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Kate Bosworth - Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Kate Bosworth - Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Kate Bosworth and her director beau, Michael Polish, arrive in style for the 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party held at Sunset Tower on Sunday (February 26) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress (in Prabal Gurung) and her sweetheart were spotted out attending a celebration for the 40th anniversary of Charlie Chaplin‘s honorary Academy Award at Chateau Marmont earlier in the week.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

Kate and Michael also recently attended the Burberry Womenswear presentation during London Fashion Week on Monday at Kensington Gardens.

FYI: Kate finished her look with Louboutin heels and a Christian Dior bag.

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Credit: Pascal Le Segretain; Photos: Getty
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  • Lauren

    Oh, you mean she wasn’t nominated for her brave performance in Straw Dogs?? I am shocked. This is the closest she’ll ever get to awards–the after parties.

  • umm

    eat something girl!!!

  • Lilla

    I like the dress. It would look better on someone whose body didn’t look like a little boys though.

  • Lizzie

    They went into over drive with the overkill of affection I wonder why that was. She was really laying it on thick too. The most insecure girl in HW if that is even possible always in need of a man. The dress is cute but not on her and he looks creepy again, always.

  • hahaha

    looks like they ran out of beads for the bottom of the dress. It doesn’t suit her.

  • donnadew

    That smirk. God it’s awful.

  • Lilla

    @Lizzie: Well, she wants everyone to see how happy she is with her ‘life partner’! Yeah, I don’t buy it either.

  • tula

    I wondered how she got invited to the shindig…she was actually on the cover of the 2005 Young Hollywood issue…I know I was surprised too!

  • I need to know.

    Alexander Skarsgard was at that party, too. He’s included in the photo call pics at PopSugar. I bet THAT’S why she was laying it on thick, if indeed she was. Up to this point, I felt like they’d worked out an awards show custody agreement, in which he’d been letting her have all the Oscars events and he had the Golden Globes b/c of HBO and True Blood. But now… I really want to know if there were any b-tchy dramz at the Vanity Fair party and how loved Michael Polish is feeling this morning.

  • Mari

    The dress is pretty. But it doesn’t suit her, since her legs are way to skinny and bony looking. She should have opted for a full-length dress which is not see through.

    Another thing which does not work for her is the tightly pulled back her. It looks too severe and makes her look like a living skeleton. I don’t get it, she could look soo much prettier and then she always opts for the wrong the wrong hairstyle, the wrong type of dress, the wrong colour or a combination of all.

  • gossip

    I would love to hear the inside scoop because I know this fool was working overtime because 1. Alex was there in the same close space as her in months trying to make him regret said dumping her. I bet he’s still like thank god I don’t have to deal with that anymore and of course the GP was there with Chris so you know she had to make said men regret dumping her by over show of affection with the hobbit. I can’t wait till gossip hounds sober up to spill.

  • Lilla

    Stephen & Anna were there, so my guess is that Alex was with them?

  • Zee
  • gossip

    No they were at the EJ party different place.

  • No one cares

    Or maybe there will be no gossip because no one cares other than pop sugar. But she is laying it on thick but doesn’t she always. She did with Alex and you see how that turn out.

  • http://justjared mjforlife

    I like the dress but it’s not suited for her girl needs help she looks like a living stick!!!

  • Meli

    yes, he is creepy, has a twitter account in which only follows Kate and posts pictures of her. Also does nothing more than follow her to the events in which she manages to appear.

  • Lilla

    @gossip: Oops, thanks :)

  • Angelina’s Right Leg

    Is Polish related to Rumer Willis somehow? There’s something about them that makes them resemble each other. I just can’t put my chin on what it is.

  • ladybug

    @Lilla: That’s it, I don’t mind the dress, it’s just wrong for her.
    Also would look better without the pigeon-toe/giraffe posture.
    @Mari, but she’s a fashionista!
    And I’m sure that, and the fact that Polish is a ‘visionary’ director is what got them the invite.
    If she and AS were even at the party at the same time, their publicist probably had gps systems on them to make sure they weren’t remotely near each other.

  • Lilla

    @ladybug: I really don’t understand the posture. It’s awful.

  • Fashionista

    One of my favorite dresses of the evening. The beadwork is amazing. Kate looks beautiful. I like Michael’s tuxedo too.

  • ladybug

    @Lilla: I know it’s the current default red carpet pose for the ladies. I don’t care, it looks stupid.
    And when she turns sideways she disappears:

  • Eresyn

    The dress is nice but in that lengh it reminds me of those ice-skating costumes…she should´ve worn something longer, to cover those sticks she has for legs. Hair is wrong too, those kind of do’s look very very harsh on her!!! I liked when she wore her hair down in big waves, 50s style like (i can’t remember which even was that, but it was years ago). Polish always creeps me out!

  • Alex has a Girlfriend

    Ha ha Kate bonesworth

    Alex new girlfriend is 23 year old lizzie olsen they were at the pre Oscar bash a night or two back and they have now showed up at the vanity fair party
    I don’t know how long they have been an item
    Now we know who called the paps Kate when u was w/ Alexander it was U
    Maybe u could go over and introduce yourself to lizzie as the ex girlfriend you must be heart broken

  • Lilla

    @ladybug: To me, that pose looks like they need a bathroom break. I’m tiny, but I think a stiff wind would blow her away.

  • ladybug

    @Lilla: I know she is naturally slender, but I don’t think she’s that naturally slender. I have the same complaint about Angelina Jolie, they’re a little underweight, they’d look better adding a few pounds.

  • Lola

    Damn, she looks amazing!!! Love the dress!

  • Asya

    She is amazing! And see that she is happy with Michael, they have long been common, and for about two months have wedding rings. So Alex she is absolutely not necessary)
    Moreover, it is with Michael, it looks happier than Orlando, James and Alex combined.

  • Tulip

    @Ladybug: I agree, both Kate and Angie are a little underweight and could gain a couple pounds but they’re incredibly beautiful women. Breathtaking really. Not many people can have a close-up shot like this and look so perfect:

  • http://aol Patti

    Why is she standing like a dork?

  • Asya

    ahaha, all these funny)
    Kate thicker Jolie. Only Jolie somehow does not notice because it is apparently out of jealousy that Kate met with Alex, and at the same time so easy to forget him, happy and like getting ready for family life with Michael.

  • Tanter

    I’m glad Polish was with her. I’m guessing she couldn’t freely stalk Alex then..

  • Lilla

    @ladybug: Angelina looked amazing, but too thin, imo.

  • Bells whisky

    Yeah it’s good close up shot but it us called make up artists

  • @Patti

    I much prefer Kate’s pose to the hand on the hip, arched back, one foot ahead of the other model pose so many of them do!

  • Beautiful

    Great dress. Kate looks beautiful! She looks happy too.

  • Lois


    Maybe she stands like that because she can’t close her legs anymore.

  • Lois


    She looks perfect for 45; no 29 year old that’s had an easy life should have those line under her eyes. She’s aging badly.I’d hate to think what she’d look like without the benefit of money for all those procedures and cosmeceuticals.

  • Body Type

    I think Angie just has skinny arms. She always has. Even when she was super buff for Tomb Raider, her arms were like toothpicks. She’s an “apple”, or she would be if she gained 50 pounds. The legginess, as exaggerated as it was last night, is probably a natural genetic gift, too. As for Kate, I think her overall body type is more even, as evidenced in Blue Crush. She’s just super skinny everywhere for unhealthy reasons, IMO.

  • Andrew

    Anyone able to explain why you are putting on the disadvantages of messages that say “Kate is happy,” do you really all so disgustingly evil? You are as old Old ladies got together and curse her. The main thing is that Kate is now happy, as you sit behind the screen and spewing bile in her direction, ahah) Try to disprove, or just the cons can put?

  • Lois

    I wonder if Polish wasn’t on her arms if she would have been able to attend this party? Last year she hid out since Alex wouldn’t take her and she didn’t get an invite. She went to other places without Alex that she was invited to before, so it’s not a big jump to think she wasn’t invited.

  • Rachel () KB’s Objective

    @Tulip: Most ppl can look that good with that much makeup on. She’s technically pretty, but she’s definitely aged. My sister’s a year younger than her and has no wrinkles at all.

    @Asya: Lol, you’re referring to KB as “it”….is that on purpose?? God I hope so.

  • Rachel () KB’s Objective

    @@Patti: You’re right, Kate definitely doesn’t pose like a model.
    @Andrew: If she’s happy, good. Happy ppl don’t desperately try to look happy, though….

  • Rachel ()

    Also, the dress beading is a bit too chunky for my taste, but it would be pretty if the skirt was not sheer at the bottom….and a different girl were wearing it.
    Really Kate? Oscar night and you just wear mascara as eye makeup? What is she trying to prove, that all the other girls are prettier than her? Objective accomplished.

  • Andrew

    But why do you think that Kate is trying to prove something to someone? It’s just your reasoning, no more, leave these frivolous facts for yourself. what you have decided that “Kate is trying to look happy” if she looks happy does not mean that it pretends to be!

  • burnt bacon

    How does she manage to stay upright on those scrawny little legs?

  • Tanter

    Andrew, have you seen her twitter? Just wondering :)

  • Peanut Gallery

    To be honest the dress is nice. The pigeon toed look is quite weird. Wonder if she managed to dodge Gwynny too.

  • Ana Karenina

    beautiful dress, but she does not look happy, ,,,,FORGET about the sickly-sweet hobbit, dear and come back with the beautiful tall blonde Skarsgarrrd,…….
    you were such a beautiful couple….you were really well matched . THAT MAN GIVES ME DISGUST. sorry for my enlish, iam from Russia