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Halle Berry: Seafood Sunday with Olivier & Nahla

Halle Berry: Seafood Sunday with Olivier & Nahla

Halle Berry, fiance Olivier Martinez, and daughter Nahla step out on a sunny Sunday (February 26) for a seafood lunch in Malibu, Calif.

The 45-year-old actress was scheduled to present at this year’s Oscars ceremony, but was unable to because of a foot injury. Halle wore a boot to protect her foot as she walked to the restaurant with her family.

Olivier is looking into opening a restaurant himself — People reports that he’ll be opening a fine French and Italian eatery on South Beach in Miami, Florida next month!

15+ pictures inside of Halle Berry, Nahla, and Olivier Martinez as they enjoy a sunny afternoon…

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  • Mush!!!

    She is so over Hollywood…glad you aren’t in that mess anymore.. Go and live your life and don’t let anyone try and make you feel guilty for the choices you have made!!

  • kizbit

    What is wrong with her foot that she is still in that boot? She broke it in September. It’s almost March!

  • Mary H.

    She’s had that cast on for so long.

  • Katelyn Harris

    And Nahla is more into her Dad than she is to her mom! Look at Nahla
    And see how Olivier is into his phone than her! family life for Olivier
    Is starting to get to him!

    Sooo much for going to France if he is opening a restaurant in Miami
    That is where Halle will end up.. Funny how Gab did the same thing
    Same type of restaurant! Too! In New York.

  • wrong

    @Katelyn Harris: wrong, Aubry’s place was a Cuban and later tapas. Martinez’s is French Mediterranean.

  • diabetic etc

    @kizbit: diabetics take longer to heal when they break their bones. She also could have re-injured it or the injury was more serious than first reported??? Remember Halle is accident prone: eye injury Die Another Day, broke arm Gothika, head injury Catwoman, blew chunks X3 and on the bf while filming Dark Tide.

  • Addison DeWitt

    He always seems to be wearing the same jeans.
    It now seems as if she has always been in that cast. Her casual look is not good.

  • Pipp

    @Katelyn Harris:

    She probably cries for her father so Halle is jealous of him. Have to wonder about a mother who would do anything to break a father-daughter bond.

  • Joe Blow

    I wonder how hard Gabriel would be fighting to assert his parental rights (the same ones he should have taken to protect them before Nahla was conceived) if Halle was just another harding-working single mother and not an academy winning movie star?

    I don’t trust this guy as far as I could throw him. It seems he was ok until Halle pulled the rug from under him, he no doubt thought he had found a life-long meal ticket until Halle wised up and kicked him to the curb. I’m on team Halle and believe that Aubry is just a freeloader looking for a cash cow. He even hit on Kim Kardashian, can’t get much lower than that.

  • Julian

    it is unbelievable that this is the same guy like in Unfaithful!
    He looks very ol and his jeans is damn ugly!

    Nahla is so sweet, because her father is a pretty guy (Gabriel Aubry)!

  • Lailah

    These are pictures! You CANNOT judge someone’s life by a picture. Especially paparazzi pictures. It’s trickery. To me, Halle is a wonderful mother. She carried Nahla for 9 months. She provided Nahla safety in the womb and she’s providing it out of the womb. There’s no stronger bond than the one between mother and child. Everyone wants to bash Halle and its so unjustified. No one knows what’s going on behind closed doors. Unless any of you know Halle or Gabriel personally you don’t know who’s a better parent. Go Halle! If I doubted my child’s safety for even a second, I would go to extreme measures to protect her as well.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Funny if she’s so scared for her life then why doesn’t she hire a bodyguard?? Also, why is he opening a business here in the States if he wants to move to France??

  • char

    looks like Mommy Dearest is dragging that child along. so different when you see pics of her with Gabriel, sje’s laughing and having a good time. Halle is truly a very controlling tart

  • @lhb

    @lhb–exactly none of this makes sense!

    For those of us who have followed Halle over the last several years can attest for a fact that Halle is a pro at twisting the truth to suit her current needs and constantly contradicts herself.

    Flash forward 10+ years later–more folks unfortunately and sadly are now paying attention. Post Oscar/Pre-Gabe thru their relationship to early part of the split–had several bodyguards on staff.

    My guess, her income has drastically changed in 10 years regardless of her passive endorsements, the Berry-Aubry court catfights, paying her faulty management/PR team to keep this fiasco etc going all cost money. And who knows if she didn’t learn her lesson with Gabe’s restaurant that she’s invested in his place???

    So, my guess is either they’re are not on permanent staff anymore, Olivier doesn’t want them around or combo of both.Doesn’t make sense her looking at other property in Malibu while her HH home is being renovated when she already has a beach home there which looks more secure than the pix on the internet.

  • @lhb part 2

    @@lhb: @@lhb: lexi hates bilson personally I don’t see Halle moving to Miami because of her mother, her need for attention and possibly save what’s left of her declining career. If she does, it will be very short lived like her living in Canada. Doesn’t Gabe still own a place in Miami/South Beach? He did when they first got together. Unless OM is going to be an absentee owner (which it doesn’t look like from the articles/press releases) he may be in Miami more unless he’s going to do his part from Paris-which I doubt.

    His investment passive income just like Halle’s shoe deal, Coty and Revlon deals. Who knows if it’s part of his /their plan for a Green Card?

    Not hating—my questions are: Is Halle going to Skype her co-parenting classes w/Gabe and her therapy sessions from France? And will they still get married/stay together if a Judge and Aubry (if still has any rights left by that time) don’t agree with the move?

    Only time will tell…need to get back to my writing.

  • Doubt it

    Doubt it that Halle’s going to being parlez-vousing any francaise any time soon or in the future. They don’t look like a couple in love more like Halle taking hostage as usual.

  • Marina

    Her leg is taking a long time to heal. I’ve heard that the older you are the longer you’ll need the cast. Nahla looks happy.

  • kris

    The adults are wearing sunglasses but Nahla needs them as well because the sun is bothering her.