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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Aroma Cafe Couple

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Aroma Cafe Couple

Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend, Austin Butler, go out for breakfast together on Friday (February 24) at Aroma Cafe in Studio City, Calif.

The 23-year-old Journey 2 actress and her sweetheart returned to Los Angeles earlier in the week after a trip to Europe.

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Vanessa recently shared on her blog that despite her best efforts to clean up her place, she always ends up getting distracted!

“I am the worst cleaner ever. I try to clean but just end up with red lipstick I find, and a ribbon in my hair. Sigh,” she wrote, adding a cute pic.

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  • Hey

    Do American celebrities do nothing all day long besides hanging around LA with a coffee or a juice in their hands? Useless arrogant people the city is filled with them.

  • lana

    She is back from a promo tour, her job, and next week she start shooting her movie with James Franco, thats her job, and n her free time she can do whatever she wants to do!
    If you hate your job, your life or the world… thats your problem…

  • lana

    She looks really cute! Her face is flawless!
    I never used to come to her post, but this woman is gorgoeus!

  • lana

    BTW her boyfriend is really atractive! She looks happy with him!

  • Hey

    @lana: Who said I hate my life WTF? LOL you’re nuts.
    She might be acting like she’s busy but she ain’t doing nothing relevant all day long besides switching boyfriends, nail polish and haircuts.
    Give me a break dummy!
    Workin’ a month in a whole year that’s not my definition of a real job, in her case casting couch could be considered as one though ;)

  • the_boyfriend

    she’s filming a movie with james franco? well untill then..i don’t get why she’s even followed, it’s not like she’s still with Zac.
    has she ever had a hit movie? why is she relevant? same that ultra annoying ashley tisdale, both of these girls walking around with their d list bf’s getting coffee and their hair they share the same publicist?

  • solecito

    I didn’t recognize them without their hands all over each other. LOL

  • http://lilycheungg lilyy

    i love Vanessa style so much!
    but yeah haters gon hate.

  • Rise Above Hate

    Love is strong, hate is weak.

  • jr

    Her current movie journey 2 over 200 million dollars and counting, id consider that a hit how bout you not to mention the three other movies she has coming out over the next year. Have a good day.

  • Mema

    I thought the boyfriend was a girlfriend. Doesn’t he look like a girl there? O.o

  • Rise Above Hate

    don’t let negative people bring you down. Just think positive, act positive, be positive.
    there’s no such thing as a useless person. We were all put on this earth for a reason. You have your purpose, i have mine, Vanessa has hers and we all enjoy our places apperently. God bless you.

  • hey there!

    OMFG back 2 mins and already they are out twice. Calling the paps again i think.


  • hey there!

    ohhhh and what the F**k is she wearing, looks like she just got out of bed and forgot to change.

  • kelly martineau

    big lips is back in town. Nessa is dressing like a sleet or a slob even sense shes been dating big lips.

  • BOJI

    I’d say she’s so relevant, a personality I’ve been following this past 5 yes . I’ve watched her blossom into what she is today. She is a girl I truly admire for daring to live her life on her own terms.
    I guess those of you condemning her lifestyle are nothing but envious or just cam’t gett over the fact that she has moved on and her star is rising surely and steadily.

  • BOJI

    I think that is a pretty coloured dress on her, not a sheet like some of you haters describe. I believe she bought that shawl with tassels from a vintage shop. Saw her trying it on.

  • BOJI

    Kelly, grow up child.

  • ge4t over it

    cute couple! for those of you who still criticize Vanessa for dating a ‘poor’ guy………. he is an actor, he doesnt make as much as her but just enough to survive on his own and travel too. i dont see how you can say she pays for everything??? do you live with them? are you their friends? you know nothing!!!! you just want her back with your ‘beautiful hot boy’,,,maybe she doesnt want him back and neither him, have you thought of that? and if a relationship passes the 4 months is consider being in love already. Vanessa has every right to fall in love and date any guy she wants. she’s known Austin for so long already, they were friends even before they started dating. IT IS POSSIBLE TO GET OVER ZAC EFRON, not just because he has a hot body your gonna cry over and over for him to give you some attention. he already chose his destiny, his way of living. he wanted this life without Nessa and some of you think he’s not over her, please it’s been a year and he has slept with quite few girls already…Lily is probably next…as for the condom thing, i do think it was planned by his team….im glad Vanessa found a good guy who cares about her and not about himself. let her live her live, she can make her own decisions and even pay for Austin if she wants, he is her man not yours…get over it ! she is not getting back with her ex….paps will always follow her so dont say its pr because shes not the kind of girl to do this. if you were a true fan you should know Vanessa for real. Good to see her back with her man :) hope she had a great time in Europe.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!

    to all the crazy zac fans still dogging vanessa eat your hearts out. she has moved on, is gorgeous, and has a hot bf.
    go pick up zac’s condom, he’s dropping them crazy. and he’s with lily now, so you can have zac for all we care.

  • sjk

    @ge4t over it:
    I like Vanessa and look forward to seeing the movies she has coming out. But I had to respond to your comment. You have no clue if Zac or Vanessa or both of them ended their relationship. Please enjoy posting nice comments about Vanessa, but refrain from dogging on Zac. When you put him down, you ultimately put Vanessa down. She chose to be with Zac for 5 years and from all that we saw in print and video, Vanessa and Zac loved each other. If you say that it was all fake, then that makes both of them liars, not just Zac. Enjoy what we knew of them for 5 years and look forward to their futures without trashing what they had.

  • maria

    I think they make a great couple. He seems sweet, enjoys her company, is a gentleman, and appreciates her. What more could you want? People just need to let go of the Zanessa obsession. Please. She is 23 yrs old, and dated one guy for 5 years. It’s time for her to live a bit vicariously, as all other girls her age do. She never has. Let her date, and find happiness. For those of you who think he is using her, puh-leeze. Why is it so hard to believe she’s a great girl, that any guy would be proud to have? I think she’s a big girl, is capable of making her own decisions/mistakes, and she has very nice taste in men. Nice guys with good personalities, that are pretty cute too. Let’s give her some credit there. It’s not just about looks for her, and it takes a long time for some girls to figure that out. She gets it.

  • the_boyfriend

    journey 2? i’ve never heard of it, sorry.
    did she have some show on Disney or something? is that who her fanbase consists of?
    anyway i forgot to mention that ensemble she’s wearing isn’t working, it looks like she’s trying too hard and those black clunky shoes..i’ll just stop.

  • jr

    @the boyfriend
    I think you’re lying but I think the fact its made over 200 million and is still going speaks for itself. But if u must check the box office numbers the last 2 weeks. Also check what was the #1 movie overseas has been the last 2 weeks.

  • Marsha

    Just saw journey 2. If it wasn’t for the Rock and Michael Caine it would have been a waste of my money. She is back to dressing and being a piece of trash.

  • Deb

    Going to see Journey 2 tomorrow at the sensory friendly showing.

  • hey there!


    you actually wasted your money something i definately won’t be doing. i bet when people ask who was in J2 everyone will remember The Rock, Michael Caine and possibly Josh but they will be like the girl I have no clue. lol.

  • DevilCheyah

    She Looks Very Very Veryyyy Cuutttee .. I loved The Style And He Looks Hot There

  • Charlie

    I love the pink dress she’s wearing underneath. The sheer she’s wearing on top not so much though. It would have been way cuter if it was the same length as the underneath dress. If I were her I’d fix it, it would be super cute.

  • nessahuds

    austin is looking so handsome now.

  • nessahuds

    did you see pics of Zac @ pariz hilton party?

  • maria

    @Marsha: Why would you bother since you hate Vanessa so much? Also she does not get to choose what she wears in a film. They have costume designers who do that, so blame them if you didn’t like what she was wearing. And honestly, the movie is doing fabulous….good family fun, beautiful visuals, and a great adventure. Obviously having made over $200 million exceeding the original, it is a nice BO success and she IS a part of that.

  • -.-

    @ 02/25/2012 at 8:29 am
    no one cares .

  • -.-

    that was for nessahuds :D

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @Marsha: Vanessa’s film is dropping $200m in the box office and not tanking condoms like your beloved idiot zac

  • jaded

    From Variety today:

    “It was clear sailing for the second-straight weekend for “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island,” which again navigated to the top of the overseas box office. Pic grossed a resilient $27.5 million over the Feb. 17-19 weekend, pushing its worldwide cume to $130 million.

    Toplining franchise newcomer Dwayne Johnson, and budgeted at a reported $79 million, the sequel already has more than recouped its production cost, grossing $183 million worldwide as of Feb. 19. Warners and New Line have committed to a “Journey 3,” based on the sequel’s success. ”

    Go Vanessa, Josh, Dwayne, Michael and Luiz. Well done.

  • hey there!



  • maria

    @hey there!: She is taking a break, I suggest the same for you. You’re not amusing, you’re not changing anyone’s mind, and no one cares about your opinions. She’s not gonna please everyone, that’s life. Go find someone you do like, and be supportive. Your nastiness does no good to anyone.

  • maria

    Total Lifetime Grosses
    Domestic:  $66,456,000    34.2%
    + Foreign:  $128,000,000    65.8%
    = Worldwide:  $194,456,000  

    From Box Office Mojo, but I believe it’s already crossed the $200 mill mark. Read a report that it may be the quietest $300+ maker of 2012. Very cool.

  • Doesn’t matter

    @sjk: I totally agree, actually, for 1 sec I thought it was Austin :PPP

  • Deb

    LOL!! The peck pop of love. The Rock rocks. That was the best line in the film.

  • maria

    @Deb: Did your son enjoy the movie?

    Love ya, Nessa, but the fringe has got to go!

  • briella

    I love Vanessa and think she has done amazing things in her young life and am wondering why people that dont know of her or like her would even come and look at articles of her… I know I dont read or comment about people I dont know or like as what is the point of that other than upsetting true fans… Really if that is your aim I fee sorry for you…. As for Zac they were a great couple and I was upset that they broke up but they are young and need to explore the world around them… Good on the both of the them for moving forward and who knows what the future holds…

  • http://smilemomsmile malu

    hey there

    “Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you!”

    Do not lambast anybody so that noone lambasts your dearest Zac!