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Kate Bosworth - Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Kate Bosworth - Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Kate Bosworth and her director beau, Michael Polish, arrive in style for the 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party held at Sunset Tower on Sunday (February 26) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress (in Prabal Gurung) and her sweetheart were spotted out attending a celebration for the 40th anniversary of Charlie Chaplin‘s honorary Academy Award at Chateau Marmont earlier in the week.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

Kate and Michael also recently attended the Burberry Womenswear presentation during London Fashion Week on Monday at Kensington Gardens.

FYI: Kate finished her look with Louboutin heels and a Christian Dior bag.

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136 Responses to “Kate Bosworth - Vanity Fair Oscar Party”

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  1. 51
    ladybug Says:

    @Lois: Actually, I think it the chemical peels that have helped aged her, if she’d stuck with moisturizing and the facial she’d aged better.

  2. 52
    Mimi Says:

    Kate’s upper lip does not have a cupid’s bow. It looks weird.

  3. 53
    Ana Karenina Says:

    beautiful dress, beautiful girl, but bad partner choice…..
    dear, you shoud forget this sickly-sweet hobbit and focus on the man, focus on him,; the BLonde is for you, you were such a great couple. visually both of you irradiate beuty. you matched perfectly

  4. 54
    Actually... Says:

    @Mimi: I can never tell if she doesn’t have one or if she chooses to hide it for some bizarre reason. If you look carefully sometimes it looks like she has a small cupid’s bow, but covers it with powder/foundation and then doesn’t put lipstick on over it. The same thing accidentally happens to me when I put on full face of makeup, but I always take care to get it off of my lips before I go out.

  5. 55
    No Rose Colored Glasses Here Says:

    @Asya: They have been wearing those rings since their first public outing last July. And they are not wedding rings but life partner rings. And Polish himself said in a video he ask her to marry him the first week of filming BIG SUR (that was in April) so they must have been involved before that. And she was supposedly still with Alex at that time. According to press she and Alex broke up around the first of July. Yeah real classy lady that Kate Bosworthless. No doubt Polish was the one with the invitation. No wonder Alex stayed by the bar and talked to whoever was there. He knew she would be working the floor so he stayed clear. He is an actor but I don’t think even he could act nice to her at this point. And kudos to him for going dateless and not putting some woman through what Kate would have done if she had seen he was with someone.

  6. 56
    Mimi Says:

    LOL, yes, I’ve been looking closely now at some other pics and yep, she could have a small one. But why would she “hide” it?? It doesn’t make any sense.

  7. 57
    Ughh no Says:

    No the toothpick can stay well away from The pure Swedish god have you not noticed he smiles, he never smiled when toothpick was around.

    Toothpick I see you are having trouble closing those stick you call legs every time you try to model pose?
    maybe it’s the amount if time you have dropped those knickers for all those men that your legs just don’t close anymore.

  8. 58
    monroe Says:

    @Ughh no:
    “maybe it’s the amount if time you have dropped those knickers for all those men that your legs just don’t close anymore.”
    ROFL! Well, when you’ve been having someone as large as that gorgeous Viking between them for so long, can’t be easy to get them together again. ;) ;) ;)

  9. 59
    Actually... Says:

    @Mimi: I have NO idea. It was so weird for her not to have a cupid’s bow at all that I started looking closely and noticed that she actually does have one. In one scene in Straw Dogs she puts on lipstick and she just slowly, intentionally puts it on in one straight line and it just clicked for me that she *likes* that look. I do not understand it at all

  10. 60
    Mimi Says:

    Look at this pic
    She does have one! You have to look closely but there it is. It’s a quite beautiful cupid’s bow as well. God knows why she prefers it hidden. It’s a mystery, LOL. ;)

  11. 61
    Lois Says:


    It’s been noted that starting those procedures ( peels, botox) in your 20′s seem to age people rather than help them. I’m sure the heavy drinking, smoking, and other “chemicals” don’t help either.

  12. 62
    ladybug Says:

    @No Rose Colored Glasses Here: No, the breakup was announced at the end of July, the statement said “And it happened a while ago.”.They were never seen in public after Coachella, so I suspect that was finally the end. Big Sur started filming the week after Coachella. Alex said in the October Elle UK interview that neither he nor Kate were going talk publicly about the relationship, so any dates of when they ended and when KB and MP started up will have to be conjecture.

  13. 63
    No Rose Colored Glasses Here Says:

    Polish is the one talking about when he and Kate started. I believe it was in one of the interview videos from Sundance he was ask when he knew she was the one and he replied he ask her to marry him the first week of filming. Since he divorced his wife in March and casting was done around that time it makes you wonder????????? Filming started the week after Coachella but preproduction and rehearsals began earlier. And Polish involves his actors in all of it. No budget for the extra help. So she was around him before filming began.

  14. 64
    ladybug Says:

    @No Rose Colored Glasses Here: Is there any definitive date for his divorce, because while I’ve seen March I’ve also seen that he’s been divorced for several years.
    I know that she would have been around him before filming began, but as I wrote who knows when she and AS really ended, my suspicion is that he’d been trying to end it before Coachella, but it’s going to be a long time, if ever, if we ever find out.

  15. 65
    Big Sur not happening Says:

    @No Rose Colored Glasses Here:

    I agree with Ladybug it happened after Coachella, But for Alex he was done since February but she still kept Polish at arms lengths hoping Alex would take her back but he was so done. Polish might have fell for her in the beginning but she definitely did NOT fall for him she was too into Alex. She was still playing we are together game and trying to make him Jealous with OB. But anyways believe what you like. They are together now so Polish must be over the moon and KB is over the moon that someone is over the moon about her.
    Now there is this article. Polish was hoping to be shown at sundance but apparently that didn’t happen and it doesn’t look like Bur will have limited release or in the case no release at all.
    I guess that why he is actively famew*ore with her, he is just as desperate

  16. 66
    Rachel () Says:

    @Andrew: You can’t fake feelings of happiness. Her smile doesn’t meet her eyes. There are certain facial muscles (the obicularis oculi and zygomaticus major muscles) under your eyes and near your lips that will only contract if you are genuinely happy. This is rarely the case for KB.
    The bald guy on the left represents how Kate Bosworth generally looks. The bald guy on the right represents how Alexander has been looking since he dropped her @ss.
    Whether she’s anxious about being in the spotlight or despairing over her own lameness, this chick is not happy!
    These aren’t frivolous facts, they’re scientific facts.

  17. 67
    No Rose Colored Glasses Here Says:


    His IMDB page use to show a second wife but she is no longer listed on it. And I think the link above is the one you are refering to when you say the statement was, “It happened a while ago.”. That statement came from Jared not from his publicist or management. So I take it with a grain of salt. There were the pics of him walking her dog from June. He made the statement about just wanting to be drunk and bitter for a while when in NYC. If he was bitter about it would he have done her a favor and walked her dog for her? Cm’on let’s get real here. He was papped with a blck eye July1 and left LA for the 4th weekend. He found out she was cheating, got drunk and got in a scuffle with someone and got out of town to keep her away from him. ‘A while ago” can be 3 weeks too.

  18. 68
    No Rose Colored Glasses Here Says:

    @Rachel (): I agree. She is not as happy as she lets on. Her twitter shows it. She needs others to tell her how happy they are. If you look closely she is not returning his kiss in the pic at the VF party. Polish on the other hand is smitten. I think she is quite talentless on film but in life she must be quite an actress. She just can’t keep the charachter up for more than a year or two.

  19. 69
    ladybug Says:

    @Big Sur not happening: Interesting find on his wanting to screen at Sundance, per his Twitter feed a couple of weeks ago he mentioned wanting to show at Cannes and have a fall release.
    Per IMDB he’s been divorced since 2004. I think if he’d dumped his wife for KB that would have been news. I
    I too think that she realized the relationship with AS was ending and hooked with MP ASAP, especially as he’d so quickly asked her to marry him. I also think that she tried to get back with AS, until the announcement in July. Perhaps now she realizes that’s she got someone who’s really, really into her.

  20. 70
    Rose Says:

    Perfection! She’s stunning.

  21. 71
    Rachel () Says:

    @No Rose Colored Glasses Here: I thought it was interesting that the article doesn’t really mention KB except in the title. Also, Molish raves about the other actors, but doesn’t mention her. Weird.
    As for your suspicions, Kate definitely has a history of cheating. But w/ Molish? I don’t really see her having trouble controlling herself with him. Unless she is like a serial cheater, and is the sort to fight with her bf and then sleep w/ whoever’s lying around.
    Also, are you thinking Molish gave Alex a black eye? LMAO!
    We should keep investigation though. You may be on to some things!

  22. 72
    hit Says:

    My three fav looks of the night – Michelle Williams, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kate Bosworth.

  23. 73
    Big Sur not happening Says:

    @Rachel ():
    Yeah I forgot to say that too, the article was in June and if he was so head over heels over her wouldn’t he have said something. As I said he liked her and fell over the course of filming. She knew this and kept him as reserve just incase Alex doesn’t bite which he didn’t. Alex has been spotted around LA a lot her not so much if she was with Polish someone would have said so. Alex seem to get that red blush a lot if you check some of his pics you see that maybe he bruise easily, he was coming form the gym you know he could have had a oops. As for the dog Alex is known as a nice guy and she was out of town and he picked up her dog walked it and probably gave it to her or someone else. But the next day his gym pics he was angry as hell at someone and Lainey said that she was Stalking him and that pic look like he was pissed at seeing someone.
    the point is he seems to make it out of his way to avoid running into her and she was no where in sight which was not like her until the they broke up came out.

  24. 74
    ladybug Says:

    @No Rose Colored Glasses Here: The dog thing is weird, but maybe it really was just about the dog and not about KB?
    The time quote isn’t from JJ, it’s from the official/unofficial release to US Weekly:
    The 4th would have recent, not a while ago, Robin Baum chose her words carefully, she was aware that they’d not been seen together since Coachella.
    I’m not inclined to believe that AS and MP got into a fight over AS, she might like that idea, but I think he just wanted to wash his hands of the whole thing by the time of 4th. I know there’s another commenter who thinks so, and mentioned in another thread several weeks ago, but I don’t think so.
    Of course, as already pointed out, until AS writes a tell-all we’re never going to know.

  25. 75
    Tanter Says:

    I personally believe Lainey was spot on about them having broken up before and Kate getting him back by stalking him. It certainly looked like it was what she was doing for a good while before the officially broke up. All those photos of her carrying books, he has talked about, her showing up at Joan’s while he was eating, her being at Joan’s when he wasn’t there – I believe they’ve been rocky for a very long time. Also I think their perception of what the nature of the relationship was, was quite different. I think she wanted it to look very serious (remember her friend talking about them having the most beautiful babies? the sudden rumours about them getting married?), but for Alex I think it was different.

    I’m glad she has moved on to Polish now.

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