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George Clooney & Billy Crystal Kiss During Oscars Opening!

George Clooney & Billy Crystal Kiss During Oscars Opening!

George Clooney and Billy Crystal share a kiss in this 2012 Oscars opening spoof of The Descendants.

In the opening clip, the 50-year-old actor begs Billy to come home.

“You’ve got to do it Billy,” George said, before planting a kiss on a hospital bed-ridden Billy.

“That was extremely loud and incredibly close,” Billy said on stage after the segment! Haha!

Stay tuned to for all the 2012 Oscar updates.

Check out George Clooney and Billy Crystal kiss as part of the 2012 Oscars opener below…

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43 Responses to “George Clooney & Billy Crystal Kiss During Oscars Opening!”

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  1. 1
    Boo Says:

    That was very good and funny intro :)

  2. 2
    jinery singoli Says:

    Very nice ..

  3. 3
    Cool Says:

    Funny intro

  4. 4

    This was too funny. George was a good sport to along with it. Also it was hysterical when Crystal made a quip that maybe George would be going to bed with Oscar. Alluding to his playboy persona/Manw*h*o*r*e*. Ouch! George’s look on his face after it was said was priceless!

  5. 5
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: Why are you STILL trying to sell this nonsense? Clooney doesn’t have a playboy persona. He has the persona of a pathetic John who can’t do any better than rent a hos. Playboys get desirable women who aren’t for sell, and no one can remember when, if ever, that applied to Clooney. Also everyone knows that he isn’t actually involved with Keibler, she’s just his hired publicity escort for his trashy Oscar campaign, the trashy Oscar campaign that was a giant Fail.

  6. 6
    signage Says:

    The Oscars are over, and the trashy Oscar campaign was a disaster. What is the point of continuing to lie about it? Does George want to continue down this road and wind up exactly in the same place two years from now, which is the same place he was in two years ago? WTF? This *beep* needs to stop.

  7. 7
    signage Says:

    Google Clooney fauxmance, Clooney showmance, Clooney escort, Clooney fake relationship, etc., and you will find plenty of comments like the ones below, and no I did not make those comments. Continuing to push these lies is only going to make matters worse. Female Academy members are NOT happy with George and what he has done to set women in Hollywood back a few decades.
    “If Clooney were a famous actress the press would be ripping him to shreds for this fauxmance or that he can’t keep a woman. Instead the press plays along as if this was real. Must be nice to be a man in a man’s world.”
    “If any A-List woman in Hollywood posted those kinds of numbers the media would crucify her for having a FLOP. She would also get crucified for staging fake relationships the way Clooney does EVERY time he heads into awards season or for giving nasty interviews.”

  8. 8
    signage Says:

    Clooney the dickless wonder also took fake date Keibler with him to the night before party.
    He whored out his home complete with a staged photo of the contracted escort for the Person to Person cameras, and he has Timekeeper still pushing the fauxmance on JJ. When are you going to grow a pair and put an end to this ****, George. No one will respect you until you stop treating the public like they are idiots. Did you pencil in “truth and integrity” somewhere on your calendar? Anna isn’t an item on lay-away at K-Mart. You’ve already lost her, and you’re too arrogant to see it.

  9. 9

    Get a sense of humor Signage. Crystal was slamming/taking a dig at the stupid image George perpetuates of being a playboy/man w*h*o*r*e*. It was funny as h*e*ll because there was nothing Clooney could do. Everybody else laughed in the audience but you, Clooney, and Kiebler. It is FUNNY!

  10. 10
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: I wasn’t in the audience. I didn’t watch the Oscars, and I didn’t watch the Golden Globes, because it’s too disgusting to watch Clooney’s trashy contract escort Oscar campaign. What Crystal said would have been funny if George actually had a real relationship with Keibler, but he doesn’t, he has a pathetic publicity contract with her. Clooney does not perpetuate an image of being a playboy, as you continually falsely state. His publicity tactics instead perpetuate an image of being someone who contracts with trashy escorts. So did George agree to do the Oscar skit if Crystal agreed to make a joke implying that George has a real relationship with Keibler? So that was the deal? Or was George even told about it? Maybe Stan made that deal behind George’s back, not unlike other trashy deals he has made.

  11. 11
    signage Says:

    It’s becoming increasingly obvious that those around George, including you, Timekeeper, are plotting to keep the publicity contract and others like it going indefinitely. You have no intention of ever letting George be with Anna. You keep jerking Anna around, and jerking George around, first telling him he’ll see her in January, and now telling him he’ll see her in a few weeks or months, but you’re never going to let it happen, are you?

  12. 12
    signage Says:

    I’ll leave you with two quotes from Cold Mountain, one of Anna’s favorite books.
    “If you are fighting, stop fighting. If you are marching, stop marching. Come back to me. Come back to me is my request.”
    “When this war is over, there will be a reckoning.”

  13. 13
    signage Says:

    These are Godless men, George. You owe them nothing.

  14. 14
    signage Says:

    Billy Crystal was in “The Princess Bride.” This “joke” arranged by Stan and company was meant both to imply that George has a real relationship with classless rent-a-ho Keibler and also meant to ruin “The Princess Bride” analogy script that Anna’s Passion Play has been posting on JJ. Crystal was probably unaware of why he was given that particular joke to say, but you can bet that Stan and company knew. These men do not care about you, George, and they care even less about Anna. You have to own your power and stop allowing them to manipulate you.

  15. 15

    You so frickin do not get it! Of course you wouldn’t since you are a bit thick headed. It is a joke period that George has this “playboy” image and. Sleeps around. It was further poking and making fun of that. For your information DIP I am NOT around Clooney. Shows how much you know now doesn’t it. Only one perpuatrating is YOU. You just want to be a royal pain in the a*s*s* which like from I heard about Clooney, you do equally well. STFU!

  16. 16

    Cold Mountain? Now you are talking s*h*i*t*! That is NOT one of her favorite books, maybe YOURS but not hers! Now who is talking like the idiot ? You know DAMMMMMMM well I have no connection to Clooney! Stop playing double agent! We know exactly who you are!

  17. 17
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: George does NOT have a playboy image and does NOT sleep around. The persona created by his publicity people is a giant FAIL. The persona they have created is that of a desperate John who hires escorts for publicity purposes. Even if anyone believed that he slept with Keibler, that is not the image of a playboy but of someone who couldn’t do any better than a trashy woman who does anything for attention and money. A true playboy attracts CLASSY women who are NOT for sale.

  18. 18
    signage Says:

    How long are you going to keep beating this decaying horse? Are you really trying to convince George to keep this mistake going? Does George care about the pain this has and continues to cause Anna? Does he realize that the real test is whether he stands up to these men who keep telling him what to do? George, you are failing the test. The test is whether you do the right thing regardless of what others tell you to do. Maybe you are also devoid of integrity like the men who tell you what to do, and maybe your attraction to Anna was a fascination with someone who has integrity. Perhaps that’s all it was, curiosity on your part about someone who has a quality you lack. But you refused and continue to refuse to give her any closure, jerking her around and allowing others to jerk her around. She can wash the tears out of her pillowcase, but she can’t wash the pain out of her heart. She thought you were her friend. Why do you keep hurting her? What do you want from her? Do you want her to die? What?

  19. 19
    signage Says:

    Anna would take a bullet for you without hesitation, but you can’t even stop a huge mistake of a charade that hurts both of you.

  20. 20

    Signage what the H*E*L*L* you are talking about????? Bullets? Cold Mountain??? WTF!!!!!!!!! You are so skating on thin ice and too dumb to know it! Stop making S*H*I*T* up!!!!!!! This is you and no one else!!! She does not even like Cold Mountain! You are stirring s*h*i*t* up for some crazy reason that is for sure. Crying in her pillow??? WTF!!! You know jack S*H*I*T* about Anna that I am talking about and you know it! Now I know why Anna had a message spread around today saying beware! She knew crazy s*h*i*t* was coming from somewhere this morning. She knew problems were coming the minute she spotted a few old cronies connected to Team Clooney this morning. So what’s next? OPUS DEI routine?

  21. 21
    signage Says:

    Everyone knows that Keibler is an escort available to anyone who can get her money and publicity. The blogs say it. D-Listed calls her an escort. Celebitchy calls her an escort. She sucks up to Jared on Twitter and invites him to things, so Jared refrains from writing what he knows is true. PopSugar doesn’t say it for the same reason that the tabloid TV shows don’t say it, which is that they want him to do interviews with them, but they, too, know that Keibler is just a trashy escort. The foreign blogs and press know it, too. This persona as someone who hires trashy escorts for Oscar campaigns has turned George into an international laughing stock. Continuing to push this nonsense even after the Oscars are over, knowing that the press and public know the truth, is beyond stupid and destructive. Everyone makes mistakes. Let it go and move on.

  22. 22

    Take your own damm advice! Now it is very obviouswhy this stupid crap got started today!

    George you pretnetious and arrogant a*s*s* /prick! Get a better hobby you and Signage! All of us saw this s*h*i*t* rolling down the street 200 miles away. GET OVER IT YOURSELVES!!!

  23. 23


  24. 24
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: Yet another reason why pushing the obviously fake relationships with rent-a-ho’s should stop, as it just fuels the gay rumors.

  25. 25

    You idiot! I am laughing at the jokes! They are funny! It is good to have a solid laugh at something that is funny! There was no bearing on truth you nitwit! You are just as, if not more dense than Clooney!

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