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Jennifer Aniston: Leather Pants on 'Leno'!

Jennifer Aniston: Leather Pants on 'Leno'!

Jennifer Aniston flashes a smile during an appearance on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno held at NBC Studios on Friday (February 24) in Burbank, Calif.

The 43-year-old actress, who rocked a Givenchy top, Balmain leather pants, Alaia boots, and a Tom Ford bracelet, went on the talk show to promote her film Wanderlust! Jen also ended up talking about her new puppy Sophie.

“We [Jen and beau Justin Theroux] ran over [to the shelter]. Sophie came right up to us…and then we were there for three hours! I was almost walking out with three puppies. That’s why we named her Sophie cause it was Sophie‘s choice. I was crying, it was so hard,” Jen said.

Check out Jen‘s new film Wanderlust, in theaters now!

Bigger picture inside…

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  • Truth

    Usmagazine makes fun of how intimidated Jen was in front of Angelina at the 2009 Oscars! Starts at 02:03

  • Brad


  • Wow…

    Tried to watch the video but had to stop at 28 seconds…I cannot stand her stuttering!!! Jen you need Speech 101

  • Wow…


    Are you looking at Angelina?

  • Ann Th

    Sophie is a sweetheart!!

  • Mike

    Jen is so sexy! Oh Jen has the best legs in hollywood, and with those leather pants she is so hot, and Sophie is so cute!. She was radiant in the show!

  • Louis

    The only we can describe whether or not Jen is sexy as men are, so you learn to be jealous women as beautiful as Jennifer, she is beautiful has the best legs in Hollywood, that is, all she has the best body of all . So women can not criticize only those who know we can and I say she is hot

  • ha ha

    the best acting she ever does is on talk shows where she pretends to be oh-so down to earth. She is one of the most Hollywood PR obsessed celebs in the biz! Anyone who LOVES beings a celeb that much aint so down to earth, with her gazillion dollar homes and Bentleys, etc. Her act on these shows is really For Your Consideration worthy

  • Barbara

    Overexposed much? All the whoring out didnt work. The movie still sucks and is underperforming at the box office….

  • James Neely

    Jennifer Aniston is not pretty physically, but she has a charismatic personality that makes her attractive. Personally, I’m more on her side than Angelina Jolie, I think Jolie is so creepy and so is Brad Pitt.

  • andu

    jenny poo is obsessed with Angelina

  • sullivan

    That voice! Ugh. Boozy chainsmoker’s voice. She actually cackles like a witch.

  • JL

    She is A SEX BOMB! Puppy is cute.

  • ellie’

    Jen was not intimidated with Angie,..That’s bull..Should I believe the magazines now…

  • Boring As Always

    I’m sorry but Jennifer Aniston has ZERO sex appeal. She cannot carry this look because she don’t have the confidence for it. just because you’re small don’t mean everything you wear is right for you.

  • ann h

    It’s a real chore trying to figure out what she is saying, stopping in mid sentence and starting another one. Is she touching her hair all the time to make sure her extensions don’t fall out? I don’t get that. Surly her manager must tell her how annoying that is. The puppy is super cute though and I laughed when Jay made the joke about the puppy with his legs up in the air, resembling Chelsea.

  • ann h

    Sorry, I meant “her” for the puppy.

  • ellie’

    Jen is just so down to earth kinda of girl..everyone loves her..I love the video the leather pants..and of cause Sophie..
    So looking forward to the Oscars to see all the great Stars .

  • Oh


    A la Angelina with that Blood and Honey film, right? Irony’s a bitch.

  • Insensitive

    How can she compare her dog decision to Sofie’s Choice? There a difference between choosing which child will be sent to a concentration camp during Nazi Germany. The remaining puppies will be adopted right away… not put to death. I adopted a puppy, did not make myself a heroine. And puppies get adopted quickly… it took me 6 mos to find one because they get adopted so quickly.

  • Barbara

    What does this have to do with Angelina or Angelina’s film? Get real! This is what contributes to the perception (and I’m inclined increasingly to say) reality that everything that jen does is measured by her and her fans in terms of how it stacks up against Angelina. Just because one thinks Jen is a vapid, plastic-surgery obsessed, insecure woman doesn’t mean one is automatically an Angelina fan.

  • Tina

    Sounds like she’s having a hard time speaking…inarticulate much? Is she high?

  • Wander BUSTED LOL

    LOL so is this puppy suppose to be the breakdancer and her new baby. Ridiculous.

    Too bad all the PR didn’t do jacksh@t for Chin b/c her movie is at rock bottom. The reviews are hilarious the way they are making fun of it.

    That’s what Homewreckers get . You can’t just nab anothers man of 14 yrs and act like it’s okay and LIE about the timing.

    Poor Heidi Bivens she did not ask to be made a fool of by these two
    untalented jerks.

    Karma Jen and Justwipe

  • To #20

    Aniston is a dumb ass. She probably don’t even know what “Sophie’s Choice” was about just repeating something she heard from one of her insentive friends. Trying to sound intelligent and dumber than a box of rocks comes out..

  • Tina

    TMZ also exposed her SELF PURCHASED star on the walk of fame just recently…Oh Jen, why not the cast of Freinds get a star?? Because you’re the insecure one who needs validation to stay relevant..poor poor Jen

  • Wander BUSTED LOL

    It’s evening and Manny has been sipping her vodka ..straight up.

    Very low IQ, can’t act to save herself.

    Has anybody read the reviews on Wanderlust ? Embarrassing.

    No doubt Heidi Bivens is saying i could have told you Justin can’t act. No matter, i still don’t believe i should have been kicked to the curb. LIED TO> Anustin is not that sweet person she tries to portray on talk shows even when she sounds like she has a mouth full of marbels. ” Trust,” If she was with Justin before going on the show, they are both half in the bag.

    Lush meets Lush..= Justjen

  • Brad

    Only Angie can rock leather pants and come correct! Jen just looks like a fool..

  • lea

    Maniston is so phoney, her insecurity is beyond.

    Now that i know her film sucks i say GOOD.

    It’s not like anybody expected any better . All of her movies are total crap.

    ITA with above poster..Angie truly has the long lanky legs that younger women should wear.

    Manny is always trying to be a 20 yr old wannabe. Nothing to look at. Meh.

  • Dee

    Lmao Sophie’s Choice. That made me lol I think she looks cute.

  • BrandonHilton

    I’m lame and I’m going to beg you to check out my music page. What I should really do is try finding a real job, seeing I’ve been trying to get famous since the days of Myspace and it hasn’t happened.

  • Cam

    What pathetic vapid person. She has to have a low IQ. They wasted a load of money trying to promote this crapfest movie. It turns my stomach knowing these two cheated during the making of this movie.
    Who need a drug movie since Whitney Houston and so many other stars are dying of from drug use.

  • Ghost

    Try as she may, she will never amount to more than a hair-cut on a sitcom. Jennifer is not now, nor will she ever be a movie star. I know, the truth hurts, but when her fans leave their mom’s basement and grow-up they will realize that she’s an over-rated , bed hopping , talentless hack. … Love the Ghost…

  • an opinion

    Drinking Game
    Drink everytime Aniston takes a drink.

  • an opinion

    Aniston such a fake. The dog was left at the shelter the day Aniston and her boy friend pee wee herman went to get him. The shelter would not have killed the dog thus it is not considered a Rescued Dog. The dog is cute so she would have found a home. But Aniston wants to think she did something amazing and that her not taking the other two means they were killed. Please. Jen not everyone is as stupid as most of your fans.

  • WanderSLUT

    Old Granny Ticky’s movie WANDERSLUT is a big FLOP. I f this movie change it to Malin Ackerman as the lead star probably it will do better. And when you look at the video of Malin A. & Justin T versus Ticky & Paul R. you can see instanly the difference who’s smart and who’s the dumb one. Malin & Justin’s interviews are nice to watch, not a boring interview unlike Ticky & Paul plus Justin and Malin show their chemistry even just in an interview. And I can see Malin sounds like a little bet of Angie. Malin admitted it that she’s not a fan of yoga, she rather punch something. I can see that Malin A. has a big potential in the business. And for Ticky, she’s TOAST.

  • MeMyself&I

    She looks awful in those pants. I hate the rocker way she dresses now to impress her new man. If you have to change who you are to be with someone they’re probably not the one for you. I give this another 8 months or so. More than 6 months, less than a year.
    Her desperation grows each year and it gets sadder to watch.

  • Benjie

    Miss Copy Cat again…..wait a second haven’t we seen Angelina in a similar outfit not too long ago. Leather pants and similar top.

    JA why on earth would you copy of Angie’s style. Get your own.
    Lately, you’ve been wearing nothing but black which is Angie’s signature color.

    Is it the prodding of your publicist or stylist? Get smart and create your own style for heaven’s sake.

  • ugh!

    This is one sad woman! Pathetic!

  • JL

    Jolie’s style – tattoo on the ass and enormous lips. And body like a bones-meccano. No soul, no body, no charisma. Nobody wants to copy THAT.

  • MeMyself&I

    Those cannot be leather pants. They look so cheap and tacky. That’s some kind of pleather or other manmade material. Just awful.

    I wish she would just go back to dressing the way she used to, casual but classy. That was more her style. Now she’s just trying too hard to be edgy and hip and it’s making her look like a grandma.

  • MeMyself&I

    @Tina: Tina, everyone has to pay for their star but not everyone is offered a star. There is a difference. No matter how much money I gave them I would not get a star. Everyone that has a star on the walk of fame had to pay for it, or their estate had to pay for it, or their management did.

  • Those Pants!?!?

    I’m suprised she didnt come out on stage naked, since she’s always undressing to get naked in movies and photoshoots…Sheesh woman, CLASS it up, not SKANK it up!

  • Those Pants!?!?

    *S.K.A.N.K. it up

  • I wish she never befriended Handler. At the time Handler started her show, both Jen and Angie were the butt of jokes , equally. Jen became aware of Handler;s jokes, took them personal, and felt threatened so she had her people (Huvane) call up Handler’s people and asked her to “go easy” on Aniston. Jen woo’d her with lavish trips to Cabo, and basically bought her friendship so Jen would use her to have her revenge against Angie, the woman her ex-husband fell in love with, and most unfortunatley their children. Thats when Hanlder’s verbal attach went viral on the internet and that why the MAJORITY of people hate these 2 hags.

  • MeMyself&I

    @: That’s something I don’t like about her as well. She kisses up to people that put her down in the press so they don’t attack her anymore. I heard she did it with Perez Hilton as well and he is as vile as Handler.
    Handler is really pushing the shows of her “pals” Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston telling everyone how great they are even though they are crap. I guess Handler doesn’t realize that the only reason Aniston and Witherspoon are giving her the time of day is because she has a talk show. That’s Hollywood though, everyone using everyone else.

  • Two Orange Clown.

    That the most UNNATURAL smile I have seen….. To much fillers around that thin lips is the course ….
    That manish harsh fake laugh …is as Ugly as sin!!!
    after all the lips jobs… Nose jobs… Plastic… Excersise and eating salads 24/7 for the pass 24 years… Hair extensions .. Orange tan… leather pants… All she can get is…
    What is it again??? Oh that’s right… she’s CUTE!!!!!!

  • cs

    Difference between JA and Angie. Angie has a natually beautiful face.
    So, if she loses weight or became fat as a house she still has that beautiful face. JA not so much..She can’t afford to gain weight, take out the weave, blond dye, and contacts.
    But unlike you with SS, I just don’t like Angie for her physical appearance. I admire her charity, smarts, and talent. If she lost her beauty she will still have those qualtites.
    As Judge Judy always says “‘beauty fades dumb is forever”.

  • lurking

    So nobody wanted to see the love between Aniston and Justin..

    I feel for Rudd.. but he will come out fine. After all the Promotion was all about TheAnis.. it was their show. Forget that he (Theroux) was not the Star. He got more media attention then Rudd.. someone that people KNOW and like. How much proof do people need that Aniston can not carry a film on her own. That she is not a lead actress. That she is not a BO draw. We have seen this time after time. When the male star is not as known or Big name the film does not do well. They by history are the draw.
    Her fans are quick to rag on others but take the hit and admit the truth.
    This is not about anyone but her. She promoted the heck out of this dud and the buck stops at the Big name in the title and that would be her.

  • Brainlessjen

    That girl with a long chin really has to retire..i cant see anything significant about her…she is boring, cant act and cant answer intelligently. There are lots of HW actresses better than her. The only reason why she remains visible is her money. She buys everything that will make her significant, including men.


    Aniston biggest w#ore ever
    JA toxic waste
    use gas mask
    use thickest rubber
    all disease