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Jennifer Aniston: Leather Pants on 'Leno'!

Jennifer Aniston: Leather Pants on 'Leno'!

Jennifer Aniston flashes a smile during an appearance on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno held at NBC Studios on Friday (February 24) in Burbank, Calif.

The 43-year-old actress, who rocked a Givenchy top, Balmain leather pants, Alaia boots, and a Tom Ford bracelet, went on the talk show to promote her film Wanderlust! Jen also ended up talking about her new puppy Sophie.

“We [Jen and beau Justin Theroux] ran over [to the shelter]. Sophie came right up to us…and then we were there for three hours! I was almost walking out with three puppies. That’s why we named her Sophie cause it was Sophie‘s choice. I was crying, it was so hard,” Jen said.

Check out Jen‘s new film Wanderlust, in theaters now!

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339 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston: Leather Pants on 'Leno'!”

  1. 1
    Truth Says:

    Usmagazine makes fun of how intimidated Jen was in front of Angelina at the 2009 Oscars! Starts at 02:03

  2. 2
    Brad Says:


  3. 3
    Wow... Says:

    Tried to watch the video but had to stop at 28 seconds…I cannot stand her stuttering!!! Jen you need Speech 101

  4. 4
    Wow... Says:


    Are you looking at Angelina?

  5. 5
    Ann Th Says:

    Sophie is a sweetheart!!

  6. 6
    Mike Says:

    Jen is so sexy! Oh Jen has the best legs in hollywood, and with those leather pants she is so hot, and Sophie is so cute!. She was radiant in the show!

  7. 7
    Louis Says:

    The only we can describe whether or not Jen is sexy as men are, so you learn to be jealous women as beautiful as Jennifer, she is beautiful has the best legs in Hollywood, that is, all she has the best body of all . So women can not criticize only those who know we can and I say she is hot

  8. 8
    ha ha Says:

    the best acting she ever does is on talk shows where she pretends to be oh-so down to earth. She is one of the most Hollywood PR obsessed celebs in the biz! Anyone who LOVES beings a celeb that much aint so down to earth, with her gazillion dollar homes and Bentleys, etc. Her act on these shows is really For Your Consideration worthy

  9. 9
    Barbara Says:

    Overexposed much? All the whoring out didnt work. The movie still sucks and is underperforming at the box office….

  10. 10
    James Neely Says:

    Jennifer Aniston is not pretty physically, but she has a charismatic personality that makes her attractive. Personally, I’m more on her side than Angelina Jolie, I think Jolie is so creepy and so is Brad Pitt.

  11. 11
    andu Says:

    jenny poo is obsessed with Angelina

  12. 12
    sullivan Says:

    That voice! Ugh. Boozy chainsmoker’s voice. She actually cackles like a witch.

  13. 13
    JL Says:

    She is A SEX BOMB! Puppy is cute.

  14. 14
    ellie' Says:

    Jen was not intimidated with Angie,..That’s bull..Should I believe the magazines now…

  15. 15
    Boring As Always Says:

    I’m sorry but Jennifer Aniston has ZERO sex appeal. She cannot carry this look because she don’t have the confidence for it. just because you’re small don’t mean everything you wear is right for you.

  16. 16
    ann h Says:

    It’s a real chore trying to figure out what she is saying, stopping in mid sentence and starting another one. Is she touching her hair all the time to make sure her extensions don’t fall out? I don’t get that. Surly her manager must tell her how annoying that is. The puppy is super cute though and I laughed when Jay made the joke about the puppy with his legs up in the air, resembling Chelsea.

  17. 17
    ann h Says:

    Sorry, I meant “her” for the puppy.

  18. 18
    ellie' Says:

    Jen is just so down to earth kinda of girl..everyone loves her..I love the video the leather pants..and of cause Sophie..
    So looking forward to the Oscars to see all the great Stars .

  19. 19
    Oh Says:


    A la Angelina with that Blood and Honey film, right? Irony’s a *****.

  20. 20
    Insensitive Says:

    How can she compare her dog decision to Sofie’s Choice? There a difference between choosing which child will be sent to a concentration camp during Nazi Germany. The remaining puppies will be adopted right away… not put to death. I adopted a puppy, did not make myself a heroine. And puppies get adopted quickly… it took me 6 mos to find one because they get adopted so quickly.

  21. 21
    Barbara Says:

    What does this have to do with Angelina or Angelina’s film? Get real! This is what contributes to the perception (and I’m inclined increasingly to say) reality that everything that jen does is measured by her and her fans in terms of how it stacks up against Angelina. Just because one thinks Jen is a vapid, plastic-surgery obsessed, insecure woman doesn’t mean one is automatically an Angelina fan.

  22. 22
    Tina Says:

    Sounds like she’s having a hard time speaking…inarticulate much? Is she high?

  23. 23
    Wander BUSTED LOL Says:

    LOL so is this puppy suppose to be the breakdancer and her new baby. Ridiculous.

    Too bad all the PR didn’t do jacksh@t for Chin b/c her movie is at rock bottom. The reviews are hilarious the way they are making fun of it.

    That’s what Homewreckers get . You can’t just nab anothers man of 14 yrs and act like it’s okay and LIE about the timing.

    Poor Heidi Bivens she did not ask to be made a fool of by these two
    untalented jerks.

    Karma Jen and Justwipe

  24. 24
    To #20 Says:

    Aniston is a dumb ass. She probably don’t even know what “Sophie’s Choice” was about just repeating something she heard from one of her insentive friends. Trying to sound intelligent and dumber than a box of rocks comes out..

  25. 25
    Tina Says:

    TMZ also exposed her SELF PURCHASED star on the walk of fame just recently…Oh Jen, why not the cast of Freinds get a star?? Because you’re the insecure one who needs validation to stay relevant..poor poor Jen

  26. 26
    Wander BUSTED LOL Says:

    It’s evening and Manny has been sipping her vodka ..straight up.

    Very low IQ, can’t act to save herself.

    Has anybody read the reviews on Wanderlust ? Embarrassing.

    No doubt Heidi Bivens is saying i could have told you Justin can’t act. No matter, i still don’t believe i should have been kicked to the curb. LIED TO> Anustin is not that sweet person she tries to portray on talk shows even when she sounds like she has a mouth full of marbels. ” Trust,” If she was with Justin before going on the show, they are both half in the bag.

    Lush meets Lush..= Justjen

  27. 27
    Brad Says:

    Only Angie can rock leather pants and come correct! Jen just looks like a fool..

  28. 28
    lea Says:

    Maniston is so phoney, her insecurity is beyond.

    Now that i know her film sucks i say GOOD.

    It’s not like anybody expected any better . All of her movies are total crap.

    ITA with above poster..Angie truly has the long lanky legs that younger women should wear.

    Manny is always trying to be a 20 yr old wannabe. Nothing to look at. Meh.

  29. 29
    Dee Says:

    Lmao Sophie’s Choice. That made me lol I think she looks cute.

  30. 30
    BrandonHilton Says:

    I’m lame and I’m going to beg you to check out my music page. What I should really do is try finding a real job, seeing I’ve been trying to get famous since the days of Myspace and it hasn’t happened.

  31. 31
    Cam Says:

    What pathetic vapid person. She has to have a low IQ. They wasted a load of money trying to promote this crapfest movie. It turns my stomach knowing these two cheated during the making of this movie.
    Who need a drug movie since Whitney Houston and so many other stars are dying of from drug use.

  32. 32
    Ghost Says:

    Try as she may, she will never amount to more than a hair-cut on a sitcom. Jennifer is not now, nor will she ever be a movie star. I know, the truth hurts, but when her fans leave their mom’s basement and grow-up they will realize that she’s an over-rated , bed hopping , talentless hack. … Love the Ghost…

  33. 33
    an opinion Says:

    Drinking Game
    Drink everytime Aniston takes a drink.

  34. 34
    an opinion Says:

    Aniston such a fake. The dog was left at the shelter the day Aniston and her boy friend pee wee herman went to get him. The shelter would not have killed the dog thus it is not considered a Rescued Dog. The dog is cute so she would have found a home. But Aniston wants to think she did something amazing and that her not taking the other two means they were killed. Please. Jen not everyone is as stupid as most of your fans.

  35. 35
    WanderSLUT Says:

    Old Granny Ticky’s movie WANDERSLUT is a big FLOP. I f this movie change it to Malin Ackerman as the lead star probably it will do better. And when you look at the video of Malin A. & Justin T versus Ticky & Paul R. you can see instanly the difference who’s smart and who’s the dumb one. Malin & Justin’s interviews are nice to watch, not a boring interview unlike Ticky & Paul plus Justin and Malin show their chemistry even just in an interview. And I can see Malin sounds like a little bet of Angie. Malin admitted it that she’s not a fan of yoga, she rather punch something. I can see that Malin A. has a big potential in the business. And for Ticky, she’s TOAST.

  36. 36
    MeMyself&I Says:

    She looks awful in those pants. I hate the rocker way she dresses now to impress her new man. If you have to change who you are to be with someone they’re probably not the one for you. I give this another 8 months or so. More than 6 months, less than a year.
    Her desperation grows each year and it gets sadder to watch.

  37. 37
    Benjie Says:

    Miss Copy Cat again…..wait a second haven’t we seen Angelina in a similar outfit not too long ago. Leather pants and similar top.

    JA why on earth would you copy of Angie’s style. Get your own.
    Lately, you’ve been wearing nothing but black which is Angie’s signature color.

    Is it the prodding of your publicist or stylist? Get smart and create your own style for heaven’s sake.

  38. 38
    ugh! Says:

    This is one sad woman! Pathetic!

  39. 39
    JL Says:

    Jolie’s style – tattoo on the ass and enormous lips. And body like a bones-meccano. No soul, no body, no charisma. Nobody wants to copy THAT.

  40. 40
    MeMyself&I Says:

    Those cannot be leather pants. They look so cheap and tacky. That’s some kind of pleather or other manmade material. Just awful.

    I wish she would just go back to dressing the way she used to, casual but classy. That was more her style. Now she’s just trying too hard to be edgy and hip and it’s making her look like a grandma.

  41. 41
    MeMyself&I Says:

    @Tina: Tina, everyone has to pay for their star but not everyone is offered a star. There is a difference. No matter how much money I gave them I would not get a star. Everyone that has a star on the walk of fame had to pay for it, or their estate had to pay for it, or their management did.

  42. 42
    Those Pants!?!? Says:

    I’m suprised she didnt come out on stage naked, since she’s always undressing to get naked in movies and photoshoots…Sheesh woman, CLASS it up, not ***** it up!

  43. 43
    Those Pants!?!? Says:

    *S.K.A.N.K. it up

  44. 44
    ... Says:

    I wish she never befriended Handler. At the time Handler started her show, both Jen and Angie were the butt of jokes , equally. Jen became aware of Handler;s jokes, took them personal, and felt threatened so she had her people (Huvane) call up Handler’s people and asked her to “go easy” on Aniston. Jen woo’d her with lavish trips to Cabo, and basically bought her friendship so Jen would use her to have her revenge against Angie, the woman her ex-husband fell in love with, and most unfortunatley their children. Thats when Hanlder’s verbal attach went viral on the internet and that why the MAJORITY of people hate these 2 hags.

  45. 45
    MeMyself&I Says:

    @: That’s something I don’t like about her as well. She kisses up to people that put her down in the press so they don’t attack her anymore. I heard she did it with Perez Hilton as well and he is as vile as Handler.
    Handler is really pushing the shows of her “pals” Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston telling everyone how great they are even though they are crap. I guess Handler doesn’t realize that the only reason Aniston and Witherspoon are giving her the time of day is because she has a talk show. That’s Hollywood though, everyone using everyone else.

  46. 46
    Two Orange Clown. Says:

    That the most UNNATURAL smile I have seen….. To much fillers around that thin lips is the course ….
    That manish harsh fake laugh …is as Ugly as sin!!!
    after all the lips jobs… Nose jobs… Plastic… Excersise and eating salads 24/7 for the pass 24 years… Hair extensions .. Orange tan… leather pants… All she can get is…
    What is it again??? Oh that’s right… she’s CUTE!!!!!!

  47. 47
    cs Says:

    Difference between JA and Angie. Angie has a natually beautiful face.
    So, if she loses weight or became fat as a house she still has that beautiful face. JA not so much..She can’t afford to gain weight, take out the weave, blond dye, and contacts.
    But unlike you with SS, I just don’t like Angie for her physical appearance. I admire her charity, smarts, and talent. If she lost her beauty she will still have those qualtites.
    As Judge Judy always says “‘beauty fades dumb is forever”.

  48. 48
    lurking Says:

    So nobody wanted to see the love between Aniston and Justin..

    I feel for Rudd.. but he will come out fine. After all the Promotion was all about TheAnis.. it was their show. Forget that he (Theroux) was not the Star. He got more media attention then Rudd.. someone that people KNOW and like. How much proof do people need that Aniston can not carry a film on her own. That she is not a lead actress. That she is not a BO draw. We have seen this time after time. When the male star is not as known or Big name the film does not do well. They by history are the draw.
    Her fans are quick to rag on others but take the hit and admit the truth.
    This is not about anyone but her. She promoted the heck out of this dud and the buck stops at the Big name in the title and that would be her.

  49. 49
    Brainlessjen Says:

    That girl with a long chin really has to retire..i cant see anything significant about her…she is boring, cant act and cant answer intelligently. There are lots of HW actresses better than her. The only reason why she remains visible is her money. She buys everything that will make her significant, including men.

  50. 50

    Aniston biggest w#ore ever
    JA toxic waste
    use gas mask
    use thickest rubber
    all disease

  51. 51
    The ORIGINAL Miami D. Says:

    ***** ON PATROL

  52. 52
    Laurenjen Says:

    The only way she remains relevant is because she was married to Brad Pitt which she keeps reminding everyone in every mag interview TV interview anytime she is promoting another one of her craps

  53. 53
    Brad Says:


  54. 54
    ellie' Says:

    I think its the other way around …Jen was a superstar from friends
    already ..That’s why Brad keeps binging his marriage up..not Jen..I think Brad needs to keep himself relevant ..b/c I don’t believe they are very well liked..
    I also believe that Angie & Brad should be the only ones for donations to charities and to boot there money they gave were only from there children..
    Shame on them for owning all these 60mil home and think about 3 others..yeah Angie & Brad is all for her image and they know how to play it well ..There both the fake ones..But I still wish them happiness and don’t hate like you..Thank you to all the people in the world giving so much to charities and aren’t recognized..pretty sad…
    Not worried about Wanderlust either it will do just fine..

  55. 55
    ellie' Says:

    Woke up 15 min..ago ..I’m not correcting what I wrote..
    Good Morning to Jens Fans and to Angie & Brad obsessions..

  56. 56
    bang! Says:

    she’s just not pretty. She tries her best and always looks put together but that face…aghhhhhhhh!!!!!

  57. 57
    ellie' Says:

    I love when Jen is put right next to Angie..Wow Jen is so pretty compared to Angie..You think Jen has a big chin, big fore head ..I don’t think so..Angie still looks good though..They both have very different looks..
    I think Charlize is the most beautiful woman in the world..and Jen is second..It all comes down to who is really down to earth..and Jen Charlize both are..But Jen is #1 though and well deserved..

  58. 58
    sullivan Says:


    Thought you should start your morning off right, ellie

  59. 59
    ellie' Says:

    Thank you I needed that..That beauty just woke me up..
    good morning Sullivan..Have a nice Day…

  60. 60
    cs Says:

    You are really delutional aren’t you? Brad is always bringing JA up?
    When? He stop reporters awhile back by asking them not to bring up third parties that have nothing to do with him or his family. And if you’re referring to his Parade interview several months ago he didn’t mention her by name. So,if the inference was there, it’s the first time in the 7 years they’ve been divorced. And he didn’t say anything that John Mayer hadn’t already said 2 years before “She’s Boring”.
    However, JA was quoted in a Magazine that she still keeps phone messages from Brad 4 years after they divorced.
    Her co-star in Horrible Bosses mentioned that she was shocked that he didn’t know she was once married to ” Brad Pitt”. Did she bring it up in a conversation with him? I would think she would be happy that he didn’t know or cared,
    Everytime she’s promoting one of her crappy films there’s been some mention of the ex-husband, his woman or kids.
    Who brought up the triangle in a recent magazine interview? She did. That’s the biggest misconception about her? Oh Please woman. I could have thought of a million other things she could have said. One, I’m not boring, I really lead a low-key exciting life.
    Her recent appearance on CH’s show.. CH mentioned that she thought TOL was boring before she came on stage. TOL hasn’t been in theaters in 6 months. It makes you wonder if she’s still hung up on Brad. Who plays those shenigans but women in their teens or early 20′s, not 40′s.
    Obviously, no one cared to see the how the love all began between her and JT since her latest starring vehicle flopped. Did she think this was going to Mr. and Mrs. Smith Part 2?

  61. 61
    yep Says:

    Jen is so beautiful! Her happiness shows! Sophia is so cute! I have enjoyed the promotion of Wanderlust it has been awesome! Justjen!

  62. 62
    yep Says:

    Jen’s smile is natural, genuine – easy for everyone to see! totally happy and has moved forward – best revenge – a well lived life!

  63. 63
    Yessssssssssss Says:

    Yes Jen

  64. 64
    ellie' Says:

    You know I’m so tired of this bull crap..I know in every marriage that
    everyone does a lot of bull *****ing when the “TIME” comes to breaking up..Its mostly men..Lets just put it this way, Brad once loved Jen and loved Brad..There marriage was happy at one time..Whats all the condemning about the both of the them or even Angie for that matter..You people are so cruel that i had to leave this site for a few yrs..
    Brad & Angie are honestly happy I believe,,no doubt..But I believe Jennifer& Justin are happy also..So what the h*ll are we doing..i can’t even write something nice on Brads or Angie’s site without being so ridiculed with a fight from you all..if you notice there aren’t many fans on Jens site no use to be really fun..It seems just to be all of you..I really miss my friends i use to have on here..we would talk about our lives our family..It was great ..and now i came back on about 10 months ago and i hate it here..I think its just best to look at all the pictures of all the actors i adore and there are many superstars out there..
    its hard to believe how silly how it sounds ,I adored all of them..Jill which I just found out was a fake.. actually made us can’t stand Angie nor Brad..especially myself..I think we are all childish on this triangle which doesn’t even exist..We could all go back and forth arguing everyday over such foolishness or all of us can stop these baby games..
    We are all not gonna agree at times when something happens or written about these two couples..But jeez what about all of the other great actors out there nothing said about them,,.and have great one makes one comment about them..just sad all this fighting all the time turns my stomach..
    Everyone gets some kind of plastic surgery..all of us do..especially the stars in HW..and so does Jen & Angie and all the rest of them…
    Have a nice Day..Enjoy the Oscars..Have a great weekend ..

  65. 65
    Wanderslut bombs! Says:

    Ha ha , even with all the fame whoring ,Wanderlust is bombing and getting horrible reviews , loflmao. Nobody cares about these two losers .

  66. 66

    Jennifer Aniston was and will never be a superstar. When you say a Superstar, in my mind, the celebrity has a worldwide fan base or is famous worldwide, has a series of successful movies, a box officer drawer or let say the celebrity can carry a movie alone. There are lots to mention to describe a superstar celebrity and to my mind again, Jennifer is not a superstar then and even now. She is yet to prove something for herself . She has been acting for years and I would say she always play the same old roles. The only and the main reason she became significant then was her marriage to Brad Pitt. By the way, she is not even known or famous here in my country.

  67. 67
    ellie' Says:

    @Wanderslut bombs!:
    Wanderlust will do just fine..No worry..Jennifer & Justin are no losers either..They are an amazing real happy couple..Now you see that beauty up there , that’s real ..and nothing fake about her at all..Just love that smile makes me smile..a truly happy person..a Superstar..JEN
    You sure do you LIVE HERE YOU SL*T..

  68. 68
    ellie' Says:

    I can’t even believe what i wrote..thanks for the thumbs down..LOL
    Good Day ..

  69. 69
    FrG Says:

    Jennifer is crying because of puppies…
    Angelina is crying because of war, and poverty around the world…

    JUST SAYING. Good choice Brad.

  70. 70
    ellie' Says:

    Jennifer makes money on every movie..,,she is known everywhere..
    The hottest woman body , A star on the HW walk of fame..ect..
    not so shabby..

  71. 71
    JL Says:

    ‘TRUTH HURTS’ DEAREST! I don’t know what your country is – I’m writing from the center of EUROPE and you may trust me – people know her face, and dress style, and movie roles very good. She is a symbol of style and class for the students and for women working in the solid offices. If you think her roles in Good Girl, Derailed and Murlie And Me are the same – this your own problem. About role of Brad Pitt in her career: she didn’t receive A LOT of roles because of this divorce. And Brad Pitt had married her first of all because she was extremely popular in FRIENDS. Her beauty was a second reason. That is why Brad had changed her on the more prestige ‘model’ (like a car) – Jolie. And for sure it’s not the end of career for today. Don’t hurry to judge….

  72. 72
    wanderflop Says:

    Here’s the Top Ten (order determined by Friday grosses):

    1. Act Of Valor (Relativity) NEW [3,039 Theaters]
    Friday $9.4, Est Weekend $27M

    2. Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds (Lionsgate) NEW [2,132 Theaters]
    Friday $6.3M, Est Weekend: $17.5M

    3. The Vow (Screen Gems/Sony) Week 3 [3,038 Theaters]
    Friday $3.2M, Est Weekend $9.7M, Est Cume $101.9M

    4. Safe House (Universal) Week 3 [3,052 Theaters]
    Friday $3.1M, Est Weekend $10.3M, Est Cume $96.6M

    5. Journey 2 3D (Warner Bros) Week 3 [3,350 Theaters]
    Friday $3.0M, Est Weekend $12.5M, Est Cume $77.2M

    6. This Means War (Fox) Week 2 [3,189 Theaters]
    Friday $2.8M, Est Weekend $9M, Est Cume $33.2M

    7. Ghost Rider 2 3D (Sony) Week 2 [3,174 Theaters]
    Friday $2.3M (-66%), Est Weekend $8M, Est Cume $36.3M

    8. Wanderlust (Universal) NEW [2,002 Theaters]
    Friday $2.5M, Est Weekend $7M

    Wanderlust is bombing worse than expected while audiences gave it a ‘B-’ CinemaScore. The combination of Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd proved toxic to moviegoers. (FYI: this greenlight was the studio’s payback to director David Wain and producer Judd Apatow.)

  73. 73
    eni Says:

    German Press

    Belgrader Premiere „In the Land of Blood and Honey“ Nur zwölf Zuschauer wollten den Film von Angelina Jolie sehen
    … und davon verliessen einige vorzeitig das Kino

    Belgrade premiere of “In the Land of Blood and Honey” Only twelve spectators wanted to see the film by Angelina Jolie
    … and some of them left early cinema

  74. 74
    sullivan Says:

    Perhaps Aniston should rethink the Friends reunion. Wanderlust bombed even worse than expected despite her media blitz.

  75. 75
    JL Says:

    @sullivan: If the screenplay is enough stupid, no actors can save this project. Jennifer and Paul Rudd worked together enough successfully in previous movies. But we don’t see Paul Rudd on the shows unlike one shirt-legs “break-dancer” with controversial reputation and cheap humor…

  76. 76
    Hermione Says:

    And out comes the green envy dragons!
    Get a life, get over it!

    Jen is the Queen of Hollywood because she´s a nice, desent person who cares about others. As she did Robert Downey jr when he was in prison. She don´t PR every good deed she does. She does a lot of charity work (St Judes etc) but don´t brag about it or expecting a medal for it. She does it out of the kindness of her heart.
    She simply the best and Justin is so in love with her and I love this wonderful couple!

  77. 77
    Dag Says:

    Jen is so hot

  78. 78
    Liza Says:

    Beautiful smile. I can’ wait to see her new movie. I hear it’s really funny.

  79. 79
    Wanderlooser BOMBS at #8 Says:

    OMG sweet revenge on talentless egomaniac old woman.

    her film is # 8 BOMB.
    This oone she is nort just a co-star like the one that were decent box office #’s.

    that man she is with is so short & weird body & is that a man wig, a rug?

  80. 80
    cs Says:

    The problem is that JA can’t seem to move on without coattailing the JP’s. It’s so obvious to us that follow her shenigans. I really never followed Brad and JA as a couple So I don’t know the love or non-love they had between them. But what I gather from Brad’s actions it wasn’t as deep as her fans want to believe. Angie with all her beauty/sex appeal was not the reason because Brad co-starred opposite many beauties during their marriage. He always been known as a stand-up guy. Not one of ex’s ever said they broke up because he cheated on them.
    I would have had more respect for her if she carried herself like Sandra Bullock or Nicole Kidman. Sandra Bullock who makes a Oscar speech that includes her love for her husband to find out days later he cheated on her with several ***** women. Although Sandra adopted a baby before the marriage ended she seems to be striving as a single mom, actress and producer. Nicole Kidman celebrating your 10th Wedding aniversary one day and given divorce papers the next. Then your husband is escorting Penelope Cruz to his next movie premiere months later. But she never discussed why her marriage ended with Tom Cruise and kept her head up high and evenually won an Oscar…

    Your husband wants out,, you move on with your life. Especially when you’re rich and don’t have children to tie you to him for the rest of your life..A man doesn’t make or break you.
    But, JA carries herself like a insecure, mean-spirited teenager. Who will never get over that Brad moved on, had a family with another woman and they in turned became more popular and highly regarded in the industry. She reminds me of the Texas Cheerleader’s Mom who put out a hit for her daughters biggest competitor’s Mom so that her daughter could win a spot on the cheerleading squad.

  81. 81
    Carla Says:

    what is wrong with her face? she looks like a different person — too much work done, i think. i also loathe the fake hair. it’s too light for her and it looks so dry and straw-like. yuck all around.

  82. 82

    CONGRATULATION JEN! your movie bombed big time. With all your promotions in it still it didn’t help. Let see, how many TALK SHOWS were you in to promote this crap movie of yours? Okay, from GMA, TODAY SHOW, CONAN, LINO, DAVE, JIMMY FELON, JIMMY KIMMEL and maybe more that I didn’t know of, sure it didn’t help. And with all the fake awards you bought is so laughable and it turn out still a BIG BOMB. Don’t give us any other excuse why your movie BOMBED big time. It’s not because of it’s limited release cause per theater count is so low, the reason is you just can’t act, you are so boring. Your ACTING COACH did not help you at all. Your TEACHER in your acting class was right, you sucks in acting period. And you are so funny that you think you’re good in directing? You cannot even act. How can you tell if the actors in the movie that you are going to direct if they are good if you yourself doesn’t know how to act? Please, leave that to someone who is good and has passion in it. And as for now, JEN! you are TOAST.

  83. 83
    #8? hahahaha Says:

    she looked fat in those leather pants
    and those ham,hock arms.
    Woman, cover them up! brrr

    And that G forced fake Reese smile.
    OMG..this 43 yr old wanna be 23 is copying all around her.

    But, worst the beautiful Ms. Jolie.
    for that person re” Angie’s directorial & written heavy moving REAL event “Blood & Honey”.
    Of course it is not a box # hit, it is extremely hard to see our evil & inhumane torture of others. Esp in the 90′s in a cutured European country.
    But, her message against rape & violence against women in war is out there!!!
    In all countries & past & prsent.
    Ms. Jolie has a purpose in life.
    Unlike these Hollywood airhead nit wits.
    She is a truly amazing smart woman, Mrs. Pitt.

  84. 84
    WTH Says:

    @ellie’: @ 02/25/2012 at 10:48 am

    YOUR comment was actually well thought out.. so why then did you run to the Angie thread and post this.

    A real great writer and that’s funny..

    I didn’t post the other snide post you made on the Angie thread..But there were quite a few. And if you are so tired of the back and forth and the silly triangle why were you on an Angie thread talking about Jennifer being a great actress and saying Brad/Angie are not and the other very immature and ugly things you also posted.. in succession.

    look don’t talk out of both sides of your mouth. If you go on a Brad or Angie thread putting down their looks and accomplishments then bragging on Jennifer.. How the hell is that being tired of the triangle. You really need to either SU or stop posting crap then whining when it is done to Jennifer. You do this all the time.

    so get off your high horse and practice what you preach..

  85. 85
    wonderbomb Says:

    she bought that star & pr’d this total rubbish as an Oscar worthy film.
    She is becoming beyond embarassing.
    Guess, not many rushed out to see her naked body she so advertised & banked on.
    LMAO..this is so nice to see her get egg on face.
    I’m sorry, I cannot stand her & her passive/agrresive miser behavoir
    for 12 yrs or so.
    Aniston is dunzo in Hollywood unless she gets a producer coming out of a coma to finance.

  86. 86
    Queen Aniston Says:

    So wholesome,youthful, and beautiful.

  87. 87
    cs Says:

    I was going to giver her some love for her response to my earlier comment. But then I read her other postings and thought otherwise

  88. 88

    POOR JEN! With all the paid critics who rushed quickly to ROTTEN TOMATOES website to praise WANDERSNOOZE movie in order to attract movie goers but sure it didn’t help. Imagine that, from 70% rating from the so called movie critics and it’s going down because they under estimate the movie goers own decision. And Rotten Tomatoes did the same thing about THE TOURIST. I believe they used the same critics to put Angie down but at least the movie goers did not stop from seeing it. Good thing really happens to good people. That’s how karma works.

  89. 89
    bang! Says:

    @eni: lol who cares what some third world Eastern European ghost town doesn’t wanna see Angie;s movie? It’s not even that they don’t want to but can’t afford to since they are dead broke.

  90. 90
    It's FUNNY --- SEE IT! Says:

    ‘Wanderlust:’ “Certainly, no comedy that generates this much laughter deserves anything other than a good review, and don’t let anybody tell you any different”

  91. 91
    ... Says:

    The box office figures dont lie: America is SICK to death of this woman! She appeared on Chelsea’s show and the only thing then hens clucked about was all the nudity in the movie and how Jen partakes in it..not about its funny, Paul Rudd is great, non of that – just “Jennifer Aniston’s bare breasts!!” My gosh i was really embarrassed for her

  92. 92
    sullivan Says:

    @Queen Aniston:

    are you talking about the same woman? take a good long look at that face

  93. 93
    JL Says:

    to’ #8haha’: Jolie has just one purpose: to hide her pervert heroin past from her children. And to marry poor Brad next 20 years . She is just MISS Jolie with 6 kids and no husband. A WORLDWIDE SHAME! She has no health. And no body. Just the bones. That is why The Bone Collector is her best movie.
    If millions of men had told Jennifer Aniston is #1 in the Hotness Award list (Jolie – just #10 – :) :) :) !!!) – so his is a TRUTH. So she can’t be “fat”. This is just your sick fantasy. Who care?

  94. 94
    eni Says:

    This comment shows the intelligence of the Brangelina fans

  95. 95
    JL Says:

    @JL: oh sorry: THIS is a TRUTH. I guess you are a moman younger 43. (he-he. I’m very decent: I don’t say HA-HA-HA!!!)

  96. 96

    @JL: AHHH! Need a tissue honey? Too much agony of what happened to WANDERSNOOZE movie? Even if you are trying to shift the attention of what’s happening on your idol’s movie you cannot hide the fact that WANDERSNOOZE BOMBED BIG TIME. I love that you are in pain, that’s why I’m offering a tissue. See, how nice I am?

  97. 97
    JL Says:

    @WANDERSNOOZEBOMB: AHHH! I don’t need the tissue. Thanks! I think Wanderlust is just a stupid story. It’s not an actors guilt. I hope they acted well. And they will receive their money. No need to be worry. This is a studio’s fault. See, how honest I am?

  98. 98
    RIP Says:

    Manistoned’s career. :))

  99. 99
    JEN IS A QUEEN HO ! Says:

    Jen is The Easy Poosey Queen of HW !

    She likes to spread her legs and look fvckable on the first date !

  100. 100
    Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig Says:

    WanderBomb!!! 50yoa Hasbeen with too many facefillers and her weird paid BF should just GoAway

  101. 101
    Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig Says:

    @Truth #1
    Wow US described jennys look as Goofy and she looked like a “camp counsler” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
    YOUR TIME IS UP and take mcstumpy with you

  102. 102
    JL Says:

    @Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig: At least she looks great no matter fillers or not. And she is not even 45! Not 44! Just two weeks as she is 43. Where are you hurry? Are you a 36 e.o. woman? May be 31? Poor girl. This is not the Jennifer’s fault. Try to use fillers too. And not just for your face :)

  103. 103
    LOL Says:

    @Hermione: Keep telling yourself that, if she was not paying Pee Wee Herman, he would out the door. I think she met he match another fame W hore.
    What Charity, the only Chaity she supports is Justin, because he don’t have a job and she have to keep her eye on him at all times, because of what she did to Heidi.
    And their movie BOMB, looking at them they have no sexual chemisty, so who was going to pay to see them, when you can watch Days of Our Lives for over acting.

  104. 104
    JEN IS A QUEEN HO ! Says:


  105. 105
    Ocean roar:Ahhg I was invited! Says:

    @WANDERSNOOZEBOMB: Uhm, bombs away.. So predictable. You forgot the handjob show and Ellen. Another dis to Oprah, Sophie was Oprah’s dog who died long after Jen Aniston’s career.

  106. 106
    JL Says:

    @JL: Nobody cares who and how “described” her. Jennifer Aniston is a NICE PERSON! No matter how old she is. No matter what is the color of contacts or hair – it can be totally grey – so what? She lost a lot of serious roles because nobody wants any problems with JoliePitt’s mafia. So what? People love her anyway.

  107. 107
    Louis Says:

    @Tina: Que pregunta mas rididula, acaso el Cast de FRIENDS a logrado todo lo que Ella a logrado hasta ahora? El resto del Cast a logrado que las peliculas que hagan siempre batan record? Jennifer fue la que mas sobresalio en Hollywood de los otros 5, asi que no hagas preguntas idiotas, pobre pobre pobre celosa, viven criticando la vida a los demás como si acaso fuera la suya. Envidiosas de todo lo que ella tiene, Fama , belleza, riqueza, todos la aman y consideran una gran actriz, asi que tu y tus odios de envidia vayan a mh ha hm ha hr hl ho..

  108. 108
    Brad Says:


  109. 109
    Honor Says:

    Please,stop! If you don´t like Angie,forget your films or person here! Not comments about Angie here,Jen thanks for this! Comments in the Angie news,have much posts here,Jared put anything about she or Brad now…Have 8 years of comparsion between womam ,for nothing! Jared make grow up animous against two fans to ladies,why side by side pictures or news!! If Jen,the best friend of América, not talking about Angie or Brad,why fans still help jared to promoter stupid triangle?

  110. 110
    JEN IS A QUEEN HO ! Says:

    Poor Queen Ho huh ? JLellieyepbetwhamohuvsyboosh!t ,

    Queen Ho is still thinking thoughts about May98 that her agent set her up with a fake first blind date with an A-list hunk,

    Hope Queen Ho will marry with Z-list Justin soon and this time Queen Ho will invite her own mother to her 2nd wedding party,

    Poor her mother huh? JL that when she was married with an A-list hunk her own mother was no where in the list of her 200 guests !

  111. 111
    NYC Says:

    Oh Sullivan

    is her face and skin made of dried raisins they look just like the raisins that my aunt Roxanne tell me to pass to her on thursday to put into something she was baking in the restaurant

  112. 112
    God She's Beautiful! Says:

    an American Princess
    : )

  113. 113
    sullivan Says:


    “is her face and skin made of dried raisins”
    How dare you insult raisins like that. Aniston’s skin looks more like an old leather baseball mitt.

  114. 114
    JEN IS A QUEEN HO ! Says:

    Sooooo Sad huh ? JL that Queen Ho loves her friends + dogs more than her own mother !
    That’s why she told the whole world (09) that she loves dogs more than anything ,maybe she is scares to have children b/c they will call her a disease like she called her own mother !

  115. 115
    anonymous Says:

    @Mike: Best legs and she is so hot, tight leather pants, hottest female of the century anointment, well! With all of that it didn’t do anything to save her new movie, Wunder Lust, BOMBED! Oh forgot to mention her new man Justin who break danced on Ellen’s show, that too was a dud, did not work, movie BOMBED! One and a half stars out of five!

  116. 116

    @JL: And here we go again, every movie that Jen is in that is a bomb, you blame the someone instead of Jen herself. Why can you just admit it that your IDOL cannot act and she is plain boring, it’s so simple. Don’t blame someone’s else fault that the script is so lousy or the studio did not market enough,or Jen just made a bad choice to pick the script. Please, enough of those excuses. Jen has the right to turn it down if the script is not good if she thinks she’s a good actress unless if she was not the one who decided to take the script or she is hurting for money even how bad the script is, she will take it. Well, after WANDERSNOOZE BOMBED, it shows how lame her acting is. SHE IS TOAST.

  117. 117
    Nina Says:

    It seemed like pairing with Justin is not good for our Je career wise. Wanderlust bombs badly. When Marley & Me came out, she was with John Mayer and that movie was her best box office success ever. Maybe she should dump Justin and beg John to take her back the 3rd time.

  118. 118
    getalife Says:


  119. 119
    Rainy Says:

    @Queen Aniston:
    Wholesome? The woman smokes like a fiend, drinks heavily, smokes weed and does blow.
    Youthful? Her skin is showing mega sun damage. She spends hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on salon/spa treatments to offset all of her son tanning.
    Beautiful? Well it is in the eyes of the beholder.

  120. 120
    JEN IS A QUEEN HO ! Says:

    Wow ! Sophie will be a good dog (baby) like Dolly and friends for Queen Ho.
    Tell JenHo get a life with her dogs and her bought Justin Mcgreedy !
    After 7+ years Jen The Barren Cow is still fights with her dogs+money !
    She is THE LOSER !
    Tell Jennypoo that her 100 Millions doesn’t helps her for the happiness !
    Soon she’ll be more Cray Cray Cray with her dogs,hahahahahaha.

  121. 121
    Heidi Has a Heart Too Says:

    I have always thought that Fox 911 has an opening bought by Anistons agent(s) so that everything she does is first page news no matter how
    insignificant. Ever since Aniston started her PR for this movie Wanderlust there is always headlines re: Aniston as boring as they may be .
    I never bother checking the write ups or rarely b/c i don’t find her or her films are anything to write home about,so with that in mind of course i am not going to spend money to go waatch another Aniston Flop.
    Personally i often wonder when they are going to pull her off the shelf and take her off the acting list b/c she is not and never will be a good actress.
    I agree Marley and Me was good but take any actress and put her in that role and the movie is going to be good. Itwas the dog who was the star.
    Owen wilson usually can pull in an audience and in Anistons case that is what she always needs is another Lead actor to carry his load and hers too. I decided today to check out Fox911 to see if there were replies
    Or if they actually allowed ppl to speak the truth seeing that i belive they are such big Aniston azzzkissers. To my surprise i read i believe 7 or 8 messages and saw they do allow ppl to speak there mind.
    I am thinking if somebody were to be honest about Aniston breaking up a 14 yr. relationship which is the truth possibly they would not allow ‘that’ truth to be written. BTW i also believe in Karma. Why in the world is it supposed to be okay for Jennifer Aniston to snag another woman’s man of 14 long yrs and it is suppose to be hush or hush is beyond me.

    Heidi Bivens and Justin Therox were together since she was 20 yrs old and is now 34. aniton and Therox met on screen and got caught in numerous lies about the timeline as to when they got together.
    Ends up when poor Heidi Bivens was approached about this infedelity there was pics of her and Theroux at a Hollywood event up till May 2012.
    As soon as those pixs came out Jennifer and Theroux once again changed their timing as to when they started dating.

    Basicly it has come down to everyone knows Aniston and Theroux were sleeping together while he continued to go home and sleep with Heidi Bivens too. But even tho mag pix of Aniston and Theroux were plasterd all over the place Theroux would convince Heidi that it was all rumours and gossip.

    So now the film is out and it is a bomb and Aniston has and pays for Heidi Bivens man but b/c they never married Aniston thinks the relationship was not set in stone. OMG!! Tell Goldi Hawn when her and Kurt Russell celebrate another anniversay that their relationship means Ztilch and see how fast Goldi Hawn knocks out your front teeth.

    In Brad and Jen’s marriage she told Oprah her and Brad’s marriage was cooked in 2004 so it was no big secret that their relationship was cooked long before he met AJ. In fact Aniston and Brad went their merry ways after the separation waiting for the 3 mo. period of filing for a divorce that is ontill Jen found out that brad had it bad for Angelina Jolie and planned on pursueing it which Brad did. He saw a good thing where he and this woman had alot in common, both adored children and at age 40 was not going to think about it any longer he went after what he wanted.
    Aniston used and abused the poor me pity parties to stay relavant conssitantly. She browbeat Angelina Jolie and still does. Okay maybe it wasn’t her doing the 100% of the brad and Angie coattailing but she did make sure she had her frriends always had something not just mean but sadistic to say about Jolie…still continues today .

    All i ask is why is it okay to LIE about the bullshite said in the tabs or never correct them. Well i suppose that’s easy if it kept aniston relevant that’s all that mattered b/c aniston couldn’t act so she needed the Brad Pitt name as well as the poor me look what that ^&%^%&^ Jolie did to me which was never truthful BUT it worked on keeping Aniston as a celebrity picture cover /article and continuous movie flops.

    Do ppl think it’s okay for their precious Jen to get involved with somebody else’s man of 14 yrs just b/c they like her?

    Heidi Bivens is a person too. she has a heart and feelings too. The difference is Heidi Bivens was never one to give any interviews and tell the world that their precious Jen is not Americas Sweetheart as believed.

    I mean really do ppl think after all angelina jolie was put thru for Jen to stay on top, that it’s going to be a forgotten or nonissue to the world of celebs today and Heidi Bivens 14 yrs of love with Justin Theroux is covered up and never to be mentioned again.

    How sick is that??!! Jennifer aniston replies once at her premier that ppl thinking she broke up Heidi and Justins relationship is gossip so lets move on is the end of the story.

    Poor Hedi Bivens she really did get blindsided, too sad.

  122. 122
    LOL Says:

    ellie is Aniston! ellie is Aniston! hahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!

  123. 123
    Heidi Has a Heart Too Says:

    Fox911 as mentioned do allow you to leave messages . Doubt if you got into the Heidi Bivens and Justin Theroux break up due to Jennifer Aniston’s going to a place she should have never gone. In the arms of Hedi Bivens man.

    Remember for those of you who read mags Heidi Bivens mother Beverly Bivens was approached in May of 2012 only to tell the press that she had just spoke to her daughter and her son in law (justin theroux) and said will all sincerity that her daughter and Justin were always in a loving caring relationship and they were not having any problems.

    How embarrassing for this family to have to go thru finding out that both justin and Jennifer were lying and were having an affair for at the very least 4 mos while running back and forth from Jen to Heidi.
    . Everytime pics , the press and new info came out Jen and Justin would change their timeline.

    Seems like almost a decade of hatred slung Angelina Jolie’s way but in Jen’s case it’s supposed to be SHHHHHHHHHHHushh.

    Tis Bullshite!

  124. 124
    Heidi Has a Heart Too Says:

    So here you go.
    Fox 911 like other mags and internet spaces who have been boughten
    will at least let you admit whether you like or dislike the flops Jennifer Aniston manages to do on a regular basis.

    REVIEW: ‘Wanderlust’ relies on vulgarity for laughs, and comes up short
    By Justin Craig

    Published February 24, 2012

    Print Email Share CommentsinShare.2 Text Size Comedy, more than any other genre, is personal. What influences one person’s belly laugh could make the next person gag from repulsion. While everyone has their tastes and limits there must be a line when a film is so shameless in its lack of dignity and intellect and assumes the audience are just a bunch of rubes.
    Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd’s new comedy – comedy in the sense of drawn out, unfunny gags – “Wanderlust” is an irrationally extended vulgar sketch routine that may not have even garnered laughs on “Saturday Night Live.” It is the absolute antithesis to the days of great comedic films by the likes of Billy Wilder, Preston Sturges, Mel Brooks – even the Zucker Brothers of “Airplane” fame.
    Rudd and Aniston are great actors in their own right and they make a fine team here, but they have a doozy of a script to work from. The two play Manhattan couple George and Linda who fall on hard times and move to Georgia to seek support from George’s annoyingly obnoxious brother. On the way they rest at a commune called Elysium where hippies hippify open farmland, free love reigns, and cannabis is the meal of choice. The two at first become enamored with the lax and open lifestyle, but as living freaky and feeling trapped starts to irk George, he seeks a speedy exit.
    Seemingly gone are the days of fantastic comedic dialogue. There isn’t one well thought out joke or intelligent quip in “Wanderlust.” The dialogue consists mainly of vulgarities spewed back and forth among some of Judd Apatow’s regulars, and senseless ramblings from the great Alan Alda.
    Director David Wain sadly attempts laughs by relying heavily on flashing Joe Lo Truglio’s genitalia at any given moment or with slow motion shots of naked overweight elderly people running.
    “Wanderlust” works overtime toward shock but wants to be a modern day “Porky’s.” The abrasive vulgarity and complete lack of comedic understanding in “Wanderlust,” however, makes that cult favorite look like Shakespeare.
    Producer Judd Apatow is scraping the bottom of the barrel with “Wanderlust.” “Bridesmaids” this is not.

    Print Email Share CommentsinShare.2 Text Size
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    0 new comment was just posted. Show
    jwe11s2000 17 hours ago

    No I will not bother. This movie just look really bad. show more show less
    Like 3 people liked this. Flag Mmmmm 21 hours ago

    Aniston makes millions off these so-called run of the mill movies….people spend money just to see if it is a worthwhile movie….after millions of people see and judge her movies, they conclude that they are duds…the money has been spent for curiosity sake….she profits! (SMILE) show more show less
    Like 3 people liked this. Flag keats 22 hours ago

    Ouch!! The truth will set you free. Now, if Aniston would only realize this, she would be better off. This poor wannabe is NOT a film star. show more show less
    Like 3 people liked this. Flag Vigilant Satyr 23 hours ago

    Jen stars in another flop. Well, there’s a big surprise.

    I do love the review however. How often are Porky’s and Shakespeare ever mentioned in the same sentence? show more show less
    Like 2 people liked this. Flag horsewoman54 1 day ago

    Never have paid for an Aniston movie….sorry. They are all pretty bad. She was on Friends for crying out loud and never really transitioned to the screen. show more show less
    Like 3 people liked this. Flag monkeycheez 1 day ago

    Genuine comedy is a lost art (i.e. Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball, Red Skelton). Would be nice to go back. show more show less
    Like 4 people liked this. Flag septictankwatch 1 day ago

    How long is it going to be before producers realise that Jennifer Aniston is not worth a rub of soap? She has no talent, no charisma and is just a pathetic sack of spanners.

    show more show less
    Like 5 people liked this. Flag tclick 1 day ago

    Rudd and Aniston are both supporting actors. Neither has the talent to be the star of a movie. show more show less
    Like 4 people liked this. Flag Mike Rotch 1 day ago

    Add this to big chin Jen’s long list of failures. When will the i diots in Hollywood wake up and realize that this dim bim is not a bankable star. Hey Hollywood nitwits- throw some of those millions my way. I’ll sell a lot more tickets for you than the pathetic attention seeking w hore with the Jay Leno chin. show more show less
    Like 4 people liked this. Flag trollslayer 1 day ago

    a bad jen aniston movie… I’m shocked!

    will the day ever come where she’ll no longer be able to get work due solely to sympathy over the whole brad thing? cmon it was how many years ago? show more show less

    Read more:

  125. 125
    Carolina Says:

    This is full of PATHETIC LOSERS!!! probably a bunch of 12-14 immature year olds who know nothing about life, relationships, or even having a job writing all of this nonsense, because i honesty can’t imagine a well stable adult wasting not even a minute out of their precious time to read, analyze and then comment on a topic they don’t care for. listen kids just because you don’t like something it doesn’t make it bad, and you just can’t go around life talking crap, making up stuff or bad mouth people just because u can’t stand them or because they are more successful than you are. if most of you don’t address that issue now, you will suffer a lot later on in life. and if you are an adult posting all of this hating comments, i don’t even want to know what kind of life you live, you must be miserable with nothing better to do. i deeply feel sorry for you, but jen is not the one to blame for the life you chose to live.

  126. 126
    Carolina Says:

    @LOL: this comment is only prove that this is full of kids, really” llie is Aniston! ellie is Aniston! hahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!” sad.

  127. 127
    ellie' Says:

    I happen to copy what you do..How sweet it is..

  128. 128
    ellie' Says:


  129. 129
    ellie' Says:

    r u being serious..grow up and get a don’t like me..b/c I’m acting like you…Hmmm that makes me happy.!!!.

  130. 130
    ellie' Says:

    and Angie’s veins are holding up well with shooting all that heroin up…and helping to write for BBT..She can’t write. BBT , better do this on his own..

  131. 131
    JL Says:

    Blah-blah-blah, Jen haters!
    So much hate!!! Why? As she “can’t act” stop convincing yourself more and more! But you can’t stop. Every time it’s not enough: PITIFUL!!!
    Despite Wanderlust looks like a stupid story I’ll go to see it for sure. And I’ll buy the DVD. Because Jennifer is wonderful anyway. She is a great person. End of story. Or not – it’s not the end. She will have better movies – no doubt.

  132. 132
    bates Says:

    I don’t think you can make something go away by lying about it when it has been a discussion on celebrity message bds for over a yr.

    Justin didnt handle it well when he told Ellen when she asked about his previous g/f that he would prefer to not talk about it. Thats why i think the breakdance shoes were ready at that very moment.

    Jen wont tell the truth now b/c she will have to stick to her story which was a stumbled ‘,Oh that was just rumours and gossip,’ the easy way out.’ Next question…

    Also Jen lived on rumours and gossip allowing them to progress into the nastiest stories when all she had to do is deny just like she did
    for this same ordeal.

    I would think Jens agent would be more concerned about this scandal coming to light then he would be about another film flopping.

    You cant go around hurting others to benefit yourself.
    It does seem like there has been alot of that going on in the Jen/Brangalina Justin/Jen/Heidi situations.

    The truth will eventually come to light..

  133. 133
    LOL Says:

    jennifer is a mediocre actress. she is more suited for tv and that’s where she should be, her films have been awful, no memorable role, like someone mentioned you could have put a bunch of other actresses in the any of her movies and it wouldn’t have made a difference. She has to face it she’s a middle age woman, and can’t do these romantic comedies forever playing Rachel Green.
    She keeps on getting breaks, but she can’t open a film on her own, all the box office successes have been a strong actor or a dog.

  134. 134
    box office poison jen Says:

    Another day, another box office flop for Jennifer Aniston. Why is Hollywood so insistent on shoving her down everyone’s throat? The only times she’d had a hit is because of her male co-stars like Ben Stiller or Vince Vaughn or Jim Carrey. She must have a shitload of photos of studio heads in compromising positions with farm animals. There’s no other logical reason why she’s still being cast in anything.

  135. 135
    Kirsten Says:

    What a beautiful smile :) lovely x

  136. 136
    JEN IS A QUEEN HO ! Says:


    ” If most of you don’t address that issue now,you will suffer a lot later on in life ” Really ?

    ” If most of Queen Ho don’t address That Pity Parties 05-12+ ,she will suffer a lot later on in life ” Is it true ?

    She is still thinking thoughts that her money can hide her dirty past huh ?

    All A-D listers are run away from Jen The BOMBED and they are never looking back
    (They are scared of her issue ” A Set Up Blind Date May98 “)

  137. 137


  138. 138
    JL Says:

    @JEN IS A QUEEN HO !: Tell us dearest what her “dirty past” are you talking about?

  139. 139
    JL Says:

    @box office poison jen: Yeah, “poison”, she MUST have these pictures in accordance with your mind, but she HASN’T. You may type in Google “jolie dirt” and you will have all the pics you mean here. But not the Jennifer’s pictures. I guess it can have relation to her invitation in to the lots of different projects. You have a shitload of dirt in your mind. Try to find a doctor.

  140. 140
    JEN IS A QUEEN HO ! Says:

    Queen Ho had been slept with many men before A Set Up Blinde Date (May98)
    She dump her bf of 3 years (TD) upon spread her legs on the set up blind date !
    She slept with many men again after her divorced.
    All A-D listers scared of Queen Ho Anustain,every where she goes always BOMBED !

    Wow ! Hand Job helping Queen Ho a lot of BOMBED huh?

    Hand Job had told the whole world that she had abort since she was 16 year old !!!

  141. 141
    JEN IS A QUEEN HO ! Says:

    Hand Job and Queen Ho have something in common to chats to each other huh ? JL,DL,Carolina,ellie,bet,whamo,huvsy,boosh!tDogs.

  142. 142

    maniston has been with more men than Angelina and that is a fact! thats why maniston’s uterus is damaged, cant bear children.

  143. 143
    NYC Says:

    So Right

    Cinnamon face leather skin

  144. 144
    JL Says:

    @JEN IS A QUEEN HO !: Is your name Tate Donovan? Still can’t forget? Who is donovan today? Nobody.
    With her mother abortion at 16 is a very predictable thing. There is one positive side: she had prevented an appearing of moron probably like you.

  145. 145
    devil's advocate Says:

    Promoting a movie by appearing on two magazine covers and
    a dozen or so radio and television shows with trailers on dozens
    of websites will guarantee you a gigantic box office plus an oscar
    nomination. RIGHT? RIGHT???

  146. 146
    angie Says:

    All of the negative comments written here are really by me, Angelina. Ha Ha!

  147. 147
    ellie' Says:

    like I said at least Jennifer knows everyone man she has been with,,with that being said..Angie has said she has taken every drug, her mind b/c delusional and really has no clue at famous motel… Maybe Jen can’t have a baby..nothing to do with a man…and she would never trap any man ever..

  148. 148
    ellie' Says:

    LOL is Angie…HAHAHA…grow up..

  149. 149
    ellie' Says:

    What a beautiful person…just look at that beautiful smile..I can’t wait for the Oscars tonight…..

  150. 150
    Heidi is a beauty Says:

    The old woman who seems to be stinking.

  151. 151
    CAM Says:

    I really feel sorry for you and I tried to give you benefit of the doubt but then you spout of your normal cray cray nonsense. Girlfriend let me break down to you. A person who is shooting up drugs is not flying a plane (mind you with their children), meeting with prime ministers/presidents across the world, deliver 3 healthy babies, Direct and act in films. They can’t function like normal people. I’m happy to know that you’re not astute about drug addictions.

    If i were you I would be more concern about JA, who not only aged and gained weight since being with JT but sounds more incoherent than her usual self in interviews and hanging out with one of the the biggest Ho’s, Alcoholic, and coke addict in HW (Chelsea Handler).

  152. 152
    JL Says:

    @CAM: CAM, we can see Jolie piloting plane just on the picture. Nobody never saw her FLYING over HW. Learning to fly is not the FLYING. She is not like John Travolta.
    But for this we can see her bones under the dress and it’s not sexually and healthy at all.
    Unlike Jennifer, step by step quiting smoking and looking very healthy. Jennifer knows what is it – a healthy way of life. So she can play with her weight, she can wear everything she wants. She doesn’t need any meetings with ministers/presidents to fix her reputation. She is a symbol of class because she makes her charity without TV picture. Feel the difference.

  153. 153
    ellie' Says:

    Don’t feel sorry for me sweetie. I’m just all play nice and i sure will…

  154. 154
    ellie' Says:

    yes my dear a heroin addict can function doing everything as they normally do as long as you don’t do to much…..

  155. 155
    ellie' Says:

    JL this was meant for Cam.

    .yes my dear a heroin addict can function doing everything as they normally do as long as you don’t do to much…..

  156. 156
    alw Says:

    BIG ANNOUNCEMENT -People Magazine-Monday,Feb.27,2012-Jennifer Aniston is pregnant. All her fans will be happy and settle down. I have never seen adults get so out of hand about people who dont even know them.

  157. 157
    Stop calling the paps Says:

    @Heidi Has a Heart Too:

    Shouldn’t we congratulate Heidi for getting rid of that sorry midget?
    It’s insufferable and embarrassing to see him so staged and forced at all the interviews.

    I am very happy for Heidi! Yeah, 14 yrs is a long time, at least she’s out of the tunnel now!

  158. 158
    Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig Says:

    You can not reason with “elle’/JL” she is B@tSh!t crazy! Would not reconize LOGIC if you slapped it upside her head and the doctors have tried this It Did Not Work!

  159. 159
    Nina Says:

    Oh, I can see that her fans are really in pain, attacking other people left and right. Why don’t “millions” of her devoted fans go out to the theatres and save her Wanderlust ? It’s at 8th place on its 1st opening weekend, being beaten by many other movie on their 2nd or 3rd week. It’s even been been by poorly reviewed Ghost Rider sequel. They’ve been trying to hard to boost up Justin’s career, she said Justin is a great actor and such…, but with poor result like this, how could he hopes to finally get a leading man role. He has been in supporting roles in all the movies he appeared in. It seemed that dropping his long time GF to pair with Aniston didn’t pay out. Could their relationship survive this BO bomb ? Hmm, thinking of JLo and Affeck and Gigli….

  160. 160
    ellie' Says:

    @Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig:
    No reasoning with you either..I’ll stay here .you can go there…you people will never change..the most sickest Jolie obsessions ever.. I can’t even say don’t have much to say about him anyway….
    Keep writing stupid..I can’t reply anymore to bunch of freaks..Good day!!!

  161. 161
    #156 Says:

    You since her bomb movie and lack of interest in her relationship to smurf boy a pregnancy or adoption would be the only thing that will keep her name alive at this point. And as much as she needs the attention I wouldn’t put it past her to do it at this point because she knows her career is toast. They tried to put out a fake report that she is looking to be in a film and as evberyone knows that was pr fluff. This is Aniston’s last move for a very, very,very, good very long time.

  162. 162
    jentheho Says:

    @yep: Wanderbomb bombed big time.

    Yeah, all the promotion didn’t help you Jen Jen. It opened at #8. Bwahahahahahahahahaha!! Guess Jen is not so loved afterall. She is loved only by a few idiots on this thread.

  163. 163
    CAM Says:

    @ JL
    So you’ve seen John Travolta flying the friendly skies and not just photos? Are you his lover? Well, JA better try something new to fix her reputation since her latest movie Bombed with a capital B..Or else she’s going to be just another 40 something in HW with one leg in the grave.
    Wasn’t she just seen smoking a cig at her birthday party?
    Maybe JA is the herion addict since doesn’t seem to do much in life and she hangs out with a admitted alcoholic/ druggie.

  164. 164

    Here’s the new update why Jennifer Aniston, Reese W., Charlize T. and Chelsea H. in common, they all Bombed this year! CONGRATULATIONS on all of them. May you all bomb next year and the next year to come. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF THEM. Have your vodka ready! Well done.

  165. 165
    JL Says:

    @jentheho: Keep dreaming moron

  166. 166
    JL Says:

    @CAM: I saw video with Travolta near his Boeing 707 in the airport – an alive picture. Nobody doubts he IS a flying pilot. About Jolie we can say for sure – she took the lessons of piloting. And a photo – she is in the cabin of little black plane. I prefer to see video. Especially with the children inside. Afraid she has now more serious interests – like her health and appearance, for example. Do you think she is so bony because of dieting? So try be careful when you talk about one leg in the grave…

  167. 167

    Honey! If you know how to google, you can see some of Angie’s video that she was the one who is piloting the plane. Angie got her pilot license before Brad. I guess, you don’t want to recognize it because as of now, Angie is the only woman in HOLLYWOOD who can fly a plane. It takes brain and guts to do it in which case Jen A. can never have because Jennifer Aniston is dumber than a piece of rock.

  168. 168
    JL Says:

    @WANDERSNOOZEBOMB: If Jolie is a so exclusive person – why not to demonstrate her ART OF PILOTONG in the LA sky? Because she knows – that will be her last flight..
    About Aniston – she prefer more reliable ways – if she needs to fly she takes a charter jet. And no problems. She has no need to prove something to somebody. People love her without piloting plane and other crazy stupidness.

  169. 169
    mikelear Says:

    i think jen Aniston is pretty and is avery sexy woman and she looks good in anything she wears even wean she wears nothing .

  170. 170
    jentheho Says:


    The movie is at #8. If Jen Jen is so loved & respect, why is her movie not at #1. Her movie is not even in the top 5. You are the moron who believe she is loved. When you see blogs that have Jen vs Angie, Jen usually win because she gets the sympathy votes for being dumped by Brad. Most women relate to her because of that . Not because they really believe Jen is love or respect or because she can act. If Jen is a great actor, the same people who voted for her would’ve run to the theater to support her. You can call me moron all you want but the BO doesn’t lie.

  171. 171
    JL Says:

    @jentheho: BO is a studio’s problem. No actor can save the project if the storyline is stupid. But she is risky girl and she has the new experience. This article is about her leaser pants. THE PANTS ARE GREAT.

  172. 172
    ellie' Says:

    Wow Angie is back to her old ways…talking about going to bed with her partner…OMG that chicken leg, and speaking like an A hole ..
    I was so embarrassed by her…Yeah really Brads parents love Angie way…how embarrassing for them..they have to be nice..or that b*tch won’t let them see there grand children…here’s to that non classy mother u are..Thanks for that great laugh being made fun of.. you are a phony and always will be..

  173. 173
    JL Says:

    @jentheho: jenthehot,
    Jennifer is America’s Sweetheart because she is not loved? And she had received a million dollar per episode in Friends because “she can’t act”? Wanderlust is not HER movie – she is not a producer and Director and author of screenplay. Try to built your hate in accordance with logics.

  174. 174
    JL Says:

    @jentheho: jenthehot,
    can you imagine Jolie an America’s Sweetheart”? Sounds RIDICULOUS!!!

  175. 175
    Gina Says:

    All of you HATERS SUCK! She is adorable & gorgeous! At least she isn’t aneorxic like Angelina is! Leave her alone jealous morons!

  176. 176
    ellie' Says:

    Angie looked like an as* ..I so glad she was made fun was hysterical..she has to be noticed…to compete with her own partner..I even love when the camera was on Brad , Angie had to throw that mug in right next to Brad…Poor Brads parents ..they must have been so embarrassed..they don’t like her they have too..!!! or loose there son and grandchildren ..What a wuss Brad is..

  177. 177
    ellie' Says:

    Jen and where were you and Justin at…I hope some pictures surface..Love the love between you both..

  178. 178
    Wanderlust TANKED! Says:


  179. 179
    leo Says:

    actual BO #’s for WANDERFLOP.
    (and they tried to call Tourist a bomb that came out #2 after a kid film
    over 16 mil$ BO#..made 276 mil worldwide.
    Go beauty..Go!

  180. 180
    JL Says:

    @leo: TOURIST IS NOT A MOVIE AT ALL: it’s just a pitiful replica… Change Johny Depp on Justin Theroux and that will be complete NOTHING

  181. 181
    JL Says:

    @leo: Go, beauty… GO AWAY!

  182. 182
    JL Says:

    @leo: leo,
    did you see the Oscar ceremony? Do you think Jolie must demonstrate her legs so apparently? OK. We saw THIS. A horse has a more sexual legs. Jolie need a serious treatment. This is just a mak up. “Go beauty” sounds funny….

  183. 183
    JL Says:

    @JL: oops, sorry: This is just a MAKE up. Can’t wait to know the results of her HUMANISTIC movie about raping.

  184. 184
    Wondersl@t Says:

    JL, go and fetch you meds at your dog house!!

  185. 185
    JL Says:

    Welcome to the world of decent Jolie’s lovers!
    They think all the people must take the meds like Jolie. :)
    And they would be happy to settle all the world in to the dog houses. They call it a justice. But people don’t want to it this sh*t.

  186. 186
    JL Says:

    oops, sorry: people don’t want to EAT this sh*t. Nobody trusts Jolie is a saint “humanitarian”. A cheap PR on TV screen.

  187. 187
    Justlurked Says:

    Another flop.
    Another flop. Face it wana be A-lister, you will never ever receive an Oscar even if you go pale and shave your head on screen. So do us a favor bleached blond, buy a house in Mexico and RIP.

  188. 188
    JL Says:

    @Justlurked: To shave the head is easy. Jolie did it. Nobody care. To stay a lady despite all the hate – that needs a character and class.

  189. 189
    Justlurked Says:

    Idiot! I am talking about what it take to earn an Oscar. Since you mentioned the Jolie, FYI the Jolie earned her Oscar. Talk about character and class ask the fake one how many d!ck she’d had injected and how many times her boobs and coochie displayed in the magazine.

  190. 190
    JL Says:

    If you are not an idiot you must know these magazines. Which one?

  191. 191
    Justlurked Says:

    While you at it. Why didn’t you ask me to name all the d!cks that were in her hole also? LMAO!

  192. 192
    JL Says:

    @Justlurked: Blah-blah-blah! Just general words. I ask you about concrete magazines. There is nothing to say?

  193. 193
    MJ Says:

    @JL: But THE TOURIST made close to 300 mil worldwide? So mean it was a hit because Angie was in not because of Johnny D. right? I am glad you admit it. WANDERSLUT BOMBED BIG TIME because the story was boring plus the casts are not appealing to look at. I admit it too, that THE TOURIST story was a little bit off but if it was not Johnny and specially Angie in the big screen, it was possible that it BOMBED too. Thanks to Angie, she’s well like and well known worldwide and that will never happen to Ticky. That just the truth. The producer and distributor for WANDERSLUT will be thankful if they’ll get breakeven which is hard to do. Now, you can see the difference between the movie star and the tv star on the big screen. Angie really has that power all over the world either you like it or not.

  194. 194
    JL Says:

    The Tourist is not a movie at all. It’s just a pitiful repeating of French movie maiden in 2005. Nobody in Europe told Jolie looks better comparing to Sophie Marseau. Nobody told the Tourist is maiden better. Nobody care. Because Tourist is a PROJECT.
    Let’s wait and see what the money will make Wanderlust worldwide.
    About people’s love in the world – it’s a big question. Jolie is not an Icon of style. But Jennifer is – for students and for the older ladies. I know because I see that. Jennifer’s face is N 1 in the world on the magazines covers – you don’t like to listen that. And you may compare Jennifer at the age of 36 and Jolie at 36. HA! HA! HA! Even today despite the age difference. I afraid to think about Jolie’s look at 43…

  195. 195
    JL Says:

    @MJ: If you want to know what is the difference – Jennifer never was a heroin addict. Jolie was, saying carefully. Heroin can’t be in the past.

  196. 196
    MJ Says:

    @JL: You are POOR PATHETIC woman. It is so obvious that only few like Ticky that is why WANDERSLUT BOMBED BIG TIME. Don’t even assume that WANDERSLUT will recover their money outside USA because even Marley and Me worldwide didn’t even match with THE TOURIST even with the cute little puppy. M&M was a big hit in the USA because a lot of people here like dogs. In WANDERSLUT, there is no dog, only saggy boobies and their wrinkly butt. You don’t want to watch any grandma getting naked? The trailer alone for WANDERSLUT is not appetizing looking. Please, Ticky can brag about her paid title but she cannot hide the fact that she is not that hot. Ticky should just accept that she’s old before it’s too late. Look at what happened to Dime M. she got hit by the reality that she’s old and because she’s not ready yet, she try to hide it by taking drugs. And speaking of Dime M., after her divorce incident, the media reported that Ticky was helping Dime to recover her divorce. Was Ticky responsible for Dime M. about 911 call? I wonder what Ticky gave advice to Dime M. Is that ” take some drugs best friend, it will help you forget how old you are, I’ve been there done that and nothing happen to me, look I feel like I am still 20 yrs old.” Poor Dime M. , Ticky didn’t really help her and she ends up in rehab. Ticky is not a good example of a strong woman. She encourages this PATHETIC women to be more PATHETIC as they become adult. That is why more and more women suffer depression and they think that the only way to solve it is drugs. Just face the reality while you can so that you have time to adjust and you won’t get shock when time comes. Don’t pretend to be someone if you are not. Face it, grow up so that you can move on. If you have problem, face it don’t hide away from it, find a good solution. Don’t stop finding a good solution. That’s how you do it. Don’t be contented by faking it. That’s how strong woman do.

  197. 197
    Aussie Girl Says:

    ML–Well Said,every post to the troll

    I cannot believe this troll thinks that Herion in NEVER in the past–It is hard to beat,but loads of people come back from addiction with hard work and strength. Anyway Angie openly admitted to use– NOT an addicition.

    BTW–I’m LMAO at the trolls trying to once AGAIN deflect from Ticky’s lastest flop by bringing up things Ange did over 15-20yrs ago,instead of Ticky’s PR BS NOW,in the present. Wonder when she will show her ugly mug after this humiliation,Justine thought this was his ticket to the big time instead he got with a C-List (actress)I use the term loosly! And NO the bomb/flop will NOT make money over seas,it won’t even make it’s back! LMAO!!!

  198. 198
    JL Says:

    MJ and Aussie girl, you sound like complete losers.
    “Face it!”, “don’t stop finding a good solution” – are you an MLM instructor? Demi Moor looks pitiful with her younger lovers. EVERY woman looks ridiculuolosly if she think a younger guy can confirm just something. Please, forget Demi Moor here.
    We are talking about Jolie. As her heroin is in the past – why she looks so bony? It’s not sexy at all. She has money on EVERYTHING in this world, but can provide an own good look. Did you see her legs on the Oscar? It’s horrible. She can’t look despite she is an actress! And it’s because of VERY SERIOUS problems with her health. And the reason is a heroin.

  199. 199
    ellie' Says:

    Jen is the beauty..Wait and see what Jens movies makes..I have been saying her & Brad don’t look well with there eyes..all u need a a little heroin and u can function fine..Angie looked ridiculous acting like that on the RC..and especially giving out the Oscar..funnier than ever..She lost her beauty a long time ago..and her style su*ks big time,

  200. 200
    besane Says:

    @Justlurked: Shaving her hair and getting fat for a role is something this fake wannabe ‘actress’ never would do. Aniston simply isn’t an artist, just a ‘TV starlet’ who got into her head about her delusional movie stardom because she was married to Brad Pitt.

  201. 201
    Lynne Says:

    A quote from a review on one of angie’s action movies: ”It is really nonsense with no real plot but good fun to watch if you leave your brain at the door.” HAHAHA. :)
    Angelina cant ever do a movie with any meaning because she cant open up and show raw emotion properly. whats wrong with her?

  202. 202
    devil's advocate Says:

    Thank you Jennifer. Poor stupid me was thinking that having
    to decide which of your children lived and which was sent to
    die in the gas chamber would be a more difficult decision to
    make than which puppy to adopt. Thanks to Jennifer I have
    been enlightened and now know that the two decisions are
    of equal difficulty.

  203. 203
    2% Jenny Says:

    Is that you Jen, er CoCo?

  204. 204
    JL Says:

    @besane: besane,
    at first: Brad Pitt had married her because she was extremely famous after 5 or 6 years in FRIENDS.
    Next. She were born in actors family, and she knows more than somebody else HOW IS IT and what is the price of success.
    And about getting fat – there directors-sadists loving that. And not only: why not to jump from the plane without parachute for the role? I think – much more better to shoot this Director, saying “that was in the script”…

  205. 205
    sullivan Says:

    Angie’s gam (talk about tempest in a teapot) might have distracted some from the bombing of Wanderlust, but it’s a distraction that only lasted a couple days. Now Aniston is falling back on the “baby” talk distraction. No one’s falling for it, though. She wants babies; she doesn’t want babies. Who cares. Babies don’t want her.

  206. 206
    MJ Says:

    @Lynne: Hey! Idiot. You have really low on reading comprehension . Can you try to analyze really hard first before you post your comment. The critics said it was obviously the plot not on Angie. But hey! The Tourist open more than WANDERSLUT maybe because WANDERSLUT is boring, more boring and the casts are not appealing. Poor Ticky, she will be back on renting soon. Ticky don’t have movie in the line up. Those movies that are listed for her to make are just 1% true, she will be lucky if someone will green light like The Boring Girls, until now no one is willing to gamble their money yet. Poor Ticky. Oh! well, good for her.

  207. 207
    MJ Says:

    @JL: Angie never admitted that she’s drug addict, if you are good on your comprehension, watch her video on THE ACTORS studio 2004, she said she knew about addictions in any forms, she said she tried once or twice but it doesn’t mean that she’s an addict. If you have a common sense at all, for a drug addict, it is impossible to create a beautiful normal kids of her own, having a pilot license, UN AMBASSADOR, writer and a director. There is no way that Angie can achieve all of those I mention if she’s a drug addict. And one of the signs of a drug addict is the skin, too dry, too many pimples/acne, it will damage the teeth but so far Angie got none of those signs in fact Angie has the most beautiful skin in Hollywood even Ticky cannot match Angie’s beautiful skin. Maybe, it could be possible that Ticky is the drug addict one. It could be one of her so many reasons why until now Ticky doesn’t have kid/s of her own because she’s scared that the drugs might affect her baby and it will be a disaster. See honey, just try to analyze first before you comment. Okay?

  208. 208
    JL Says:

    @MJ: Oh really? And she never kissed an own brother, and she never slept with another woman – all of that must be commented on the show, right?
    About children – she didn’t born any one. WHY? She was pregnant being not 40…About the health of children she has – let we see their moral level at the age of 18-20. And their achievements. And the level of TRUE LOVE in this kindergarten called a “family”. Brad doesn’t want to marry her because of dirty past.
    And please – what a manner to call the names? What does it mean – “Ticky”. I call your idol just Jolie. Not Hollie. Like this?

  209. 209
    MJ Says:

    @JL: Wow! Reading your comment, I can tell that you just finished the entire bottle of vodka. Did you even understand your post? It’s good that you just wrote it because if this came from your mouth, no one can understand it completely plus the smell of the vodka, ew! Honey! No matter how you divert the attention from Ticky’s movie WANDERSLUT, it won’t hide the fact that the movie BOMBED BIG TIME and Ticky is TOAST TOO. Look, even how many paid critics that gave high rating at RT for this movie, it still won’t convince the movie goers to see it because they knew it’s boring and it stinks. Compare WANDERSLUT to the VOW, the Vow only 27% rotten, WANDERSLUT 63% but still it didn’t work, the VOW at it’s 3rd week squashed WANDERSLUT and even Reese W. movie at it’s 2nd week beat WANDERSLUT. It’s so embarrassing. Ticky’s paid WALK OF FAME is so shameful. Ticky belongs to WALK OF SHAME. Oh! well, it’s another way for us to spit her paid WALK OF FAME. Thanks! Ticky.

  210. 210
    JL Says:

    @MJ: If you feel the smell of the vodka even in the comment – you have delirium tremens. Cograts. :) Jolie loves vodka – people could see that on TV.
    About Walk of Fame – Jolie has the necessary $ 30000, but nobody see her name there. :) Congrats once more.

  211. 211
    besane Says:

    @JL: JL, kind of agree, that marriage was ARRANGED by their agents, and was the biggest mistake Brad made. Now this FRAUD of a woman finally admitted she isn’t interested in having babies, as we have pointed out ALL ALONG. She conned all you fans, making you believe she yawns to be a mother, and look how she exposed herself. All is well, Brad got his beautiful big family he ever wanted, which she never wanted and lied and lied about it to the world. That marriage was just a business, no love, no substance, now Brad went on to live his real life. She is having the time of her childless, thin, sun tanning happy superficial life she always wanted! Congrats! :)

  212. 212
    JL Says:

    sorry: nobody WANTS see her name there, because it’s wrong for the reputation of that wonderful place. :)

  213. 213
    JL Says:

    @besane: Welcome to the world of Joie’s TRUTH: “no love”, “no substance” – what about the 2 miscarriages? NO LOVE? ‘No love’ was from the Brad’s side. Did you see her on the Oscar 2009? That was 4 years after divorce. Mayer, Stuber, Butler – just the means to forget this pane. She can’t listen even the word “marriage” because of “NO LOVE”…

  214. 214
    besane Says:

    @JL: Oh another “delusional miscarriage brigade”, an owner of Aniston’s private medical record. Not. You guys are so desperate believing Aniston really wants babies. She just denied it, so why don’t you accept the truth she isn’t a child-loving kind Brad got disgusted of and left?

  215. 215
    JL Says:

    @besane: Do you want to say her miscarriages – just an imitation? Believe me, Jolie has a complete information about all Jennifer’s medical records. With her unlimited money and other unofficial factors. If that was an imitation, that would be a super sensation next day. Next hour!
    Another question – what was a reason of miscarriage. What the meds been prescribed and what the events happened on this phone… If Jolie had a goal to receive Brad Pitt, no problems to organize it. Jennifer were very sporty and healthy young woman. Try to add 2 + 2….

  216. 216
    MJ Says:

    @JL: And so as Client Eastwood. Maybe Client and Angie have the same philosophy, why put their precious name that somebody will just step on it, they want to preserve it by hanging in the wall or put in the museum or being recognized by their works in the highest standard as possible. Now, about the vodka, you really have a problem in reading comprehension. I did not say that I smell it, I said if your comment came from your mouth, no one can understand it plus the smell of vodka. Please go back to school. You need to learn on reading comprehension. Thank you.

  217. 217
    MJ Says:

    @JL: Ticky’s miscarriages is not an imitation, it’s her illusions. Ticky really never wanted a kid since then. Don’t worry, no matter how you spin it, Brad knows Ticky never got pregnant because he made it sure that she won’t because their marriage was just a fraud. If you really count the days that they were live in during their marriage, probably the same days as Chris and Kim K. Please, don’t push on Ticky’s miscarriages because Brad can testify that it never happened. Enough of your illusion too, okay?

  218. 218
    JL Says:

    @MJ:Not Okay, because Courteney Cox had told to all the people about miscarriage and Brad kept silence. He could say : This is BS! He didn’t.
    And my comment was addressed to ‘besane’. Okay, classy lady?

  219. 219
    MJ Says:

    @JL: And do you believe Courtney Cox too for saying that there was no cheating, that Brad was honest to Ticky? And for Courtney for telling all the people, why no one heard of it before Ticky’s divorce? Maybe Courtney got pressured from Ticky and her pr pitbull machine. Okay, if it’s true that Ticky had miscarriages, well maybe it’s really GOD’S plan that she won’t have one. Maybe being a mother won’t fit for her. Maybe GOD’S planned really for BRAD is Angie. Look at him now, he has his beautiful family that he wanted. And I’m sure you heard Brad many times how he adores his Angie and even if there’s no wedding yet, he said that they are married at heart and that’s the most important thing. GOD BLESS THE JOLIE-PITT FAMILY. Now, try to move on okay, honey?

  220. 220
    JL Says:

    Why do you use the name “Ticky”? Is this your level of decency? Is that your argument? You sound like vulgar person.
    If this is the necessary level of discussion, I can admit: the marriage is not registered. There is no family. There are two sex PARTNERS. Children ask them to marry, but Brad doesn’t want to. Poor children see those PARTNERS and understand: they live not in the family, but in the KINDERGARTEN.

  221. 221
    MJ Says:

    @JL: And how did you know that Brad was not the one who asked Angie to get marry? Look and watch all his interviews recently, you can tell it is him who really wants to get marry because he loves THE MOMMY of his kids. And for Ticky, it was not Brad who asked to get marry, it was Ticky’s PR pitbull machine, they made a deal that is why they don’t have the guts to attack Brad, instead they attack Angie. Proof was right after Ticky’s wedding, Ticky’s own dad told the reporter that he doesn’t even know why Brad Pitt agreed to get marry to his daughter. Admit it that wedding in Hollywood is very common. Most of them got married and the next few months you heard them, they got divorce even Ticky knew about it. The one that is not common in Hollywood is the couples commitment. Seems, like wedding in Hollywood is just for publicity. Ticky’s pr pitbull is known for it. That’s what Ticky’s pr pitbull’s job is to get publicity for his client. So please stop spinning it just to make Ticky innocent because she’s not.

  222. 222
    Ghost Says:

    Jen is a T.V. sitcom hack at best, she will never be a movie star. Her non fans like myself knew that she would never have kids 10 years ago, It took her fans right up until now to finally realize she didn’t want kids. (this is after she just cleared the air in an interview.). Why did it take her fans so long to clue in? Because they are stupid… Love the Ghost.

  223. 223
    JL Says:

    First Jolie had searched all the information about Brad. Wants the children? Great! Hear is a kid on is hands in the plane, hear is a little boy called Brad “dad” on he ocean beach. Here is Jolie’s **** and other “equipment” to realize his every fantasy. Here are the new opportunities to make his career more successful. Piece of cake!
    I’m almost 50, divorced, and I’m able to see this SH*T.
    Jennifer’s and Brad’s marriage was the result of their managers efforts, but that was a truly LOVE. She tried to have children. Twice. Jennifer is honest, serious and very talented person. And yes, she is enough innocent for Hollywood realities. She had lost a big part of roles because of Jolie’s ethnic mafia. Despite all the **** around her, Jennifer has a successful career. She never cried and her movies bring the Light to people. That is why I’m on her side.

  224. 224
    JL Says:

    Oh, this site is so decent. I love it. But we live in the free world. :)
    That is why I’d like to clarify what was under the “******”:
    1. Here is Jolie’s C*U*N*T and other “equipment” to realize his every fantasy.
    2. Despite all the S*H*I*T around her, Jennifer has a successful career.
    And, sorry, a typo: …a little smart boy called Brad “dad” on the ocean beach.

  225. 225
    melanie Says:

    @Ghost: she is already a movie star. idiot.

  226. 226
    besane Says:

    There really is no medicine to cure someone who frantically believes in fictional miscarriage of a starlet that was a PR by a friend or a friend of a friend, otherwise a “source” = publicist. There is no document to prove Aniston ever had a miscarriage, nor confirmation from either herself. But hey, believe what you have to. The fact remains Pitt/Aniston marriage was ARRANGED by the publicists (confirmed by both parties), it was DULL (confirmed by Brad), he wanted babies and she didn’t (now BOTH parties admit). Again, these facts don’t matter to delusional fans, and these frantic and strange people are whom Aniston attracts.

  227. 227
    JL Says:

    @besane: I’m sure you will represent the document she didn’t have miscarriages. And the document she didn’t want to born a child for Brad Pitt.

  228. 228
    cs Says:

    JA never had a miscarriage. Believe me she would have revealed that information during her pity party tour. Even Nicole Kidman admitted she had a miscarriage during her marriage to Tom Cruise to gain some sympathy after Tom filed for divorce.
    Why would her best friend tell Vanity Fair that children was never a top priority for Brad? Brad has been quoted that children wasn’t in the forefront until he met Angie and that he’s happy his kids have a mother like Angie. There’s something behind those quotes. I read it as Brad wasn’t happy in his marriage and didn’t want to have children with JA. So, if you want to believe he truly loved JA so be it. But, a man is not that in love with you if it’s not a priority after 4 years of marriage and considering JA was no spring chicken at the time .
    You could tell there was trouble in paradise during Brad’s 2004 appearance on Oprah he just didn’t seem so happy/ thrilled when Oprah showed him a tape of JA and her friends castmates It certainly wasn’t the same devilish grin and smile he had recently on the CBS morning show when Charlie Rose showed him a tape of Angie talking about she still a Bad Girl.
    I don’t doubt she had all the emotions she claimed but she knew her marriage was over way before they legally separated. She even said it over in the the spring 2004.
    After watching this whole thing evolve over the past 7-8 years. They were never a good match. I’m convinced now that she doesn’t want children and Brad just didn’t want to have children with her.
    He’s a world traveler, she just likes to travel to Mexico and Hawaii..He want’s to make a difference in the world with his charity “Make it Right”, and the JP foundation , she just wants to do :30 second Public service commercials for charity.
    He wanted to act and produce quality films and over years honed his skills as an actor., she’s just happy to collect a paycheck for crappy rom-com’s and do the same ole roles.

  229. 229
    JL Says:

    @cs: Believe me she is not a person who will talk about miscarriage publicly. She has a dignity. Courteney Cox had told that to people.
    Brad had devoted “Troy” to her because they were not a good match? 5 years of marriage – what is it? Why not 2? Look at their faces when they were a couple. Look at Brad’s face later. Or you need an official Happiness-Sertificate?
    This divorce had closed too many doors for Jennifer. It’s her big luck that “Good Girl” was maiden before. What was the reaction on “Derailed”? SILENCE. But “Murlie And Me” is a great movie anyway. And very profitable. And it’s not a comedy at all. She doesn’t look at her life as it’s a holiday on Hawaii. She remembers she is an actress. And you may compare here look with Jolie, Bullock, Kidman, Dias and so on. If people will go watch Wanderlust – it’s because they want to see Jennifer Aniston. Not Paul Rudd, not Akerman, not Theroux.
    And believe me – her best movies in the future.

  230. 230
    MJ Says:

    Wow! GOOD NEWS! Ticky’s WANDERSLUT got smashed again. Poor Ticky. I thought this WANDERSLUT movie is her role promising. What happened now? It’s embarrassing few months ago, that was all we were hearing about that Ticky is superb in her role, that her role is different from any of her movie. And most of the critics said that there is no difference from all her movies. I think BIG BANG THEORY and TWO BROKE GIRLS are way funnier than this movie.It is shameful why they let it go in the theater. Poor Ticky. She got lots of competitors in the business, they are young, sexy, beautiful and talented like Melissa Mccarthy, that woman is so funny. Oh well, it’s another pity party for Ticky.

  231. 231
    JL Says:

    MJ, did I ask you don’t say word ‘ticky’? Do you have no brain to say something substantial? Do I call your “angelina” – DEVELINA? How is it? What does it mean – MJ – a MISERABLE JOB? What are you talking about at all? Are you like Heidi Bivens – your guy can’t look at at you after watching Aniston’s face on the big board? I afraid you are about 30, and your face, hair, skin, legs are like your comments…

  232. 232
    cs Says:

    So Courtney Cox , Nicole Kidman have no dignity because they discussed their miscarriages? But she takes John Mayer back who publicly humiliated her not once, but twice.. Still discusses her ex husband who’ve moved on 7 years ago and never looked back. But she has dignity?
    Like I said, that woman never had a miscarriage and Brad wasn’t madly in love with her. She mentioned in the Vanity Fair article that they never saw each other because they were both working. Remember, she only visited Brad once during the filming of Troy. How long did he film that movie 6 months? I’m sure if they had spent more time together Brad would have left much sooner.

    So keep dreaming that She was Brad’s big Love. It’s so obvious to everyone else she wasn’t.

  233. 233
    Hmmmmm Says:

    What even happened to Bet…. Since this JL come to defend the almighty Hairness the Sad Sob old granny Manni, Have you ever heard of Bet??? Hmmmm…….

  234. 234
    JL Says:

    I never@cs: I never told she were a big Pitt’s love. I told he had married her because of her popularity in Friends first of all. Her beauty was aa second reason. Status is ALL for Brad. That is a reason of their split. I had told he had changed her on more prestige model, like a car. BUT his look after divorce is just pitiful. He understands that time of sincere relations gone. It’s a PARTNERSHIP now. And he will never marry Jolie. To keep the rest of his dignity. He understands he left Jennifer in a 2 months after the second miscarriage…
    About Cox and Kidman – this is their own business – what are they talking about. I told Jennifer will never ask somebodies sympathy discussing her miscarriages. Not so many people saw her in tears. She prefers another way to earn the sympathy – a honest work. To stay a positive person after all is a result of big work too. And people are able to see that.

  235. 235
    JL Says:

    @JL: @Hmmmmm: HMMMMMMMMMMMMM, are you a cow? What will you moo about “young” and “blooming” Jolie? Oh, A GODDESS!!!

  236. 236
    cs Says:

    Brad married her because of her popularity in Friends and her beauty?
    Brad was a major movie star when they met and probably could have had any A list movie star he wanted. Beauty? I wouldn’t consider JA a beauty especially when they met. She was an average/cute girl, that’s it. Brad never went out with beautiful women prior to Jolie. Jill Schoelen, Juliette Lewis, Gywneth Paltrow (homely, skinny, bad posture) when they were together. So, to say he was into looks that has never been true with Brad Pitt you maybe mistaking him with Leo D.The only truth you mentioned is that he traded up in Jolie.

    The tears that rolled down her face when the Vanity Fair reporter met her at the door of home and during the interview. A year after her marriage ended. but she wants no sympathy.

    Unless it comes out of the horse’s mouth and Not some rumor concocted by FF’s it never happened. There was no miscarriage so stop with the nonsense.

    If you appreciate her hard and honest work GO SUPPORT HER MOVIE!! it’s bombing at the theaters.

  237. 237
    JL Says:

    @cs: So WHY had Brad married her? Because he is a complete *********?

  238. 238
    JL Says:

    @JL: Because he is a complete M*A *S*O*C*H*I*S*T? 5 years!!!

  239. 239
    cjc Says:

    prop8………………………wonderful,wonderful,wonderful…………………..too bad jen and justin had a bad weekend showing…………boo hoo

  240. 240
    Heidi is a beauty. Says:

    cs is right. JL is a lie of a drunkard.
    The idol of JL and Money-ston also told the lie as having stopped smoking last month.

  241. 241
    JL Says:

    @Heidi is a beauty.: Oh ‘Hedi’, that was here BIRTHDAY – is it so hard to get?

  242. 242
    cs Says:

    Why didn’t Brad leave after 2 years? because Brad is a honorable man and tried to work it out. by going to therapy. Why did he marry her? She offered comfort after his heartbreak with Paltrow. He tried to please everyone but wasn’t true to himself.
    He met a young , vivacious,adventurous, sexy, smart woman in Angie. They had more in common and a connection that he didn’t have with JA. He knew he had made a mistake marrying JA, he didn’t blindside JA acording to Courtney Cox , he told her he was attracted to Angie and wanted to move on..
    In the US 50% of marriages end in divorce and i’m sure its higher in HW.. I have a friend who said he knew walking down the aisle that he didn’t want to marry his wife but went through it anyways and they also produced two children. He was jewish and met an Irish-Catholic girl who ended being the love of his life. So much so that he was williing to convert to her religion.
    Your claim that Brad and Angie are in a partnership. I think that term applies more to Brad and JA since they didn’t have chidren and met through their agents..
    Brad and Angie not only adopted children but produced 3 children. Based on their recent actions after 7 years together they still seem to have lust and love for each other.

    Instead of wishing Brad, Angie and their children ill-will.. Why don’t you wish them a prosperous, long-lasting realtionship/or marriage. Considering both Angie’s Mother and Grandmother died very young from cancer .. Let’s hope she will not succombe to this awful disease and will see her children grow-up as adults.
    Congrats to Brad’s parents for 50 years of marriage!!

  243. 243
    JL Says:

    @cs: This is a truth: Brad and Jolie had PRODUCED 3 children. “Jolie & Partner Ltd.” Brad loves word PARTNERS to save the face, because he was an object of hard manipulation. Yes, he had received new sex, better career and children around. But I’m not sure about the Love. Jolie wants him – end of story…
    Children – just a BIOLOGY. I’m talking about another vibrations. No agents can ORGANIZE A LOVE. Yes, it’s a Hollywood, but people can’t forget this shining LOVING couple. And can’t forget the persons destroyed one. To wish them the prosperity? Jolie has Brad, Brad has children and career – they already have all they want…

  244. 244
    MJ Says:

    @JL: Simple, Ticky’s PR pitbull machine probably blackmail Brad Pitt and maybe because he gave up on looking for love because how many times also that women just broke his heart. And when he saw Angie for the first time, he felt that there was something special to it that he never feel it before. Maybe he tried to ignore the special feelings but really when it’s love it’s really hard to stop. As you can see, when you watch Brad Pitt’s interviews, every time they pop out MR & MRS SMITH movie, he giggles. That guy will always remember how it started. You gotta love it. And I’m glad that he never give up for love.

  245. 245
    LOL Says:

    @JL: /Bet whatever name you’re posting under, when Brad dump Sad Sack, he left skid marks on her face, chasing Angie. Miscarriage my foot the womam was taking male hormones to stay thin.
    She knows if she ever have kids, they will have her big nose, thin lips, brown eyes and hair growing low on their forehead. And SS is all about looks, being in therapy for over thirty years is not helping. Her MOTHER lives in a low rent Apt and goes to a free clinic for health care.
    Her Mother said she was UGLY, so she got mad and stopped talking to her. That is why she have to pay Charles Manson to be her escort, a man who was in the business for twenty years and did his first talk show last week.

  246. 246
    micha Says:

    they don’t want their name on the walk of fame. Many have turned it down. It is more of a joke to people now.

  247. 247
    Aussie Girl Says:

    CS–Great posts filled with Facts and great info! But unfortunatly this troll JL(or Bet) will never accept any truth with regard to her great love/employer Ticky! We would of heard of this fictional miscarriage when she did all those (Poor Me)interviews,I get a divorce interviews.BS
    I nearly fell of my chair with whileLMAO when the troll claimed that handsome A-List movie star married this woman b/c she was on a popular TV show–Hilarious.
    Also LONG before Ange came along the tabloids were claiming that the marriage was in trouble,along with pics of them looking miserable. I truly believe that the marriage would of ended in divorce with or without Angie BUT they would of found each other b/c they are soulmates.

    Oh Just for a laugh I know it’s a kids film but the new Dr Suess movie took nearly 71 million this weekend, JA movie less than 6 and faded now into oblivion as new exciting movies are about to come out-LMAO

  248. 248
    Aussie Girl Says:

    @JL: #243 Just saw this post…Wow you will sink to such LOW depths to defend Ticky. Brad and Ange loved each other so much they decided to have children…Like what happens. BUT you say it’s a production,like they had a contract or something,why would they still be together after 7yrs? That whole post is just lame,low &silly. Will you say the say if Ticky & Justine have a kid without a piece of paper????(Highly Doubtful)

    BTW—Yes Ticky was so upset by her divorce that she was in Vince Vaghn bed before her divorce was final……same as Brad and Ange!!!!

  249. 249
    Belle22 Says:

    This bickering is so strange after SO long
    To me it’s pretty obvious that Brad & JA were not right for each other,so thye divorced. It’s not like Brad acted like Arnold,Tiger Woods,Jesse James or the many others!

  250. 250
    MJ Says:

    @Belle22: So true. Brad’s situation was different from Arnold, Tiger and Jesse J. because Brad was honest to Ticky about his feelings to Angie that even Ticky suggested that he is free to f*ck Angie as long as he is still remain married to her. Remember, that the same proposal that Courtney C. gave it to David A. that he is free to out with someone as long as they remain married but on Brad’s case, he was the one who refuse to do it because thinking that Angie doesn’t deserves that treatment. Brad asked for his freedom. I guess, being honest is more hurtful than lying. I think it’s true. Imagine that, your man is telling you in your face that he is in love with someone else rather than hearing it from someone. I think Ticky was and still mad that Brad told her the truth. Ticky is the type that don’t like honest people. Look at her own mom, she hates her because that’s all she remember from her was her mom always called her ugly. Ticky admitted it too that she doesn’t like Simon Cowell from American Idol because he is so honest that seems like he didn’t care about the contestants feelings. This woman has a big issues when it comes to honesty that’s why she needs all her bought friends to praise her and treat her like a kid. Hopefully, if her so called friends really care for her, they should have the guts to tell her the truth and stop protecting her like a little girl. Ticky is an old woman, she should act like one.

  251. 251
    Ghost Says:

    Jen is a T.V. sitcom hack at best. she has never headlined a movie and couldn’t to save her soul. Her so called movie career is over and so is her pretend relationship with JTH. Most rational people realize this but it seems to take her half-witt fans longer than most to see this. Love the Ghost…

  252. 252
    JL Says:

    To Assie Girl & Company:
    It’s NOT normal if mother calls her daughter not beautiful. Especially if daughter IS beautiful. Normal woman will never tell this to own child. So John Aniston was right. But the F*CKING LOW is on the mother’s side. Even if mother is egocentric ***** and sadistic psycho (I’m sorry). If Jennifer could go to LA with father, her life before 30 would be different. Closer to Kate Hudson, for example. Anyway she had reached the success.
    After hormones, after abortion, after miscarriages, after divorce and all the sh*t she is anyway a sweet person, a very attractive woman and very talented actress, model and designer. If she will open an own fashion line girls and women WILL buy her jeans, because they WANT to be like Jennifer Aniston. She were invited in to the f*cking Wanderlust because the only thing people will see in this stupid movie is her body. We remember – her native hair is dark, and eyes are brown. She has a beautiful soul and emanates the Light and people will love her with any color. SWEET DREAMS, “GIRLS”!

  253. 253
    personoffaithpersonofscience Says:

    If leaving the other dogs at a dog shelter was comparable to one of her children being gassed then why didn’t she just throw, what to her is, loose change at the centre? Surely she could have made a sizeable donation to the dog shelter..couldn’t she??????? Or is she just too greedy and prefers to have something she thinks will make brain dead folk like her?

  254. 254
    JL Says:

    @personoffaithpersonofscience: Her money are not so big. Call to m-r Gates, Buffet etc. You will hate her no matter what will she do. Just because she is not like you. And you will prise Jolie even if she will kill all her children in one beautiful day. Thats your BIOLOGICAL nature.

  255. 255
    carolynlee Says:


    JL if one was so inclined to believe the manufactured tripe that you posted about the hormones ( which all women have) , abortions, miscarriages, painful divorce, then why didn’t you list the manufactured rapes , near death assaults , overdoses , life threatening illnesses , etc ? These things just because they’re written by someone somewhere does not make it anywhere near factual . Please stop unless you can provide some factual sources for these things .You make ticky an even more desperate would-be casualty of her own PR.

  256. 256
    JL Says:

    @carolynlee: I told just one thing: no matter what was in her past she is a sweet person.

  257. 257
    JL Says:

    carolynlee, when I see word “ticky” I understand the discussion will be very ‘controversial’. I had tjld just one thing: no matter what was in her past she is a sweet person.

  258. 258
    Hmmmmm Says:

    Desperate yes… Sweet person???? Hhmmmm…
    Only Desperate person will take someone boyfriend of 14 years …. and this justin … Is….JUSTIN WHO???????

  259. 259
    carolynlee Says:

    I can’t help but share this review of Wanderlust . Please don’t be annoyed !

    As she gets high on hallucinogenic drugs, swans about advocating free love and squats in a unbecoming poncho to relieve herself al fresco, you can’t help but compare the former Mrs Brad Pitt to the current holder of that title, Angelina Jolie, flashing her right leg at the Oscars in a stunning dark velvet gown and setting the Twittersphere alight.

    This review is so true on several levels.

  260. 260
    ellie' Says:

    Just saw the movie this weekend..I thought it was really good ..i had lots of laughs…and Jen did a great job..there’s more positive on this movie then negative..everyone did a great job.Jen looks so good in the movie she is a beauty,,”,and still isn’t going no where”…So all u freaks get over her already…I had enough of that other family for the last 2 yrs.,,,..Stop the pr already..
    Everyone have a nice night…

  261. 261
    LOL Says:

    @ellie’: ha ha it is not even in the top 10, you spend too much time here and all over the net to go to the movies. Her two fans are just like her, liars.
    Charles Manson may run away soon, he is not getting hired for writing and he sure as hell aint being offered any acting jobs, short, balding and orange.
    Poor fat ellie’ Jen call her two fans narrow minded, so sad, she is getting another nose job and a breast lift for her saggy tits,

  262. 262
    Eyes of eagle Says:

    Who cares?I think Juliana Rancic have a most big head of show bussines! !Jesus! Rian has been missing behind your big head!Hahahahaha!

  263. 263
    makes me smile Says:

    she is funny and beautiful! :)

  264. 264
    lol Says:

    jolie couldn’t play the lead role in a uplifting romantic movie to save her soul.

  265. 265
    JL Says:

    @lol: The role of good policeman is a TOP of her abilities.

  266. 266
    Aussie Girl Says:

    @JL: Since when did Ticky have an abortion??? Give me a proper interview link please? Also she is NOT a model,she has posed for DUMBwater or in mags when trying to get people to see her lame movies. Designer?? Since When–It is YOUR wish that she make over-priced jeans,but the market is already overloaded with celeb designers.
    I’m sorry but you are making her sound desperate. Actually now that she has had her 10thflop movie in a row,she will need a new source of income,that obsence Friends money won’t last forever!!!

    BTW–I’m Aussie Girl all on my own,I don’t have a Co. Just accept that JA has lots of people that do not like her or her lame movies.

    Will add again– that many celebs have gone through public divorces and have have not dwelt on it for yrs and yrs

  267. 267
    Aussie Girl Says:

    @JL: Since when did Ticky have an abortion??? Give me a proper interview link please? Also she is NOT a model,she has posed for DUMBwater or in mags when trying to get people to see her lame movies. Designer?? Since When–It is YOUR wish that she make over-priced jeans,but the market is already overloaded with celeb designers.
    I’m sorry but you are making her sound desperate. Actually now that she has had her 10thflop movie in a row,she will need a new source of income,that obsence Friends money won’t last forever!!!

    BTW–I’m Aussie Girl all on my own,I don’t have a Co. Just accept that JA has lots of people that do not like her or her lame movies.

    Will add again– that many celebs have gone through public divorces and have have not dwelt on it for yrs and yrs

  268. 268
    Belle Says:

    @JL: JL— You are the definition of a true hateful TROLL/HATER. Most of your posts are silly,and totally made-up. I think JA would be horribly embarrassed by most of your posts…She has moved on,why NOT you????????

    #254 That post is foul,how dare you mention the deaths of ANY child-You are disgusting…Karma will get you for that post

  269. 269
    JL Says:

    Assie, it’s so great you read every letter of my comment!
    How is it when you are called not like you want? Why do you call Jennifer “ticky”? Does it make your position stronger? I call Jolie just ‘Jolie’ and feel no taste to use the names. Calling the names – it’s for people who has NOTHING to say.
    Well. I would be happy to know abortion is just a rumor. I very hope.
    I had told: NO MATTER WHAT had happened in her past – Jennifer is a sweet and nice person. Not a model? Who is she for L’Oreal? Or Smart Water? Who is she, if her face is the most popular in the world to make the magazine’s cover attractive?
    Saying honestly – she must be a model of jeans producer – nobody looks sexier! If she will start an own line – people will buy it just to look like Jennifer Aniston.
    About divorce – Jolie uses it too. It’s a pain for Jennifer, but Jolie has a sadistic satisfaction: “Brad is with me!” Brad is just NEAR her. For now. Jolie looks very bad at her 36. Where will be Brad at her 40?

  270. 270
    JL Says:

    @Belle: @JL: Belle, no matter what Jolie did – you prise her anyway! Sleeping with mother’s boyfrind? It’s lovely! Kissing a brother? Just great! Lesbian love? Yes, she is GODDESS! Heroin? So what? Jolie is a worldwide sin-promoter, and you will talk to me about KARMA? Look at her health! THAT IS A KARMA!
    I’m on Aniston’s side not because I’m an ethnic Greece – feel the difference…

  271. 271
    cs Says:

    Why don’t you do some research before spewing incorrect info. Sleeping with her mother’s boyfriend? where did you read that but none other than one of the two a**that wrote a book about her. Which BTW both books were in the bargain bin after the first week. They both flopped!! The boyfriend of her mother at that time is on record denying that ever happened.

    You want to talk about Karma let’s see where JA is going to be in another year o rtwo. At 43, she already has one leg in the grave in HW. She better start preparing for her supporting roles as the mother of a teenager or young adult..

    Lesbian Love? JA and Courtney Cox. Cocaine Addict/ Pothead/ Alcoholic/. Been with 8 different men in 7 years and only managed to land a D- lister for now .

  272. 272
    Belle Says:

    JL—You say JA had stuff happen to her,but she sweet person anyway!!
    Why then can’t Ange change from the stuff she did as a very young adult. Look at RDJ he was in Jail and now is BO Gold. JA hangs with druggies in hW,Handler and has admitted smoking pot.

    But my main problem is your post Re the deaths of children-That’s plain Wrong & sick I would not wish harm on JA dogs.That’s the difference between a fan and a fanatic/troll/sick mind.
    You support her b/c she’s Greek-That’s a great joke since she has done everything she can to get rid of her greek genes and NEVER talks about it KARMA

  273. 273
    ellie' Says:

    That is so not true. ..Brad told Jennifer that he was attracted to Angie,of cause he lied he was already in love for quite sometime… Brad never would have left as I remember this .Jennifer kicked brad to the curb..
    as we know now they were in love, …Jennifer looks so happy with Justin..Brad and Angie NO WAY.. If these two have to speak about how much there in love on a constant basis , I promise there not, have to go home to bed. .Angie is trying to hard..and so is he..What is there relationship.. The Boss and there beautiful children..How sad..
    So happy brad is out of Jens life.. Jen found love and is now so happy.. I’m happy she waited for the right reasons..and that’s love.. no cheating Jennifer went for the divorce ,not Brad..Why didn’t Brad go for the divorce b/c he is a wuss and still is…and Angie is nothing but a liar , i don’t believe one word out of her mouth..I guess her poor dear mum was really ok with Jon Voight cheating on her mom..and another thing why didn’t Angie stay to give birth to her daughter Shi and not stay with her failing mum,,shes heartless..shes still the bad girl she always was..
    Angie can’t even hold any classiness for that long…Finally shes back,,,
    Nite to all…

  274. 274
    ellie' Says:

    Angie cares about Angie and that’s what shes all about..she a phony..nice loving only yourself..I could care less what those 2 long as there Grandma and Grandpa are around to give those children the real love they deserve..I hope they visit a lot..but don’t think so..

  275. 275
    ellie' Says:

    you really need to take something,,,your a whack job…

  276. 276
    JL Says:

    @ellie’: Jolie understands the “classness” like dirty homeless teenager: tatto on the back, tatto on the A$$, on the bony hands, and big black cross right over the c*u*n*t. What a classy LADY!

  277. 277
    cs Says:

    I think you should read the vanity fair 2005 article .her best friend is on record saying SS wanted to save the marriage and brad wanted out. She kicked him to the curb? What a joke. He couldn’t run fast enough to get away from her.
    You don’t save voicemail messages from your ex-husband four years after you divorced if you were the one doing the dumping.

  278. 278
    JL Says:

    @cs: cs, I’m sorry, and this is not my business, but you are a little STUPID! Of course she had told him “AWAY!” What else????????????????????????????????????
    But it doesn’t mean that was her sincere wish. And you may remember her visit to Oprah show and their conversation about divorce.

  279. 279
    ellie' Says:

    I read all that crap…Jen nor Courtney didn’t think that he was in love already with Angie..Those 2 both lied….Brad led Jen to believe they would seek counseling..only a separation..How dare a man be seen on the beach with a #string bean” and make an as* out of his wife that he did love..Hey sh*t happens..Brad is a wuss and a puss….and Angie really felt once again sorry for her mums feeling while she was married to her father…I would never be with a married man..I could never..b/c my mum was hurting..The woman is a liar…But i thank Angie for the favor..b/c Jen is so happy with or without a man…. with or without a child..and I do believe Jen wanted a baby..Angie and Brad let that out . the wusses not to let them look bad…They looked still look and still look bad…That’s why YOU can”t let this go…Angie is a bad a*s and brad is a wuss…I can but not with horrible things you say people love the fight…I think that sh*t as* movie was a fake…shes into S&M would love to direct a movie with violence and make movies with all violence ..Once a whack job always one , we all see that coming out…God Bless those children again with there grand parents ..hope there around alot to keep them grounded..But I don’t think so..they can’t stand Angie..and have no choice to accept Brads partner…

  280. 280
    ellie' Says:

    JL Jen went for the divorce..Brad doesn’t have the B*LLs to do it himself..Just knew how to make a fool out of his wife..How humiliating. for Jennifer…Brad was even was at Jens B/D party that Feb..keeping her believing he would come back….until the wuss got caught with a baby calling him Daddy in zombie land.That’s when Jen filed for divorce….leave Jen alone already..and this will end..

  281. 281
    ellie' Says:

    Leave Jennifer alone ..and the wuss & puss will end…

  282. 282
    cs Says:

    You’re the one who not only stupid but delusional. You set women back 100 years.. Do your research and stop relying on rags.

  283. 283
    JL Says:

    @cs:This is an Aniston’s site. Go prise your F Jolie! Don’t forget to kiss your brother.

  284. 284
    cs Says:

    Fiirst of all I didn’t say Courtney Cox. it was her other girlfrriend that was quoted she wanted to save her marriage however, Brad was having none of that.

    I don’t know which country you come from but if a husband tells you he’s attracted to another woman and doesn’t want to work on your marriage you’re not the one kicking anyone out HE’s LEAVING YOUR A** You definetely don’t have the upperhand in the matter.

    She tells the world she saves his little love letters/or voicemails 4 years after the divorce and he’s in a committed relationship with 6 children., mentions him for the past seven years in almost every interview. But she’s the badass
    She sounds like a stalker to me.

    Like Angie said” All parties know the truth” . The truth is they didn’t have an affair but were attracted to each other. She made him realized what a farce his marriage to JA was and wanted out.

    Now carry on concubines.

  285. 285
    cs Says:

    JA filed for a divorce? She had no choice to save face or Brad was going to file.. part of the deal. He did the manly thing.

  286. 286
    cs Says:

    SS is so special and was so humilated by brad but every man she’s been with pre and post Brad say’s the same thing and it’s not pretty.

    She’s like Halle Berry, it’s always the man but never her that has a problem.

  287. 287
    yep Says:

    what’s up?

  288. 288
    Aussie Girl Says:

    @ellie’: #279 Wow you love to re-write history LMAO—They announced their separation in January 2005 and the Beach pics were in April. Yes-JA and Justine look so happy and in love,just like the same BS you said about Vince,Mayer(disgustingly TWICE)Butler,Cooper and so on?? Will they be able to stay together after the embarrassment of Wanderflop…Where have they been??They were everywhere promoting,now,could it be they are hiding waiting for another celeb scandel so people will forget this 10th flop in a row??
    You say to stop this,but YOU are the one re-writing history and your contining BS about Ange!!

    JL–You tell others to stop being stupid etc—How can you when you wished the death’s of innocent children?? I also would not even wish harm on JA dogs–Really low & cruel They had nothing to do with anything!!!!!! I really think that even Ellie would’nt make a low comment like that.

    Quote from JA–”People want there to be this big war,but it simply is’nt like that”

  289. 289
    They are different Says:

    Ange has tattoo’s so does Jen
    Ange fell for BP while he in bad marriage so did Jen when she fell for JT while he in live-in 14yr relationship that was’nt working
    Ange has used drugs so has Jen,both have friends with known usage
    Ange had bad relationship with her Dad,Jen have it bad with her Mom
    They both do charity,but in different ways

    They are both very different women,but do have similarities. BP and Ange have been together 7yrs now,is,nt it time to stop this hesaid/shesaid—when in reality most comes from tabliods?? And I don’t think Ange has EVER publicly dissed Jen and Jen only say Ange UNCOOL. Most of the BS is made-up to sell mags and get hits.
    JL–I appreciate that you love Jen,but what you said about their kids dying is wrong and it’s something karma does not like,or God.

  290. 290
    They are different Says:

    Forget to ADD–That Ange have issues when young,which requires therapy–Jen in therapy for over 20yrs and was given ashes from her therapist when she died. So BOTH seeked help when they needed it.
    Both have Dad’s in showbiz.
    The marriage did not work out,sad but it happens esp in HW

  291. 291
    JL Says:

    Assie, I never wished the death to these children. I had told – you and people like you – will prise Jolie no matter what she is doing. Even if she will kill her children, YOU WILL say she is a good mother and sweet person. This is not my wish something to these children. This is your your transformation the truth. That is why I call you A*S*S*I*E girl.

  292. 292
    Media Wh@re Wh@relina Says:

    I love J.A :)

  293. 293
    JL Says:

    @They are different: Please, don’t compare them. Jen had problems with mother, but this is not a drug using. In both cases therapists are useless – Jolie is not normal and healthy, and Jennifer doesn’t believe in to many tings she may. Therapist can just find the points of pain and “to talk about”… His interest – to have a long time client and to receive the important information. People are naive thinking this information stays in doctors cabinet. This is a very powerful mean of control the person. And keeping the person under the pressure of her problems. This is the key to involve her in to the necessary project or to commit her with the necessary person as we are talking about HW .

  294. 294
    lola Says:

    love her

  295. 295
    lola Says:


  296. 296
    lola Says:

    sexy jen

  297. 297
    lola Says:

    good for her

  298. 298
    lola Says:

    grea t actress

  299. 299
    lola Says:

    so cute

  300. 300
    lola Says:

    lucky girl

  301. 301
    Chloe Says:

    Jared,more Jennifer updates please :(

  302. 302
    aha Says:

    Why dont her fans go out and spend their moola and support her bomb movies.

    I think she only have a handful of fans.

    When u see one of her movies u basically have seen all of her movies. They all are the same. Rom com movies. She can not act in other movies.

    Now that Mellisa Mccarth, Kristen Wig, Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph, Malin Akerman, Rachel Adams… are soo funny in their movies.

    People are staying away from this old selfish delutional hag jen whenever they see her name associate with a movie

  303. 303
    aha Says:

    Even old jen try to promote how much she will show u her “sexy body (NOT)” in WanderSLUT.

    People are tired of this old hag Jen.

  304. 304
    JL Says:

    @aha: “Not sexy” body has Hottness Award of All the times. It’s about “she only have a handful of fans”…
    Before the talking about her movies try to watch “Good Girl”, for example.

  305. 305
    cs Says:

    How old is good girl? 10 years. Why would I want to see Rachel with a bad southern accent?

  306. 306
    JL Says:

    @cs: ‘Good girl” was maiden 10 years ago. But it has no age. If you don’t like it – that’s another story.
    She is not Rachel in the “Good Girl”, and not Rachel in the “Derailed”, And in the “Murley And Me”.
    The reason of her several ‘romantic’ movies – to receive a nice romantic story in the real life. Not because she “can’t act”.

  307. 307
    Let The Truth Be Known. Says:

    Dress her up, plasticise the face but Good Grief!! pls stop putting her on the big screen.

    The Brits don’t hold back as far Jen being a trash actress , a joke.

    Here is her review in accordance of WanderBust.

    Give it up Rachel Green, you can’t even get Fans in the movie theater.

    Buy all the hot awards you want and be mocked for them,it’s your money.

    But do the world a favor ..retire./done dotta

    Yes ITA Jen;s movie WanderBust and her acting in general is TRASH.

  308. 308
    JL Says:

    @Let The Truth Be Known.: With the Jolie’s money not a problem to organize any article.

  309. 309
    Let The Truth Be Known. Says:


    LOL pulease get your head out of your asss Jennifer Aniston is a disaster. She has to audition to get a movie part. . Did you read that part A U D I T I O N like a new actress when they are unsure if she is capable of playing any role, They make her do lines like the 18 yr.old kids. and so many times tured away.. Any woman Jen’s age is an established actress or she is not. If you have a normal funcioning brain at age 44 or 45 you have acted long enough to establish your name in the movie biz. So Aniston is what she is and with her list of FLOPS totaled with her many yrs of acting it’s absolutely no secret especially with the extreme amt of PR Jen gives long before her film is shown , she never was a good actress.

    Aniston pays big bucks to her agent to find somebody ,anybody who will take her on for a movie role and when he does it’s always another DUD…..always.

    It’s sad to have to go back 10 yrs to be reminded of a role Jen did that was worth watching.. That’s difficult to try to defend.
    as you can see there are not many ppl here even bothering to try.
    Ellie using Lola as an alias or you DL all being the same paid fan it’s not only obvious but pathetic. I pity you for trying so hard to do the impossible, to try to convince ppl that JA is a good actress. Jen’s movies speak for themselves.. The woman is going on 45 yrs old . She did okay on ‘ Friends’ on TV b/c there was a cast of helpers. THe only reason she is even remembered today is b/c she was married to Brad Pitt many yrs ago. That’s such boring old news .
    The only thing that kept JA’s name relevant is her pity parties and consistantly using Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s name in a triangle she loves to say she hates. OMG!! LOL ppl are so onto that old used up habit of hers. It’s 8 yrs of the same crap spewing from those skinny lips.. That’s almost decade and Jen still used or coatailed Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for WanderFlop in her mag. article last mo or mo before. Give me a break. The boring untalented ageing woman is washed up. I mean cmon the few thousand dollars she uses on her face each mo and her daily excerising can’t make her a good actress.

    LOL Chelsea Handler was asking her audience for the stubs to be brought to her for anyone who had seen WonderFlop . The giveawy was if you go watch Jen’s movie you can have a free pass to the CH show . Yep, ‘Just bring your stubs ladies and gentleman to me and you get this amazing deal ‘ said CH.. Now once again this was said on national tv , how embarrassing b/c even the free giveaways didn’t help make this movie produce anymore than 10 million dollars in 4 weeks. Alot of empty seats, and many did not stay to the end as once again they got ripped off by the usual Aniston stinker..
    No wonder she is in hiding.. The man she bought along with her new properties Justin Theroux with promises to make him a big star well i guess that’s just not working out as planned. He is costing her large and they were both laughed at for this piece of work. JT break danced on Ellen to help prove he is a good actor . hahahaha

    I have to say this tho Justin THeroux must love living high off the hog on n Jen’s cash. Heidi Bivens being in a 14 yr relationship with him till Jen stepped in even tho thrown to the curb, lied to, made a fool of while he slept with his Heidi and Jen at the same time …Well Heidi my dear all i can say is ,.. Karma.
    I hope you are getting a laugh ourt of the mess that played with your hearstrings. He is being laughed at today being called creepy. At his age all of Jen’s promises were pipe dreams b/c any real man would have known better but he went where the money is. But Butt… Money can’t buy happiness. And in Jen’s case all the money in the world can’t buy her the term ‘good actress if truth be told.

    As for Angelina Jolie paying for what a british journalist would say i think she would do this for herself first, something she has never done. AJ is a very busy woman,top paid actress, choice of film roles . director, UN volenteer, mother of 6 children, partner of Brad Pitt etc etc. Jennifer Aniston is a nonissue in her life. I am not a betting woman but would bet AJ hasn’t read this article and won’t be reading it.
    It would be of no interest to her.

  310. 310
    cs Says:

    @ JL
    Did you see Good Girl? she has a Horrible southern accent. .So her character wasn’t true to life for me. It was Rachel from Friends who would have benefited if she used a dialect coach to perfect an texan accent. Vivien Leigh who was born and raised in England was able to master a good southern accent in “Gone with the Wind”. But You wouldn’t know since you’re not from the US.
    If it was so good as you claim how come she didn’t receive any award noms for this role..

  311. 311
    Aussie Girl Says:

    JL—LMAO at you so much. You constantly say “Why you call her Ticky or SS is it b/c you have nothing to say or does it make your postition stronger” YOUR words from your posts. Now you call me Asse Girl-You are a major Hypocrite–Do you understand what this means???
    You did exactly what you accuse other’s of doing when they have nothing to say!! Too Funny!

    BTW—-Since you are such a HUGE fan and not a paid poster,should’nt you know that her most successful film is MARLEY & Me,not Murlie and me and asking people to watch Boring Good Girl from over 10yrs ago-wow desperate much
    ALSO–Movies are MADE they are not Maiden–LMAO–Is that you Bet sounds like you with your extremely limited intelligence.

    CS-We have given it a try,tried to be decent but these two are desperate to re-write history are just upset that JA career is going down fast and her men always leave her,but it’s always the mans fault. You watch if JA and Justine split,these two will put all the blame on him!I’m still LMAO at 100 posts calling it Murlie and me-Some Fan

  312. 312
    Aussie Girl Says:

    @Let The Truth Be Known.: #309 GREAT Post. LMAO at that disgusting Handler trying to GIVE away tickets to Ticky’s movie-Now thats really funny & quite sad. No wonder she has not been seen since the flop, LMAO

  313. 313
    They are different Says:

    @JL: #293 Have tried hard to work out if you are for or against JA in this post. It is JA who has admitted being in therapy for over 20yrs now,went to therapists funerall and was given some of her ashes Now you are saying it is a waste of time so on & so on. Is,nt this against JA????
    Do you know what you are on about Re-therapy or do not care b/c you are paid.Therapuy has great benifits-you should try
    ps even talking about any kids dying is Wrong know matter how you try to get out of it

  314. 314
    cs Says:

    @Aussie girl

  315. 315
    JL Says:

    @They are different: It’s not against her. Jennifer had reached a soul comfort thanks to big OWN work , including yoga, hundreds of books, dieting,life experience and big sincere wish. Spiritual practice is stronger than any therapist. People look at her and feel the Light she emanates. Despite the Box Office or another sh!t including rumors.

  316. 316
    JL Says:

    @JL: Assie girl, dearest! The English Grammar and my intellect are not the same tings. If you will speak French on the level of my Enlish I’ll be happy.
    Anyway I’m very appreciated – MARLEY – I can’t believe I had told correctly!
    But you still calling Jennifer ‘ticky’. That’s why I have a pleasure to call you ASSIE GIRL.

  317. 317
    dirty wh@re A.Jolie Says:

    going to see Wanderlust this weekend. cant wait:)

  318. 318
    JL Says:

    @Let The Truth Be Known.: The real disaster is your hate.
    You are unable to see Jennifer is a worldwide famous actress more then 10 last years.
    She was famous thanks to success in “Friends” before the marriage.
    At her 43 she makes about $ 30 million a year. Do you want to say producers pay her 8 million per movie because THEY ARE STUPID?

  319. 319
    MJ Says:

    @JL: And who is the source that Ticky got paid 8 million per movie? The source is no other than her pr pitbull machine. The studios who produced her movies never confirm that Ticky got paid in that kind of money. Like you said, those producers are not stupid. Look, most of her movies that Ticky was in because she begged for the role from her friends in the industry not that the studio made the role for her only. If you are a smart producer, why would you pay that big amount considering Ticky was not really their original plan. Ticky got lucky if she got paid 4 million, that’s the highest the producers can pay her or if the producers paid her 8 million maybe the deal was, her promotional expenses was included. Now, Ticky will be lucky if she can get more than 4 million, after WANDERSLUT BOMBED BIG TIME, producers learned and knew that Ticky cannot carry a movie at all. And it’s all good news. We will not see her more often in the movie anymore. Thank goodness.

  320. 320
    JL Says:

    @MJ: Not “who” but WHAT is the source! The statistics is a source!
    Before starting the F Wanderlust she had mad bigger money than F Jolie! Go to the library and read!!!

  321. 321
    JL Says:

    oops: she had made a bigger money

  322. 322
    MJ Says:

    @JL: Hey! stupid. If you want to correct me, make it sure you are right. I used “who” because I was talking about the person who reported that Ticky got paid 8 mil not on what ways she got 8 million. Think first before you correct someone, okay?

  323. 323
    cs Says:

    Angie gives and gaved 1/3 of her money to charity. If i was down and out in Beverly Hills I sure would ask Angie for a helpng hand before I asked “Charity is not my thing” Ticky.. I hoped she saved all of her money because movie roles are going to come few and far between now that she’s hitting mid-late 40′s. and her latest staring role FLOPPED..

  324. 324
    JL Says:

    @cs: Jolie can give 9/10 on charity and stay a garbage anyway.

  325. 325
    JL Says:

    @JL: MJ, do you understand what does it mean AN OFFICIAL STATISTICS? Dont f*ck me the brain with your stupid questions about “person”, please.

  326. 326
    MJ Says:

    @JL: If you have brain, where did you get the official statistics on how much Ticky earned per movie? You don’t need statistics on how much the studio paid her. But the only person who knew how much Ticky got paid is Huvane, so these reports that Ticky got paid 8 million is just made up amount from Huvane so that people will think she’s that bankable and to attract unknown producers to produce her movies because well known producers knew that she’s not that worthy for that kind of money. They already reported it before that the source on how much Ticky earned, is Huvane. So, it’s all publicity that Ticky is so bankable that she is worth 110 millions, it is just a BIG FAT GREEK LIE. They are good at it. So, go back to school and learn where you can use your statistics, okay?

  327. 327
    alw Says:

    jared please put up the poster with jennifer and justin in nyc.popsugar have pictures.

  328. 328
    JL Says:

    @MJ: That was a top 10 or top 20 actors income or something. That was 1,5 year ago. These data mast have a direct relation to taxes. BTW Jolie and Brad were in that list too.
    Do you think I will seat now and find this information just to satisfy your interest?

  329. 329
    Aussie Girl Says:

    Oh JL the more you try to argue the more incoherant you sound. Marley and Me is her biggest movie,do not use language for not knowing the title–Have you even seen it???Murlie & Me Murle & Me-LMAO What a great fan you are.

    MJ—Surely the producers and big-wigs in HW will now know for sure
    that TICKY”S movies never make money. There are so many young,beautiful great actresses around nowadays. Movie-goers esp the younger crowd who have never heard of Friends want Twilight,The Hunger Games,Transformers,Sports movies and lots of ACTION. She has nothing to offer these people any more.

    Still Laughing –What a hypocite JL is!! People who want to feel stroger call people names,then you do the same–lmao
    Dirty person wishing death on other humans–LOW BLOW

    You can have your wish,I’m off to read about Angelina speaking at an important womans conferance–other’s attending are H.Clinton-M.Obama,M.Albright and many others high profile women trying to change the world and make it bettter for other women. While JA is hanging with Justine & vile Handler.
    There is a special place in H*ll for women who don’t support other women—Madeline Albright

  330. 330
    MJ Says:

    @JL: You made me laugh on your so called official statistics. The one that you mentions, those reports were not really accurate. When you read the whole stories, still ended up the source from that amount was Ticky’s pr pitbull machine not from the IRS and the studio who paid those millions. Please, you base your official statistics on a made up stories? Go back to school, will ‘ya?

  331. 331
    JL Says:

    @MJ: Why don’t YOU show your very correct data about Aniston and Jolie income in 2010?

  332. 332
    Murley and me Says:

    You better send Owen Wilson a thank you note for THE success for Murley and me.. LOL…

  333. 333
    devil's advocate Says:

    JL and other JA fans with their references to Jennifer’s superb
    acting in THE GOOD GIRL reminds me of a Dallas Cowboy
    fan gloating about the Cowboys winning three Superbowls

  334. 334
    mike Says:

    thank you for support jen aniston
    jen fan

  335. 335
    JL Says:

    @Murley and me: @mike: Thanks mike, join us.

  336. 336
    JL Says:

    @Murley and me: To the Owen Wilson? Why not to dogs? Haters love to say his movie is successful just because of cute dog. :) :) :)

  337. 337
    JL Says:

    @JL: sorry: Haters love to say this movie is successful just because of cute dog. Wilson is OK. Producers could invite any actress, but their choice is Jennifer. WHY?

  338. 338
    JL Says:

    MJ they must pay taxes from the concrete income. Or may be you want to say they talk about $ 8 M for publicity, and pay taxes form $ 4 M? Why not from 1 M? Don’t laugh me.

  339. 339
    Breitling Cosmonaute Says:

    History of Timex Watches!/profile/xapazekkedo405/

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