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Angelina Jolie Pens Foreword for Billy Bob Thornton Memoir

Angelina Jolie Pens Foreword for Billy Bob Thornton Memoir

Angelina Jolie has written a foreword for “The Billy Bob Tapes: A Cave Full of Ghosts,” an upcoming memoir by her ex-husband, Billy Bob Thornton.

The couple split in 2003, but Billy Bob, 56, says the two remain friends and that he’s thrilled about her directorial debut in In the Land of Blood and Honey.

As for what the book’s about, here’s a preview: “There is—and could only ever be—one Billy Bob Thornton: actor, musician, Academy Award-winning screenwriter, and accidental Hollywood badass. In ‘The Billy Bob Tapes,’ he leads us into his Cave Full of Ghosts, spinning colorful tales of his modest (to say the least) Southern upbringing, his bizarre phobias (komodo dragons?), his life, his loves (including his heartbreakingly brief marriage to fellow Oscar winner Angelina Jolie), and, of course, his movie career.”

“The Billy Bob Tapes” will be available on May 15.

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  • Curious George


    Honey that won’t ever happen..See you have to read a book maybe before you write a book. Brad will never have to make that decision because Aniston can’t write. and Angie and BBT have been friendly and Brad too. Just because Brad married a fool that has fans that can’t let go of the fact that he moved on and is happy doesn’t mean Angie has the same problem.

    Angie never had a problem with Jennifer. Didn’t care if she and Brad were friends or not. Aniston is the one that had the problem with Angie. Then and now. So if you don’t care about someone and they mean nothing to you.. I don’t see her caring about Brad talking or doing whatever. They are together and happy. Happy people don’t live in the past.

    YOU may need to grow up a bit.

  • Lily

    I couldn’t stand BBT then, i can’t stand him now either. Anyway so glad Angelina woke up and left him. I am sure Brad is ok with Angelina writing foreword for BBT. If one of Brad’s ex asks him to write foreword, I am sure Brad will do it too.






  • naturegirl

    What a woman

  • an opinion

    Just because Aniston contiues gruges forever does not mean everyone has to. Brad and Angelina are firends with BBT. Angelina spend 15 minutes writing a forward. Not the end of the world.
    Seven years and 6 guys later the fact that you jenhags are still trying to find a guy to live up to Brad is pathetic. Aniston is happy with a balding guy whose body is disproportionate and who is trying to act like he is from the streets of NY . If he were that interesting and COOL than it would not taken bedding Aniston for him to get of the D list.

  • hopeso

    Love you Much…

  • Carly

    BBT and Maniston are two childish people. Brad and Angelina are much nicer and kinder people

  • tsuj deraj

    @Not Pitt:

    u don’t come here on the days u are proven wrong.
    you come when brad and angie need to do their own works, using this time to try and upset fans.
    fans like lurker are easily trolled. u use this for kicks because ur real life sucks so u troll online for entertainment.


  • tsuj deraj

    what dinner?
    seems the only way angelina contacts billy is writing forwards? lol

    she wrote or took out a piece in a L.A newspaper, now a writing a forward for a book, probably sent by e-mail, yet no face to face meeting, no dinner in berlin then they were both there, and BBT was not invited to do any segment on “a place in time” film??/ not even in the US?


    they are not true friends, just civil enough.

  • lol

    Ticky hens should stop reading tabloids which rotten their, Gossipcop debunked the lie by NE, Angie never intended to meet BBT and they never met in Berlin. Hens should go watch videos of Brad rubbing Angie’s butt and Angie kissing Brad in Berlin. Get some reality hens. lol.

  • lurker

    @tsuj deraj:
    wtf are you talking about?? nobody trolls me,i donot reply to trolls ,i donot come here all the time i never attack other fans

  • gracie

    # 38 solecito , it’s a fcuking book. There is nothing wrong with helping an ex who sings your praises and done nothing to tear you down. Being civil and friendly with your ex is not a crime, it is actually good. It shows Angie has the confidence to maintain a friendly relationship with an ex and still moving on with her life. Just because you’re no longer involved in a relationship with someone does not mean you cannot help them with their career when they need your help, especially, if that ex has done nothing or said anything negative to hurt or damage your career. Brad is a grown man and not insecure. If any of his ex acted respectfully and not be a b!!tch to Angie and their kids, I don’t see why he should not help them with their career or be friendly with them. Angie is not the jealous type, I don’t think she will mind at all.

  • Passing Through

    # 558 Golddustwoman @ 02/23/2012 at 4:56 pm
    Yeah, I saw it at the time it came out. What the guy who wrote it didn’t say is that none of the other 5 have attempted to become movie stars because they know they can’t carry a movie by themselves and are best suited for tv. Ticky’s ego refuses to believe that she’ll NEVER be her ex-husband’s equal, but even worse, she’ll never be ANGIE’S equal. Ticky knows damned well that the only reason she got major co-starring roles during Friends is because of Brad. She knows it, the other 5 Friends actors know it and Hollywood knows it. The media know it, too, they’re just too chickenshite to say it. A tv actress with her modest “talents” would not normally get a call to co-star opposite an A-list movie actor at his peak. Yet Ticky got movies with Jim Carrey, Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn. Everything else tanked. Her only other hit has come courtesy of an old friend – another A-list actor. If she’s attached to a project first you don’t see A-list actors signing on to work with her. Hell, you don’t even see B-list actors doing it. She got lucky and married above herself – and we’re all still suffering for Brad’s weed habit and bout of depression.

  • tsuj deraj


    you go from blog to blog defending the JP’s like your life depends on it.
    they don’t need defending.

  • prada

    Wow, i wasn’t expecting that from her…. what a dissapointmnet. Once again the Angelina, BBT thing. Thanks to Angelina.
    Wasting time writing for this disgusting old man.

    Brad is so nice he it’s almost stupid.

  • tsuj deraj


    bkool @ jjb?

  • Coincidence????

    Funny how this news is coming right before oscars.

  • Lilly

    BBT is back on the news because of Angelina again. How sweet of her. Ewwwwwwwww

  • umm

    I smell desperation from BBT, he hasn’t worked for years, has only one movie out this year. He probably needs the book sales to pay his bills. Angelina is such a better person than I am.

  • Lilly


    I know, like if it was to humiliate Brad.

  • gracie

    # 65 prada

    You’re the stupid one, not Brad. You live in a world of hate and envy and it consumes you. Grow up and be an adult, enrich your soul, we don’t all have to be like Anuston — being hateful, a liar and so damn evil and nasty.

  • Love The Shoes

    So grown up of them and why not. I love this so much. It should put to rest the sily stuff. This is just like Brad buying a stroller for Gwyneth and Chris when Apple was born. Grown ups get over it and move on.

  • Rose

    @gracie: #62, didn’t Angie said BBT was there for her when her mother passed? I also see nothing wrong with her trying to help him with his book. Remember, Angie had said she would be willing to meet with SS, but I guess, SS would rather keep a feud going than to be a civilized grown up and stop this silly feud. But this feud has kept her in the public eyes for seven years and counting. Without Brad and Angie no one would be talking about her now.

  • Yikes

    Angelina is such a media wh*re now. Anything to be on the news, even if connected to a perverted old man.

    And that cover is just scary.

  • Jolie is BatShitCrazy

    Billy Bob got it right.

  • well

    umm @ 02/23/2012 at 7:54 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    I smell desperation from BBT, he hasn’t worked for years, has only one movie out this year. He probably needs the book sales to pay his bills. Angelina is such a better person than I am.
    I feel the same, bbt really wanted meet Angie in Berlin, apparently Angie didn’t meet him and I also think Angie skipped BAFTAS because she didn’t want to see him, she didn’t see his movie either in Berlin. Then BBT stirred up rumor he gonna write a movie inspired by Angie, then he denied it later. But he and Angie have the same manager Geyer Kosinski, Geyer maybe asked Angie to help BBT.

  • well

    Love The Shoes @ 02/23/2012 at 8:13 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    So grown up of them and why not. I love this so much. It should put to rest the sily stuff. This is just like Brad buying a stroller for Gwyneth and Chris when Apple was born. Grown ups get over it and move on.
    Brad also hired Gwyneth starring in Brad-produced movie Running with Scissors.

  • Blu


    Yep, i saw that, now the oscars instead of Brad is going to be ‘ hey Angelina what did yo write for BBT’
    Stupid b*tch

  • lurker

    A media who*re is big fat thick who uses her money to pay for pr,angie does not need help she is the most well known face in the world

  • plez

    Angelina supported JML documentary when she was pregnant with Shiloh. Just because you trolls feel the need to hate doesn’t mean she has to live that way.
    When Paltrow won the Oscar, Brad sent her flowers. Even through he was with Aniston at the time. Would I expect such niceties from someone like Aniston. NO. She still hates her mother. (btw why wasn’t her mom at the star ceremony? )

  • Funny

    the jolie fans are also surprised and disgusted with this news but hey, it’s their war to defend what doesn’t have defense. hahaha

  • Shocked that Angie can write


  • TC

    Angelina stay home, take care of your kids instead of embarrassing yourself.

  • Handlemybusiness

    That picture showing her true colors is gross. The nose is still huge!

  • haa




    #10 angelina jolie

    : ))))

  • lurker

    lol what is there to defend?? poor trolls when they are mad know that they are not happy with fat tick

  • plez

    Um see my post. I explain it very easily. Sadly there are some fans that want to pretend like Angelina did not have a past. Like Aniston fans want to pretend like she never dated Adam Duritz or she broke up a 14 year relationship.

  • Katrina

    BBT knows very well if he didn’t get Angelina’s intro, he wouldn’t be able to sell a copy of the book.

  • plez

    Stop with the jokes. Aniston was never #1 on the yearly poll but all of sudden is #1 of all time.
    BTW I have a bridge to sell you.
    PR stunt is all it was and EVERYONE knows it. Read NIKKI FINKE

  • lurker

    These hags are bored they do not believe the shi* they write

  • I wonder …

    ..if Billy Bob will tell about that time he and Ang trapped neighborhood cats, then drained and drank their blood, or the time they broke into the cemetary, dug up a body, brought it home and slept with it,.or……… that really funny time Angie threw her entire kife collection at Billy Bob when he hit on that waitress………….. good times

  • haa

    1. Jennifer Aniston
    2. Raquel Welch
    3. Marilyn Monroe
    4. Britney Spears
    5. Madonna
    6. Ursula Andress
    7. Bettie Page
    8. Pamela Anderson
    9. Jane Fonda
    10. Angelina Jolie
    11. Sharon Stone
    12. Scarlett Johansson
    13. Catherine Deneuve
    14. Megan Fox
    15. Jenny McCarthy
    16. Christie Brinkley
    17. Anna Nicole Smith
    18. Shakira
    19. Heather Locklear
    20. Heidi Klum

  • plez

    I can’t believe they keep bringing up that joke of a poll. The poll comes out every year. Aniston has been around for 15 + years and NEVER been on top. I don’t think she was even #2 . But we are suppose to belive she all of sudden get the top spot of all time. It embarrassing how her people feel they need to promote her body because she is limited in the the talent dept.

  • gracie

    Yes Rose, she did and she once told reporters who were trying to insinuate she may be embarrassed by her relationship with BBT, that she was proud she married him and that she has good relationship with all her exes. I see nothing wrong being friendly with an ex who sing your praises and always try to plump you up than tear you down. I don’t see why people don’t like BBT; sure, it is better to part on a friendly basis than have an ex who wants to destroy your family like Anuston. Angie and Brad are solid; they don’t have to hate their exes to prove how much they love each other. Brad has said Angie is not the jealous type, I’m sure if Anuston wasn’t so vindictive and a b!!tch, Angie would have extended hands of friendship to her but she is so jealous of Angie and spiteful. She refuses to accept that Brad fell out of love with her and has long made up his mind to dump her way before Angie got involved with him. Her campaign to destroy Angie is the only reason I despise her. I could care less about her and her life if she and her stupid friends will leave Angie and her kids alone.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    You didn’t know MANiston/Huvsy paid for this award. Just like she just paid for the Walk Of Fame award.

  • gracie

    # 80 plez , thank you. I forgot about that one — Brad sending flowers to GP. That’s my point, Angie doesn’t have to hate BBT to prove how much she loves Brad, it’s silly and childish and such behaviour only proves how insecure you are as a person. Brad and Angie are sure of their love for one another and doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone. Why would anyone want to be like Anuston with low self esteem.

  • gracie

    I’m looking forward to the Oscars on Sunday — to see the King and Queen showing them how it is done.

  • gracie

    # 87 LikeFukcingTheCouch

    Don’t forget your idol’s name — sport fcuk.

  • Jaye

    You know, I never had a thought about this man one way or another, until recently.
    While he might not have been a great human being about his responsibility to his family and his relationships with women, he was Jolie’s choice. He didn’t trick, deceive or force her into marriage. She would have known he wasn’t a great father before she married him as well as his past history with women, it wasn’t a secret. She made her choice. As she’s said many times, she doesn’t regret decisions she’s made in her life. That’s what most of her fans has liked about her. She lived her life, no excuses given.
    Jared put this story up and it’s a conspiracy? Jolie is obviously in a good place with her relationship with this guy. It doesn’t mean I have to love him or like him, but I certainly don’t hate him. Or is it that some hate the fact, this story disproves THEIR opinion of BBT’s current relationship with Jolie? He said he, Jolie and Pitt were friends. It gets back, as it always does, to people wanting to be right. Let the truth just be what it is. You can’t stop it or run from it.
    I don’t get why anyone STILL cares about what non-Jolie/Pitt fans make of this news like this. It doesn’t discredit Jolie in any way. On the contrary, it show’s what a kind and generous person she is. If she wrote the forward, it can hardly be called coat tailing, it’s acknowledgement she is giving to his work of her own free will, which I’m sure she wouldn’t have done without reading the book herself.
    He obviously didn’t do anything to her which she considered unforgivable during their marriage or even afterwards. They didn’t have any children, so it wouldn’t have been a need to have any type of relationship with him afterward, unless she truly wanted to have one.
    She Should she hate him for not wanting to be a father to Maddox? She even said she never thought she’d be a mother. So, as I see it she changed her mind and he didn’t. People change, people grow up. As a fan, I’m happy that she did.

  • rachel

    if you have move on then thats not a big deal…