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Paris Hilton's New Single 'Drunk Text' - Listen Now!

Paris Hilton's New Single 'Drunk Text' - Listen Now!

Paris Hilton is back on the music scene with her new single and accompanying video “Drunk Text.”

“I went out to the club the other night to, you know, dance with my bi—–,” the 31-year-old heiress says in the beginning of the track, in which she rap-talks over a techno beat.

“It’s a hot mess of misspelled obscenities, body parts and run-on questions. I’m not sure what he means to ask,” Paris also says. “You take the word sex and mix it with texting. It’s called sexting. But when you add drunk sexting, the words just don’t make sense.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK or Paris Hilton’s new song “Drunk Text”?

Apologies – video removed!

UPDATE: “We can confirm that the video leaked today is not part of Paris Hilton‘s new album. This video was recorded over a year ago. The first single will be out in a few months, we will let everyone know when it’s due for release,” a representative for Paris told

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  • solecito

    The downside of technology, computers, etc. is that it makes atrocities like this possible. Such a shame.

  • Dee

    Oh sweet Jesus, why?! I’m embarrassed for her this is terrible.

  • Louise

    Absolutely blinking awful…it’s true what they say…money most definitely cannot buy you taste. Yawn-fest, I honestly do not know why she’s even famous. Who will even dance to this nonsense?? Fame-whores that’s who.

  • mine


  • http://JOSEPHG.TUMBLR.COM JosephG


  • Jessica Rabbit

    As much as I like Paris (Yes, I’m one of those people who can MODERATELY handle her, unlike the KarTRASHians) WTF was this shit? I was excited when I learned she was working with Afrojack, LMFAO and Flo Rida, but this shit is horrible. I even bought and jammed to her first album, but this shit is shit (pun intended)! I hope her next single is better than this one.

  • Coco

    This is unfortunately the music of America today…this song is rediculous and embarrassing.

  • Mlllllle

    “But when you add Paris Hilton and some sound, that’s just don’t make sense.”

  • Ninaj09

    What in the world is that ? Dear God, help us !

  • Monse

    is this called music?? lol

  • Brandon Hilton

    IF you’re gonna listen to ANY Hilton’s music.. make the right choice, check out mine!

  • Female

    Never thought I’d hear “hot mess” and “obscenities” in the same sentence.

  • Brandon Hilton

    If you’re gonna listen to ANY Hilton’s music.. make the right choice, check out mine!

  • BEAN

    How can she pull this crap out of her azz and is almost a BILLIONAIRE? And I work hard everyday only to read and hear this garbage? Life!

  • Emily

    I only lasted a minute watching this thing. That’s 60 seconds of my life that I’ll never get back. I should have known better than to click on this video – I deserve the mild headache I feel coming on.

  • Brandon Hilton

    If you’re gonna listen to ANY Hilton’s music, make the right choice, check out mine!

  • tara

    I mean…how talent-less must she be that this is the best they can do with her??

    She’s tried everything in Hollywood (acting, singing…) to somehow keep herself famous…but she really can’t do anything can she?

  • Nicole

    OMFG are you serious????????????????????????????/ HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dooley

    I’m a Hater..But this is so Bad I feel Sorry for her…But it would be Funny if she perform her Spoken word song Live and Lip sync it.

  • andres

    cinemax porn

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …ahahahahahaha …i aint listening to that poop. ahahahahahahaa

  • kelly

    What was she thinking????

  • Erique

    OMFG what the hell is this shit? I’m sorry but this bitch sucks

  • What!

    That was painful to listen too and watch.

  • Kelly

    Crap. Is she that bored?? Why not go be a missionary in Africa for a year, instead of spending her time in the missionary position…..

  • powermind

    This is just great. Do you want to hear the original Drunk Txt by Ro Danishei, not a copy cat, but the original that was released 1/2011, then search Ro Danishei – Drunk Txt.

  • SoulMate

    “BlackWhiteFriends.℃0M”-that’s all serious dating. Millions of members with good economic condition and high quality. Someone suitable is here waiting for u here with other single black, white girls and men in your city.. It is my favorite club for mixed love…. dxzcxzcdsfsdf

  • MusicDiva

    Ro Danishei’s ‘Drunk Txt’ is much better! It was my favorite of 2011. It’s a shame that other artists can’t come up with their own ideas and rip off hers. She is an indie artist, working with no budget, meanwhile Paris Hilton dumps millions into this crap.

  • Wow

    I was actually left speechless, and that RARELY happens.

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    You would have to pay me to listen to Paris Hilton’s new “song.”. I”m not sure what her real talent is, besides being a rich, spoiled girl. Paris, your 15 minutes of fame are long gone. Go away and leave us alone!!!

  • Alicia


  • Saph

    Paris should do a single with Kim K they are both useless, untalented trashy tarts and we can all ignore that one too! Why does she keep doing this? She has money just go away and learn how to count it same with Kim K and her Klan. So many useless people so much money such a waste.

  • C

    It’s not a single from the album she’s working on. I think it’s some kind of art house project. Yes it’s awful but it’s not an official album/single release.

  • urbigfatass

    ….. how embarrassing for her !

  • notafan

    WHAT?????? THE??????? FVCK???????? WAS?????? THAT???????


  • naturegirl

    This is not for real right
    NAH this is just a joke
    OH COME ON !
    Someone is pulling our leg
    It’s a joke right RIGHT????????
    Because my mouth is just left hanging, i mean i cannot even laugh

  • Chloe

    I thought that video was some FunnyorDie joke. Yeesh!