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Gerard Butler - Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Gerard Butler - Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Gerard Butler flashes a smile at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party held at Sunset Tower on Sunday (February 26) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 42-year-old actor was spotted out the night before at the Weinstein Company and Chopard pre-Oscar party! Before the party, Gerard enjoyed a solo lunch at Coogies restaurant.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Gerard recently successfully completed a rehab treatment program for issues with prescription drug abuse. His rep issued a statement that he “returned home in good health.”

FYI: Gerry is wearing $10,000 of gold and diamond cufflinks by David Webb.

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Credit: Alberto E Rodriguez, John Shearer; Photos: Getty, Wire Image
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486 Responses to “Gerard Butler - Vanity Fair Oscar Party”

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  1. 126
    Info Says:
    The suit he wore last night had to be one of the best tuxes he ever wore. I didn’t like the GGA tux, but the one from last night was impeccable, and his look was impeccable as well.
    @Toronto – sorry I don’t think he botoxed. He might have some light makeup on so the pictures on the red carpet will look good. All the male stars get a touch up.

  2. 127
    I second that Says:

    “Birds of a feather flock together Manny! That means you and Oh Dear along with several down-hearten others here and everywhere! Have a nice day sour puss… I bet you just can’t stand how good he looks! Little to find fault with here, isn’t there!??”
    Both of them are crazy.

  3. 128
    Oh dear 1 Says:

    @ Get Right 

    I made the comment  - So when I see someone like GB using rehab to essentially  promote his  career, by  garnering sympathic  publicity.

      NOT MANNY. 

    @ Lurker

    I take your point.

    How many famous people do you  know, who have admitted to  having substance abuse issues and are taking their problem seriously: 

    Go into rehab for drug abuse for a cursory few weeks

    Let their  PR put out a press release  saying “…Gerard has completed a successful course of treatment…” 

    Has photos of themselves swanning around  LA and Malibu literally the day after getting out of rehab.

    And  literally the day after – let’s not forget in time for the biggest party season on the Hollywood calendar – is seen smiling for the cameras  and going to Oscar  parties.

     And all  the time that press statement “…Gerard has completed a successful course of treatment… is being repeated on loads of  media outlets, across the globe,  garnering loads of sympathic column inches. 

    Those are the  facts as of today.   Make of them what you will.  I know I have.

  4. 129
    Manny Says:

    Where have you been??? Here is the timeline to help you out…
    “Please @ 02/27/2012 at 4:27 am
    @good grief:
    Let’s be honest; you’d fu/ck him in a second if he wanted you. But alas, you know you don’t have a chance with him so you’re ripping him OUT OF BITTERNESS. He wouldn’t touch an old cow like you and you know it.”
    My response…
    “Manny @ 02/27/2012 at 9:53 am
    Says an old heifer herself…

    Short bus was for GFW who has called me stupid, idiot, etc. more times than I can count and yes I typed it in anger since I have had to explain over and over and over ad nauseum to her that she doesn’t know me.
    I appreciate you were offended but that was not my intent for you or his fans. I do find your double standards embarrassing for you. I still wish you a good day. :)
    @From a lurker:
    Again, I said hypothetically. Also your point was that people were making this issue a reason for an addict to not seek treatment. Now you’re off on another tangent and not addressing your original post which we were, I thought, discussing.
    Addiction is a serious matter not to be treated lightly IMO. As I have said over and over, as a nurse who cares for addicts regularly in the ER, to confront an addict and say you need rehab and it will be a hard and long process and then have them say “does that mean two weeks?” is just disheartening.
    They don’t want to do the time. THAT is the biggest road block for addicts to seek treatment IMO. Whether a celebrity goes to rehab or not is not the main issue when confronting an addict about treatment. It is the time and choices they will have to invest that does.

  5. 130
    natalie Says:

    Wowza, no man should look that good . . . loving the way his hair is styled and what an incredible suit . . . so handsome! Whatever he is doing now is definitely working . . . stay healthy GB . . . inside and out!

  6. 131
    redOctober Says:

    Gerry arrives at 0:58

  7. 132
    Mimi Says:

    Don’t be ridiculous. Anyone who’s been a GB fan and has read the Gerry threads here at JJ knows who those people are. Do you think that just because I’m not a fan anymore I also suddenly have a case of amnesia?

  8. 133
    From a lurker Says:

    @Oh dear 1: “How many famous people do you know”
    I don’t pretend to know famous people. I know the people in my life. All I know is what the representatives of famous people say. From a common sense point of view, it makes sense that if TMZ or some other tabloid got information about Gerry being in rehab, they’d call Gerry’s publicist and ask for a statement. I would expect the publicist to give them a statement that’s truthful but reveals as little of Gerry’s personal and private information as possible, and tries to deflect attention elsewhere, which they did.
    It didn’t surprise me at all to see Gerry turn up at Oscar parties. It’s not like he was hitting the club circuit with the guys. Gerry is a prominent Hollywood actor. The Academy Awards ceremony is a WORK event. The parties before and after filled with studio executives, directors, financiers, once and potentially future co-stars are WORK events. I know plenty of recovering addicts who still go to their office Christmas parties, receptions and so on. He doesn’t have to cut himself off from work events because he’s an addict. That’s crazy.
    Frankly, if indulging in substances is really what he wanted to do getting out of rehab, it would worry me more if we DIDN’T see him. I’d expect him to be far more likely to do that in private than out in the open at some of the biggest industry parties of the year being covered with ubiquitous cameras from media sources around the globe. And I think it is good for people to see him out and about, healthy and well.
    Really, I wouldn’t be surprised to still see him out socializing at clubs again generally. WIthout knowing exactly what his condition is and the treatment it requires, I can’t know what should and should not be off-limits for him in terms of behavior. Addiction treatment is not a “one size fits all” thing.
    Again, the myth here is that you know him, what his condition is, what treatment he received, what treatment you required, what treatment he may or may not be continuing to receive, and where his head is at. You don’t. I don’t. No one here does. If it’s really important to you to try to make everyone believe you know all of these things about him, then go ahead. But drop the notion that you’re doing it out of concern for those struggling with addiction. You’re not. Speculation does not help the system of support that addicts require. All you are doing is indulging your own compulsions by spinning webs about Gerry Butler’s motives. Nothing more.

  9. 134
    Mimi Says:

    Chloe is one of Gerry’s ex-girlfriends. A model. I think they dated in 2009 or 2010 but it could’ve been later.

  10. 135
    GF Says:

    The same burnette from last year was with him. Alan wasn’t there.

  11. 136
    GF Says:

    No, he never dated Chloe

  12. 137
    Hollywood Gossiper Says:

    I wasn’t going to say anything but I have to try and state this as slowly and simply as I can for GFW.

    I don’t know how you can make an assumption that just
    because someone presents well on the red carpet they must be 100 per cent OK, cured, fine, nothing was every really wrong, given the facts in front of you and bashing people who don’t agree with your assumptions is priceless given you didn’t realize anything was wrong before and the red flags were there for months. Because people including myself have raised concerns about Gerry, though we may not have known exactly what was wrong but our gut feeling was something was wrong and we got knocked and bashed for our “negativity” by you and others because of course nothing is ever wrong in Gerryworld.

    So now suddenly you know more than the rest of us again. NONE OF US KNOW WHERE HE IS AT RIGHT NOW.

    Can you take it as a sign that perhaps he is OK or on the way to OK. Yes, maybe. Can you take it that he’s perfectly fine or “cured” or there was never anything wrong, NO so for you to bash people who reserve judgment indicates despite appearances having deceived you before, you really don’t get how appearances can be deceiving and you still don’t get how the PR machine works. The people who are expressing concern or reserving judgment are doing it precisely because they are worried about him. Is that a bad thing?

    I suspect, because it SEEMS his PR people were taken by surprise, that they hoped or Gerry hoped or they all hoped Gerry could slip in and out of rehab and no one would be the wiser. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately it did not happen that way.

    Unlike GFW I will keep my promise. I am no longer commenting on this subject until there is some actually new to discuss, like new information/PR statement or Gerry speaks. Far as I am concerned it’s one day at a time for us and for Gerry. And if that is untenable for some, they need to do some reading on addiction.

  13. 138
    Mimi Says:

    And how do you know he didn’t date Chloe? I heard he did. Please tell ;)
    I heard she’s with Ariel Vromen now but I’m not 100% sure about that since the source I heard it from is not very reliable imo.

  14. 139
    PsychoB Says:

    I see the Phannies are trying to save Gerry by sensoring JJ. Well the rest of us will sure to blame all of his enabling fans when he goes back into rehab within a year or dies from a drug overdose. Do I think its his fans fault? No, but they sure aren’t doing the man any favors.

    I do have a problem with therapists openly making excuses for an addict on a board. They should know better. I deal with addicts daily in my job, and I know no one in the field would think it was a good idea for an addict, regardless of the extent of the relapse, to go back to their daily activities that got them into the mess in the first place. Especially, a day after they got out of rehab.

    But I also think that most fans, who claim they love him, have a problem seeing Gerry as he is. Real love does not require that person to be anything but what they are. I think we know the die hard fans love the idea of the man, not who he is. Hence the reason to attack anyone with a different view.

    No matter how hard you try and convince the rest of us, it won’t make Gerry better. Why not spend your time praying for the guy instead, that might actually help him get better.

  15. 140
    cupccake Says:

    How do you know it was the same brunette. It looks like it is someone different.reports said he was hanging out with jason bateman.unless she was. Lurking around.where do you get your sources.

  16. 141
    Oh dear 1 Says:

    @ Lurker

    Sometimes you have have to see things as how they are and not how you would like them to be . I gave you the cold hard facts about what’s has been seen and said of GB. If you don’t like them that’s your prerogative.

  17. 142
    GF Says:

    she is friends with Ariel Vromen but not dating.
    she never dated G!
    Right with jason most opf teh night. But that brunette was also with him.

  18. 143
    Info Says:

    I will repeat that TMZ has backed off from the coke charge. They are now saying that it’s only a pain killers’ dependency, which developed as a result of injuries sustained over the years starting with “300”. Well, that’s not a surprise to me. We already heard about him suffering of frequent pain for a long time now. Pain killers’ dependency makes more sense than coke. He checked himself in voluntarily, and might have decided himself when to leave, not waiting for the 30 days recommended stay. Maybe he was in there for 2 weeks only, or maybe it was 3 weeks with the freedom to come and go, which explains why he was working a couple of day during the 3 weeks on the set of OMAM. We don’t know the circumstances so we need to give him the benefit of the doubt until we know differently.

  19. 144
    ahem.... Says:


    I didn’t read their comments, I read yours.
    Because someone else uses the language doesn’t make it ok.

    That excuse is ridiculous and juvenile. Of course, I would hope those posters would refrain from the derogatory remarks too.

    I think as a nurse, you would try to hold yourself to a higher standard, after all, you are meant to care for everyone, regardless of their size or abilities. But my bad.

    Oh and thanks for the well wishes, as if I would think you really meant it.

  20. 145
    Manny Says:

    You it makes me laugh when the membership of the motherships land here because they are not allowed to discuss issues like this. Aren’t we the lucky ones???
    @Hollywood Gossiper:
    “I have to try and state this as slowly and simply as I can for GFW. ”
    I feel ya…….

  21. 146
    From a lurker Says:

    @Oh dear 1: “Sometimes you have have to see things as how they are and not how you would like them to be . I gave you the cold hard facts about what’s has been seen and said of GB. If you don’t like them that’s your prerogative.”
    Cold hard facts? What cold hard facts? You know Gerard Butler, his medical condition, the treatment he received, the treatment he requires, what is and is not appropriate conduct for his condition like a kid watching cartoons knows Elmo.
    I don’t know how to speak to someone who thinks she knows the ins and outs of someone’s substance abuse and treatment when she doesn’t ACTUALLY know the person or the ins and outs of his substance abuse and treatment. Assumptions and speculation are not truth. If that’s not a concept that you can understand, then there’s no point discussing anything with you because you’ve lost touch with reality, and reality is exactly what someone contending with a substance abuse problem needs to deal with. At least people reading now know to ignore your words as self-indulgent conjecture that are just all about you and have no relation to Gerry Butler.

  22. 147
    monroe Says:

    Umm…where can I find a pic of this brunette?

  23. 148
    Info Says:

    @From a lurker:
    “It didn’t surprise me at all to see Gerry turn up at Oscar parties. It’s not like he was hitting the club circuit with the guys. Gerry is a prominent Hollywood actor. The Academy Awards ceremony is a WORK event. The parties before and after filled with studio executives, directors, financiers, once and potentially future co-stars are WORK events.”
    That’s right! He has to be there. Just because they are dressed to the nines doesn’t mean they are not working. It’s more a work event than a party, and one shouldn’t miss it unless it’s not possible for one to be there. Half the deals in HW are made at these parties. That’s why it’s called an industry event. It’s an event for people in the business to meet and greet.
    These people that criticize him have no leg to stand on. They are desperately looking for something to use against him because they are jealous of his looks, success, money, celebrity – you name it, they are jealous of it. Criticizing him as viciously as they have, makes them feel better. Taking him down a peg makes them feel good, because it turns him into someone who is no better than a common drug addict, or whatever the issue is at the time. When he is seen with women they call him a manwho to make him look no better than the common lowlife hanging out in their local pub, and so on and so forth. Every issue that comes up in connection to him they will use to judge him and crucify him, as if any of them is any better. I guarantee this “Oh Dear” person is not only a total jealous nutjob, but she is also definitely no where as high morally as she expects him to be, so she is a hypocrite as well. I will never understand how you can draw conclusion about someone from hearsay, basically from tabloids stories and pictures.

  24. 149
    GF Says:

    she was seen with him last year at the GG awards. She is the same one at the Oscars this year.

  25. 150
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard. Yet God, with undeserved kindness, declares that we are righteous. He did this through Christ Jesus when he freed us from the penalty for our sins. Romans 3:23-24

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