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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: LAX Landing

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: LAX Landing

Vanessa Hudgens chats on her cell phone while arriving at LAX Airport with boyfriend Austin Butler on Thursday (February 23) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old actress is back home after premiering her latest movie, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, in Paris.

“When the eiffel tower is sparkling, it truly takes your breath away,” Vanessa recently wrote on her official website.

She also posted a pic from earlier this month where she’s hugging a black Chanel bag.

“Hehehe happy valentines day to myself. What are you treating yourself to this Valentines day?” she wrote.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler at LAX Airport…

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vanessa hudgens austin butler land lax 01
vanessa hudgens austin butler land lax 02
vanessa hudgens austin butler land lax 03
vanessa hudgens austin butler land lax 04
vanessa hudgens austin butler land lax 05
vanessa hudgens austin butler land lax 06
vanessa hudgens austin butler land lax 07
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vanessa hudgens austin butler land lax 10

Photos: AKM
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  • jj

    Do you girls think hes better looking than Zac Efron?

  • SoulMate

    “BlackWhiteFriends.℃0M”-that’s all serious dating. Millions of members with good economic condition and high quality. Someone suitable is here waiting for u here with other single black, white girls and men in your city.. It is my favorite club for mixed love….dsfsdf

  • DevilCheyah

    She Looks Great ..
    JJ .. No Zac Is Defnitly Way Better Looking

  • BOJI

    Yay, Vanessa’s back. Can’t wait for her to start filming. My opinion is there is no comparison, they are both very good looking. Anyway, looks are only skin deep and it takes personality combined to make the whole package. I have no preference and obviously there is something in Austin that appeals to vanessa and she’s very happy with him.

  • evz

    I’m so glad of the outcome of J2 and to finally see Vanessa back… I’m excited to see her in every movie she’s in especially in Gimme Shelter. As a fan, I want nothing but for her to be happy…Just her smile brings happiness to me and for that, I’ll support her no matter what…

  • angelbaby

    yes vanessa, clutch that bag, hold onto it dearly, because its the last one you will be buying for a long time when your career flops anytime now.

    and as for austin, oh my gosh you are such a tryhard.

  • BOJI

    @ Angelbaby , your statement bespeaks the person within.

  • maria

    Yeah for Journey! It hit the $200million mark yesterday! Love to see family movies do well, and I’m glad she chose to do that one. So nice to see them home safely, and all the pics of them in Paris were adorable. They made very cute tourists! So nice that the paps didn’t catch them in Rome.

    @BOJI: I agree, Boji. The comparisons are ridiculous. Austin is who she is dating right now, and she obviously enjoys him and his company. She does not date on looks alone, and from interviews, he seems very sweet, has an amazingly sexy voice, and is very mature. I’d say she has great taste in men, from Zac to Josh to Austin, choosing guys with nice personalities with cute looks. Why the constant comparisons?

  • Zara

    She pays for her happiness. She is the breadwinner in this relationship. The best bf ever.

  • BOJI

    @Maria, this will be a good year for Vanessa and it can only get better next year, my prediction. She’s metamorphasizing beautifully.

  • em

    anyone is better!

  • em

    she looks gorgeous!

  • emma

    I feel sorry for her

    Her boyfriend is penniless and she has to pay everything on date

    Still waiting for Vanessa to realise she’s making a mistake.. Austin is using her for money

  • Too bad

    @jj: Hell no. Zac is 19000 times better looking

  • ;)

    I agree. Anyone seems better than this guy. I understand that she needs to pay for the trips and everything but I feel that he needs to chip in when they go to simple places like smoothies or coffee instead of handing the bill to her. But that is just my opinion.

  • BOJI

    Funny, how some of you are making assumptions That Vanessa pays for everything. Just because you saw her signing one bill doesn’t tell you squat. Austin doesn’t deserve your hate. Leave the guy alone. Give Vanessa some credit for her integrity and judgement , will you?

  • Haters Suck!

    Hurray for journey crossing 200. Do I hear 300 maybe? Is it possible? We’ll see. Up for the sequal a trip to the moon, but I want them to bring back this cast, they all work very well together and have great chemistry all around.

  • tina

    Austin has been ont TV and in movies since his early teens . How stupid of you to assume he is penniless and she is paying for everything. She’s happy; he make her smile.

  • tina

    Better looking isn’t everything. SOMETHING was wrong with their relationship or they would still be together. My ex was good liiking and wee “looked” great together. The fact that he was a soul crushing sucubus didn’t show on his face. We don’t know how or why the broke up. But we we know how happy she is now.

  • baby doll

    her boyfriend looks like samantha ronson.

  • Danielle

    He is!!! But I don’t know about his attitude and personalilty…

  • hey there!

    That’s right Vanessa 3 paces behind him. He needs all the attention first.

    ohhh and J2 would have made that money with Vanessa. She can easily be replaced.

    poor poor actor.

  • jr

    @hey there
    J2 would’ve made that money without vanessa? Right then why did no one expect it to? Nobody in hollywood expected to see journey doing what its doing right now and if they tell you they did they’re lying especially going up against the competition it went against.
    Regardless j2 is doing very well, vanesssa is part of the movies success.
    You mad, stay mad

  • Zzz

    So I hear if I don’t like zac efron and don’t bow down and kiss his feet it automatically makes me a Vanessa fan. Least that’s what his fans tell me. Who knew right, I most certainly didn’t know. So I don’t know much about your girl here other then her Disney movies and sucker punch which wasn’t to bad. I’m on the fence about seeing journey 2 tomorrow. So what else can you tell me about your girl here cause I guess i’ve been “her fan” now for quite sometime now cause of my dislike for efron and just didn’t know it I guess and I need to be caught up on the latest so what have you got for me?

  • maria

    @Zzz: Well, I can say she’s refreshing as far as starlets in Hollywood go. She’s honest, full of energy, and is a real guy’s girl: she loves the outdoors, is an adrenaline junkie, loves adventure, is spontaneous, loves sports, camping, the beach, traveling, good food, and nice wines. She enjoys cooking since she bought her own home, would do anything for her friends, and Neil Patrick Harris said she’s the coolest girl he knows. She’s smart, beautiful, generous, thoughtful, LOYAL, family oriented, sweet and sexy all in one. How’s that?

  • BOJI

    @Maria, you said it.

  • Zzz

    well all that stuff sounds well and good but truth be told never been her fan of course that doesn’t stop efron fans from saying I am when indont kiss his ass. I just asked to see If I could piss his fans off some more. Nothing tickles me more then rattleling their cage a bit. Vanessa really seems to tick those people off and get under their skin and anyone that can annoy those people is cool with me. As the old saying goes, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” i doubt you’ll see me around her posts very much but I’ll keep my eye on her from time to time.

  • Marsha

    Saw the movie. She can’t act for anything. Michael Caine and Dwayne Johnson carried the movie. That is the only reson it made money.

  • VanFan

    Was there a premiere in Rome? I know she wasn’t in London for that premiere, but I thought that was cuz she was doing it in Rome.

  • hey there!

    Why wasn’t she in London for the premier, the British not good enough for her, too busy being a **** and spending her precious time with that idiot of a BF.

    Actually it doesn’t really matter we don’t like her anyway.

  • Haters Suck!

    @hey there
    why wasn’t she at the london premiere? Because there was no london premiere you dumbass

  • maria

    @Marsha: I don’t think the role required much acting. Action and adventure movies aren’t Oscar material. It’s supposed to be fluff, and that’s what it is. Again, why did you go see it if you’re such a hater? Stupid if you ask me. Save yourself the agony when her next films come out. You’ll be eating those words.