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Kate Bosworth: Charlie Chaplin Oscar Anniversary!

Kate Bosworth: Charlie Chaplin Oscar Anniversary!

Kate Bosworth arrives at a celebration for the 40th anniversary of Charlie Chaplin‘s honorary Academy Award on Tuesday (February 21) at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actress, wearing a Stella McCartney dress with Miu Miu heels, hit the carpet with beau Michael Polish before heading inside the party.

Earlier in the afternoon, Kate and Michael arrived at LAX Airport after jetting in from England.

The two had checked out Burberry‘s Fall/Winter 2012 collection during London Fashion Week.

FYI: Kate is carrying a JewelMint clutch.

15+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish at the Charlie Chaplin anniversary celebration…

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Credit: David Livingston; Photos: Getty
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  • Teri

    She looks wonderful! Wow! She probably got the dress when she saw Stella in London over the weekend.

  • Meli

    @Teri: lol wanting to provoke?

  • :(

    She looks constipated.

  • hottiepatrol

    Kate is a 10….I’m jealous of her talent and beauty

  • Jeannie

    Love the color on her, but she looks like she’s on something.

  • Golden

    Kate looks beautiful. I think this is a Harvey Weinstein party and it’s honoring Charles Chaplin but also The Artist – silent films and all.

  • coco

    She should brush her hair more often. It looks so pretty. Although I think it’s kind of cool she doesn’t feel compelled to spend a lot of time primping in her everyday life.

  • Teri

    @Meli: No not really. Just telling it like it is! :>) Kate’s wearing one of Stella’s designs. Looks good.

  • Shannon

    her hair looks disgusting. just get a weave already.

  • Shannon

    she also has dead eyes. like her face is just vacant & void of any emotion. it’s scary.

  • @Shannon

    How can you say her hair looks disgusting? It looks beautiful, healthy, shiny, soft, sexy, and classic. Jealous much?!

  • Jeannie

    I think she is wearing a weave…
    If she was with Stella, she would have called the paps. She’s worn her dresses after the CM incident. It’s pretty obvious where Stella’s loyalties lie. And it isn’t with KB.

  • Shannon

    @@Shannon: lol, of course i must be jealous. i have amazing hair actually. she needs to get her roots sorted out for one, & it’s obvious that she tries to make her hair look fuller scrunching it up & attempting to blow it out. SHE. NEEDS. A. WEAVE.

  • Actually…

    @Shannon: I actually like it darker, I wish she would just dye all of her hair the color of her roots (or something closer to it). And she is wearing a weave, or at least clip in hair. She needs to cut her hair so it’s not so weighed down. Even an inch or two shorter would give her a lot more volume and maybe she wouldn’t need the fake hair.

  • Shannon

    @Actually…: she should definitely go darker, then she wouldn’t have to worry about roots since she’s soooooo low maintenance. if that’s a clip in, it looks awful. she looks better with chin length hair. the hair is the most important part of an outfit, & she just never gets it right.

  • BLAH




  • Nika

    I don’t know what you’re guys saying b/c I love her hairstyle. There’s nothing wrong with having your roots showing nowadays, just check hair shows bc/ It’s more natural and modern. I think she looks stunning except I liked Alex S. w/ her better…

  • Actually…

    @Nika: I said that she should dye her hair back to her natural color and Shannon agreed with me, I also suggested that she trim a few inches off of her hair so she could get some volume without having to add in fake hair. How exactly is that *less* natural than what she is doing now?

  • Beautiful

    Kate looks stunning, just beautiful. Her hair looks great and the dress is lovely.

  • This chick

    She surely high tailed out of London quickly. I guess she didn’t get the reception she wanted. She looks empty here nothing new, MP sure is a Famewho*e isn’t he? Does he do anything useful these days other than follow her everywhere. They are both a joke and Twitter shows that every day.
    This is what they say as holding on tightly before you get pushed/kicked out. Her circle of whatever she had is disappearing. She is being replaced in every way I can’t wait to see how AS replace her with a new hot piece and show us real passion between couples.

  • mforman—

    @#1—Teri–That dress was not designed for her by Stella, but probably came off the rack and was picked by Cher to take home. We learned all about this situation when the CM situation occurred. Stella McCarthney is not only an amazing talent but a loyal friend.
    Amazing how clean and new her hair looks, it just goes to show you she or someone she pays reads this column and these people take what is said to heart.
    I mean seriously look how she changed her hair overnight and quickly, it went from filthy and disgusting to brand new extensions.
    KB looks so stoned or wasted, that is not jet lagged, she looks like she is on something, what is she on.
    @#4—hottiepatrol–Extactly what are you jealous of. Both KB and MP are umemployed and have absolutely nothing lined up except for those ridiculous JM commercials.
    @#7—coco—Exaxctly what does she ever primp, KB always looks unwashed, uncombed and totally drugged out of her mind, it truly is sooo sad.

  • Slu

    @coco: She didn’t brush her hair, 90% of that is extensions.

  • ladybug

    @This chick: They hightailed it out of London because they had ‘work’ here in LA!
    JJ must be so happy, she’s come out of hiding in Utah and he can do multiple posts about her.
    She’s doing the knocked-kneed look again. To repeat from previous posts, for a former equestrienne she’s got terrible posture. Just because posing like you’re a newborn giraffe is the in thing to do on red carpets doesn’t mean you should do it.
    @Shannon, I think she kept the weave in, even with brushing and blow drying her hair it doesn’t normally look that full. And yes, she should chop about 6 inches off it it and go darker, be it a darker blonde or even a reddish color. That bleach blonde color does nothing for her, it makes her look washed out.
    Is Polish saying Kate is like Chaplin? Really?

  • Biped

    She looks great when she doesn’t do the flat hair thing. Great look.

  • @This chick & @mforman

    Two members of the kray kray haters brigade…. sad people,really
    (mforman’s comments are disgusting)

  • tula

    OMG! No wonder it didn’t work out with AS..have you checked MP’s web/twitter page? The whole thing is about KB….it is really sad and I know what MForman is talking about..AS just didn’t have that kind of time (or inclination, I’m sure)it’s actually funny..theres a pic on there titled “the streetlamp is on” and it is ofcourse a pic of KB looking down….probably at her phone to see if AS has called or texted…..BWAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

  • Tulip

    Kate looks wonderful at this party and she looked fantastic at the Burberry fashion show. She’s a classic beauty.
    @@This chick &@mforman: What’s kray kray? I don’t read mforman’s posts because they’re so foolish.

  • Lois

    She looks like she’s trying to channel Rosie Huntington Whitely. Molish looks ridiculous. Allowing KB to dress him like Alex is so sad. Just reading their tweets show what two needy, co-dependent famewh*res they are. Glad they found each other.

  • Wow

    what doubt of what actually went down between AS and KB do to some people. LOL.

  • Eresyn

    see? that’s they way her hair should look if she would stop starving herself! (nice extensions though)
    “Just because posing like you’re a newborn giraffe is the in thing to do on red carpets doesn’t mean you should do it.”
    OMG Ladybug you just made me LOL sooo hard!!! THANK YOU! ;)

  • Lois


    Yes, her store bought hair looks lovely. Too bad this is her natural look.

  • Lois

    She must have run with Rosie’s picture to her hair stylist. She has not one once of originality.

  • tula


    please enlighten us………..what is your theory?

  • Wow

    @tula-There is nothing to enlighten. For every one theory there is another etc. But there is always that nagging doubt for some who really left whom no matter how much theories are put out there. LOL.

  • tula

    hey everyone..Alex will be attending the Spirit Awards on Saturday….he has taken a break the last couple years..good to see him going back to honoring true art and filmmaking….I wonder what the hold up was last year?

  • Rachel (): Don’t get mad, but

    I….actually think she looks….good, for her. I really like the dress and the pairing of it with those shoes. God, I feel kind of dirty and nauseous.

    @@This chick & @mforman: Mforman is just perpetually irked by Kate and she enthusiastically dislikes her. You can’t blame her. KB’s fascinatingly annoying. Lay off. @This chick probably feels the same. Kate Bosworth is not a likable person, and clothing won’t change that. Get over it.

  • ladybug

    @tula: Melancholia is up for an award, I’m presuming that’s why he’s going this year.
    @Lois, I think that’s why I’m not sure why she’s a style icon, yes, she can dress ‘up’ well on occasion, but Cher doesn’t do anything with her that’s really original. Neither lead, they follow.

  • please

    @This chick @mforman- Enthusiastically is just another word for obsessive.

  • Island of Iona

    This one might last. look how MP looks so adoringly at her He really does care awwww how sweet she has finally found a LIFE PARTNER who shares her interests and passions

    Pap lovers

    Yeah there a match made in heaven

  • ladybug

    @Rachel (): Don’t get mad, but: She doesn’t look bad, her hair is brushed and looks full-the weave I’m presuming. The dress isn’t beige. I’m not a fan of the .. whatever the heck’s on the front. But if you look closer the fabric emphasizes how terribly tiny she really is, much like her dress at Sundance did. And then there’s her posture.

  • chelle

    WOW!! I sleep for a few hours and this…… whatever they call themselves….shows up AGAIN???? What the crap does she have in her head? Not to mention what the hell is on the front of that dress?

  • This chick

    @25,38 I guess I stroke a cord with the fans all 2 of you, Kray, kray really I guess you are a regular at urban dic. Personally I don’t care or support anything she does I rarely post on her threads. But you call me obsessed/sad really I guess when you look in the mirror you are obese right. I am sad, not the celeb that you worship who has self esteem and self adoration issues. She apparently needs someone around her all the time to hold her hands and tell her she is pretty and she is good at nothing Her style icon is not even earned it help with the aid of a stylist that has no style herself. I don’t talk about my private life but I will sell it out on twitter one pic at a time. But I leave you to it, it useless talking to blind fans.

  • Lois


    “whatever they call themselves….”

    What about Boswish or better yet, Wh*res, Inc?

  • Dieter

    JARED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THAT GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Notsure

    @thischick: I love that Alex is secure enough to not have to parade around with a hot new piece. I mean come one, I am sure he has not been celibate since June.

    LOL at newborn giraffe pose!

  • Macy

    I was going to say this dress is almost exactly like the one at Sundance. She looked so scrawny in that one. At least she’s wearing a color . And it’s a total weave for sure. Her shoes are always too big too. You can tell they are just samples and not really her own shoes. That dress was probably not given to her by Stella either. She can afford to buy one of her own, or Cher can get samples and give them out to whatever client she sees fit. She does dress some clients that Stella probably approves of way more than KB so it probably could happen on occasion that a dress will come her way.

  • Tulip

    People who know or have met Kate have the nicest things to say about her. I believe she’s a cool girl. I’ve liked her movies and I think she’s talented. She’s very beautiful. I don’t think the men she’s been with would have invested so much time in the relationship if she wasn’t a good person. And they’re still friendly with her.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: Has to be a weave, this was her hair at the airport earlier in the day:
    She does look better in color: reds, blues, greens, etc. But the fabric for the Sundance dress and this dress cling enough to make really obvious how skinny she really is. Even if she were at her pre-Blue Crush weight she’d look better.
    The close-up of her feet frighten me, I don’t know how my fellow females wear shoes like that without being in pain all the time. But I know women who love shoes like that.
    @Lois, I don’t think MP is really dressing like AS. However, if MP were suddenly to start wearing Chuck Taylors, an anchor necklace and Hammarby shirts then I’d be worried.

  • What are you smokin


    There are tons of stories about her being a total Bi tch to the wait staff at different parties. Reaming Alex a new one in the VIP section at Coachella. She looks like she’s in her 40′s. Her hair is so thin that you can see through it and she can hide behind a lamp post because she’s so emaciated. Let’s not even start with the Ex BF’s and the, no doubt ,restraining orders and stalking. If her and Alex were still friends, explain the Straw Dogs premiere. She’s clawing on to the last piece of limelight left. Unfortunately it comes complete with a fame whoin troll.

  • ladybug

    @Tulip: Well, her exes probably don’t hate her, but saying they’re ‘friendly’ with her is really stretching it.
    Look, she’s happy with Polish, he dotes on her in a way her previous bfs never did. He seems to be happy to have her in his films and to join in inane tweeting/retweeting and famewhoring. So maybe she finally did find a lifepartner in crime. So, good for her.