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George Clooney & Stacy Keibler - Oscars 2012 Red Carpet

George Clooney & Stacy Keibler - Oscars 2012 Red Carpet

George Clooney gets close to girlfriend Stacy Keibler on the red carpet at the 2012 Oscars held at the Hollywood & Highland Center on Sunday (February 26) in Hollywood.

Stacy, 32, rocked a Marchesa dress with Lorraine Schwartz jewels and a Judith Leiber clutch, while George, 50, chose a classic Giorgio Armani tuxedo.

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“We are off!!!! I feel like I’m going to the prom. #oscars SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!” Stacy tweeted before arriving on the carpet.

George is nominated tonight for Best Actor for his work in The Descendants!

Billy Crystal hosts the 2012 Oscars live TONIGHT at 8:30 p.m. ET/5:30 p.m. PT on ABC!

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102 Responses to “George Clooney & Stacy Keibler - Oscars 2012 Red Carpet”

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  1. 51
    ms. Pendleton Says:

    Yes charlize theron a Dior J’adore
    and just I just see Stacy say .Chupa chups !

  2. 52
    VERO Says:

  3. 53

    Guys there is a HUGE difference between Kiebler and Theron. Theron actually has real acting talent and won an Oscar. She was a star long before she got involved with Clooney, and did not use her bedmate lkike Kiebler to get ahead. Also I am sad to say was too much of a classy, real woman for George unlike Keibler so his ego dashed the relationship. Also what is the deal with Grant Heslov being seated in the nose bleed section, and George and Kiebler getting front row status. WTF???? Is that not a slap in the face for a business partner who is going to put with his arrogant a*s*s* long after he kiboshes his relationship with Kiebler? All of a sudden the ploy now is to sing high praises about Kiebler. Who was up for the damm Oscar huh? Oh that’s right, the “relationship” of Kiebler-Clooney. Well according to Billy Crystal, he thought George was going to bed with Oscar last night, oh well Kiebler served as the consolation prize. After all, she is angling for Theron’s presence and image right? Lol! Oh you village idiots! Lol…lol…lol….lol

  4. 54
    COCORICO Says:
    I just imagine George in this pub ….OHH HOT

  5. 55
    COCORICO Says:

  6. 56
    NICE of BRIZE Says:

  7. 57
    lou Says:

    TIMEKEEPER @ 02/27/2012 at 10:24 am

    Oh, thank you. I was waiting for one of your famous diatribes and here it is. another one, of the many, to add to the office bulletin board and send to private emails. Now all we have to do is wait for your partner in crime, Signage, to post a few as well. As one of the lawyers says “why read the daily comics when we have both Signage and Timekeeper”.

  8. 58
    shawn Says:

    Does Keibler think she’s fooling anyone with that idiotic tweet about George being a good kisser? Everyone with a working brain knows she’s just a contracted escort. Billy Crystal got more of a kiss from George than Keibler will ever get.

    As for those comparing Keibler to Theron, OMG, what is with you people? First it was Grace Kelly, now Theron. Theron was a successful model and has been hugely successful as an extremely hardworking and talented Oscar-winning actress, not to mention that she is incredibly, naturally beautiful. Keibler was never a model and is neither talented nor successful as an actress, and as for her looks, they are as plain as can be. No one would give her a second glance if she weren’t contracted as Clooney’s publicity escort.

    As for George, he is nothing if not predictable. He took the coward’s way out by taking Keibler with him to the Oscars, but everyone knew he would do it. He’s looking like the most insecure man on the planet, and that is not attractive.

  9. 59

    Lou glad to entertain your non working chrome dome a*s*s*. Lol! Did you idiots earn your pay last night? Keep the lawyers for Kiebler and company. I am not the one promoting her as Theron. Lol! Hoo hooo. Hee heee! Oh F*_*c*k* you and the horses you rode all night…..

  10. 60
    Reynolds Wrap Says:

    Reynolds Wrap Marketing slogan-”Trusted since 1947″

    Because reynolds wrap slogan says it can be trusted, the foil oscar dress ‘metaphor’ didn’t play well. Especially since the fake pr unrelationship was never trust-worthy. Like the other pr unrelationships, this was also a really bad decision as far as pr tricks go (again). But then, you knew that already. The question remains when will you care about George to stop with these lousy famewhore publicity tricks? She cost him more than the campaign was worth and he deserves so much more than this nonsense. Is it time now to care more about him than about your own wallets and what you can make off of him? Please end or cleanse her contract ASAP. Haven’t you made plenty of money off of George and his “brand” with all of your media “stunts” as it is?? Please stop with these foolish pr non-dating publicity antics. Yes, of course you make A LOT of money from these fake-date media ‘tricks’….but it’s at his expense. Please stop.

  11. 61
    C'est la vie Says:

    So what if I’m a gold-digging fameho who could care less about George!! Why should I respect anyone else if I have no self-respect!! Why do you think I smile so much? I’m here to make $$$ off of anyone doing anything anyone wants me to do as long as I make $$ and aquire cheap fame…”C’est la vie”!!!! Happy faces every one!! Smiling faces every one!!! I eat a lotta “greens” cuz’ I’m only here for tha’ $$$!!! ;)

  12. 62
    Simplet Says:

    @C’est la vie:
    very philosophical made a simpler explanation

  13. 63

    Oh yeah I almost forgot. Lou you chrome dome m*o*t*h*e*r*f*u*c*k*e*r*! Noticed you idiots are hyping the h*e*l*l* out of last night as the “hottest couple”. Lol! Lol! Lol! Yeah Anna wants to know how your federal buddies are as well. I heard that you m*o*t*h*e*r*f*u*c*k*e*r*s* did some illegal hijinks. Shame on you! Trying to threaten someone with the line that the federal govt attorneys going to sue them? That is lame. Just lame. Guess Anna did jinx George’s mojo for that. I know I would have. Does George okay you idiots using his ties to Obama and feds like that, or is everyone on board with this s*h*i*t*? I was waiting on your snide remarks and especially you mentioning lawyers you smug chrome dome b*a*s*t*a*r*d*. Stupid just stupid. STFU.

  14. 64
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: I have a question for you, Timekeeper. The Oscars are over, so why are you still trying to sell Keibler as Clooney’s “bedmate?” If it’s to try to save face for Clooney, it’s far too late for that. Besides, people are far happier knowing that he didn’t sleep with her than thinking that he actually did sleep with such a low rent escort. Also, people actually prefer to think he is gay than to think that he did sleep with such a low rent escort. Time to face facts. Most people are aware that this was a publicity contract and actually prefer knowing that to thinking that he was actually involved with Keibler. The publicity contract hurt George’s reputation and caused people to lose respect for him, but not as much as an actual relationship with Keibler would have done. Continuing this nonsense will only make things worse. If he wants to get people’s respect back, he needs to stop participating in these charades and stop associating himself with trash. Also, it’s rude to imply that Theron slept with George. It’s quite probably that Theron just went out with him once and never slept with him.

  15. 65

    Signage, I am throwing the nonsense back in the idiot’s faces. Don’t you think they deserve their vomit shoved back down their throats? I do. George hurt himself. George went along with the garbage. George actually thought that he could pull the same bulls*h*i*t* this year, people would eat it up, and he would walk away with the Oscar. Uh…. no. It was people associated with George that bragged about what went on with Theron. Does not matter. She walked away from him. If people has lost respect for George, then blame George. As I stated before he is/has become one arrogant a*s*s*. Of course people are not believing he slept with these women because they are too busy posting on other sites he is gay. Which is worse? You tell me. This is what happens when someone takes the idiot pill in their morning cereal instead of the common sense/smart pill in their morning cereal. You make dumb and moronic decisions. So scream at the fools who are calling him gay. At least I did not do that. I just thinking as “Anna” would say, he is a blooming idiot.

  16. 66
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: Thank you for explaining. It just seemed like you were trying to sell the “relationship.” Now that I re-read your comment, I can see that Keibler using her “bedmate” could refer to any of the men she’s slept with in Hollyweird.

  17. 67
    gimme a b.b.s.f. Says:

    gimme a b. “B”
    gimme another b. “Nuther B”
    gimme an s. “S”
    gimme a f. “F”

    whadya got?

    Buh-Bye Stacy Famehoeibler!

  18. 68

    You know the dress she wore was gorgeous, but it did nothing for her. Trailer trash will always be trailer trash no matter how expensive the clothes are. Hair was not vibrant. It was kind of blah. She does not have charisma, or the WOW factor of a star. Call Angelina what you want, but she has “it”. So does Viola, Octavia, Chastain, amongst others. I just saw a clip on tv where George was introducing him to Tony Bennett. The conversation centered around George formerly being Bennett’s driver. The look on Bennett’s was priceless even more so when he shook hands with Kiebler. I think the man was so not impressed. The even funny part was Billy Bush making the slam that George was driving Bennett around when Stacy was a year old. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Sad part about it is that George is egotistical and oblivious he will not/cannot grip the depth of that slam. Oh well, not our problem, but his. God bless.

  19. 69
    signage Says:

    Well I am being censored for no reason.

  20. 70
    signage Says:

    Not sure why JJ is suddenly censoring posts. I’ll try breaking my post down into shorter parts and see if that works.
    @Timekeeper, does anyone believe her official age? She has crows’ feet and looks at least in her forties.

  21. 71
    signage Says:

    JJ is censoring posts like crazy right now.

  22. 72
    signage Says:

    Well I guess JJ has been bought and paid for. Not letting me post.

  23. 73

    Signage have no idea. The focus has been on the sheer stupidity of yet again Ckooney is pulling this mess. It is very evident with the snide remarks like Billy Bush. It shows people are over it. Some talk is that Stacy is trying to link in with heavy hitters like Octavia Spencer thinking that will guarantee bigger star status for herself. What a joke! People Octavia and Viola are brilliant actresses. Stacy does not have what it takes. Fitness expert? That is hysterical too. “Anna” has a background in fitness that is impressive and known. She trained and trained others. Still quite knowledgeable. Being a “fake” wrestler does not cut it. George already forgotten he is going “dry”. He boasted yesterday he is going to drink tequila he received as a gift. Ooops! Wasn’t he suppose to be health conscious with his drinking, or since Oscars are done it is off the table? Lol!

  24. 74
    Anna's Passion Play Says:

    Prince François Humperdinck has bested Farm Boy Westley, whose booby prize is a rodent of unusual size. Princess Anna will end up like Lara in Dr. Zhivago, working and dying alone in some God-forsaken Communist-run factory.

  25. 75
    shawn Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: I agree with you about Keibler having no charisma. She just has zero star quality, mediocre both in appearance and presence. One good thing about that dress is that it hid her figure flaws well. The big rosette distracted from her big butt, and her underarm rolls were mostly covered. Actually the overall effect of the big shiny dress and the big ugly tacky earrings is one of a mob wife who went out and bought the shiniest, gaudiest stuff she could find.

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