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Julianne Moore: Sarah Palin Aides Call 'Game Change' Sick

Julianne Moore: Sarah Palin Aides Call 'Game Change' Sick

Julianne Moore enjoys the nice weather as she goes for a walk on Thursday (February 23) in NYC’s West Village neighborhood.

Recently, the 51-year-old actress’ film Game Change, in which she portrays former Alaska Governor and 2008 Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, has come under some scrutiny by former aides.

“They don’t want to hear anything good. We all know Palin sells and the dramatization of Palin sells even more. This is sick,” Meg Stapleton, a former spokesperson, told Fox News.

“They mock Gov. Palin, you mock Gov. Palin, as weak and unable to cope and press forward. And the movie and the trailer … say that. And yet look with your own eyes at what she and her family have endured and inspired over the last few years. Any lesser man would have hanged himself by now. So who’s weak?” she added.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about the comments Sarah Palin’s former spokesperson made??

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  • Frozoid

    Well this is a first. Jared is actually acknowledging that it’s been warm in NYC. What a refreshing change from his usual he or she is “bundled up in the cold” – even though NYC has been having record- breaking warm temperatures all winter long.

  • ladybug

    Something tells me that the spokesperson hasn’t seen it and isn’t going to see it, she’s just complaining because that’s what they do.

  • sillyme

    They’re right. I’ve never seen anyone’s family attacked the way they attacked the Palin family. If the media dug into Obama’s past the way they did Palin’s and made every attempt to smear him, he would not have been elected president. And this year, the media and Hollywood will ridicule and destroy anyone who dares run against their guy Obama.


    @Frozoid: LMAO…red herring, anyone?
    Yes, the media has been unfair to Palin, and yes, Palin is a strong woman. That said, I still wouldn’t vote for her and her militant right wing ideas. Us moderates don’t like extremes in either direction.

  • http://compute Susan

    @sillyme: You’re lying, there was nothing to be found. Palin loves money, more than her family, she is the one that wanted the press and fame. Did not even finish her term.

  • denise k

    The movie is based on a book that was researched to the max. The movie is correct, and the Palin people are made because the world will see how the McCain campaign tried to put a ”’mentally ill megalomaniac, known as Sarah Palin”’, into the office of VP.

  • denise k

    edit: the Palin people are ‘mad’ because the world will see how the McCain campaign tried to put a ”’mentally ill megalomaniac, known as Sarah Palin”’, into the office of VP.

  • denise k

    1.The media treats her better than she treats others, she is mean and nasty, and hateful, full of venom, to the max.

    2. She is not strong woman. A strong woman does not act mean and nasty, and does not quit her job because according to her it was too hard. A cushy job like she had governing a small population in Alaska WAS TOO hard for her lazy @$$.

  • Jane Patton

    Everything in that movie was verified, and told by eye witnesses. It is a factual movie. If it is sick, it’s because Sarah Palin is sick.

    Her people who are criticizing it, have never seen it.

  • Jennifer Lynn

    People look at the movie on HBO, you will see how McCain/the Repubs wanted to put a mentally disturbed woman a heartbeat from the presidency.

  • Shri

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    People can be very cruel to others. I myself like the Palin family. Hate me for it is childish. She in my opinion has been attacked unfairly along with her children and down syndrome child. Leave your disgust for Bush and Obama and leave her alone.

  • shri

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  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    Palin’s P.R. people are supposed to do this….yada, yada, yada. Palin is a big pimp for herself. She doesn’t get the HINT that a lot of people are sick of her and don’t want her around.

  • TexasLovin

    HOLD UP!!!! Juliane Moore is 51 YEARS OLD??? Whaaaaaat???? wow, she looks younger than Lindsay Lohan!!!


    Though I think Sarah brought allot of things on her self, I think the media and some of the public have been way over board in their hatred. As far as Juliann Moore’s comments, well what do you expect her to say? She is a Hollywood butt kisser.


    @denise k: Well, I don’t know her personally, so I can’t say whether she is mean, nasty or hateful, etc. I will say sometimes it takes a strong woman to back out of the spotlight when her teenage daughter is pregnant and unmarried, and when the scrutiny of the press is destroying the family.

    I’m not defending her, as she’s always struck me as a bit of a redneck (and the unwed teen daughter fits that image), but I do try to attain an objective viewpoint, weigh both sides of the issue, and make a judgement that includes positives and negatives.

    Part of that is admiting I don’t know her so observations regarding motive is purely speculative (as they say in the legal system.)

  • Tom Hanks, the Porn Producer?

    This movie was intended to be nothing more than a hit piece against candidate Palin. Notice how they ignore the vast majority of the Game Change book which goes into nasty detail about the contentious Obama v. Clinton primary? Also, note that the book’s authors have been under fire from all political camps for relying primarily on unnamed sources. So face it folks, this movie is just an expensive HBO Super Pac ad produced for Obama’s benefit and meant to be released right after the Super Tuesday primaries. Had Governor Palin been running for President she would still be in the mix today and possibly the presumptive Republican nominee. This could have been an obstacle for her at a critical time. But oh well, now Game Change – The Movie is just political porn for liberals. What I really find to be sad and unfortunate is that Tom Hanks, a true creative talent, has really lost a lot of hard-earned creditability by producing this trash. The other actors involved in the movie really didn’t have that far to fall, but Tom Hanks is respected. Or at least he was.

  • Rocky

    @denise k:


  • Rocky


    She wanted to go for it and now knows how the BIG BOYS play. I have no sympathy for someone who has the brains of an slug who would actually say she can see Russia outside her window. She has made many comments where it’s a proven fact that the woman didn’t know her brain wasn’t strapped in tight enough. No, no sympathy for this woman. SHE brought her family into this, no one else. She quit because of the investigations that are being put together and needed to ‘clean’ shop.