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Gerard Butler Successfully Completed Treatment: Rep

Gerard Butler Successfully Completed Treatment: Rep

Gerard Butler is home after successfully completing a stay in a treatment center, a rep for the actor tells

TMZ reported earlier in the day that the 42-year-old Scottish actor had entered rehab to address issues with prescription drugs.

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Gerard has completed a successful course of treatment and has returned home in good health,” Gerry‘s rep told in a statement.

Congratulations go out to Gerry for successfully completing his treatment – and here’s to his continued health.

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276 Responses to “Gerard Butler Successfully Completed Treatment: Rep”

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  1. 1
    Mary Says:

    that was fast

  2. 2
    Chriss Says:

    Funny short story about the Oscars: R.I.P. Oscar – A Hollywood Satire by Andie Heid
    (includes: The Oscar Games, Movie Star Wars, Catwoman Rises, Battle of the Snow Whites, The Twilight Saga continues…)

  3. 3
    BEAN Says:

    Wtf this is so lame. If you’re in rehab shouldn’t these kind of things be private? Why do you actually need to let the world know? Gerard has just turned into another Hollywood loser

  4. 4
    Info Says:

    I hope he didn’t get out today just for the purpose of attending the Oscar parties.
    He should have stayed twice as long, 6 weeks not 3. It’s too soon; I hope he doesn’t fall again down the road.
    I can’t belive he is going to parties tonight as if nothing happened. He might end up going through a relapse because he is not fortified enough to sheild himself from temptation. I just wish him the beast.

  5. 5
    dag Says:

    Alan is photo bombing that picture.

  6. 6
    BEAN Says:

    @Info: HE’S LAME

  7. 7
    GFW Says:

    Well wishes Gerry! No one knows you quite as well as you know you so I trust you know you well enough to know leaving is the best thing!

  8. 8
    she Says:

    Thank God he did the right thing. Wishing him to continue the good work he started at the rehab center. It’s important to have a warm place to go back to.

  9. 9
    DAW Says:

    You can fight the Celtic darkness. Stay strong. Stay healthy.

  10. 10
    Emma Says:

    Woohoo! Good for ya!

  11. 11
    yikes Says:

    That was too short. Hope he keeps it together. All the best, GB.

  12. 12
    krampaa Says:

    he is a mediawh@re…the story is bs.

  13. 13
    Info Says:

    Don’t jump to conclusions and be too hard on him. Many people have pain-management issues that lead to addiction. It’s the coke i don’t like, but I can understand being addicted to pain killers. It happens to so many people. That’s why pain killers should really be your last resort. I know people addicted to Advil and Alive as well. It’s so easy to get addicted to this, and very sad if you don’t learn how to manage the pain. The pain killers should be taken only on days you really have it bad. As most people with pain know, it varies from day to day. Some days are mild and you can cope, and some days are excoriating. I don’t know the level of pain he has, but usually that’s how pain behaves. That’s why it’s called pain management.
    I know he tried everything, from massage therapy, heat therapy, laser, acupuncture, orthopedic doctors (it’s how he met Apple BOB), hypnosis, and many other fancy new approaches, like brain-wave therapy and a couple more. So this is an ongoing thing, which probably just got exacerbated in the last year, like the articles suggest. Then, after the almost drowning incident, it probably triggered some break down, which is why i noticed him so many times sniffling, unable to sit still in interviews, and the worst thing, his voice changed, I noticed how coarse his voice got, like the voice of a heavy smoker (which he started again but stopped), or of someone who didn’t sleep for days at a time. People that do coke can stay up for 24 hours at a time and then they crash. I don’t know if he really had such a bad coke addiction but his voice sounded so bad in the last few interviews – Howard Stern, the morning mash, Pierce Morgan, (although in that one it wasn’t so bad), and a few others. It ceased to be a deep manly voice; it became coarse and a bit shrill, like he didn’t sleep all night. I noticed all of these signs in him, but never dared to think that he actually had this problem because he always talks about how he stopped drinking and never looks back, even when he is around people that drink. I am just happy he didn’t let it get out of hand.

  14. 14
    Swansong/Paisley Says:

    I can’t say I’m surprised. He is a driven man who his fought addiction for the better part of his life. Sadly, addiction is something he will have to fight his WHOLE life. On the heals of Whitney Houston’s tragic passing, I hope Gerry stays on task with getting himself healthy again. No he’s not a fallen idol for me. He’s a complex human being who has a weakness. I believe he has the will and the personal fortitude to wrestle his demons….and I pray to God that he wins this battle and all the others to come. As a fan it is not my right to judge or condemn him. I hope he gets rid of all the toxic people in his life and moves forward in a positive direction. As a non addictive person, I just cannot imagine having to deal with this. Take care, Gerry. I support your endeavor to be free. Swannie

  15. 15
    Dave From Canada Says:

    I know someone who worked(behind the scenes) with Gerard on a movie in South America and he stated that in his spare time Gerard was “snorting cocaine and banging Brazilian chicks.” Gerard, you can still have the ladies but leave the coke behind.

  16. 16
    redOctober Says:


    “… I hope he gets rid of all the toxic people in his life and moves forward in a positive direction.”

    Amen to that !

  17. 17
    so.......... Says:

    lame are his phannies that expect perfection and deny him being human. money, fame, women, can’t buy happiness. he should leave hollywood, go back to scotland and live a life out of the limelight and get away from crazed fans and those enablers that surround him daily.he has enough money to live out his days doing good.

  18. 18
    malgo Says:

    And I thought what was happening to him, where he was for so long, almost a month there was silence … silence …. Well, they’re back Gerry, I hope that soon you will show to the world I wish you good luck kiss

  19. 19
    ellie' Says:

    I was wondering where u were Gerry…be well..and be healthy..good luck…

  20. 20
    malgo Says:

    Media reports, and I quote:
    Scottish actor reported to the Betty Ford facility voluntarily. Clinic is well known that there treat celebrities, including Lindsay Lohan, Robert Downey Jr., Drew Barrymore, Ozzy Osbourne, the husband of Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban and had Anna Nicole Smith.

    How to say informants, Butler became addicted to painkillers in 2006 300th on the film Injuries, which he contracted there, meant that he started taking too much medication. December 18 the actor had a serious accident while shooting a picture Of Men and Mavericks. Then again picked up the drugs I. .. heroin.

  21. 21
    Stacie Says:

    I have to say I’m very proud of Gerard . This was a very Brave thing to do and even more so to do it in PRIVATE. He’ so brave and strong minded . Hopefully now he can rest and / or go on a nice vacation or something , maybe visit his family in Scotland . So proud and 100% behind him . Love him . : )

  22. 22
    standing ovulation Says:

    Crikey, he realized he was bangin Brandi Glandvile and knew he needed help. I wish I could say I am surprised but I am not. Wish him the best though, and agree with everyone that he should get the Hel.l out of Dodge before it kills him.

  23. 23
    ruh roh Says:

    I wonder if all his stupid fans are setting up vigil outside Betty Ford with candles and red roses.Their demi god is human afterall.

  24. 24
    Info Says:

    12:04 PM PST — Gerard’s manager, Alan Siegel tells TMZ, “Gerard left Betty Ford early this morning and he’s healthy.”

  25. 25
    @Manny Says:

    stop making these negative remarks all over the thread. You’re not fooling anyone. You’re probably home socking because you got stuck telling everyone you’re going skeiing today which was a total lie to begin with made only to make you look like you got a life beside JJ, and now you’re dying to comment on this breaking news but can’t, so now you’re socking instead.

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