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Jennifer Garner Gives Birth to Baby Boy!

Jennifer Garner Gives Birth to Baby Boy!

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are the proud parents of a newborn son!

The 39-year-old actress gave birth to the couple’s third child in Santa Monica, Calif., a source tells Us Weekly.

The family’s newest addition joins older sisters Violet, 6, and Seraphina, 3.

“I would have thought [Ben] wanted a boy. At first … I really thought so,” Jen, who kept the baby’s gender under wraps, told Jay Leno last month.

“And then [Ben] kind of said, ‘Well, we have girls. We know how to do girls. My girls love me. I’m the big guy in the house,’” she added. “So, now I’m not sure.”

Congrats to the happy family!!!

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57 Responses to “Jennifer Garner Gives Birth to Baby Boy!”

  1. 1
    kel Says:

    Awwww….congrats to them!

  2. 2
    Bri Says:

    Aw congrats to them! Plus Ben finally has a son :)

  3. 3
    elisa Says:

    congrats to them !!! they are a beautiful family =)

  4. 4
    Mary H. Says:

    Oh wow, she was spotted walking around Sunday! I didn’t know she was that close to her due date. Congratulations!

  5. 5
    original miley Says:

    finally a boy! congratulations to the mom, dad and big sisters!

  6. 6
    Dearest Says:

    Congrats to the happy (?) couple.
    A boy finally? What’s that supposed to mean? Right, a son can and will solve all the problems in the world………. Wow, you gave me a son, darling, I’ll love you forever now and our family is perfect. Thanks for that.

  7. 7
    Gossipgirl Says:

    Wow! Ben must be over the moon! Congrats.

  8. 8
    Too bad Says:

    Oh cool. The baby boy must be adorable. Imagine a masculine mix of Garner and Affleck!!!! He’s SO gonna be a heartbreaker ;D Congratulations to them!

  9. 9
    Boo Says:

    Wow! Congrats :) Now it’s full house!

  10. 10
    Sonia Says:


  11. 11
    Leenah Says:

    Omg…can you imagine how adorable the baby will be?Congrats to them!!

  12. 12
    shoes4life Says:

    Congratulations Ben & Jen!!! Don’t worry Ben boys are great fun and it will be a nice balance with 3 girls in the house. Just think you’re no longer out numbered.

  13. 13
    Lilla Says:


  14. 14
    3 Says:

    Hope Jen is doing well.

  15. 15
    Emily Says:

    congrats Ben and Jen on your baby boy. Love this couple.

  16. 16
    Dee Says:

    Congratulations Ben and Jen!

  17. 17
    believe Says:

    Congratulations to this wonderful family. The girls are going to love having a baby brother. I know mine did!

  18. 18
    kim Says:

    about time….everytime i saw a picture of her i thought she was going to pop!

  19. 19
    Van Says:

    CONGRATS !!! I am so happy for this wonderful family !!!
    Jennifer Garner is a hell of a person, wife and mother !!!

  20. 20
    Jenni Says:

    Just from the way Ben was being so nice to Jennifer throughout the pregnancy, you just KNEW the baby was a boy. He was never that nice to her when she was pregnant with Seraphina, just looked miserable. It is lucky for Jenn that this one is a boy or Ben would have been outta there for sure. Good luck and good health to them all.

  21. 21
    GreenCAT Says:

    :O Awww Congratulations!!!

  22. 22
    jennifer Says:

    @#20 What gives you the right to talk that way? Pathetic.

    Congrats to ben and jen!! Baby was born in Feb still could name him Romeo!! He is going to be beautiful!!

  23. 23
    Tay Says:

    Congrats to this such lovely family!!!

  24. 24

    congrats hopefully Ben won’t stray anymore with any ****** starlets

  25. 25
    LenLT Says:

    HA! Thumbed me down you fuccccckkkkers when I told you she was glowing; henceforth, she might be having a boy!!! You kids never listen to your elders. Unless you have popped out a kid, you fukkkers should stay away from the thumb system. Congrats to Ben and Jen.

  26. 26
    Message Says:

    How about we all celebrate the nice news we hear instead of finding ways to bring negativity to it? Every baby is a blessing. Congrats to the happy family.

  27. 27
    julianna Says:

    @jennifer: Freedom of speech guarantees everyone their own opinion. Personally I think calling a baby boy Romeo is ridiculous, but you are entitled to say what you think.

  28. 28
    piaf Says:


  29. 29
    0- Says:

    FINALLY a boy!!!

  30. 30
    be Says:

    How long before he starts cheating again? No many how many kids she gives him, he won’t stay faithful!

  31. 31
    Shamrock7 Says:

    Congrats and Celebration time!! Happy for this lovely family and the Lil blessing from heavenly above:)
    Ben it’s time for some baseball with your Lil guy in the upcoming future!!
    Look forward to seeing the bambino and hearing the name!!
    All the best, Peace and Love**

  32. 32
    Kat Says:

    aww congrats to them

  33. 33
    CB Says:

    @be: what do you mean when he starts his cheating again? He’s never stopped cheating!

  34. 34
    Stacie Says:

    I am just so Happy for them, Over the Moon Happy for them . They are such a wonderful and normal couple . SO Happy for ALL of the Affleck family. Congrats ya’ll. : D

  35. 35
    Celia Says:

    Congrats to them!!

  36. 36
    Belle Says:

    @LenLT: j@LenLTOh Poor ol You–You got thumbed down and now your comment is gone completely. If this is the only thing who have to to be so upset about-You’ve got good. But I’m LMAO at you!!

    Congrats to Ben and Jen—Can’t wait to hear his name!!

  37. 37
    MARIE Says:


  38. 38
    carnie Says:

    wonder if she will get pregnant again the next time he cheats. she’s almost 40.

  39. 39
    Ivana Says:

    Wow, great, congratulations! :D
    This kid will celebrate his birthday every forth year! :D

  40. 40
    tmo Says:

    not surprised – she was 2 huge NOT to have a boy.. congrats
    now we’ll just wait until he leaves her (of course people dont believe it but meh?!)

  41. 41
    Annie Says:

    Congratulations Jennifer and Ben – two wonderful parents that have two beautiful daughters and now a healthy baby boy – I’m sure he wll be as handsome as his Dad – Best wishes to the Affleck family

  42. 42
    Claire Says:

    @Ivana: I think the baby was born Feb 28 or 27. So he’s not a Leap Day baby.

  43. 43
    Ellie Says:

    Ben never cheated or drank Vodka Brad Pitt yes that is y his parents
    Were there at Oscars they were Brads sponsors! Ben does not cheat
    Nor does he drink sonic he found the woman who loves him and gave
    Him 3 kids he loves! So give it up!

    Congrats finally beat Matty and had a boy!

  44. 44
    mica Says:

    wow, PERFECT!! their life seem so perfect having both daughter n son, hope will be the last relationship to them

  45. 45
    Ashley Says:


  46. 46
    I Used to be kel! Says:

    Jared, Go to HELL with your moderation !!!
    kel is ME, not #1 !!!

  47. 47
    nan Says:


  48. 48
    maria Says:

    Such great news! I had 2 girls first, then had a boy, and it was GREAT! My daughters were always like little mothers, and were SO helpful. Any competitiveness they had disappeared with my son, because they were both so involved with the baby. It was perfect. And they are still very close 22 years later. Congratulations to them!

  49. 49
    OH ah ah ah ah Says:

    That is nice. A nice quiet couple. A couple who live normally outsiode of the fishbowl and only neter the fishbowl when they have something to sell.

    May they make thier, marriage, last.

    Good for Ben too because he too, like Brad Pitt, has shed his prett boy image long ago and I read he works on some really good projects, water ,m I think.
    Another snide comment from me, but true, you know their fam/friends, esp. his MOTHER are are glad he got from Jennifer Lopez celeb madness world. It was real close though.

  50. 50
    Tulip Says:

    Congrats to the family. Now I am curious…what’s his name? :-)

  51. 51
    DUH Says:


    Umm, he’s still “out numbered”.

  52. 52
    armenianlover Says:


  53. 53
    Dd Says:

    @Jenni:how do you know? Where you there? Are you trying to be the next dr drew?

  54. 54
    Logic Says:

    Congrats! Super cute family.

  55. 55
    LenLT Says:

    Idiot! You think I’d care about my post being thumbed down by idiots like you. If I were, I wouldn’t have rubbed it in your face you were an idiot. I did. And you replied so who gives a fuuuuccccckkkk now? LOL get off the comp n get a job, lil one.

  56. 56
    Who cares Says:

    Hopefully now they can STOP BREEDING

  57. 57
    leapyear Says:

    @Dd: The chick may have a chip on her shoulder but I wouldn’t dispute what she says about the way Ben seemed to be a lot happier about this pregnancy. It was common knowledge he wanted a son and they already knew the sex of the baby. You guys need to lighten up!! This is a site for telling what you think, Ben and Jen never read this stuff so it doesn’t matter to them what is on here. Just sayin’.

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