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Beyonce: Walk with Baby Blue!

Beyonce: Walk with Baby Blue!

Beyonce bundles up daughter Blue Ivy for a walk with Jay-Z on a sunny Sunday (February 26) in New York City.

The 30-year-old entertainer and new mama has been out and about with her bundle of joy lately — she and Jay-Z took Blue out to lunch over the weekend!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Beyonce

Earlier in the week, Bey and Jay-Z took some time to themselves to catch a basketball game at Madison Square Garden! The couple are normally Nets fans, but they checked out Jeremy Lin anyway — they’ve got Linsanity!

FYI: Beyonce‘s sunglasses are made by The Row.

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  • Benjie

    Something is wrong with this photo. Why is the infant not dressed properly..

    Beyonce, please dress your baby in proper winter clothes..there are a lot of cute winter outfits out there…with your money you can affort it.

    Instead of swaddling this baby in something like a curtain or a piece of fabric …not even wool or warm….while you, Beyonce is dress for the cold.

    Stop hiding it we already know what she looks like it. Pete’s sake

  • Lisaq

    that’s an oddly shaped baby especially at the bottom…have you heard of strollers? She can be covered up, plus you already introduced your kid to the public. weird…

  • Leni

    Let the pimping of the child begin. She’s not even two months yet, and they’re already going to restaurants with the baby and taking it for walks, two days in a row. I knew this narcissist couldn’t stand not being in the spotlight, and the baby was just had in order to keep the public still interested in them, after her album flopped big time. Sad.

  • nap

    Thunder-thighs. She should have left the long blonde wig at home…let the nappy out girl.

  • T_242

    @Benjie: How do you know what the baby is wearing? You can’t even see her !

  • T_242

    @Leni: So its a crime now to take your child for a walk ?

  • Mmm, not maternal

    I don’t get a maternal vibe from her at all. In all of the pictures, she’s holding the baby as if she’s holding a stuffed animal or an object. She also has a look of disgust in the second pic.

  • Day

    It’s not a crime, but don’t you find it kind of disturbing, that even during her pregnancy she couldn’t stay away from the spotlight, and was seen literally every day of her pregnancy walking about in high heels? And now that she has the baby, she’s lining up to do two albums? Geez, stay at home and bond with your baby. But this narcissistic/histrionic couldn’t stand to do that, so now she’s pimping the baby as well. Don’t think for a second she’s just walking the baby. She could easily walk around with the baby, in her own private back yard, that is most likely huge, and away from the paparazzi and the noise. No but she wanted to be seen.

  • Emma Robin

    Exactly who knows if the baby is in there at all! Just a big scarf two days
    In a row! Wow look at JY Z who is not interested in the baby!

  • Mariah

    Walk with pillow. Another pr stund from beYAWNce.

  • Mary H.

    Blue must have a huge bottom, unless it’s a padded blanket.

  • cleo

    Prior to having a baby you would never see her taking a walk in NYC or anywhere. She obviously just wants the attention.

  • kammie

    Fake Baby..

  • Sayer

    How long was she “allegedly” pregnant for? 4-5 months. That’s the shortest pregnancy ever.

  • Impressions

    That baby seems so big for being a new born

  • STOP

    Let the hating begin…

  • lisa

    Geez stop hating on Bee!

    Anyway, i’m glad she made the baby get some fresh air…you can’t keep a baby locked up in a apartment in NY 247 lol.

  • STOP

    @Sayer: She been pregnant. She announced it at 5 months

  • Jess

    @cleo: Prior to the pregnancy she walked around NYC all the time. Especially with Jay. If she wanted attention she could’ve gone to the Grammy’s with Blue. She’s walking around her OWN neighborhood with her almost 2 month old baby. it doesn’t get any less “normal” than this.

  • Impressions

    Uhm??? There are worse comments than mine and I’m not calling the baby phat.

  • Jess

    @Emma Robin: That’s not Jay-Z, that’s her bodyguard Julius and he’s just doing his job.

  • Bones

    For the idiot who said Jay doesn’t even look interested in the baby. That’s not Jay. THAT’S HER BODYGUARD FOOL!!!!!!

  • lisa


    Exactly the baby is almost 2 months old… apparently it’s a crime now to take your own child out for a walk.

  • mess

    Oh, I didn’t know she was a New Yorker, I thought she was from Louisiana, you know French, Spanish and Indian lmao!!!

  • Annabel

    Are these pictures suposed to be on the same day as the other post?

    because B is wearing the exact same outfit in both pictuer just has a different baby carrier and the baby looks bigger in this one and what happened to Jay Z and their over the top Van/Bus.

    The other pictuers showed the going in to the restaurant but not leaving you would think the Pap’s would stick around to get more photos, and now she just shows up taking a walk and the Pap’s happen to see her but not leaving the restaurant, it seem odd.

  • Music Lover

    adore the carters <3

  • Dobbler

    Wow. I swear I have never seen so much jealousy in my life. Beyonce is absolutely the most hated on celebrity. No matter what you just can’t please a hater. The woman can’t walk her child? She can’t enjoy fresh air? She has thunder thighs, well btches black women like meat on their bones…a flat azz and toothpick legs is NOT cute. Why are all you broke bastids on here hating anyway? You hoes are mad because you all ain’t nuthin but broke azz baby mama’s cause the men you screw won’t “put a ring on it” lol miserable UGLY trolls.

  • Dobbler


    Pimpin ain’t e z

  • Dobbler


    Let your nappy out whorebag.

  • Yessssssssssss

    Beyonce, you look like a Ninja!!!!!!

  • Dobbler


    Yes btch she is mixed you can see that can’t you. Look at her mom. Don’t get bad with your black knees, black lips, black knuckles, and black fingertips hahaha!

  • Dobbler


    She needs to dress like a Ninja in case one of these internet haters rolls up on her….asking for an autograph while crapping their pants.

  • Gossipgirl

    @Mariah: Love the name! BeYAWNCE, I have to use this in the future, because she is a big zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  • Dobbler


    She has you interested enough to type about her.

  • Suzan

    She´s wearing a big scarf or whatever over the complete Baby Björn so we all can´t see the little one. Don´t you get that? Seriously?!

  • Ellie

    LOLLLLL, love how the haterz get bent out of shape with Bey. First its where is she??, How come she doesn’t go out with her?? Now its she’s exploiting her??? WTF, carrying your own 7 WEEK OLD child is now illegal??? sheeez, you all are dammm idiots.. Look out after your own freaking kids for a change, and stop worrying about Bey and Blue.

    haterz are freaking idiots….and worry about your dammm selves.

  • mimi

    Is there a real human baby she is supposed to be holding?
    It looks like a blanket to me, and she is not supporting the body in any way I have ever seen.,

    So odd.

  • Dobbler


    I guess it is safe to assume you didn’t make it past 2nd grade. She has on a sling to support the baby slowness.

  • Gossipgirl

    @Dobbler: Like I posted before, take a chill pill and relax!

  • @Dobbler

    What is wrong with you ? Why are you disrespecting and belliteling Black folks of a certain shade, dehumanizing them ?
    I don’t care what ethnicity or mixity you are, you still a nasty specimen, bellitelling an entire group of people. You’re a disgusting pig whatever your color !

  • Morgan

    @Sayer: I love her I think she’s awesome, and I beleive that it is thier baby,But I don’t think she carried the baby I think having a C section is a big deal.

  • Bones

    I love how these blind MF cant see that thats a baby sling. Blue is scrapped to Beyonce’s body. I swear some of yall know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when it comes to babys, baby products, and baby accessories. So to have the nerve to comment on somebody and their baby when u know NOTHING is just DUMB.

  • fannybee

    You all are just haters. Well at least most of u. Jealous much. I mean bee has everything, money, a hubby, a great career and a gorgeous baby. People take their kids out on walks cause it is healthy for babies to have fresh air and when they are pregnant, they go for walks too, to exercise and as its new york city what backyard do you expect B to walk in. Stop hating!! If you don’t wanna hear about Beyonce, don’t look her up on the net. She’s out living her life and you ragging on her just makes you pathetic. That said, I LOVE YOU BEE. And I just visited Blue Ivy Carter’s blog site where her photos are.,,,She’s so GORGEOUS OMG!!!!!

  • Angel


  • tina

    Obviously none of the negative commentors are mothers. I’m just an ordinary person and I kept my children covered in public. You get tired really quick of strangers with god knows was disease coming up to you to “see the baby.” You’re thinking please don’t give my child (who as a baby has a weak ammune system) whatever you have. You just want to get from point A to B without being accousted. My oldest has hazel eyes (and yes we are black) I had to put up with ignorant comments. One lady ( and I use the term loosely) had the nerve to ask if his father knew. KNEW WHAT? We are a people of color are hair skin and eyes vary. And for you prejugdice a-holes, it was your ancestors who made us that way. She is just being a good mother. If you want exploitation, didn’t Angie and Brad, Jlo and Mark , and other SELL pictures of their children?


    Some of you are so clueless to babies and everything pertaining to them. I have three kids on top of the fact that I own and grew up with a mother who ran a Child Care Center. I have been taking care of babies since I was around 14 years old and she is doing everything right. Babies like the warmth and hearing the heartbeat of their mother or whoever is taking care of them. Strollers and carriers are a Bish to move around with. They’re heavy clunky and a lot of the time get in the way and are only really needed when you’re transporting the baby in a vehicle. I usually always carried my babies both biologically and those in my center in what she is carrying blue in. Believe it or not the babies are 100% comfortable and at peace being near someone who they know and love. Secondly it is cold in NYC she needs to have her bundled up the way she does. I’m sure blue is well dressed under it as well as the warmth coming from Beys own body is helping. She is a good mother. You people crucified her pregnancy now you want to come after her parenting skills? Leave her ALONE! You don’t know SHAT about babies anyways to even be trying to judge her parenting skills!

  • Jlove

    “the couple are normally nets fans” Um…it was a Knicks NETS game. They were probably there since Jay OWNS the nets, not because they wanted to see Jeremy Lin.

  • Margo

    Wow…I didn’t know that it’s bad to go on daily walks with your child…some of y’all are a damn mess!

    ANYWAYS…Mama Bey is looking to cute! <3 her

  • lolita

    WTF is she wearing?? looks awful, her legs are too fat for this outfit

  • http://yahoo

    She looking for the paparazzi?