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Jennifer Aniston: 'Chelsea Lately' Appearance!

Jennifer Aniston: 'Chelsea Lately' Appearance!

Jennifer Aniston is all smiles as she makes an appearance on Chelsea Lately on an episode airing Tuesday (February 21).

The 43-year-old actress chatted with Chelsea about filming nude scenes and working on her new film, Wanderlust.

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“It was such a great time, we were in one of the most beautiful places,” Jennifer expressed to Chelsea. “Clarkesville, Georgia, which is in the middle of nowhere and all we had was each other. It was sort of our little commune.”

Wanderlust hits theaters this Friday (February 24)!

Jennifer Aniston on Chelsea Lately
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  • kammie

    chelsea lately is the only crappy talk show Jennifer is asked to appear.

  • lisa

    She is the definition of BORING!

  • PH

    Now, how did we know that she would appear on Chelsea Lately?

  • SO HOT!


  • Queen Jen Jen

    On Angelina Jolie: ” I never think about her, she’ll eventually starve herself to death anyway.”

  • Mrs. Lenny

    This is really painful to watch. So fake and jive. Why are you people into this woman? She is a liar and is not comfortable in her own skin. She really should do do some soul searching….Penisesss and breastsss…Oh, come on….You? hers fan? are you really happy and impressed by this garbage? She comes across as dumb and not funny..What ever!!!…@!#$%!$$!$ Please…You people should be breaking down doors and fleeing from this chick…And by the way..CH can’t stand her…this is a bogus friendship.

  • It’s a Fact

    She’s a beauty.

  • Mrs. Lenny

    “Jennifer Aniston doesn’t tell you the truth about anything! I don’t like anyone that gives you the pat answer. For example, on a sitcom, you know they all despise each other, and then you hear, ‘Oh we love each other.’ You go, ‘Next.’” ”

  • Netto

    Dunno which one is worse …Two talentless wannabes

  • gracioza!

    So beauty,so sexy,so hot,so so happy !!!!!!!! i love my golden girl!!!!

  • karen

    i hope bradly sm*lly pitt is prepared to lose the oscar once again on sunday lol

  • Fugliston and Fugler

    Fugliston lips and face is gone South… Too much filler…she’s can’t hardly talk or smiles like normal people, her lips and face looks Fake and Unnatural !!!

  • elizabeth

    jen looks gorgeous as usual. can’t wait to see this movie, i love her light funny romantic comedies. i don’t understand why people come on her threads and trash her, if you don’t like her then don’t read her stuff, it’s that easy.

  • Annie

    This youthful healthy independent All-American woman puts most ladies in their late twenties and early thirties to shame.

  • Manny

    I see the whacktress has called in a favor to be on TV again. Why didn’t she bring Eddie Munster with her? A little trouble in paradise???
    @Queen Jen Jen:
    Thank you for posting that so we can see what a jealous insecure person Annipants is. If she didn’t care about every move the Jolie-Pitts made why does she continue to comment on them over and over again.
    Annipants had an adulterous affair with a common law married man and STOLE him from his wife and partner.
    I sure wish Heidi would speak out because I would love to see all the media rake Annipants over the coals like she did Jolie. It is only fitting since Annipants has lived on the “pity me” circuit for years. She deserves exactly what she so willing dished out.
    BTW I can’t figure out when she and Chelsea experimented with each other but the tension is there. Double ick…

  • Courtney

    trashy fame ho again. God forbid she do a classy movie and keeps her clothes on and no trashy behavior. The fact that she is friends with Chelsey Ho said alot . Birds of a feather flock together. I can’t believe how much Jen has fallen in my eyes , I no longer have any respect for her .

  • sorella

    It’s Jennifer A. does the same movie every 6 months or so. And it’s always the same interview “we were close, it was fun, great experience” blah-blah-blah (then the movie tanks). No wonder her partners find her boring eventually, I’m bored!! Her face is full of fillers, so puffy. She did say recently she was addicted to reading about facial stuff, she obviously does more than read about them.

  • Queen Angie

    On Jennifer Aniston: “I never think about her. Brad and I have a beautiful family and that is all I care about. She can hop and jump from one man to another, go naked in every magazine, and do everything else she wants but Brad will never go back. Its in his genes. She can go back to TV land to nourish her sinking starving career but I guess she will never be an A-list actress because she cant act hahahahahahahahha”

  • druggies

    A bunch of druggies will be filling the theaters this Friday.

  • JustThinkin’

    That’s “UNCOOL” Jennifer !!!!!!

  • Marina

    It was pathetic to see Chelsea suck up so much to Jennifer Aniston. I like watching the first part of her show with the comedians, it’s really funny most of the times, but I am getting tired of her kissing @SS to her so called “celebrity friends”. It makes her look like a looser.
    I wish E! would give Ross Mathews his own show. He’s funnier than Chelsea as a host. The show is so much better when he’s the host!

  • http://justjarde tota

    lovely jen

  • http://justjarde tota

    great friend

  • http://justjarde mike

    jen shine
    love her

  • aanife

    Lol its not only sucking up to Maniston but also maniston sucking up to handler for fear of being trashed by her again. I pity Maniston all she does is suck up to people to get invited to their shows.

  • Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig

    Too many face fillers the 47yoa hasbeen can barely speak, we all know she can’t complete a single Sentence.

  • yep

    lol! so fun and real!

  • jentheho


    Is better to lose than never get nominated at all. Jen Jen will never ever get nominated.

  • Queen Angie

    @yep: yeah, real fugly and real *h8res

  • ll

    Jennifer looks so lovely here. Can’t wait to see her new movie!

  • why

    why does aniston speak like she is eating her words or slurring? its like she also doesnt open her mouth when she talks, i just dont know, but there is something weird when she talks, aside of course from her being inarticulate

  • lainey

    “My girlfriend, I don’t know if any of you guys know her…”
    February 23, 2012 Posted at 12:51 AM
    Lainey Posted by Lainey


    Jennifer Aniston
    Justin Theroux

    Have we been played for nine months?

    Late Spring last year we were told that Jennifer Aniston’s new boyfriend was called Justin Theroux; she’s been fronting like they didn’t hook up during filming of Wanderlust because he had a girlfriend at the time but whatever… the point is, we watched them through the summer, into the fall in New York, all leading up to now, as Wanderlust opens this weekend, OSCAR WEEKEND.

    Would Justin Theroux be getting all this press, invited onto The Ellen DeGeneres Show if not for the fact that he is “comma, dating Jennifer Aniston”? And, um, as such, since they’re a couple, we should totally go see the movie to see this on screen…?

    Oh but he doesn’t want to talk about it.


    He kinda didn’t talk about it with Ellen. In an episode that airs today, it turns out that Justin can break-dance. And, like, it’s Jen’s favourite thing ever. Only he doesn’t actually say it by name. Her name is “my girlfriend, I don’t know if any of you guys know her…”


    Is supposed to be funny…?

    I’m not sure it worked. I’m not even sure the clap-eager audience thought it worked.

    What is that silver accessory hanging off his pocket? What’s with the hipster waiter uniform? Is that supposed to offset his tan? Is that the wardrobe of a man who would never conspire with this lady to exploit his relationship in exchange for the success of his movie? Because, sure, I am totally, totally feeling that.

  • http://justjarde brad

    amazing jen
    i want you

  • http://justjarde brad

    she has great body
    anglina has worst body ever and flat butt

  • http://justjarde brad

    !!!!!!!! i love my golden girl!!!!

  • JL

    Jen looks great. Of course, Chelsea is not her sincere friend.

  • Justin


    She has no brain. That’s why I was able to use her to pimp my career. And it works. I got interviews on Ellen and JK and magazines.

    Angelina is too smart for me and she has the most gorgeous face. Her body is not bad either. So Angie is not as obsess with her body as this dimwit that I am with but as long as this dumb@ss Aniston can help further my career I’ll guess I will take her.

  • dd

    Yes Jennifer Aniston is lovely and fit for her age at 43, but there is no substance in her movies. I find that most of interviews when she promotes a movie are shallows, no substance at all. People say that she is an intelligent woman and that she is only playing around or joking around her interviews but I doubt that.

  • JL

    ‘Justin’, do you think “she has no brain”? And that’s why she has all she has for today? Let’s wait the end of Wanderlust promo.

  • Funny Truth

    Funny, Angie keeps getting the awards, while poor Jen keeps losing her clothes!!

  • These women have no class

    So, does this mean we’re going to hear trashing talking about Anige and her kids in the next Chelsea Hanlder stand up act? Why can’t Jen and Chelsea get over their obsession with Angelina?? Is it because Angelina has CLASS and doesnt care about these media hags? Brangelina has the power to destroy them both, but would rather no pay any attetion, and let these 2 women self-destruct…

  • These women have no class

    @The ORIGINAL Miami D.:

    Spike awards don’t count…LOL

  • jentheho

    @The ORIGINAL Miami D.:

    You mean the brainless superficial awards. How about major awards for her talent? How many GG, SAG, CCA, Oscar she has won as a “real” movie actress. That’s what I thought.

  • jentheho

    @Funny Truth:

    That’s so true.

  • jentheho


    She is a dumb@ss when she opens her mouth. This woman can even form a decent & intellectual sentence. Her success really has nothing to do with her actually using her brain or being intelligent. However, I have to give her credit for being smart coattailing Brad & Angie. She wouldn’t continue to have a decent career if people didn’t feel sorry for her being dumbed. Come on. Courtney & Lisa are much more talented than this dimwit. Their career didn’t take off after Friends was because they didn’t have the triangle to coattail.

    Read theory #3

  • jentheho

    @The ORIGINAL Miami D.:

    So, you would rather have many awards for having a nice body and not for your work. If that’s more important to you and Jen, I guess you are right. Jen does have more talentless & superficial awards than AJ.

  • Just Sayin’

    Jennifer Aniston isn’t America’s Sweetheart! She lost that image when she started pretending to bone every co-star and hanging with that racist scum Chelsea Handler.

    Melissa McCarthy is America’s Sweetheart and way, way funnier than Aniston never was.

  • Pat

    I’m large.
    I have a beard.
    I’ve never shaved downstairs.
    I HATE pretty feminine women.
    I LOVE Angelina Jolie.
    Shi Too!

  • Jenho

    These 2 make me sick, dumb trashy 40ish blondes , they belong together unfortunately. Neither of them have any talent either. At least they are not pretending to be good girls anymore just showing everyone what HO’s they are.

  • Terrie

    Both of them are white trash. They even look alike.