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Jennifer Aniston: Hollywood Walk of Fame Star!

Jennifer Aniston: Hollywood Walk of Fame Star!

Jennifer Aniston grins from ear to ear as she receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Wednesday (February 22) in Hollywood.

The 43-year-old Wanderlust actress was feted by her Just Go with It co-star, Adam Sandler, at a ceremony. Jen‘s boyfriend Justin Theroux and Malin Akerman, who both star opposite Jennifer in Wanderlust, also attended.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Aniston

Late last week, Jennifer premiered Wanderlust at the Mann Village Theatre.

FYI: Jennifer is wearing a Chanel Cruise 2012 dress with Bally shoes.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame…

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Credit: Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty, INFdaily
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  • Justin Aniston

    Congratulations, Jennifer! I love you so much. And your hair looks so beautiful!

  • Courtney

    big whoop this talentless so-called actress didn’t deserve a star on the walk of fame and especially getting one before Vanessa Redgrave does is totally disrepectful no surprising coming from hollywood

  • Condi

    She looks great here! Finally, wearing something other than black!

  • KC

    Pretty dress.

  • Bree

    These stars are not based on merit or who is deserving. They are bought and paid for by the celeb or the studio of whatever movie they are promoting!

    They also have to pay upkeep for them yearly.

    Her movie career is not good enough to deserve this, the studio bought it.

  • laura

    i love her really very much. but I don’t think that she deserves it more than angelina jolie.. she is that serious actress, instead of jennifer, she’s just doing comedies.
    but i’m happy for her. congratulations


    She looks stunning

  • Emma

    Sadly the Stars on Hollywood Walk of Fame don’t mean much anymore. The stars have to pay a fee for them and they pretty much use them for publicity to promote a movie.

  • Ava

    She has in extensions, her hair is longer than a week ago.
    She really looks her age here with her bought star.

    Did all you know the star/studio has to PAY for these stars? They are bought as a promotion tool.
    Also Wanderlust is looking to bomb, tracking is at less than 10 million. She can’t open a film by herself.

  • dd

    So sad.. She paid for her walk of fame. Got the following info from wikpedia:

    Each year, an average of 200 nominations are submitted to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Walk of Fame Selection Committee. Anyone, including fans, can nominate anyone active in the field of entertainment, as long as the nominee or his or her management is in agreement with the nomination (a letter of agreement from the nominated celebrity or representative must accompany the application). Nominees must have a minimum of five years’ experience in the category for which they are nominated and a history of “charitable contributions”.[65] Posthumous nominees must have been deceased at least five years. At a meeting each June, the committee selects approximately 20 celebrities to receive stars on the Walk of Fame during the following year. One posthumous award is given each year as well. The nominations of those not selected are “rolled over” to the following year for reconsideration; those not selected two years in a row are dropped, and must be renominated to receive further consideration. Living recipients must agree to personally attend a presentation ceremony within five years of selection. A relative of deceased recipients must attend posthumous presentations. Presentation ceremonies are open to the public.[3]
    The most common question received by Chamber personnel is, “Why doesn’t _____________ have a star?”[118] Numerous major entertainment figures and legendary show business acts are not included on the Walk of Fame, for a variety of reasons. Some, such as Julia Roberts[27][119] and Clint Eastwood,[119] have declined to participate; nominations cannot proceed without the nominee’s consent. Others, such as George Clooney[120] and John Denver,[28] were nominated but would not agree to the mandatory personal appearance at the unveiling ceremony. Others have simply never been nominated, or do not have a nominator willing or able to pay the selection fee, or have less than the required five years’ minimum involvement in their designated field. Others are merely victims of selection constraints and probability: only about 10% of nominees are selected each year.

    A fee (currently $30,000), payable at time of selection, is collected to pay for the creation and installation of the star, as well as general maintenance of the Walk of Fame. The fee is usually paid by the nominating organization, which may be a fan club, or a film studio, record company, broadcaster, or other sponsor involved with the honoree’s current or ongoing project.[23][121] The Starz cable network, for example, paid for Dennis Hopper’s star as part of the promotion for its series Crash. It was unveiled in March 2010, shortly before Hopper’s death.[23][122]

  • Justin briber

    “grins from ear to ear” really JJ? There is 1 photo of her barely smiling In the entire set of pictures. Anyway CONGRATS to Jen, beautiful and talented!!!!!

  • truth

    tmz has an interesting story about this !

  • Wonderbust

    Porscha Coleman @PorschaColeman
    FavoritedFavorite ยท Close Open Details Jennifer Aniston is getting a star on the Walk of Fame 2day…Whitney Houston, an icon, 170million albums sold, has no star. #confused

  • Tori


    The star has nothing to do with talent. You do have to have at least five years of ‘significant’ achievement which JA has. You need to be nominated and approve the nomination and must have a letter from your management or yourself approving the nomination. You should have significant charitable contributions (she does in terms of giving money). You must pay or someone must pay $30,000 at the time of selection. And you must show up. There are about 200 nominees a year. Selection criteria per inviddual and who does the selecting isn’t broadcasted.
    Some actors such as Julia Roberts and Clint Eastwood have declined to participate. Some don’t push the nomination so no one has nominated them. Others don’t want to pay the $30k or the sponsoring agency/fan club doesn’t have or won’t pay it. Others have declined to show up to get the star and the selected person must be present.
    About ten percent of the 200 are selected each year. Vanessa Redgrave may never have been nominated, she may not want to participate or she doesn’t want to show up.
    Redgrave has more talent than Aniston, but the star is not indicative of talent. It is indicative of achievement. Aniston may not be the best actress around, but she has emmys for her television work and has made significant amounts of money in the film industry. Plus she is well liked in the industry and by fans so by selecting her based on the selection process (which is not about talent)–she guarentees a lot of publicity for the event.

  • Manny
  • gracioza!

    Today is your day my golden girl,enjoy,be happy,this is important!
    we fans love you so much and forever,we fans,friends and family are proud for you JENNIFER ANISTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sowhat

    what a coincidence that she gets the star today and her new movie opens on friday?? imagine that!!

  • believe

    Is it true she is doing full nudity for her new movie? And that movie hasn’t been released early for the critics to review before opening? What a waste. She is giving it away for that? I think that is very sad.

  • liloo

    Congrats. But personally I’d rather have something much more meaningful such as recognition as a UN ambassador, and other merit awards for humanitarian work! Just sayin” looooooool

  • Too bad

    Errr is this a joke or something? I can’t believe it. What did she do that made her so deserving of a star on freaking Hollywood walk of fame?!? No. Damn. Thing. I can name QUITE a bunch of real talented actresses who deserve a star more than Aniston (sorry but as pretty and likeable as she is, she’s not actress material). HELL, if Angelina Jolie, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Leonardo Dicaprio and Jim freakin’ Carey don’t have stars….. why….. HOW could SHE?!! UGH. It’s beyond me

  • Jo

    You guys are aware that all these celebrities actually paid to have their stars? It’s not about talent, it’s about money.

  • Biped

    It’s good PR for anyone, since most people won’t bother with finding out who gets awarded what. She seems to still be not over BP, who does seem way happier with AJ, but interviewers drag it up every time so she’s probably going to be talking about BP until she retires. Poor girl. No one has a chance against AJ, really!

  • Nicole

    she’ s sad . That dress is Horrible . What was she thinking … oh yeah she doesn’t . LOSER !!!

  • truth

    the good girl is everywhere promoting a movie about nudity, sex, drug
    No class, no pride.

  • Me

    Lmao, all the ” it no longer means nothing, it’s paid for” bs is funny. Haters gonna hate because if it were Angie Hoelina you wouldn’t be singing the same tune.

  • Frozoid

    NOT a good dress for her. But the way she is holding the plaque in front of her tummy makes me wonder if she is pregnant. I think she is..

  • Saara

    Aniston with 1,2 bilion dollar for her movies is just fames person
    She deserves own star

  • truth

    @Me: I would be disappointed, because i love the rebell angelina

  • Jentheho

    She got the award not because she deserves it or talented. She got it because she paid for it. Clint Eastwood doesn’t have one. You can seriously think she is more talented than Clint.

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  • Cher

    I have nothing against Jenn Aniston but a Hollywood Star…really???? This truly boggles my mind!! Is everything bought these days in Hollywood??!!? Hollywood Walk of Fame becomes irrelevant when they give it to every tom dick and harry.

  • Me

    @ truth yea cuz being a badass is sooooo cool. Not!



    Shes getting a star because of her great movies right ?
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Good Job Huvane!

    her friendship with Chelsea Handler speaks volumes about her real Mean-Girl personality


    I guess if you make enough bad movies you can get a star.


    wow she looks radiant!!!

  • starmiarse

    oh yes… so much “star quality” in this haaaaaaag!!!

  • truth

    @Me: love juliette lewis, pink, tilda swinton, helena bonham carter



    A you mean Chinnifer Maniston homewrecking wh@re ?
    Yeah Heidi Bivens hates your Anuston LOL

    oh and guess what, Anuston is a Transsexuell, because shes a MAN!
    AHAHAHHAHAAH Thats her Greek Genes, Greek woman are UGLY


    Oh and she gave herself a new present, SHE got new Lips.. AGAIN HAHAHHAHAHAHAH


    Like Tate Donovan her Exfiance said about Anuston, She loves luxus and is high-maintenance!!! She is not what Huvane want you to show. Jen is rich mean selfish SNOB


    her friendship with Chelsea Handler speaks volumes about her real Mean-Girl personality


    her friendship with Chelsea Handler speaks volumes about her real Mean-Girl personalit

  • emmaa

    She looks great! She deserves a star there, she’s an entertainer. She’s eligible. She’s famous. Get over it haters.

  • Rio

    So beautiful and pretty!
    Well deserved :D

  • Jane

    I love JA!

  • JL

    GREAT! Great look! Great dress! Congratulations!!!
    Father near her looks happy. This is not because of money. Her money are not the biggest. But the love of millions in all the world is BIGGER comparing to Eastwood & so on.

  • Katie

    Congrats to her!

    She looks lovely, gorgeous dress.

    Her movie looks fun, will watch it this weekend.


    David Hasselhof got a star
    Shrek got star
    ahahahah The Walk of Fame is a JOKE!

    Julia Roberts didnt want a star,
    CLint didnt want a star
    leo di caprio didnt want a star
    the real stars avoid this “honor”

    Shes always the cheap LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Come on Maniston, get Naked for Promotion again. THis is your best acting. PORN STAR

    And Yes im a Hater! and i love it to hate her and old ugly Steven HOvane fAGOT

  • Jentheho


    Which world? The world of the superficial and the not so talented. Put Clint and this woman on the same stage and lets see who’ll get the standing ovation. You are a fcuking moron.