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Erin Heatherton: Beverly Hills Shopping!

Erin Heatherton: Beverly Hills Shopping!

Erin Heatherton looks ready for spring in a cute denim jacket and miniskirt as she steps out for some shopping on Friday (February 25) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 22-year-old model did some shopping, then stopped in at Curve and made a purchase.

Last month, Erin and her boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio went on a vacation to Mexico!

Leo is auctioning off the chance for a winning bidder and guest to meet him at one of his upcoming film premieres, with VIP seats, and access to an exclusive after party.

10+ pictures inside of Erin Heatherton shopping in Beverly Hills…

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erin heatherton beverly hills 01
erin heatherton beverly hills 02
erin heatherton beverly hills 03
erin heatherton beverly hills 04
erin heatherton beverly hills 05
erin heatherton beverly hills 06
erin heatherton beverly hills 07
erin heatherton beverly hills 08
erin heatherton beverly hills 09
erin heatherton beverly hills 10

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  • @49

    Enlighten us, why would Leo do this? Dating someone in public while still in a relationship with his long time ex girlfriend? I really wanna know where`s the sense in that.

  • Yep

    @Rusy: Yep, just like all you haters here!

  • zzzzzzz

    Interchangeable girlfriends and interchangeable relationships. I predicted a Disneyland trip when I hear he took her to Monterey/Carmel. Of course she managed to tweet about it ( girl is up for publicity for sure. Too bad nobody really cares about her/them ) and another tweet put Leo there. Could this guy be a more boring and unimaginative boyfriend? And the girl? Does she think she is anything special? This is just pathetic….

  • Yep

    @zzzzzzz: Ha ha and this is your business why? nobody is forcing you to read about Erin, I think you’re the pathetic one here!

  • zzzzzzz

    ps: no wonder that only these young airhead are willing to date him

  • zzzzzzz

    @Yep: this is a board where people post their opinion whether it`s good or not. If you can`t deal with opinion that you don`t like don`t read them.
    And yes, Leo and his order in girlfriends are pathetic. :) Have a nice one!

  • Yep

    @zzzzzzz:Yes I agree, but this’ board’ says “Erin Heatherton in Beverly Hills Shopping ” so why pray tell, are you visiting a ‘board’ that is about boring and predictable people that bore you? You have a nice day now!

  • @57

    Because she is linked to someone I like to post about. Now what? :)

  • @zzzzz

    I guess people who follow DiCaprio’s wheareabouts with his models all predicted one of his next sightings would be Disneyland. What’s next? Let met see… A Lakers game sighting of the two? After Cabo, he’ll have to plan a trip somewhere with both his parents and hers? Expect that he’ll have her on a European luxury private cruise in the summer. As for his Lexus, I guess it’s the first time we see a girlfriend smoking inside the vehicle. It is really disgusting and I thought at least Mr. Environment could have picked someone with a little more judgement and respect than that.

  • zzzzzzz

    How about a bike ride in NYC? Spring is here so I guess we can expect that with Lukas around. But first I bet there will be some sightings of them shopping. Then comes the annual Europe trip of course even though some say it`s gonna be over by summer. Just think about all the beautiful dummies he can pick up in Ibiza or in Cannes. Certainly better looking ones than Erin…
    So Peter Pan went home to Disneyland and he still looks like his girlfriend`s chaperone. Cute!

  • @59

    Judgment and respect? A girl who flies to visit and stay with a man only a week or two after meeting him is in my book a girl who lacks a great deal of self respect. Admit it, the guy didn’t have to woo and pursue her much. She was perhaps the easiest lay he’s ever met in his life. She’s very young and obviously lacks a lot of judgment. Her portofolio speaks for itself

  • @60


  • @60

    Why would look for more dummies? He got himself the biggest available one.

  • zzzzzzz

    That`s true. Also if you read his bz thread you can see that this girl is either works ( only for VS apparently ) or runs to Leo. How about her family or her life in NYC? Have you seen Leo going to NYC or Miami with her? It didn`t happen a lot with Bar but it did and he followed Gisele a lot.
    I agree, #61. I think it` s obvious he picked the most willing ( / desperate ) one because that`s easy. Far from normal. As much as Erin doesn`t seem to have much self respect I think Leo doesn`t have much respect for her. But he found the perfect dummy. Probably the biggest one so far. Awesome couple!

  • And yet…………

    here you are on your lonesome with 6 posts on a predictable pair that apparently bore you soooooo much. While other Leo fan who are probably GENUINELY bored can’t even be bothered to post.

  • zzzzzzz

    Again being bored by them is my opinion that I can post on boards like this. :)

  • Hero

    How many nuts is she storing in those cheeks? She looks chipmunky. Heavy lidded eyes, and one of the strangest noses I’ve ever seen, like a bad surgeon tried to remove a bump and went too far.

  • Yep

    @And yet…………: Ha ha so true, oobviously Tink and Co. still have too much time on their hands, so funny!

  • Madeleine

    If it was great love they d be together all the time. However they went to a party last thursday New York Post wrote about it.

  • @69

    Well, it`s a party sighting. I don`t think it means `great love`. I still don`t believe this is going to last long. The girl is just way too blah and this whole thing is seems so nothing. No chemistry whatsoever.

  • Madeleine

    Yeah, it will probably be over when he starts working on the Tarantino film. Although he did say he likes to spend time with his friends and talk about nothing. So she might be the nothing girl he s looking for, you never know!

  • shi

    I wonder if some of you will ever be happy with anyone Leo dates. You may want to see him w a brunette or a non-model or whatever, but it’s HIS life! People are allowed to have types! If you’re going to pick on someone pick on Leo!

  • falla

    Madeleine is right. She’s the nothing girl. Has nothing to say. Lets Leo get his way. I feel sorry for her.

  • sad

    @falla: And how do you know she has nothing to say? in my opinion they are just having a fun time together no dramas! and we dont really need all these bitchy comments do we? come on sisters!

  • sad

    @sad: So, you’ve got nothing to say, just using those used up, mean old thumbs! predictable…I’m outta here.

  • This is not funny at all


    Her body language already told us a lot.A lot about Leo.

  • Observer

    Have you all noticed how she rarely smiles? I took a look at her work and boy, does she take herself seriously. Not only does she need a huge padded bra to pretend her sagging boobs are in place but her boyish figure needs to have her spine torn to a side or the other when she poses. Her face expression is sooooo dramatic, it’s hilarious.

  • @This is not funny at all

    Yes, a lot
    And uncle Leo seems to enjoy the company of young available chicks. He doesn’t have to work hard to get them in his bed.

  • @Observer

    You are totally right. It looks like she doesn’t like too much being a model. She looks dramatically bored and frankly I was surprised to realize how badly she chooses her urban outfits. And can someone explain to me who in the world offered her to pose in the nude? The Vogue photos show a sick skeleton….how old was she when she did that particular photoshoot?

  • For Erin Fans

    Ok – ‟Oh, so moral Bar Camp ″ Here is the promo self-abuse video that she did a, I think, a month after her naked Esquire pics. You can see her drooping ugly boob (there is probably a good aesthetic reason why she has not been shot straight-forward-topless). Ugly boobs. They need a harness for support, not wings. Vid:

  • Cane

    barès mom posted this article on twitter. She is claiming that LD and Bart are still seeing each other. Still phucking…dunno know, but it was almost implied


    the sun used the phrase STRONG BOND. Let LD learn the hard way, what it will be like being related to Tzipi. lol….some ppl like drama enough to invite into bed and house

  • Michelle fan

    I think she does take herself quite seriously. She thinks she’s cool and genuine….LOL! Hey girl, you’re blowing kisses and promoting padded bras. Hello?

  • Michelle fan

    …Besides these pics of her shopping reveal someone who has no taste at all. How in the world is she dressed? And yes, her legs need to be toned, they’re heavy and flabby.

  • For the Erin fan

    Grow up, `Oh so Bar obsessed` person! `Bar camp` just because people don`t like plain Jane? That`s the only thing you can come up with? Also that article doesn`t prove anything regardless how many different screen names you use and on how many different thread you post it.
    This girls is bland and boring, disgusting with the nasty cigarettes hanging out of her mouth all the time. No taste in clothes and she has no appeal whatsoever. That has nothing to do with Bar or her mother.

  • Madeleine

    Well she s got no style and at 23 she s no Kate Moss. Guess Leo s all she got going. Even Karlie Kloss got work at Paris fashion week Erin didnt. Maybe Leo wish he d gone for Karlie Kloss, but maybe she wasnt interested and Erin was the only one available. Not everyone wants to be with Leo. Claire Danes just said she turned down Titanic to get away from him! In the Victoria Secret fashion show Erin says she s a nerd that loves the latest technology stuff. She was wearing glasses when she said it…

  • @86

    Maybe Leo went for Karlie but she didn`t want to date the infamous modelizer. He likes things easy so he went for the willing one. It doesn` seem like it was a lot of effort to get her to Sydney or to make her run after him whenever she is not working. I doubt Karlie would have done that…
    Wearing glasses? You need a little more than that to be smart. LOL!

  • @Madeleine

    A nerd? Give me a break. So she’s also pretentious…LOL, LOL!

    You know I read somewhere on a forum that after Blake Lively dumped him for Ryan Reynolds, he must have felt quite humiliated and depressed. So back in NY, he went after any available models he could find (under 22 years-old of course) from the Victoria Secret 2012 after party. Since Karlie was already taken, he realized the tall boyish Erin was available and very willing to become his model of the season. It makes sense. She is probably the least attractive person he has ever dated and has the ugliest body VS has ever promoted. Who is her agent, btw?

  • @88

    I’m not 100% sure it has anything to do with Lively. Maybe but he needed a steady girlfriend to clean up his image a little. There were a lot of rumors about him and models in Sydney. But other than that I agree with you. There were plenty of posts about that after party but nothing about these two together. Then she shows up in Sydney out of the blue and of course the photo op pictures….

  • Who wants ?


    I think not everyone wants to be with Leo,but nobody, excepting the most desperate ones;and even to these desperate nerds,pretending to be cool chicks he can propose only his boring and shallow nest

  • Madeleine

    @88 I dont think she has an agent. Marilyn Agency represents her and since she s with VS they probably pull the strings a lot. Will be interesting to see if she ll get some major things this year and not just gossip mags!

  • i dont get it

    where are the psychics lol

  • @78

    She sure likes to pose in the nude. Was that her trademark before she got hired by VS?

  • Happy Ending

    at least EH is Hired by VS…. unlike BARFY….

  • @94

    Not to defend Refaeli but is it such a big deal? VS is going downhill for the past couple of years thanks to the blah models they hire. Besides it doesn`t seem like there`s anything else going on for Heatherton other than VS and running after Leo…

  • me

    @For Erin Fans: These are not Bar fans, these haters are silly, middle aged, lonely people, who fantasize about Leo, they hate all his girl friends, probably hate all attractive women, poor souls.

  • me

    @Cane: You idiot, Tinkerbelle, Paranoid much!!

  • Madeleine

    Its all just for fun. Its about famous people. Why do we care? Cos its fun! It s not important if he s with Bar or Erin but we have opinions cos its fun. My main problem with Erin is her age. So much change between 23 and 33 and he s 37! What can she bring to his life? I know some thinks he s the new George. But his girl is 32 , I know he s 50. But still I like them. Erins other problem is her lack of style. If she was the new it girl it d be better. Guess I d prefer som cool actress for him… Its all just for fun!

  • fan

    So she’s DiCaprio’s new pot of Crazy Glue? Is she the type he’s going to be sticked with because he asked her for a date and she followed him blindly to Sydney and from now on, he won’t be able to get rid of her. I bet she has no life, no family and she got rid of her friends. The same pattern all his 22, 23 years-old girlfriends did…. his friends become his girlfriends’ friends (travel together, go out together, spend NY’s Eves together). Just pretend they are so cool. She’s young so she might tolerate that for a while. How desperate can a girl be.

  • @Fan

    Well unless you expect him to hang with her friends, lol! How old must they be? He could become their babysitter.