curious though, what does Africa and the Middle east have to do with Demi Lovato? Seriously I’m looking through articles on CNN and history books yet for some reason unbeknownst to me I couldn’t find a correlating link between Demi Lovato and overseas global issues. But in all seriousness, what really makes me roll my eyes at your stupidity ridden comment is the fact that everything YOU accuse her of being, bitter, rude and lack of appreciation, you have shown us that YOU are all those things and then some with this one post of yours. YOU are the bitter one, YOU are the rude and YOU are the one that lacks appreciation for ANYTHING seeing as how you have the NERVE and the audacity to bring in OTHER people’s issues into your post for no apparent reason. You’re saying she is bitter and rude? Look at your post you self centered selfish b**ch.

  • ego

    @Karz: “And personally I have never punched anyone, mean girl… yeah a role model!” No you didn’t punch anyone. However you just insult third world countries by acting as some self entitled embassador and speak for them in a public forum. You’re worse.

  • ego

    @nono land: “but without even watching this video all I have to say is: you are boarder line tacky and dramatic! Enough already! ”

    Oh yeah she’s being Tacky and Dramatic when you’re the one bringing up the issues going on in the middle east just to complain about a celebrity you don’t know personally? Beautiful. Just beautiful. And I REALLY like how you say that eating disorders are a “small” issues. Its not like it effects. I mean its not like 8 million Americans have an eating disorder or that it has one of the highest morality rates in terms of mental disorders right? Oh wait it does?…you’re a pathetic of space kid. You don’t deserve what you. F**k you and your loser parents for doing such a poor job of raising their bratty ignorant child.

  • ego

    You know I want to take this time to compare Demi Lovato to a few posters here for a sec. For those of you who are saying she is ungrateful and rude and all that. Lets compare Demi Lovato to a few posters here.

    Demi Lovato: A girl who made a mistake and is talking about HER eating disorders and HER eating disorders only. She’s not forcing anyone’s opinion down ANYONE’s throats and she certainly isn’t talking about ANYONE ELSE. Just her and HER issues, and she’s TRYING to bring awareness to it. Which she is. Seriously she hasn’t talked about anyone other than her self.

    Then there is Kraz, a nosy b**ch who lies about having an eating disorder (again its not called binge eating disorder, it’s called binge eating. Period) has the audicity to say “stay away from the fridge” to someone who suffers from an ED, when SHE herself supposedly suffers from one, and has the nerve to call other people self centered when she’s the one blaming Demi Lovato for HER ED. I think Demi Lovato comes out the winner here.

    Or how about nono Land who brings up third world countries and acts like an unofficial spokesperson for each of these countries. Seriously how evil, selfish, self-centered and self entitled do you have to be to act like some spokesperson for third world global issues when you have NO idea what goes on in said countries? Or how selfish do you have to be to support workplace discrimination and harassment by saying it’s ok for your bosses to insult someone with an eating disorder just because they signed your pay checks?

    Again anyone with half a brain would Chose Demi Lovato over these two selfish b**ches. Hell even if you HATE Demi Lovato, she’s the “lesser evil” compared to the hag lying about having an ED or the tw*t insulting third would countries.

  • ego

    OH and lets not forget about Delphic who talks about Syria, a country where there is a HUGE civil going on for the past decade. Cause that has something to Demi Lovato right? Psh. mangia merda puttanta.

  • YOU

    She’s lovely but please stop with this “rehab” thing. She got out from rehab almost a year. There’s a lot of people with more real problems than her. Jezz I know you had eating disorder but please its been a year, people love you demi but to much is too much. Just be grateful for what you have now

  •!/lucyrodders Lucy

    WOW, the stupidity and downright IGNORANCE of most of these comments amazes me. Are people these days really that heartless?
    You say she’s whining and just wants attention? She’s trying to make a f*cking DIFFERENCE. And she is, she HAS. Me, for one. She got me through a hard time I was going through. I

  •!/lucyrodders Lucy

    Sorry, accidentally posted without finished. SO, I hadn’t finished my rant. I feel really strongly about this. By the way, you can press the thumbs down button as many effing times you want on my comment.
    Okay, so. Like I said, Demi helped me through a rough time. I began self harming and throwing myself up a little while before she left rehab. At that point, I didn’t realise she had gone through the same. I barely knew who she was.
    But I sure do now. And I also think that she deserves to be much more well known. But anyway, that’s besides the point.
    Demi left rehab and came out about all her issues. I watched her interviews and listened to her album and wished that I could be like her. As strong as her.
    And then I thought, well why can’t I be? Every single interview she was begging her fans who were suffering with similar issues to tell someone. To get help. So that’s what I did. I told my parents, and they were so supportive of me. I got the help I needed and to be honest, I’m a much happier person. Still recovering, but in a much better place now. Because of Demi Lovato I stay strong every single day.
    She has got me through so much. And it was because of all her “whining” and “attention seeking” (according to you IMBECILES) that I am as happy as I am today.
    Believe it or not, it helps to know that you’re not alone. That someone else was in your position, but got out of it. So YOU stop your whining. It’s pathetic.
    Demi Lovato is a beautiful, positive role model who has inspired so many people.
    Personally, I can’t WAIT to see this. I think it’s exactly what she needed to do. If you don’t want to watch it, fine. Don’t. But GTFO and keep your offensive, ignorant comments to yourselves.
    Thanks if anyone bothered to read this :)

  • Karz

    @ego: LOL stupid b___tch, English is my fourth language after French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch, and I still write it better than you because you should read what you wrote, it is full of mistakes so before criticizing turn the critic for yourself, you’re not better at it. Ego is your name and I understand you have a big one, just like Demi.