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Gerard Butler & Brooklyn Decker: Weinstein Pre-Oscar Party!

Gerard Butler & Brooklyn Decker: Weinstein Pre-Oscar Party!

Gerard Butler suits up to celebrate the Weinstein Company and Chopard during a Pre-Oscars party held at the exclusive Soho House on Saturday (February 25) in West Hollywood.

The 42-year-old actor returned home the day before after successfully completing a treatment program in rehab to address issues with prescription drugs. Earlier in the day, Gerry was seen lunching at Coogies in Malibu.

At the party, Gerard mingled with a few pals including fashion expert Rachel Zalis, who rubbed shoulders with Lady Victoria Hervey, Angelina Jolie‘s manager Geyer Kosinski, and Starz boss Chris Albrecht with wife Montana Coady. (Geyer was Chris‘ best man during his wedding last year.)

Bar Refaeli was seen giving pal Russell Simmons a big hug in the garden area. She introduced Russell to her pal, Israeli actress Noa Tishby, who co-founded the digital pro-Israel activism group Act For Israel.

Across the room, Brooklyn Decker (in Holmes & Yang) and her manager mingled with Chace Crawford and his manager. (This past April, Brooklyn and Chace presented Song of the Year at the Academy of Country Music Awards.) They chatted about Chace visiting Brooklyn on her worldwide promo tour for Batteship since he’s good friends with her co-star Taylor Kitsch.

Watch the trailer for Battleship, which is out nationwide May 18!

The Artist‘s Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo joined Madonna, Meryl Streep, and Michelle Williams to support Harvey Weinstein, who tapped Tony Bennett to sing “Autumn Leaves” mid-party. A grand piano was brought in for the special occasion!

Also pictured: Brooklyn having drinks with her designer pal, Joy Cioci, at Bar Marmont on Thursday.

If you missed it, check out more party coverage (including pictures!) from the Weinstein Pre-Oscar Party!

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Credit: Stefanie Keenan; Photos: Wireimage
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  • lolita

    He has darkened his hair and he looks good here. He does look rested, rehab did him good.




  • Dieter

    Bar is the best supermodel ever. Instant hard-on !!!

  • beaupigeon

    Gérard please!

    He touched his face with a bistouri, pretty good job!
    May be he prefers tell everyone he goes in rehab instead of doing some “retouche”!


  • ..

    Back to the purely hedonistic, promiscuous and drug-fuelled lifestyle that he has chosen, not fallen into accidentally! This is what seems to make him happy – lots of money and ways to spend it. I really don’t know why some of the fans are sending him messages of support that he will barely have time to read between parties. They are too good for him.

  • lolita

    He shows up at a party with his hair colored and he is supposed to have fallen back into his wicked ways. Give me a break, would it make people happy to see him as if he was like death sucking on a life saver to believe he is trying to clean up his act. He has to attend these things to find work. What better place to find out how he is being perceived by the HW network. If he was out clubbing last night I could see the comments about all this being bull and just for PR.
    It can’t be easy to face up to having a drug problem but I give him credit that he did.

  • justsayin’too

    There were rumors of him having plastic surgery, but if you look closely at his pictures there has been no work done. The hair dye and trim makes him look less frazzled, but he doesn’t look like he has had anything permanent done to his face.


    well…show must go on…

  • lolita

    One more remark to be made. If it was all for PR then why wasn’t it announced he was going into rehab. I would think that would have created more of a buzz than him leaving it. It was kept quiet and no one knew where he was for almost a month. The paps would have taken up residence at BF in order to catch him there.

  • Stunning

    Bar is the most beautiful supermodel in the world

  • Stormyweather


    If he is so bad, as you say, what are you doing looking at messages to him from fans on the sites? I will never understand the sick fascination that some have not only with this man but his fans! They don’t seem to be a fan themselves and take a morbid pleasure in anything negative that comes up or they will blow things out of proportion with things that are just silly, but yet continue to waste their lives and spare time to hang around just to slag him and anyone who is a fan. It must be some kind of mental illness that hasn’t been identified yet! LMAO!

  • please

    Photo’d jogging down Hollywood Blvd. (last thread). “Look look, he’s fine, see?” Can the PR be any more obvious? He is not fine. Get out of Hollyweird, Gerry. Save yourself.
    @lolita: Based on the tweets and fan encounters in February, he was in rehab for maybe 2 weeks tops.

  • Stormyweather


    I don’t think his stint in rehab was PR either. I think it was legit and something he needed to do when OMAM wrapped before he started his next project in May. I do, however, believe the pics we are getting now are staged to show he is doing OK so there is no speculation on his condition.

  • malibumillie

    @lolita: Do you think there won’t be illegal substances at this party, are you that naive? And what about after this party? Regardless it is a matter of optics. You can’t boohoo about your pain management issues and then be seen jogging and back out at parties. If the message is “I am OK” you underestimate the intelligence of the public, we’ve seen this dance in Hollywood too many times before. He looks contrite, the smile looks forced IMO..

  • please

    @malibumillie: Arrogance of the Hollywood PR machine. They think the average person is stupid. There are plenty who are seeing right through this baloney. This is backfiring on them big time. Manny is right. This is FUBAR.

  • A

    @malibumillie: The smile doesn’t look forced to me. This guy loves partying, in fact, I’d say he loves partying more than work. I don’t know why his fans try to make him into some serious actor. When I see him talk about his movies, or do interviews, he seems more into having fun than being passionate about the movie he is trying to sell.
    And IMO, he’s a lazy actor. Here he is doing what he does best; Mingling with other famous people, partying and having a laugh.
    Btw, in between working he always sports a serious coke bloat.

  • lolita

    @please: I know nothing of rehab. Is it possible that he went for the first week on a daily basis and then decided to stay for the full two weeks instead. That was why there was still some sitings of him. Maybe work commitments kept him from being there full time for three weeks.
    Maybe he would never had entered rehab if God wouldn’t had rattled his cage by the surfing incident. He got a good look at his mortality by it and decided it was time to pull himself togehter.

  • lolita

    @malibumillie: Maybe I am naive but I know he is just a man with clay feet like the rest of us. Facing problems on a daily basis. His have a tendency too be more public than most. Drugs are rampant all over not just at a HW party.

  • ..

    @Stormyweather: Because I have followed his career and those sites. Along with others, I now realise that he has, at the very least, misrepresented himself, and rather admire their capacity for genuine devotion to someone they will never really know.

  • please

    @lolita: Inpatient rehab at Betty Ford starts at 30 days. It seems all he really did was a detox. If he is continuing on an outpatient basis, well good for him. But going to parties is a huge mistake if you are in treatment for addiction. It does not appear he is ready to make major lifestyle changes. And these sightings at the gym and jogging do not give his pain-management tale any validity.

  • ha ha

    go ahead, enjoy the parties, do some c oke, just be careful when stepping into the bathtub……

  • lolita

    @Stormyweather: Stormy, I think you are right about the pics. He has to show he is doing well after rehab. What a mess this has created for him. I wish him well in all he does. My fault is that I try to see the glass as half full.

  • mmmkay

    Dr. Drew spoke about this whole thing on his show the other night, and he said that three weeks (and I think it’s fair to say it was two, if that), is only enough time for detox, not treatment. I don’t think the PR machine is doing anyone any favors by promoting this “I’m totally healthy after three weeks” garbage. It’s really irresponsible, if it’s even true.

  • niknoks


    Actually exercise is recommended for pain management as it releases endorphins and can build up muscle around an injury site both of which will naturally reduce pain.

  • Hollywood Gossiper

    If Celebrity Rehab, the series with Dr. Drew Pinksy, is anything to go by, and any other documentary on other rehab facilities that I have seen that doesn’t cater to celebrities, the only way to start dealing with an addiction is a full course of rehab of 30 days and even Betty Ford’s site is saying pain killer addiction is a full 45 days probably because the detox is even worse than for other addictions.

    You are in there 24-7 and you are cut off from the outside world, no cellphone, no phone calls unless you get permission. You only ever leave the facility on limited supervised basis and you bet they aren’t going to a bar, and they are rare. You can’t come and go as you please. They do allow family, girlfriends, boyfriends, close friends if no family, to come in on a limited basis usually after the detox and after some intense therapy because family and friends are part of the problem and part of the solution. And even then they push very very strongly to get everyone into a program after that. Sober House is one of the after care programs for Celebrity Rehab. What you get is celebrities who won’t follow the rules so they either get booted out or they leave because they are fully entitled to discharge themselves if it was a voluntary admission. Some patients are there as a mandatory part of a sentence so they don’t have that option or they risk arrest.

    I just read at another thread that Lindsay Lohan was released from Betty Ford and she came back drunk??? Now I think that pretty much calls into question the stellar reputation of Betty Ford if anyone would let Lindsay Lohan out unsupervised. Perhaps they are too used to catering to the demands of spoiled celebrities, perhaps that is why they are so popular?

  • rose colored glasses


    I actually used to be a fan when he did movies that were actually great. I then realized after tabloid story after tabloid story whether about his rampant sex life, silly antics, and yeah,I could just look at him and kno he was “on something”, just turned me the hell off. Esp. when he hasnt made any movies IMO worth seeing lately. He is just a HW jester now , just like any Kard or real housewife, and the fact that he is going to parties after supposedly being detoxed, or whatev at the clinic, just proves my point that possibly this rehab story is bogus too. The man is just so damn fake and I think he actually relishes the fact that his fans defend him even if there was a story he killed someone, they would find an excuse to make like, oh there mustve been a good reason why he killed so and so. GMAFB!!

  • Oma

    So glad that Gerry sought help, although I am not so sure we got the full story about all of this and it really doesn’t matter does it. But we do care about him deeply or we wouldn’t be here right. I don’t know who his toxic handlers are and what they are trying to accomplish or prove if they are pushing him to show his face especially at this time of recovery. I think the pictures at the party are horrid. His eyes are empty, the hair color is so bad and I actually feel physical pain for him. I do hope he continues on an out patient basis with Betty Ford . Rumors have been flying around for years about his “substance” abuse and that doesn’t end in three weeks. He is an addict plain and simple. So all this paparazzi crap continues as before. He’s jogging on Sunset Blvd. like he can’t find a more private area to run, like maybe his own neighborhood. He lives in Hollywood cesspool. He doesn’t need to go to parties to find work. That’s what agents are payed to do. Paul Newman lived in Conn. John Wayne had a ranch in Az. etc. etc. Plenty more that I can’t think of right now, but, a person has to come to grips with themselves or repeat the same old habits that got them into the mess in the first place. Speaking of his house, does he ever live there or the one in NY? He complains about paparazzi, who is the snitch that lets them know his every move if he hates it so much? He has nothing to prove to anyone. He is a fantastic and dedicated actor in every sense of the word. He is adored by millions across the globe and yet…..
    I do hope that perhaps he would get in touch with Sam Childers and maybe find his way back with his help as well. I do believe that if you let him, God will fight your battles for you and give you the strength to stand against your enemies, whatever they/it may be. It is a promise that God made afterall. May His face shine upon you in these days and always, dear Gerry and give you peace.

  • rose colored glasses


    my point exactly, he can do no wrong no matter what, this post is a perfect example. The denial here is so laughable. You are one of his enablers.

  • ..

    @lolita: He created it himself!

  • rose colored glasses


    Thank you! An intelligent poster you are

  • Oh dear 1

    I am sorry.  But what is this guy like. I think he and his PR team are  playing the Phannies like a flippin Stradivarius. It’s a really low and pathetic PR strategy to get loads of attention, cash and sympathy- bang out of order. 

  • lolita

    @..: Yes he did but he is trying to change that by admitting he has a problem he can no longer handle on his own.

  • rose colored glasses

    @Oh dear 1:

    he’s just like her, that’s why he effed her, but being the BOGUS
    ba stard he is he denied it to embarrass her

  • rose colored glasses


    Thank you! Keep the intelligent posts comin’!

  • T.

    Things most certainly are not adding up. And if he’s going to go to HW parties right after leaving Betty Ford, then he has no one to blame but himself if he goes straight back to using. Get it together Gerard. Give yourself time to recover. You have a great life, stop mucking it up.

  • wearebeingplayed

    @T.: Seriously. I’m gonna go waaaay out on a limb here and say, I would guess Betty Ford doesn’t recommend leaving and heading straight for the Oscar parties. Detox or no detox.

  • But Seriously

    Wow. So many experts and insiders. Surprised the world is not a better place.

  • Cnoc Mhor

    I wonder if Gerard Butler is at all serious about his sobriety? It seems a really silly question to ask since he went to this party and will likely make all the rounds tonight. I suppose it is possible that he won’t use but such a short time “detoxing” if the amount of time he spent in treatment is accurate can leave one VERY vulnerable to outside influence. Is he strong enough to resist temptation??…hmmm… I agree about it not being necessary for him to “be seen” at these events to get work. He is a well known actor, a globally recognized star and it would be unlikely that his career would be hurt if he took the time necessary to get deep into recovery and then emerged healthier and was focused on continuing to get better AND was in full acceptance that he would never, ever be able to touch drink or drugs again. It would be a lifetime commitment. I am beginning to think now that he really doesn’t want to get sober and change. How sad. He is one of the lucky ones, he can afford to spend thousands of dollars to be treated at top notch facilities with round the clock care while most addicts and substance abusers can’t. How many of us would have loved to have been able to go to Betty Ford or a similar place and stay for weeks if not months to get clean?? He doesn’t have to worry about running out of money, being homeless or abandoned by his family because of his situation etc. He could have taken the time, at the very least the minimum time as an inpatient for whatever treatment he needed. Cocaine, Prescription drugs, alcohol, sex or whatever combination of whatever he has…he could have spent the time and put everything else on hold. He seems to be demonstrating that his priorities are totally fu/cked up and in the end it is about CHOICE now, he may not have chosen to be an addict or an alcoholic originally. He may have the “alcoholic gene”, it may be in his DNA and he has an addictive/impulsive personality but his choices about how to deal with it are free will now and his responsibility. As for the “spin” or PR crap, well that again is his choice under his control or his peoples’ choice but ultimately the responsibility to change all that is his. He can keep living in his bubble,keep surrounding himself with toxicity, keep behaving like a pampered sh/ithead on the dark path to nowhere OR he can find the courage within and take the extremely difficult step to begin to truly face his demons and commit 100% to sobriety and working through the underlying issues. It’s up to him and all of it now no matter how difficult is under his control. Just my opinion.

  • The Noise In The Walls

    You’re looking good..No one dresses a suit finer than Gerry and I love that “79 tee shirt..but don’t “push” yourself…Nothing wrong in going to parties, mingling, and meeting people..but beware of temptations..:)..Know who your REAL friends are…

    It’s Oscar night..I’ll be watching but Im not too “all that” in any of the films selected this year except for “The Help”..It’s really hard to find a good story that can make a good film as well..but that movie gives me hope that other good stories are out there..

    JJ’ers have funn watching if you chose too..:)

  • wearebeingplayed

    @ha ha: It’s bizarre that he didn’t just say “no comment”, or admit to his Brandi thing.

  • rose colored glasses


    just proves what a sc umbag he is, and like I said I used to be a big fan, but all this BS of his turned me off. He seems to be such a
    ba stard, so self centered, no wonder he can’t have a normal relationship. I couldnt take it anymore. And here he is partying just like I predicted when he should be with real friends relaxing and getting better, he prob has no real friends, tho. He’s not real himself.

  • Manny

    @Hollywood Gossiper:
    If you enter rehab on a voluntary basis you can discharge yourself anytime you want. I don’t know the circumstances of Lohan’s leave and return, but that is highly possible if she voluntarily entered rehab.

  • wearebeingplayed

    @rose colored glasses: Agreed. I think my turning point was the finger up JA’s butt pic. Gross.

  • Hollywood Gossiper

    @Manny: Sorry Manny I worded it wrong, it was not that she was released but that she allowed to leave for a few hours unsupervised out of the facility during a rehab stay, likely mandated as part of her probation or sentence now that I think about it, in which case it was likely not voluntary either and came back drunk according to a poster on another thread. I am assuming it was unsupervised or someone hopefully got fired.

    It seems to me if you are in rehab, and in particular if it is court mandated, unsupervised visits are not allowed in any circumstance. It is contrary to the mandate of rehab which is to keep the person away from circumstances that will lead to relapse. Now if she snuck out that’s another ball of wax.

    Now yes if you admit yourself voluntarily you can discharge yourself voluntarily.

    In any event it remains undetermined if all her stints in rehab and jail have aided Lindsay Lohan at all.

  • rose colored glasses

    @Hollywood Gossiper:

    trust me, they havent, have you seen and read about her lately?

  • Hollywood Gossiper

    I said it wrong again unsupervised trips [not visits] out of the rehab facility can’t be a general policy if rehab is going to work at all. My understanding is as long as you are in the facility you agree to all its rules and if you don’t like it they will either boot you out because you are interfering with the treatment of others or you can leave voluntarily but until then, you are not coming and going like it’s a hotel. Or you shouldn’t be unsupervised. Now Sober House which is Dr. Drew’s outpatient program after rehab, you can come and go but you have certain rules to abide by like you have to stay sober/straight, attend therapy sessions and obey a reasonable curfew. This is supposedly the next step to re-integration with the world of temptation.

  • Hollywood Gossiper

    @rose colored glasses: I was trying to be kind LOL.

  • rose colored glasses

    @Hollywood Gossiper:

    i hear ya, hehe

  • Manny

    @Hollywood Gossiper:
    Watching what has transpired with Lohan is like watching a cat with nine lives given another 15. I’m still wondering to myself if she will ever overcome. She is a skater IMO, just doing enough to keep herself out of ail. Lip service… and considering the size of her lips it seems she has a new addiction. :)))

  • rose colored glasses


    lindsey is the new courtney love, and courtney’s still around, her luck hasn’t run out yet. I believe lindsey will still be around like her in years, looking like s hit, but still alive and doing the same exact stuff she does now, lol