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Kate Bosworth: Charlie Chaplin Oscar Anniversary!

Kate Bosworth: Charlie Chaplin Oscar Anniversary!

Kate Bosworth arrives at a celebration for the 40th anniversary of Charlie Chaplin‘s honorary Academy Award on Tuesday (February 21) at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actress, wearing a Stella McCartney dress with Miu Miu heels, hit the carpet with beau Michael Polish before heading inside the party.

Earlier in the afternoon, Kate and Michael arrived at LAX Airport after jetting in from England.

The two had checked out Burberry‘s Fall/Winter 2012 collection during London Fashion Week.

FYI: Kate is carrying a JewelMint clutch.

15+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish at the Charlie Chaplin anniversary celebration…

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147 Responses to “Kate Bosworth: Charlie Chaplin Oscar Anniversary!”

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  1. 76
    Macy Says:

    Oh but don’t you guys remember? She did that art class in the Palisades that ONE time. LOL! She’s trying darn it. Poor Bonesworth. She probably took that class so she could keep up with Polish’s waxing philosophy all the time.
    Her book selection is quality. However, they are almost always on lists that people place for such books. It’s pretty easy to just pick books off those types of lists and say that you’re a deep reader/thinker. We’ve seen plenty of evidence that she is neither of those things. Like someone said, she probably reads them, just so she can say that she did but how much retention she actually has is another story.
    KB spends a ton of time trying to appear normal and upper eschelon intelligent, but the fact is it’s a thin veneer at best and the cracks show pretty easily.

  2. 77
    A bit 2 far Says:

    @Facebook post?
    Wow a bit to far giving out someone’s name don’t u think? Maybe you meant no harm but please stop and think before u post even though there is no pic, address details it is still some ones name? Which is still classed as personal details, would you like your full name posted on a gossip site for the world to see? That had no relevance to the JJ post.

  3. 78
    Actually.... Says:

    I’m kind of conflicted. She does look good here for her but she has a look on her face that says she knows it – slightly disdainful, slightly haughty.

  4. 79
    notthatfar Says:

    Nice way to turnaround a question. The KB facebook is public which many of you have bought it to the attention to the people here. You shouldn’t cry foul here. Sorry, this isn’t a private forum.

  5. 80
    mforman--- Says:

    First, i want to write to a lot of you and thank you for actually reading the comments I make regarding her. I have never been jealous of her, just disgusted. Her reputation throughout HW is extremely well known, she is known as someone who likes herself a little too much and worse yet she feels she is better that the people she works with. She is an embrassment to the hard working women in HW, who work so hard on their craft and not on who they hook up with, she is truly embarassing to the women of HW. @#58–ER–The waxy look to her face goes to proof that she had proedures done to herself, and you see the proof of that in the pictures she took with her director and the beatuiful, natural Lake Bell at Sundance, my goodness her lips do not match, one side is larger than the other and they are huge. @#59—ladybug—You are right, she dresses well because of the help she gets. Charlie Chaplin, and especially his wife would truly be disgusted that her name is mentioned with an even bearing his name. I really do not think she reads the books that she happens to mention in interviews. Let us not forget that these book titles are listed in the newspapers and in certain sections of HW magazines. I just think she likes people to think she has read them, now James Franco, I believe reads everything he mentions. @#60 and #61—First, yes that is me commenting on her Facebook page, especially when she talks about Alexander Wang, a true designer, but even that is Cher’s comment. You pity me because I do not like her, to be honest you should pity her and that ridiculous smirk on her face. She is an embrassment to women, especially after she retweeted that photo of herself, with the caption, Just Like Heaven, how do you even do that, she had to know what a disgusting fool she would look like.. Even Lainey couldn’t believe it.
    @63—It is funny you mention Micelle Rodiguez, they make sure to stay away from each other on red carpets and do not mention each other in interviews, Blue Crush was their first big break, you would think they would have bonded during that experience, but no, was that film was done she moved on to Orlando B and started to build thtat disgusting reputation.
    @#64—If you knew me, you would know how far from a bully I am. The problem here is, that KB thinks she is better than the all of us, and I am sorry, but I cannot stand that.
    @#66–Tulip—I have told you this before, I am so far from jealous of KB, that it is not even funny. I do not stand around on a side walk or red carpet, with a smirk on my face that says, I am better that you all. I can go a few days without a bf, before hunting one down and then yet worse of all changing myself into exactly what they need. You just keep writing the samethings about me and for once it is really starting to bother me, at least come up with something new or just stop writing lies. To this day, you haven’t proven one thing I have written that isn’t true.

  6. 81
    Rachel () KB's Objective Says:

    @notthatfar: I’m pretty confused about what you’re saying exactly….if you’re saying it’s not that far b/c FB is public, then yes, it’s public, but most ppl would not have made that connection if someone had not pointed it out. Those comments are irresponsible and definitely too far! Whoever made that connection must certainly be preoccupied with Mforman, and those statements could cause way more damage than any comment about Kate Bosworth ever could. I would be pissed off if someone posted my full name on some stupid gossip sight, with all the f*cking crazy ppl that come here. I hope Mforman flags those comments and makes JJ as aware as possible of this sh*t. Kate Bosworth is a public figure. Nothing we have EVER said about her could physically(or really mentally) endanger her. Whoever wrote that is a moron. In the brilliant words of Jennifer Anniston (maybe you’ll listen to her since you guys love famewh0res) “It was uncool”.

  7. 82
    Rachel () KB's Objective Says:

    @notthatfar: If I misunderstood, I’m sorry! I honestly don’t know what side you’re arguing for.

  8. 83
    Asprey Says:

    I dont care who she dates, just as long as she leaves Skars alone. I am going to see him in LA soon.

  9. 84
    mforman--- Says:

    @Rachel() KB’s Objective—I never denied being the marissa forman on her Facebook page, why should I, when I ususally just defend designers that she will never be or wear things that she shouln’t (like an owl sweater). If KB could create hundreds of websites that would be just dedicated to her and awsomeness alone, I am sure she would, that is why I cannot believe it took her so long to go on Twitter and I have to admit I go on there to just laugh my head off. KB has no shame, she loves herself and will do anything she can to through her and MP’s very, very weird relationship into our faces.
    @#78–Actually–That is what a lot of us have always said, when she poses with that smirk (I am the greatest and those weird pointed in toes), it kills any chance of her pulling off a good look.
    @#81—Rachel() KB’s Objective–Thank you very much for what you have just said here and now and I will take care of the Flag thing at your suggestion. Once again thank you.
    I have to love since Jennifer Anisto is a famewhore—-you remembered the “It was uncool” part. Thanks one more time

  10. 85
    HAHAHA Says:

    mforman, mforman, mforman – Are you taking your meds? I don’t think so. Do you have any friends? Of course not. You’re such a sad case.

  11. 86
    mforman--- Says:

    @#85—-HAHAHA—I knew you would appear here sooner or later. Yes, I have a quite a group of friends and the funniest thing is they are just as disgusted as the famewhore KB and after that Re Tweeted photo she did, they really couldn’t believe it.
    Do you also know that on the other photos she is retweeting, they are copyrighted to KB or MP, that means they are actually paying people to follow them and take the suppossedly candid shots of the life partners.
    Please wake up, they are two unemployed actor/director with nothing in the horizon, except for the JM commercials, that they paying for themselves.
    Just curious where is Cher lately and better yet, where is Kat C. Did the truly friendless one destroy what she had, especially Kat C, like she did with Lisa L, after she used her to move on with AS. Thank goodness he has moved on and hasn’t looked better. It is amazing when you remove a growth from around your neck. His life gets better and better, who knows maybe yours will too.

  12. 87
    Eresyn Says:

    yes! Cher has been MIA lately…wonder what really happened between those too?

  13. 88
    ladybug Says:

    @Eresyn: I was under the impression that she was in London, since she’s also Rosie HW’s stylist. But, nothing on her Twitter feed about either one.
    Kat C hasn’t been seen in public with her since the end of filming When We Were Here (the Italy project). I know Kat C had a baby a few months back, but who but that’s not going to stop someone from hanging out with their friend/coworker. After all, they got papped leaving some out of the way coffee shop last June.

  14. 89
    SA Says:

    I don’t get why those who stand up for this bland girl all feel the need to support each other no matter what, and I don’t get why those who dislike her feel the same need either.
    Regarding the latter:
    Guys, you most likely clicked on the link that poster gave, and you saw mforman’s comment. I get why you may not have bothered to click on her name and check out her profile (perhaps it would feel like prying, like it’s none of your business etc). Perfectly understandable. However, personally I did – I’m sure you realise curiosity cannot be identified with stalking (in the same way commenting on Bosworth cannot).
    Now, I cannot force you to do something you feel is wrong and check out her (open) profile for yourselves, but I can assure you that if you do, you will realise that just because you are ALL attacked for ”being jealous” and God knows what else, it doesn’t mean that you are all on the same team sanity-wise. Unless you all spend money on Bosworth’s jewellery, while simultaneously constantly calling her disgusting in the best of cases.
    I know I’m gonna be flagged, I can see the point in the argument that that poster didn’t have the right to post the link to (what was essentially) mforman’s profile, and I know that further commenting on it doesn’t exactly give ME any points, but still…that girl needs help.
    It doesn’t mean that Bosworth is in danger or something. It doesn’t mean that those who dislike Bosworth are deranged. It doesn’t mean that generally agreeing with mforman on Bosworth makes YOU deranged. It ONLY means that that girl needs help.

  15. 90
    Asprey Says:

    mforman you need to lock up your fb page.

  16. 91
    Rachel () KB's Objective Says:

    @SA: I had already looked at it (yes, I am overly curious about things). I think that saying she “needs help” is a huge assumption. If I actually liked any of the Jewel-mint jewelry, I would buy some too. I don’t like KB much, but I don’t dislike her to the point of boycotting her store or anything….I think it’s possible you’re reading too much into it. In any case, if someone on here did have an unhealthy obsession with Kate, there’s nothing we could do about it. So, we should just all go back to talking about Kate! After all, this thread is all about the great Kate Bosworth!!

  17. 92
    mforman--- Says:

    @#87–Eresyn—I know it seems like Cher stopped posting on the JM page and she was always doing that. but it seems once KB had that fight with AS at Coachella and Cher had to break it up and then KB left early (because by then it was done, and she was cheating on AS with MP, it truly looked like that) then all of a sudden MP got involved in those JM commercials, Cher stepped away. It is like KB wants to take all the credit for JM when we know that is not the case. Yes, I have bought a pc or two of JM because first I love any type of hoops and I do not care who is selling them, the second reason is I buy a pc, becasue KB’s comments are worth the price of a pc I might wear, that she has absoulety no opinion in, you have got to read them, she even retweets MP on JM. I know KB doesn’t design them, she just lends her name the company; and the photos of her are so bad, you are drawn to them.
    @#88—ladybug—Cher was in London, but this year she stayed away from KB, she was with Lizzie Olsen and RHW, the real beauties, I wonder why, something is definitely up. I started to wonder, since KB is not involved in the denim line at all, KB was voted the “Jean Queen,” so it just seemed weired.
    As for Kat C, you are right just because you have a baby doesn’t mean you stop hanging around, remember last year she made sure she was photographed by JJ at Joan’s with her godsons father picking up food; how come Kat C seems to have disappeared; when she met Kat C, when her husband stared with AS in Straw Dogs, she called her, her new best friend and said she would do anything for her, they were even writing scripts together, and she kept saying how much she loved her. Remeber when they were at that Vail Film Festival last year and couldn’t stop raving about each other. This is just what she did to Lisa L, once she thought she got AS where she wanted him after the night out at the Village Idiot, you never saw KB near Lisa L again, there was one shot at a party and KB walked away from Lisa laughing (so mature). After that instance even Bjorn stopped babysitting. So something definitely happened between her and Kat C, but let us not forget AS is very good friends wit Rhys C, so maybe that has something to do with it.
    @#89—SA—What is your problem? I have never lied about buying a pc or two from JM, just as I have bought a pc or two from Stylemint. Like I said it is worth it just to read the most ridiculous posts or better yet the videos of KB, they are hysteical. Maybe some other posters are defending me, because I have never said anything about KB that wasn’t true. I don’t stalk her or post false things, I do not have to KB takes care of that herself. How can you defend someone that re tweets “Just Like Heaven,” oh my god that had to be the most disgusting thing of the year so far, of course not forgetting those commercials that JM wont even pay for. KB’s reputation has only gotten worse throughout HW, after 10 yrs in this business, no friends unless they are paid for. Whatever friends she had she destroyed those realtionships, take GP(did I make that up). KB has nothing lined up, nothing.
    KB goes from man to man, changing herself to make herself what they want, did you ever see her with a camera, doing a jig, until MP became the man of the week. She is never alone what kind of woman must have a boyfriend and what is scary is I can see her threatening her ex’s with personal knowledge of them if they do not let her do the breaking up. The girl is truly scary, aside from the thing about the personal knowledge thing, I have never made up one thing about the untalented famewhore. Honestly, are you trying to make me believe that you actually think she is talented.
    The weirdest thing is why would anyone want to look up my Facebook page, sorry but until now I didn’t think about closing it.
    I thanked people for defending me because, I said nothing that other posters didn’t.
    KB’s two fans need to back off, becasue they are just getting as strange as her.

  18. 93
    mforman--- Says:

    The one thing I have never believed is when she talks about books. KB usually always has the three best sellers on her list to read, which you can get anywhere.
    Then there is the fact that she always makes sure to carry the books, facing the photographers, so they get the title.
    Whether she reads the books or retains anything from them, needs to be seen. Usually she just will give the most famous quotes from the book, without even being asked.
    Maybe another round of beer pong with Jimmy Fallon will get her thinking.
    Seriously who cares, if you are as smart as she claims, you do not constantley talk about it and bring it up. You just go on your own merit, but since nothing about her is true, why should this be.

  19. 94
    ladybug Says:

    @mforman—: Oh, I think she reads them, but as you said, what does she actually retain. And yes, I think she’s insecure about it. It’s not that other people don’t carry around the books the they’re reading, but it does seem like she tries a bit too hard on that front.
    @Rachel() “After all, this thread is all about the great Kate Bosworth!!” It’s been two days, and there isn’t a new thread on her visits to the salon or the vet. I’m worried.

  20. 95
    HAHAHA Says:

    mforman, mforman, mforman – please note, people are either not engaging much with you or they’re saying you need help. Take your meds, get some sleep, and then get the help you so desperately need. You’re so deranged it’s unsettling.

  21. 96
    You guys Says:

    can’t you see she is a professional now, she a fashion icon who acts occasional and please don’t forget since Askars gone MIA on the paps radar and you only see him when he is at a after party or something of the professional socializing type that leaves KB being the professional imitator that she is, only now shows her mug at said such events. Plus she is on twitter now so she can pap herself and place it then retweet it and try to sound smart. make it great lol loser.
    You guys she has got it together now one life partner at a time. She has finally made it, a director BF that worship/luvs/famewh*re with her.

  22. 97
    Polish has a Point Says:

    Refering to his Twitter pic Chaplinesque he definitely has a point. A few of them actualy: 1. Self absorbed. 2. Cannot exist without a member of the opposite sex and sometimes one waiting in the wings. 3. Rude to anyone not advantagious to furthering her career. {I have worked on set with her and can personally attest to this.} 4. Loves to drink and use other party favors. 5. Cheats on her BF’s. Thinks she is a genuis and no one can resist her.

    That was Charlie. But the one point that she is not like him, he had talent and knew how to entertain. She can only act long enough to keep a man around for a while and then her true colors come out.

  23. 98
    ladybug Says:

    @You guys: What, you mean that we’re not going ‘random’ shots of her leaving the nail salon, or of them just wandering down the street? What is this world coming to when you can’t even depend on your usually dependable famwhores. Oh well, there’s always LeAnne Rimes.
    @Polish has a Point: The Chaplinesque thing annoyed me, because it was implying that she was talented like Chaplin, while ignoring his unpleasant side, which was more appropriate.
    I could say the same thing about her retweeting the ‘forget Johnny and June, I want a love like MP’s and KB’s.’ Totaling ignoring the details of Johnny and June’s relationship, especially at the beginning-and that Johnny had quite a few personal issues. But he, like Charlie, also had a boatload of talent.

  24. 99
    Ladida Says:

    I wouldn’t mind having a relationship like KB & MP. I love the way he holds her hand to his chest so protectively as a man should under certain circumstances – i.e. pap invasion. I love how they support one another. I think they have a very strong relationship and I think it’s going to be interesting to see where they go creatively. I’ve been a Polish Bros. fan for a long time. Twin Falls Idaho is fascinating. For Lovers Only is a gorgeous film. I can’t wait to see Big Sur.

  25. 100
    MP left Twitter Says:

    Micheal Polish is that you?

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