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Erin Heatherton: Beverly Hills Shopping!

Erin Heatherton: Beverly Hills Shopping!

Erin Heatherton looks ready for spring in a cute denim jacket and miniskirt as she steps out for some shopping on Friday (February 25) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 22-year-old model did some shopping, then stopped in at Curve and made a purchase.

Last month, Erin and her boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio went on a vacation to Mexico!

Leo is auctioning off the chance for a winning bidder and guest to meet him at one of his upcoming film premieres, with VIP seats, and access to an exclusive after party.

10+ pictures inside of Erin Heatherton shopping in Beverly Hills…

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erin heatherton beverly hills 01
erin heatherton beverly hills 02
erin heatherton beverly hills 03
erin heatherton beverly hills 04
erin heatherton beverly hills 05
erin heatherton beverly hills 06
erin heatherton beverly hills 07
erin heatherton beverly hills 08
erin heatherton beverly hills 09
erin heatherton beverly hills 10

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  • jed

    I swear Leo just dates the same girl over and over. Definitely has a type!

  • Sabrina

    I find her so attractive ! She’s got that cute thing, so sweet, especially when she smiles.

  • A

    I can see why some Americans would like her though, she has that hair color they’re obsessed with.
    Put a blond wig on a horse and they’d say it’s the most beautiful woman walking this planet.

  • anet

    natural beauty!!

  • Jasmine

    The only thing that stands out about her is her height. Average girl.

  • OMG!

    She is too young for Leo

  • rinaren

    love her..

  • mel

    her calves have no definition for someone that is a model.

  • Miss Ellie

    Her too thin legs need some toning….

  • Helen

    Celebrities like blondes a lot

  • Naomi

    She has no taste in choosing her clothes. Her street style is simply horrible. And Jared, why didn’t you post this picture of her smoking inside the car?
    Nice isn’t it? I wonder if Leo or Leo’s mom is aware about that?

  • ???

    That is a model? She’s got no posture and no taste in clothes..

  • Tim

    the girl doesn’t look too happy.

  • Model Fan

    What’s that? She didn’t even button her ugly shirt…. we see her bra. That chick is a total mess. Very sloppy looking and no style at all. Yuck!

  • @naomi

    I can’t stand people who smoke inside cars.
    Yes, her legs definitely need to exercise. They look flabby and her ankles are thick.

  • Jared
  • @Naomi

    Are you just pissed off as a Bar fan that your catalogue model has lost her meal ticket?

  • IKR

    The next time anyone wonders why people still slam Bar on Leo posts and don’t move on. Remebmber her stans like #9 and#11 who can’t move on and pollute the posts of other women linked with Leo.
    They know Barf is utterly worthless as a 27 year old catalogue ‘model’ without his name recognition and remain bitter.
    Having said that Erin does have thick calves.

  • @Jared

    It must be DiCaprio’s. We’ve seen also his previous girlfriends borrowing his car. His Lexus has carried several girlfriends, just like his mattress in his Oriole Drive home in LA.

  • @17

    Why? Is Heatherton more than a catalog model / girlfriend? The least attractive VS model and nothing more. Bland and unsexy with a boring face and no taste. Those hideous long floral dresses! And the blah face…
    @Tim: Dicaprio hasn`t looked happy in a long time so they just make a miserable pair.
    Girlfriend apparently couldn`t even find his car and tried to get in another one. He sure likes them bright!
    Also you never saw a post about her before she became Leo`s `official girl`. Bar in the making…

  • Audrey

    She looks so…young it’s weird…i mean her face looks like a teenager’s

  • Miranda fan

    No elegance, no style. No definition to her legs. You would never see a real model stepping out of a store dressed like that. And her face shows a girl who looks really pissed. Thanks for the “smoking inside car”, it’s disgusting.

  • I love Alessandra

    She is the least interesting VS model and the least attractive girl Leo has ever dated.

  • nati

    so the first solo Erin Heatherton post on JJ now eh? Bar 2.0? I mean we never saw Bar posted about until she started dating Leo too…ugh.

  • tmo

    On first sight i was like ‘who is this teen-singer/actress and /or media wh)*ore’??’ sh*t she looks young. its kinda sick actually that hes with her. i dunno, probably just me – but she looks like a child.

  • @tmo

    He is with her because he is a child. A manchild and totally on her level when it comes to maturity. Too bad he looks more like her chaperone than her boyfriend.
    @nati: Second solo post about her but it`s not going to change the fact that you pointed out since the first one was also posted after she became the official girlfriend of a well known womanizer. She must be so proud!

  • haha

    @Tim: And I suppose you always walk around with a smile on your dial whilst shopping! she’s a very pretty girl and I love her casual street style, long gone are the bad old days when models and actors had to be coiffed and made up wtihin an inch of their lives when they’re not working…she has a natural beauty just as Bar did and of course this is what Leo sees first thing in the morning! Get ready for the ahte brigade lol

  • angelbaby

    she looks like any other scrag i see walking through university and in my lectures, who thikn that t hey are so cool, and so glam, and talk so loudly about their lives as though they were celebs and what they are saying is worth knowing, and that they are so great, but they are really dumb and with no brains.

  • commonsense

    Come on now, is Leo ever anyone’s boyfriend?

  • Vicky

    Is she Pregnant? Coz there rumors she is expecting Leo’s baby.

  • really?

    Rumor is she is pregnant because she is holding the bag in front of her belly. Then she smokes in the car. Makes sense. LOL! It seems like this is the speed up version of Leo & Bar. The `getting serious` speech already started, the pregnancy rumor already started and most importantly the Leo was seen with other woman sightings are already out there. This `relationships` sure moves quickly!
    @commonsense: LOL, you are so right!

  • ???

    There are rumors of her being pregnant because her posture is horrible. She can’t be pregnant, you fools…. she’s having photoshoots in underwears and bikinis for the very intellectual Victoria Secret catalogues.

  • gfd

    hey leo moved all your hate to erin? what happened for all that hate over the years for bar? you abandoned your barfie and her bar flies?

  • Rusy

    She comes across as a bland and bitter person

  • Soon

    Looks like leo made sure these pix got on jj beause its been too quiet and peaceful lately. Can’t have that. He likes the attention these women bring him way too much. what he doesnt yet know is that he’s going to pay for the people he’s hurt, every last wrongful deed and woman he’s purposefully hurt and used will be vindicated. And he deserves everything thats coming to him.

  • @35

    If he likes attention so much he should have picked a prettier, more exciting and less blah girlfriend.

  • Yuck

    Long feet, no muscular toning and hidous clothes. At least she’s got clothes on, because naked, she looks awful

  • @3

    Ya, no one in the world finds blondes attractive byt Americans.
    Xenophobic bigot.

  • lyle

    eeeeek,she is not hot at all.Terrible body.Least used VS model.Leo there are so many more blah girls like this who at least are smart and interesting and funny and dont need you to further their modeling careers.

  • anne

    Ok I can’t be the only twenty-something on here who has absolutely no idea who this person is. Seriously…who is she? Every day there are more and more of these forgettable and obscure “stars” that keep popping up on celeb websites, as if they are household names or something… o_0

  • ex nihilo

    she’s got that ‘wholesome milk maid’ look to her, just a teensy bit less than kate upton does. sisters in the prosaic…

  • al

    who is this random and why is she on this website??

  • @@Jared

    Yep, his Lexus has seen several girlfriends sitting at the driver’s seat… as for his mattress on Oriole Avenue in Hollywood Hills, I believe he was used for several chicks in the past year. But I would be curious to know how many girls have tried his mattress in Sydndey. LOL!

  • keshaluv

    omg I love Erin so much!!! She is so much better than Bar, she is classy and is not an attention whore, go Erin!!

  • @44

    Yeah, I remember a photo of her with wide spread legs and the nasty cigarette hanging from her mouth. Classy? Not so much! Not better than Bar in any ways! Otherwise Leo wouldn`t date her. He doesn`t like smart or classy that`s obvious!

  • shi

    seriously people, picking on a girl’s ankle? on her calves and what not??? I wonder if some of you will ever be happy with anyone Leo dates. You may want to see him w a brunette or a non-model or whatever, but it’s HIS life! People are allowed to have types! If you’re going to pick on someone pick on Leo!

  • 47

    BarT and her team are just jealous of young and beautiful, Erin. At least she didnèt use a porn video (full boob drooping and arm-pit fat) on youtube a promotional vehicle for the full Pam Anderson treatment. That is all she is.

  • @47

    Sure, it`s all team Bar… at least in your head. Erin posing without clothes I guess is OK because …. you hate Bar.
    @46: She is a model ergo she makes her living based on her look. So why is it so shocking that people find her looks unflattering?

  • Chris

    I absolutely love Erin. But, I think she is being used as some kind of Beaver STAN for LEO, while he continues with BarT. This should make you happy, Erin. They can sure dish it out, donèt they.

  • @47

    I do not hate anyone. I just would not write those awful things about him in public, neither would any person in my family…then more ultimatums. Nice girl…