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Kate Bosworth: Charlie Chaplin Oscar Anniversary!

Kate Bosworth: Charlie Chaplin Oscar Anniversary!

Kate Bosworth arrives at a celebration for the 40th anniversary of Charlie Chaplin‘s honorary Academy Award on Tuesday (February 21) at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actress, wearing a Stella McCartney dress with Miu Miu heels, hit the carpet with beau Michael Polish before heading inside the party.

Earlier in the afternoon, Kate and Michael arrived at LAX Airport after jetting in from England.

The two had checked out Burberry‘s Fall/Winter 2012 collection during London Fashion Week.

FYI: Kate is carrying a JewelMint clutch.

15+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish at the Charlie Chaplin anniversary celebration…

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147 Responses to “Kate Bosworth: Charlie Chaplin Oscar Anniversary!”

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  1. 51
    Sunny Says:

    @What are you smokin: Really? What are you smokin?!

  2. 52
    Macy Says:

    It does emphasize her thinness. It’s pretty bad when someone who interviews her noted that she’s even thinner than Angelina Jolie and I think everyone can agree, Angie’s pretty frigging thin!
    Those aren’t her own shoes. They look uncomfortable for sure, but they might not be as bad if they actually did fit her. Her hair has some help for sure. You can’t look that the airport photo and the photo of her on the plane and say that’s the same head of hair as here. It’s just not possible without a weave.

  3. 53
    mforman--- Says:

    @#27—Tulip—Once you again make comments against me, talking about KB, without any backup of your own. She is wearing a dress that we all know came off of the rack or for another one of Cher’s clients, because their is no @#way that Stella McCartney will ever make KB an originial dress, done with her own hands.
    Okay, first I stated a dress directly from her hands.
    Next, I stated how her hair went from filthy to clean, because she put in an obiviously very clean extension, once again only people agreeing with that and with the last comment on how she was so drugged out of her mind, that the look in her eyes were so embrassing, even I felt humilitated for her. That was not jet lag, that was a special tea with a special little pill. Once again, people didn’t pick on my statements but they defended them and added to them.
    Tulip—-When people do that, that says a lot in itself.
    What are you smokin

    @@This chick & @mforman: Mforman is just perpetually irked by Kate and she enthusiastically dislikes her. You can’t blame her. KB’s fascinatingly annoying. Lay off. @This chick probably feels the same. Kate Bosworth is not a likable person, and clothing won’t change that. Get over it.

    To all of you who defended me, thank you truly, because it just goes to show that you really read.

    I just cannot wait to see what the rest of the week brings in the form of those amazing tweets and the best of her re tweeting those disguting photos and captions and award winning side bars.

    Talk to you soon guys,

  4. 54
    Fashionista Says:

    “Yep, Kate’s still looking immaculate and perfect. Charlie Chaplin would be proud.
    How is it possible for someone to look so good all the time? We don’t have the answer but we do have some pictures of Kate doing just that. Again.
    Kate’s so pretty it actually hurts.”

    I agree.

  5. 55
    Kate Says:

    I think she looks incredible. Love the hair, the dress, the shoes. Everything is stunning.

  6. 56
    Tulip Says:

    She’s lovely.

  7. 57
    Jess Says:

    Burberry fashion show, the airport, Charlie Chaplin’s 40th – Kate rocked all three!

  8. 58
    Er Says:

    she looks waxy. she’s also looked a lot better. if this is her “stunning” look then i think you’re being overly generous.

  9. 59
    ladybug Says:

    I see the unitroll came out last night.
    @Fashionaista: “Charlie Chaplin would be proud”, that’s offensive. And it’s the Mirror, so not surprising it’s so sycophantic, just like most of the fashion press in general.
    So, she’s stunning? And …. what else? Just because she can dress well (on occasion and with help) is no reason to idolize her.
    Kate recommends books:
    Kate Bosworth @katebosworth Reply Retweet Favorite · Open

    @Markymarkh76 “The Fountainhead” classic read, “Let The Great World Spin” good contemporary, “Steve Jobs” biography for inspired greatness.!/katebosworth

  10. 60
    #25 Says:

    @Tulip – You are so right, mforman’s comments ARE foolish (to say the least). She is to be pitied, not criticized, poor thing. I’ll skip her comments from now on!

  11. 61
    #53 Says:

    @mforman- is that you commenting and following her facebook page?

  12. 62
    Rachel () KB's Objective Says:

    @ladybug: Lol, as we speak, Ayn Rand is probably trying to claw her way out of the grave so she can spit in this woman’s face. If you’ve read her, remember all those passages she speaks about books being defiled by all the lowly people who cheapen the pages?…… I guess now that KB’s out of work she can say she’s “on strike” or something, save face.

  13. 63
    Rachel () KB's Objective Says:

    @#53: After reading this comment I went to KB’s page just to see. I’ve never seen a “famous” person get only 3 comments on a 2 day old comment.

    2/20 post- 12 comments; 2/19 post- 13 comments; 2/17 post- 9 comments;
    2/16 post- 3 comments. OMG! I generally fare better.

    I mean, Michelle Rodriguez(Kate’s side-kick in Blue Crush) averages about 100 comments a post, Cameron Diaz(who works slightly more than KB and is ancient) averages about 100, Regina Spektor(who’s never papp’d, yet kicks ass) got almost 800 comments for her bday and averages around 200, and even sweet little Rachel Bilson cleans up a bit better. I could go on and on.
    If Kate really does have fans, you guys suck at it.

  14. 64
    ohboy Says:

    @53- you guys are really going into bully territory, following her twitter, facebook, her forums and now putting up statistics. It isn’t that big a thing. This is just a gossip site. Rag on her all you want here (it is amusing at times) but like I said going around and stalking her sites is going into bully territory. Not cool.

    Besides, isn’t it too much wasted energy to put into someone you dislike?

  15. 65
    Asprey Says:

    Even I will admit she looks good here.

  16. 66
    Tulip Says:

    @#64: It’s so not cool. Clearly some are insanely jealous of KB and their obsessiveness is sick. I can’t imagine being them. What a terrible headspace to live in.
    @ladybug: I like her choice of books. “Fountainhead” is one of my favorites and “Let The Great World Spin” is brilliant. I haven’t read the Steve Jobs biography. Have you read any of them? Just asking – not provoking ill will.

  17. 67
    ladybug Says:

    @Tulip: Ayn Rand is one of those writers that should probably be attempted to be read simply because of their political influence-much like Marx or Nietzsche. And she’s unreadable (much like Nietzsche). So, I’ve tried. And failed. Of course, it doesn’t help that I think her ideological influence is horrible, but she also a lousy writer.
    @Rachel(), I think Kate’s ‘Gone Galt’, I think that’s the phrase that’s being used now.
    I’ve not read the Let The Great World Spin, because I’m not really interested. But like the Jobs book I supposed I’ll eventually read it, I know it got very good reviews/prizes. It goes on the ‘when I retire’ list.
    At least she didn’t recommend a Friedman book.
    Do I think she reads all books she’s mentioned? Yes. But as I mentioned in a much earlier post, she strikes me as someone who reads a lot of non-fic, but still doesn’t synthesize it, but regurgitates it. Much like her fashion ‘sense’, really.

  18. 68
    Facebook post? Says:

    Seen this on an old Kate bosworth post.
    Connection? @ 12/17/2011 at 5:29 pm
    Very curious,,,Is there a connection or same person between the names Mforman and the person who posts!!,, on khos Facebook Pg with the name marissa Forman??,,
    @reply | flag this

  19. 69
    Rachel () KB's Objective Says:

    @ohboy: I assume you meant to put @63 not @53. I don’t stalk KB. I post on here and look at her Twitter once in a while b/c it’s funny and people(even Lainey@LG) talk about the dumb stuff she says. I only went on her FB page b/c someone was asking mforman if she’d posted on it. I actually didn’t realize that she had one, and I’ve never posted on it. It’s not like I’m tweeting “@katebosworth I hate you”(I don’t) or anything. This is just a thread to laugh at the dumb stuff she does and speculate. I hope Kate Bosworth is monstrously happy and content! But in JJ land I’m going to make fun of her if I feel like it.
    @Facebook post?: Funny that ppl are talking about going too far w/ KB. Why are you trying to identify different ppl here? If someone wanted to tell you their whole name and fb then they would. The internet is a DANGEROUS place to give out personal information, it’s wrong for jerks like you to give it out for others. Wtf is wrong with you!?

  20. 70
    Rachel () KB's Objective Says:

    @Tulip: As everyone on here has mentioned at least once, I don’t think anyone’s actually jealous of her. From the facts I know of Kate and the suspicions I have of her, I just don’t think she’s an extremely good person. I do think that she is an amusing person to read stories about and to discuss. Her neuroticism is largely under the radar. Based on my opinion of her, I don’t think it’s any more pathetic to diss her, than it is to sing sychophantic praises about her. I don’t understand your love for her, but you’re a better fan than the rest of her’s are.
    I think the actual books she reads are quality. I also think she’s technically intelligent, but being smart doesn’t matter if you don’t think. And I agree with you that she reads books, but doesn’t really entirely get them. The books she reads are just something else to put on her personality resume. Like all that crap about horses.

  21. 71
    ladybug Says:

    An addendum to my comment on KB and books: I don’t think that she is good at critical thinking. However, it’s a teachable skill (I too was a non-critical thinking college freshman). She’s not got any movies coming up, she should take some time and go audit some classes at one of the many colleges/universities in the LA area. Take a business class, art class, philosophy, etc. And take it on campus.
    @Rachel(), I like how some of her fans accuses of of being obsessive and then turn around and behave in the same way.

  22. 72
    Rachel () KB's Objective Says:

    @ladybug: Yes, critical thinking is the issue, one many many ppl have. Most ppl develop it in college I think, but she never went, so….. It’s not like I think she’s a lost cause, just lost.
    Also, yeah, stalking random posters on JJ is WAY better than reading Kate’s twitter feed.

  23. 73
    Eresyn Says:

    @ladybug: @Rachel () KB’s Objective:
    yes, ITO, i think she should take some college courses, or even other stuff, like an art course, or if she’s so interest in fashion, go learn about that…something that would help her expand like a person for herself, not for showing or proving to other people…and i’ve been to her Twitter/FB accounts…just one word: insufferable!

  24. 74
    Eresyn Says:

    ITO meant ITA LOL ;)

  25. 75
    ladybug Says:

    @Rachel () KB’s Objective: Oh, stalking posters on JJ is much, much better than reading their twitter feeds! How dare you think otherwise! :)
    I think you’re correct on her, she is technically intelligent, and her book selection is quality, I get the impression she does pay attention to reviews, and such, she doesn’t want to read strictly ‘light’ fare. But …
    In some ways her ‘issues’ are much more interesting than Lindsay Lohan’s, because LiLo is so obviously messed, while KB’s problems aren’t that obvious.

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