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Kate Bosworth - Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Kate Bosworth - Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Kate Bosworth and her director beau, Michael Polish, arrive in style for the 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party held at Sunset Tower on Sunday (February 26) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress (in Prabal Gurung) and her sweetheart were spotted out attending a celebration for the 40th anniversary of Charlie Chaplin‘s honorary Academy Award at Chateau Marmont earlier in the week.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

Kate and Michael also recently attended the Burberry Womenswear presentation during London Fashion Week on Monday at Kensington Gardens.

FYI: Kate finished her look with Louboutin heels and a Christian Dior bag.

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Credit: Pascal Le Segretain; Photos: Getty
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  • lafamepoma

    her in something related to Oscars…… weird

  • ladybug

    @lafamepoma: Well, now it is. I can see even 5 years ago, but not sure what she’s done filmwise to get the invite. Perhaps it was the ‘visionary’ director who got the invite.

  • sexy

    I love the dress Kate’s wearing. It’s both sexy and edgy. Well done!

  • Saint

    She’s beautiful and looks amazing !

  • Fashionista

    I love fashion and I’m a huge fan of Kate’s. I love this quote from Style Bisro: On the biggest red carpet night of the year, fashion mavens around the world waited for the parade of Oscar gowns to begin. The 84th Annual Academy Awards did not disappoint. But in truth, all eyes were waiting for just a glimpse of Kate Bosworth’s Oscar after party dress. The stylish actress did not disappoint, wearing Prabal Gurung.
    And this from US Magazine: Of course my favorite eye candy is the hot hair and makeup looks worn by the stars. One of the looks I can’t wait to copy was worn by beyond gorgeous Kate Bosworth.
    99.9% of the time, Kate gets it just right!

  • Tanter

    Fashionista: It would be more right if they wrote: “99.9% of the time Cher gets it right” as it’s quite obvious that Cher does all the styling of Kate when she’s at events. Even a relaxing concert! So much for being a fashionista.. (Kate I mean)

  • Taryn

    I have to disagree about KB looking happy at Deauville..there are a couple pictures where the smile, again, does not show in the eyes..I think at that time, she was still hurting from the break up with AS and thought maybe hanging out with Polish would make him jealous…
    I also have always believed that it is KB in the blue car , that AS is yelling at in the pics from the summer…and the the person on the phone in the pics from late APRIL at Joans(AS looks really bummed and he cant get rid of the caller) I don;t hink he would get that angry at paps..never.. I think he had been miserable from the GG afterparty in January…finally ended it in February, went to Coachella to try to be a friend and regretted it when KB started stalking him after….

  • Taryn

    @Carla Nelson:
    He banged Rachel a couple of times and she was dumb enough to open her mouth and talk about it..that is why he dumper her and moved on to Kate……

  • ladybug

    @Taryn: I still don’t think it was KB in the car. Wouldn’t have the paps gotten those pics? Or at least let it be known that it was KB? I still think he was yelling at paps, they were probably saying some very nasty things to him and he’d had enough. They’re known to do that.
    As for ERW, I don’t think she said anything during the relationship, she only confirmed in a indirect way a year later:
    That set is just a love fest,” said Wood, who last year was rumored to be seeing co-star Alexander Skarsgard. “I’ve even been there myself, so there you go. I did date one of the cast members already, so I’m done.”

  • ladybug
  • Macy

    OMG it seriously never ends with these two. Nonstop self promotion. Well I guess if nobody else is going to give them a career, they need to make their own.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: Did you follow the link the video? Oh, sorry, short film, for JM? Kate rides a motorcycle! She’s cool and tough!

  • Rachel ()

    @ladybug: True, but Lainey’s observations on the two were interesting. I don’t think things ended too badly for them, or that they were serious. Lainey said she got a big-brother-little-sister vibe from observing the two. Maybe AS started dating her and realized the age difference was too much?? I don’t know, I love ERW, so I don’t want to think that Alex treated her poorly. You would have to question the sanity of any man who would willingly choose Kate F*cking Bosworth over Evan Rachel Wood. So I’m hoping there were extenuating circumstances!

  • Lois


    “But in truth, all eyes were waiting for just a glimpse of Kate Bosworth’s Oscar after party dress”

    Seriously? All eyes weren’t looking towards the people who actually went to The Oscars, were nominated or are just plain popular like Kristen Stewart, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, etc? There were looking for a Z List nobody whose claim to fame is a 10 year old surfing movie and some popular actors she boffed. Sure. * Newsflash* No one cares about KB except those that are paid to. Style Bistro is what exactly? Another paid site like JJ? Citing that as an example to KB’s importance only shows how pathetic her “career” really is.

  • Again

    At a grocery store in Hollywood – 29 February 2012

    With. Bf polish

    This so reminds if the Alex days Bristol farm shopping?
    Notice Alex doesn’t even shop there anymore at least not to my knowledge.

    At bf is willing to play the pap game

  • Lois


    Those shots make me so disappointed in Alex all over again. WTF was he thinking getting involved with this obvious famewh*re that nothing is sacred to? At least now she has some other gutter rat that loves famewh*ring as much as she does.

    So contrived and posed. Gross!

  • Lois

    Holy pap set up! Who cares what this hookah is buying to not eat?

  • ladybug

    @Again: Entirely possible that he does, but there’s no one to call the paps anymore.
    Notice how she’s making sure they’re touching, so people know that at least this BF will touch her in public.
    @Rachel(), for the ERW relationship, I suspect it was in the beginning stages and not that serious. They’ve filmed S3 and have been at events since then so I think however it ended they’re fine now.
    But yeah, ERW may have been young, but I much prefer her to the one he ended up with.

  • ladybug

    @Lois: I’m surprised, she does a obvious pap set up and JJ doesn’t post anything? These were 2 days ago.

  • Crew Member

    She is definitely not into the ‘Green Thing’ anymore. Paper bags in plastic bags. Guess Alex got custody of the recyclable shopping bags. And those are not diet cokes in the basket either. And with the biggest smile of the day in the booze aisle I guess she drinks her dinner. This new character of hers is nothing like the one she portrayed with Alex. The only thing the two have in common is the self love and conceit.

  • ladybug

    @Crew Member: Hah! I noticed that Ms. Environmentalist was using both paper and plastic and not a resuable tote bag in sight.
    I actually think that’s not booze in the instore pic, but olive oil and such, as it’s right next to the sauces and pasta:
    But booze was my initial thought as well.
    Also, she needs to wear a bra.
    I also wonder why the need for a pap shot just 3 days after their appearance at the VF party.

  • NOT Happening

    She is so NOT important that no one has posted these on the gossip blogs it’s like almost 3 days old. Just like everyone said Alex and EO got press for maybe hooking up and it went globally and then this one has to come up with something to outplay but sadly no one cares KB. No one cares about you at Vanity fare how many tibits did you read about her there almost none and no one cared that you bought food that you wouldn’t eat.
    I bet she is Angry at all the press Alex is getting for maybe hooking up with someone when she and Polish hook up no one cared that much. Sucks to be her .

  • Jealous Kate?

    Look at the press that lizzie Olsen as got since Sunday, and that’s just based on having a conversation with Alex , and rumours she may have scored a possible Viking sex god as her boyfriend?
    But this silly idiot Is sooooo jealous if the all the attention Olsen and Alex have got. That she had to drag the pupett on a string to Bristol farms for a daily pap adventure.
    Is she trying to prove something to Alex that she is soooo happy and Alex meant nothing to her
    WHATEVER KATE you would jump back into alex’s bed given half a chance, but you and I both no Alex would never take you back just to
    sha*g your bones yuk yuk

  • ladybug

    “Notice Alex doesn’t even shop there anymore at least not to my knowledge.” Maybe he doesn’t anymore, he just got papped at Whole Foods. Probably easier that way, to avoid any possible running into KB and MP.

    It’s sad, in a way, that the first two things that that pop into my mind after seeing pap shots of KB from Wednesday is that she’s annoyed at the publicity a certain ex is getting this week, and that I’m amused that these shots appear to not have been picked up by anyone.

  • Crew Member

    @ladybug: I agree Ladybug. And when was the last time you saw the store let a papparazzi inside the store? Is she taking her own with her now?

  • ladybug

    @Crew Member: You do see occasional shots from inside grocery stores but the last one I remember is Blake Lively and DiCaprio, so yeah, perhaps it is the celeb being fine with them being followed in. After all they called the paps it would be rude to leave them outside waiting.

  • ladybug
  • VF Date

    I think the pictures were taken by somebody with a cell phone. That often happens to celebs. They don’t even know pics are being taken when it looks like the know. I remember Hugh Jackman and others talking about that.

  • ladybug

    @VF Date: No, it’s a ‘posed’ photo that’s from her Twitter feed, it was taken by Michael Polish. She tweeted it and then he retweeted it:!/katebosworth

  • Curious Cat

    why do you give a thumbs down on comments that say kate is beautiful? are you all that bitter? Accept the fact, she and Alex were together and intimate once. Now it’s over, move on. You all sound jealous

    I’m also willing to bet that you’re a bunch of old hags who have nothing important to do but project your menopausal fantasies on alex. Like he’d give you a second look if he sees any of you. Pfft! He’s not even that big of a star and will never be. Once True Blood is over, so is his career. Sad but true. He’s not even that good of an actor ffs.

  • vinoitalia

    she looks gorgeous, a little too thin though. waiting for my thumbs down jajaja

  • Lois


    I’m sure even you with your menopausal beard would look gorgeous airbrushed.

    @Curious Cat:

    Sound like you touch yourself way too much when you think of KB. Could lead to blindness; it’s already made you stupid.

  • @130

    Well I am no old hag

    I happen to be in my 20s no children and single oh and how do you know Alex wouldn’t look at any of us ? Do you know him on a personal level? He has a great career even after TB he is in demand
    He as even stated he had to turn down interesting projects because of TB schedule.
    I still think Kate is SH*t as an actress, fashionista and she ain’t in demand where are her film projects? Oh yeah there sitting in a store room collecting cob webs?

  • ladybug

    @@130: It’s also presuming that everyone who dislikes Kate is fan of one of her exes. Honestly I’d wish her stans would get new arguments, the ‘you’re all fat, jealous, menopausal AS/OB/JR fans who don’t understand fashion’ arguments are getting a bit stale.
    “where are her film projects?”, now, now, she’s got L!fe Happens coming out at the end of the month and the Italy project and Black Rock and of course Big Sur!* And all those JewelMint films!
    *None of which have release dates as of now.

  • Curious Cat

    @Lois nope, I’ve got my boyfriend. thanks.

    and for the record i’m not a kate fan. just curious why all alex fans are hanging out here.

    @133 well how do you know he’s in demand?

    @ladybug aren’t you an alex stan? then what are you doing here? oh, that’s right, spewing hate as usual.

  • vinoitalia

    @Lois not menopausal, sorry to say. try again in 40 years honey :)