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Justin Theroux: 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' Interview

Justin Theroux: 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' Interview

Justin Theroux flashes a smile as he makes an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday (February 23) in West Hollywood.

The 40-year-old Wanderlust actor – and boyfriend of Jennifer Aniston‘s – made his first late night television appearance and chatted with Jimmy about his upbringing.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Justin Theroux

Justin also filmed comedy spoofs for 2012 Oscar nominated films War Horse and The Descendants – check out the hilarious clips below the cut.

Wanderlust hit theaters today!

Justin Theroux – Jimmy Kimmel Live Part 1

Click inside for part 2 and 3 of Justin Theroux‘s interview…

Justin Theroux – Jimmy Kimmel Live Part 2

Justin Theroux – Jimmy Kimmel Live Part 3
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  • moira

    Could this guy be any more narcissistic[! ]and so unfunny?

  • Heidi wants her midget back

    How tall is he, he looks like a 12 yr old boy body . He is so tiny and only reason he is on all these shows is cause of JA. Funny she got her fame riding on Pitts tailcoat now Justin is doing the same with her. Karma lol

  • guest

    Who is this guy…he is so ugly?

  • Leenah

    Why is he doing interviews just now?He’s a talented actor,he deserves fame and a lot of interviews..yet only now when he’s dating Jennife rhe gets them?That’s sad.

  • Elle

    I wonder if he realizes he would not be doing any interviews if he was not dating America’s favorite “victim”?

    He seems fame and attention hungry, using Jen to advance in Hollywood.
    Look at the facts, he has joined a talent agency, has had magazine photo shoots, talk show interviews. When he leaves her it will all disappear!

  • suck it

    suc,k it now

  • A

    He looks so…waxy. Like he spends a lot of time infront of the mirror plucking his eyebrows and filling them in and putting lots of gel in his hair :S
    And for what? I don’t think he’s good looking…and he has overbleached teeth and he needs to lay off the self tanner.
    And oh, he looks like he’s wearing make up and I know a lot of male celebrities when on TV do put on make up, or “TV makeup” but with this guy it’s so obvious. very metro looking with the skinny tie and too tight pants, alright i’ll stop but there is so much wrong with this guy, seriously lol

  • mimi

    He tries to look like a bad ass but I think he is a closet metrosexual (he tans and wears jewelry). He’s a funny guy. I think him and Jen are a good match because they both don’t take themselves seriously.

  • A

    One more thing…Wow, he looks better as a Hippie, kind of 70s rock n roll hot.

    Which is sad. usually you want to see the face of the guy you find attractive.

  • Chriss

    Funny short story about the Oscars: R.I.P. Oscar – A Hollywood Satire by Andie Heid
    (includes: The Oscar Games, Movie Star Wars, Catwoman Rises, Battle of the Snow Whites, The Twilight Saga continues…)

  • This midget is a sorry sight

    Why was he interviewed? He’s not the principal actor in that movie! His look is so insufferable. That skinny necktie is worse than the skinny jeans.and don’t let me start on the pancake he plastered on his face. Someone in the crew hates him.

  • This midget is a sorry sight

    @Heidi wants her midget back:

    Can Heidi be that dumb?
    The sudden fame and fortune is such a great mirror to reflect Justin’s true color, which is orange.

  • urbigfatass

    jen buys him charmin now

  • krampaa

    you guys are so lame…he is funny..and nice..just because he is dating aniston you post such nasty things…stfu..the guy is a good actor and deserves some success

  • Elle


    Well Aniston has brought to all of are attention how lame he is. From his hipster clothes, the hooked nose, to his orange tan etc. He looks like he sells used cars. Like Eddie Munster.

    And if she was not dating him YOU would not care about him at all and having nothing to say about him. When he leaves her, you’ll hate him. Every guy she dates is the “one” until they leave her neurotic a**.

  • Ride the wave

    Well he better enjoy it now because once he dumps Victimaniston it will be down hill from there. Her fans love his Eddy Monster ass now but once he part from her he will know how truly nasty Aniston, Huvane and her fans truly are.

    Good luck to you and you should have thought long and hard before you cheated with Aniston because you will reap more than you sowed with that one.

  • Ann Th

    Justin is very handsome and charming too.

  • Emma

    He’s handsome, funny, smart, what’s not to love. Unfortunately he has a girlfriend that will overshadow him and cause him to be dragged through endless gossip and attacks by haters of X, if he’s okay with that, I wish him well.

  • she makes me sick

    people, LISTEN!!!!

    their “relationship” is just a PR stunt.
    their agents have made a deal with each other.
    it’s a win-win situation for both jen and justin:

    for jen: if she is seen with a guy, people would stop looking at her as lonely, boring etc.

    for justin: if he agrees to be “in to her” in public, he will be granted publicity like interviews, movie deals etc.

    so jen and justin are not really together, their is NO chemistry between them. a blind person can feel it!!!

    did you see how jen kissed justin on the cheeks at that walk of fame event, but she kissed adam sandler on the lips!!!!
    enough said…

    jen WILL never fall in love again, because she is still in love with brad.
    but she hates the public comments on how she is lonely, desperate, the poor, poor jennifer,…
    she cant handle it anymore and with angelina and brad poping everywhere, being called the powerful couple of hollywood,
    it’s too much for her to handle.

    man, what a sad life that jennifer lives, pretending to be in love with a man fooling the public, but she is only fooling herself.

    all that money and yet………………………………………………………..NOTHING

  • Ann Th

    No se porque dicen que Justin esta solo con Jennifer para conseguir fama? Justin tiene una larga carrera desde hace años, siempre con pequeños papeles en películas de alto calibre y siempre rodeado por personas de gran influencia. Pero justin como siempre a dicho a el no le interesaba la fama antes y menos ahora que su vida se a vuelto completamente publica, lo siguen a todos lados, lo fotografían en todas partes, antes también pero aveces podía pasar desapercibido cosa que ahora no puede. Justin theroux no es ningún aparecido, es un gran actor, guionista y escritor, lo digo por experiencia propia porque me encanto la pelicula dirigida y producida y quien sabe mas cosas por el, Tropic Thunder, su papel en Zoolander aunque fue pequeño y casi irreconocible me encanto. Su rol de chico malo en Los Angeles de Charlie me fascino, y en cuantiosas series famosas el a tenido un papel importante en ellas. Así que el odio que pocos le tienen ya que lo consideran un aprovechador me parece ridículo, si el no a tenido grandes apariciones publicas es porque no a querido ya que los recursos no le faltaban ni le faltaran. Justin es la clase de tipo super encantador que te enamoras al conocerlo, un hombre muy educado, con clase y gran estilo, con los pies bien puestos en la tierra, e increíblemente carismático y sexy, es decir, Justin Theroux es la pareja perfecta, y desde que esta con Jennifer Aniston los deseos hacia el son mucho mas fuertes que antes, ella definitivamente se gano una joya de hombre, el que cualquier chica quisiera tener. Así que para nada Justin es un aprovechador, de que me pregunto yo? Si es que el lo tiene todo!.

  • Truth

    He’ll dump Aniston when the movie flops and run back to Bivens..

  • Self Destruct

    He got himself into this mess…he knew what he was doing and getting involved with Aniston will probably be the death of him…no more privacy. no more industry respect, no more life…

    BTW he’s probaby 5’5 tops…

  • Nina

    Maybe he’s tired of reaching 40 but had been in one supporting role after another, never a leading man role in a big budget movie. So with dating Aniston, he finally got the publicity to turn his career as an actor around and get notice by big studios in HW. He seemed to love the attention & spot light he got lately. It’s a fact that without dating Aniston, very few people know who he is.

  • LL

    He wasn’t so bad looking when they first started dating, albeit the awful hipster try, but what the heck happened to him? I guess in Justin’s case he doesn’t clean up well.

  • she makes me sick

    well, look at that, jenniifer anniston and justin are the new tomkat:

    always together, but never together.

    sleeping apart.

    gushing about each other in public, but they dont even know the colors of each other eyes.

  • Rainy


    If you look at before JA and after JA pics I think he has indulged in some plastic surgery or cosmetic enhancements on his face!

  • she makes me sick

    @Ann Th:

    dont even bother do sweet talk justin in spanish.

    it doesnt matter: wether its spanish, dutc, english , justin is a DOUCHE in All languages!

  • Heidi

    What a poser and fraud, their is no reason why he is on these shows other than he is Mr Jennifer Anniston and seems to like that. Again Jen has picked a loser.

  • Pepper

    He suddenly became so mainstream.
    And I keep mistaking him for that guy from The Artist.

  • Ann Th

    justin is very funny and handsome too.

  • yep

    hot! great sense of humor!

  • Observer

    The most telling comment of the clips:

    JK: “So this is your first late night television appearance?”

    JT: “Well, not my first television appearance but my first late night appearance.”

    And why is this?

    “Girlfriend” JA pr machine is my best guess.

    I can get past the packed on pancake makeup and tight clothes but his dyed beyond black hair and eyebrows are an unfortunate choice.

  • Jasmine

    He’s an incredibly attractive guy and he seems down to earth, funny and smart–all regardless of who he’s dating. I will never understand why Angelina fans, 7 years later, continue to obsess about Jennifer, hate her (for…being cheated on?) and bash every aspect of her life including a man who seems really awesome that just happens to be her boyfriend. Seriously, let it go. Your hate is pure ugliness and there is therapy and pills available these days to work out your very irrational and negative feelings.

  • Cam

    He is a douche bag cheater. Guess he got sick of his career going no where and decided to sign up with Jen pr monster. I think Heidi Bevins win getting this loser off her back. Jen can have her garbage. He is pathetic because the media know Jen is buying his way through Hollywood.

  • sowhat

    is this guy creepy or what??

  • dede

    hansel and goliath?
    boy he really messed up