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LeAnn Rimes: Hollywood Domino Gala!

LeAnn Rimes: Hollywood Domino Gala!

LeAnn Rimes is white hot in Tom Ford as she arrives at the Hollywood Domino Gala and Tournament, held on Thursday (February 23) at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old entertainer met up with director Paul Haggis at the event.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn recently made an appearance on Chelsea Lately and spoke about being photographed in bikinis.

“I am on the damn beach,” LeAnn laughed. “It’s not like I’m going shopping at the grocery store in a bikini.”

LeAnn Rimes on Chelsea Lately

FYI: LeAnn finished her look with Martin Katz jewelry.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes at the Hollywood Domino Gala…

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Credit: Michael Buckner; Photos: Getty
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  • Hey

    OMG she’s so fugly!!! Susan Boyle looks shaggable next to this ho.
    Thanks again for the nightmares JJ :))

  • kel

    Hope she’s paying you for the pr. She should get her boobs fixed.

  • sandra


  • tara

    Those fake breasts are SO unattractive. Why do people do that?

  • Nancy

    Wow, Eddie’s lost a lot of hair, probably from looking at that chest plate.

  • Sun

    Saggy boobs… Surgery in demand?

  • sdf

    when she gets super skinny like this, she looks like a horse. Seriously, I know she’s naturally chubby…she was cute that way!

  • mel

    How did she look at herself in that dress and think “Okay, this looks good.. I can be photographed in it” Her chest looks SOOOO weird!! Not natural and not attractive.

  • used to be a fan

    lmao worst boob job ever. her gap is HORRIBLE.

  • Little Dunderhead

    make.her.go.away. she’s painful to look at! i seriously can’t take anymore posts about this chick on this website. JJ used to be my fave and now it’s where d-listers go to die.

  • Lilla

    More like, white hot mess. Really, what has she done to herself?

  • bang!

    Why do women think boobs are a big deal? As a man I like them in all sizes, minus the fake ones..but basically they’re all the same to me. What really gets man aroused is a badonkadonk @ss.

  • summer

    she just isn’t an attractive woman. if she would gain 5 or 10 pounds i bet it would make a difference. right now she looks like beef jerky.

  • Wondering

    Why does she feel the need to show off such an unattractive chest all the time? LeAnn, you shouldn’t have to dress like this to keep your husband! Is she starting to mess with her face? She looks like The Joker in the big picture.

  • charity

    I think she needs glasses if she thinks she looks even decent. so ugly plus why would anyone want to show their chest bone, stretch marks and implants that are sagging and under her arm pits.

  • nana

    omg ugly boobs!

  • yuck

    LeAnn’s face looks hard, she is hard looking.
    All that plastic surgery has made her look masculine

  • Lynn

    Yeah ok Leann, and you and Eddie weren’t posing for the photographers right? Like in some shots where you were clearly posing for the camera. Keep lying, even though you’re terrible at it.

  • karih

    You’re all talking about her boobs, I’m more shocked by her eyes, they seem glued

  • Mo

    Has she chinese in her family? Her eyes are weird..

  • Chriss

    Funny short story about the Oscars: R.I.P. Oscar – A Hollywood Satire by Andie Heid
    (includes: The Oscar Games, Movie Star Wars, Catwoman Rises, Battle of the Snow Whites, The Twilight Saga continues…)

  • Mimi

    I didn’t know horses had breasts. You’re so NOT sexy LeAnn. Those bones in your chest between your fake b oobs are so gross!!!!!

  • j

    her boobs are going left and right! yikes!

  • Benjie

    OMG People….leave the girl alone. I know she’s trying hard, but give her a freaking break… you’re all jealous because you are not a celeb making boat loads of money like her…and has a man who adores her.

    Look at yourself first…geez louise.

  • Benjie

    @Mimi: jealous! lmao

  • noprobBOB

    WOW she must have the Chelsea Handler disease lol b/c she looks WAY OLDER than she actually is!! Really only 29?!

  • piaf

    I get the feeling she really thinks she’s good looking…..

  • Mimi

    @Benjie: I assure you I’m not jealous. Truly sexy women KNOW they don’t have to show everything to be hot.

  • Wahoo

    Looks like Eddie put on a few pounds and forgot his toupe.

  • Ahorseofcourse

    oh dear, oh my, feed her some carrots and a sugar cube..NayyyyyNayyyy

  • Sash

    Who on earth would want to show off those boobs?!

  • Marieme

    If I were a dude I’d want nothing to do with that bony, fleshless chest and those two out of place rocks. Or anywhere else on that body. This is as unsexy as it gets.

    Enjoy, Eddie! You created this silocne monster!

  • K

    Ohhh noooo saggy boobs alert!!!

  • true

    Emaciated with fake boobs- gross

  • Cristina

    Rushing to a non event like the Domino Gala without her husband and posting a tired old interview by Chelsea Lately can mean only one thing:

    “I’m still in the news, Simon Cowel!!!!! I want to be a judge on the xfactor. Please please please, someone tell Simon that I’m still relevant!!!!”

  • Jane

    Please…someone out this female version of a douchebag out of her misery and get rid of her. SHe is totally irrelevant!

  • Jasmine

    Well there’s a boob job if I’ve ever seen one.


    Oy. She is just sooooooo ugly. Inside and out. Girlfriend has some serious, serious issues. Her malnutrition is the least of her problems.

  • omd

    h03 sit down

  • Connor

    There are no words to describe the horror. If her stylist let her walk out of her house looking like that, they secretly hate her or need to find a new career because they don’t know what they’re doing. How can she herself actually think that she looks good? Is she really that deluded?

  • Jane

    @Connor: Something tells me that she has no stylist. WEWE considers herself the ultimate fashionista with her expensive wardrobe, but she dresses like a clown and call-girl at the same time. The way she poses givens me the impression that she believes she is ultimately the most beautiful and chic dresser out there. It’s sick, really.

  • Dave

    Poor LeAnn. A failed marriage, and now her face is just ugh! She was such a cute little girl too

  • judith

    Both leann and her publicist have been working overtime trying to land her a gig on X=factor. Simon would never be that stupid to hire a used up country yodeler, would be the death of x-factor, same way that Mr Rimes is the kiss of death for every show he’s on. She must really believe that she looks good. she is just pathetic, nothing can undo the damage she has done to what career she had

  • Connor

    @Jane: I have to agree with you. She really does seem to think she has a great sense of fashion when the truth is that LeAnn’s clothes wear her and not the other way around. Also, with her horribly botched implants, she should not be wearing tops and dresses that are basically slashed to her navel. I won’t even bother giving my opinion of her choice in shoes most of the time. They are never in proportion to her body or the clothing she wears and just exacerbate an already bad outfit most of the time. Apparently she has “Emperor’s New Clothes” syndrome and probably has her sycophants telling her how great she looks. I still can’t help but think that they must not like her to let her out of her house looking like that.

  • alaycat

    @nana: My 59 year old boobs are perkier and prettier than hers. At least,thats what my 28 year old lover says. lol

  • Christian R.

    Wow this unbelievably and truly talented woman really draws out the misery brigade? It’s hard to understand why (most negative comments are incoherent and false) but it seems divorce and re-marriage is suddenly an unforgivable crime now in Hollywood! LOL!

  • RawFoodHealth

    She is anorexic and looks sick. She needs an intervention!

  • Jane

    @Connor: I too agree with you. However, she pays their salary and of course they are also “paid” friends. WEWE doesn’t like anyone telling he “No”, so I do not see it changing anytime soon. Also, I believe a certain amount of people in Hollywood have a warped sense of style. WEWE- is not the only one who needs a wardrobe intervention.

  • Cody R.

    @Hey: I would bet a pile (not even sweat it) that “Hey” was named after “hay” because people are reminded of “horses behinds” when its sighted! Also it knows the word FUGLY from repeatedly hearing it! LOL

  • Sara H.

    @Cristina: Your such an international superstar (Like LeAnn) that you know to stay away from these “non-events”.
    You folks kill me….I suppose if you folks knew what losers you all were … sniping at truly talented and gifted people…(with long records of charitable works)…..the suicide rate would increase dramatically!