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Gerard Butler - Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Gerard Butler - Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Gerard Butler flashes a smile at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party held at Sunset Tower on Sunday (February 26) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 42-year-old actor was spotted out the night before at the Weinstein Company and Chopard pre-Oscar party! Before the party, Gerard enjoyed a solo lunch at Coogies restaurant.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Gerard recently successfully completed a rehab treatment program for issues with prescription drug abuse. His rep issued a statement that he “returned home in good health.”

FYI: Gerry is wearing $10,000 of gold and diamond cufflinks by David Webb.

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486 Responses to “Gerard Butler - Vanity Fair Oscar Party”

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  1. 76
    GFW Says:

    “He didn’t shave his neck again… why bother dressing up without taking 5 minutes to shave his neck… come on Butler…”
    Read by men: Change! You are not good enough as is. Change, change, change.
    Question. Do you do this to your “husband”? I rather doubt it. Gerry’s just a whipping post for all you cannot say or do outside of this place. You bully nearly everyone in here, why? Not a real question, I know why. You’re bullied or were out there. Never quite enough are you? Sad life yours.
    As for what I see here? I see a man eager to get on with his life out to show everyone what some self-TLC (and the help of BFC) can do, work wonders! Now, for him to get the hell out of LA before the Devil itself can drag him back in its pit of self-sabotaging self-destruction!
    who know it takes a long time to combat 18 years of negative thinking but if anyone can do it (again) he can!

  2. 77
    GFW Says:

    My tap-dancer won man, I’m SO happy! It gives me new faith in the foreign press too. Now, if only Gerry could take up tap-dancing! Think it would be a great mood-elevator and good for that lower-back as well! But I’m not holding my breath feeling he’s a good idea of what’ll work best for him!

  3. 78
    The Noise In The Walls Says:

    One Word:..

    WOW!! He looks Fabulous!!

  4. 79
    Mimi Says:

    After finding out he’s a cokehead I’ve lost all respect for him. He’s just another Hollywood druggie for me now. The pain killer addiction I can understand. You’re in pain, you take a pill, you need more and voila you’re addicted. It’s a whole other thing with the cocaine addiction. Noone forced him to start with that. He didn’t need it for pain relief. He just wanted to get high, probably together with that douchebag Ronnie Madra, Jamison Ernest and all of their gf’s and friends in the fashion world. I’m so over this guy. Not a fan anymore.

  5. 80
    GFW Says:

    Wouldn’t call showing up at an after Oscar party being back on the ‘party scene’! Think he’s a bit more of a planner than we realize. Saw the issue he was having and had the vision to plan for it. Feel he knows his limitations well so made his appearance.
    No one, that I know of here, knows how long he stayed or what he did. Besides that had to be a great vibe especially if Jean showed up! I hope he got to meet him and shake his hand. I do.

  6. 81
    malibumillie Says:

    Just saw a tweet that Gerard should be the poster boy for Rehab because he looked so good last night, groan. I will admit he scrubbed very well though I agree with Manny, shave that neck but he doesn’t shave that neck for vanity reasons, it hides some flaws, just get the chin lipo baby, you look hotter with the neck shaved..

    But a lot of those happy shiny people at Oscar night are hiding addictions so don’t be fooled. Hollywood has always been about illusion.

    The camera adds at least 10 pounds we are told so if Angelina Jolie’s arms looked like sticks on TV I can only imagine what they looked like up close. Her shoulder bones looked like the were going to pop out, even with her strategically placed hair.

  7. 82
    Right? Says:

    @Oh dear 1: “If you want really want to comment about about kids in shelters on an ents website go right ahead, but I suggest you might perhaps get more incisive and indepth comments on relevant charity or a current affairs websites. Idiot.”
    LMAO! I don’t want to comment about kids in shelters. Your defensiveness shows that you know the point that I was making. That there are things in the world that are worth having a “massive, massive problem” with and to get your panties in a twist about – I’m sorry – “kick off, kick off big time” about. Gerard freakin’ Butler?!? Conspiracy theories about his rehab treatment?!? LOL!! Well thank God we have you to save us from Gerard Butler’s diabolical plots. He might use his evil powers to hold the world hostage someday!!

  8. 83
    Mimi Says:

    Not to mention Chloe. I bet they did coke together too.

  9. 84
    Stormyweather Says:

    @good grief:

    There’s a big difference between an enabler and a supporter. An enabler would tell someone that the bad thing they are doing is OK and keep doing it and continue to help them do it.
    A supporter doesn’t think the bad thing is OK but that the person is OK and they’ll see them through it.
    Then there are the ones like you who are the worst. You latch on to every bad thing about a person and rub it in their faces. Do you think that help the situation? That’s the worst thing you can do for someone. If you had a friend or a child that did something bad or became addicted to something would you brow beat them about it and tell them they are damaged goods? That exaserbates the problem even worse.
    Like I’ve said before, I hope some of you don’t have kids.
    You need to get your priorities straight around here and stop hating because that’s all it is. You are just a hateful person and if you don’t have something or someone to hate on, you’re not fulfilled. It’s sad really.
    For those of you that are obsessed with Butler and don’t know how to handle wanting him 24/7 and knowing you can’t ever, get a grip on reality! His “phannies” have!


    “I hate to be the Dora Downer”
    I about peed my pants laughing at this statement! You effing LIVE for it !

  10. 85
    Gossipgirl Says:

    Seriously, The Butler really looks good here. He has been looking like crap for months. He seems to be doing better and good for him!

  11. 86
    Stormyweather Says:


    You sure know a lot about his personal friends and life for someone who has lost all respect for him. But keep up the lust and the obsession you have for him locked safely back in the closet. We understand why you have to slag him even if you don’t.

  12. 87
    Stormyweather Says:

    It is pointless to argue with some people. In fact, that’s probably the only reason they’re running on about this. It’s a waste of life. Time to move on and allow people to heal and let the negative people wallow in their hate.

  13. 88
    wtf? Says:

    @lolita………. thanks for your reply, thinking of you, nice to know we can mind- meld now and then…………..

    one last thing…..

    …..i fail to see why i as a fan, got gerry hooked on drugs in the first place and i still his fan, am now enabling him…….wtf?

    gerry is responsible for his choices and has to live with the consequences……he alone…

    am i happy he is at parties?….no
    do i wish he spent more time away from the temptations of hollyweird?….yes
    am i going to stop being a fan?….no
    do i wish those that are not so perfect themselves would quit casting stones outta their glass houses…..yes!

    buggin out till the next thread…..

  14. 89
    Hollywood Gossiper Says:

    @Gossipgirl: I would invite you to check out the photos from TIFF 2011 when Gerry was very thin, too thin. He looked great at the premieres, on the red carpet, but then check out the photos they took from the press conferences, or take a look at the official portraits taken for TIFF. The latter are scary.

  15. 90
    GFW Says:

    These been seen yet? I don’t think he could look any better if he tried!

  16. 91
    Manny Says:

    LMAO I see WO/Dianne is p!ssed at me again. When are you going to start posting as Sweet again Dianne???
    You’re right niknoks, we don’t know what kind of rehab he entered Betty Ford to receive. We do know he spent less than the recommended time for any painkiller/cocaine addiction treatment as revealed by his PR team rehab timing listed on BF’s website. But since we are learning, with the shovel smacking us all up the side of the head, is that they (Butler and his PR team) will say whatever whether it is truth or fiction.
    Yippee he is clean and sober they are shoving down our throats now. Because the public can add and read we know he was in rehab for less than 2 weeks and was seen marching proudly back into the addictive world he says he is trying to recover from. On a simple scale of 1 – 10 it equals a 15 on the bullsh!t scale IMO.
    I know you understand the addictive patterns and steps to sobriety. From a professional standpoint this has got to look suspect to you too. It really is a shame IF there is indeed an underlying problem.
    I’m of the same thought as Oh Dear… if he is playing at this it is mocking such an important issue and treatment. A little uncool IMO…

  17. 92
    GFW Says:

    @Hollywood Gossiper:
    Would it hurt too much to focus on now? Now is all that matters. If he wants to stay clean, he will… and that’s not just by showering! Feel he knows what he has to do… let’s give him the benefit of the doubt he will.
    who says good riddance to anyone who finds slipping into the Hollywood pit while living and working out there farewell because you’re so perfect aren’t you? No, no you’re not. You’re disappointed and held him too high on a pedestal wearing rose-colored glasses feeling proud he came out about it before it took too much more of a toll on that 24K heart the size of Texas!

  18. 93
    GFW Says:

    Birds of a feather flock together Manny! That means you and Oh Dear along with several down-hearten others here and everywhere! Have a nice day sour puss… I bet you just can’t stand how good he looks! Little to find fault with here, isn’t there!??

  19. 94
    Manny Says:

    This from a woman pledging unconditional love to a stranger…
    If my hubby was going to be photographed on a red carpet wearing a tux you sure as sh!t can believe I would make sure he shaved his neck. :)
    Yes, let’s just gloss over the elephant in the room so GFW can feel better…
    I see the Gerry mommies are out in full force this morning. My question is why aren’t you all over at WO writing your letters of support???

  20. 95
    Oh dear 1 Says:

    Let  me get this right. You honestly think  that  I don’t know,  repeating  your inane and stupid quote: 

    That there are things in the world that are worth having a “massive, massive problem with and to get your panties in a twist about – I’m sorry – “kick off, kick off big time” about. 

    Do you really honestly think that?   The idiocy of  your comment make me  laugh, because you have absolutely no idea idea what I do for a living. 

    I was being  defensive because you called me a name, and call me old fashioned but I get like that when people throw personal insults at me. 

    So for you let me make this clear in the context of this website – context being the operative word here –  and only in this context- yes I have a   “massive, massive problem” and I will   “kick off and kick off big time”, about GB  essentially  using rehab to promote his  career, by garnering sympathic cash friendly publicity.  You tw!t

  21. 96
    Get Right Says:

    @Manny: “I see the Gerry mommies are out in full force this morning.”
    I’m not a board mommy but I’ve thumbed some posts down. I think Gerry’s wasted a promising talent so far, that his clubbing with kids in their 20s is cheesy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of what’s reported about him is true (only a crazy person would think it’s all true – they ARE tabloids). But even I think trying to spread stories that he’s using a rehab story for profit is low, and piecing together tweets and other hearsay to try to put together a forensic case to prove it is really kinda creepy. It’s a level of attention to an actor and concern about what he does that is borderline stalkerish.

  22. 97
    Right? Says:

    @Oh dear 1: “Let me get this right. You honestly think that I don’t know, repeating your inane and stupid quote:
    That there are things in the world that are worth having a “massive, massive problem with and to get your panties in a twist about – I’m sorry – “kick off, kick off big time” about.
    Do you really honestly think that? The idiocy of your comment make me laugh, because you have absolutely no idea idea what I do for a living.
    I was being defensive because you called me a name, and call me old fashioned but I get like that when people throw personal insults at me.
    So for you let me make this clear in the context of this website – context being the operative word here – and only in this context- yes I have a “massive, massive problem” and I will “kick off and kick off big time”, about GB essentially using rehab to promote his career, by garnering sympathic cash friendly publicity. You tw!t”
    LOL I didn’t call you old fashioned. I called you a freak. And judging from the nerve I’ve obviously struck, I think I hit the freak nail right on the head!
    Don’t lose your cool entirely though. Gerard Butler must be conspiring about pulling the wool over all of our heads somewhere about something. We need you to keep that ever watchful eye out for him and tell us what that is, or else we may all be DOOMED!!
    Unless he kills us with another sh!t.e romcom first.

  23. 98
    redOctober Says:

  24. 99
    angelsrock Says:

    Manny, you seem to have woken on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Why all the negativity? You have stated your opinion. Of course others will disagree and have thier own take on this. None of us here is Gerry Butler or a close friend or relative. We have no idea the nitty gritty details of Gerry’s last few weeks and frankly I don’t need or want to know. He is simply an actor/celebrity that I find lovely. He has obstacles in his life as do we all. No one’s life is perfect. No one!!! He lives in a fishbowl. I would not want that!! Everyone sees things differently as they watch through the glass of his fishbowl. Sometimes that little Gerry fish just wants to hide behind some rocks away from the stares and glares of the fans and the critics.

  25. 100
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

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