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Miranda Kerr Flies With Flynn in Sydney

Miranda Kerr Flies With Flynn in Sydney

Miranda Kerr catches a departing flight with her 13-month-old son, Flynn, at the airport on Tuesday (February 28) in Sydney, Australia.

The 28-year-old model graces the cover of HauteMuse‘s latest issue, where she opens up about hubby Orlando Bloom and her fit physique.

Miranda also recently spoke out about the importance of women feeling good about themselves.

“I can’t feel bad about being who I am, just like the girl next to me can’t feel bad about being who she is. Because a rose can never be a sunflower, and a sunflower can never be a rose,” she shared.

“I want to encourage women to embrace their own uniqueness,” Miranda added. “Because just like a rose is beautiful, so is a sunflower, so is a peony. I mean, all flowers are beautiful in their own way, and that’s like women too.”

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  • Bee88

    Flynn’s walking! I actually love Miranda’s speech, “I want to encourage women to embrace their own uniqueness.”
    It seems great of her to say it. And yes, she and Flynn are both cute. She and Orlando did a great job with having Flynn.

  • pretty

    im so oveeeer her. Seriously these days she is more of a celebrity than a MODEL… im waiting her next career move. Singing? acting?
    Seriously her interviews are even getting more and more cliche. Yes Miranda you are beautiful we know it-”you are a rose” and you have a baby with Orlando Bloom WE KNOOW.

  • naixa

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  • stella

    Flynn is sooo cute!!They are the cutest family ever.

  • wth

    They should make more babies! Flynn is just too cute for words!

  • frisbee

    “Women should embrace their uniqueness” says a Victoria’s Secret model. Oy.

  • scarlett

    So says the tall, leggy supermodel….oh please.

  • Lola

    Lol, her work-out regime consists of carrying her son around all day.

  • Jen

    Seriously, that kid is the most adorable little kid ever!

  • zoe

    She looks gorgeous and baby Flynn is all mama’s! So cute!

  • Mindy

    seriously. flynn is the cutest celebrity babies ever. the most good looking one.

  • Helen

    He is the sweetest , god bless him

  • bronte

    Yes Miranda, hold Flynn’s face up for the paps-evil cow. Miranda is looking younger and younger, someone needs to call the authorities on Orlando pedo tendancies, stat!

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    i Hope Flynn & Harper Will A Couple In Future :p

  • awww

    Flynn is absolutely beautiful! He looks so much like his gorgeous daddy! Especially in the first thumbnail. Even his expression is Orlando’s. And Miranda looks lovely!
    I wonder if she is going to a photo shoot? Or to hit the runways?

  • @2

    She’s just been on the cover of a new fashion magazine, and has just shot for Vogue UK. And she has done a lot of HF, runway work recently. In fact, except for her Kora promotions, everything that she has done recently has been about modeling.
    I don’t get your complaint.

  • chacka

    Looking like a 5’11 giant with a James and the Giant Peach head! weird and NOT true beauty!

  • YAY!

    Miranda is in Paris!
    More HF runways!

  • Leenah

    Well…roses are prettier than violets and so on.I wonder if she would think the same with an ugly face or’s relative.
    Flynn is adorable,he’ll grow to be just like his daddy,heartbreaker.

  • oh

    Amazing how Miranda looks so much younger than her real age. Maybe she can share some anti-aging tips with her aging awfully hubby who starts to look like 50!

  • Barfan

    omg she has a flat smashed pancake face how is this attractive???!!!???? she definitely needs some shop…

  • jesse

    Miranda Kerr is beautiful. Orlando Bloom is aging so damn bad!

  • wow

    I see that the hater sockpuppets have made it to work.
    Miranda is beautiful, Orlando is GORGEOUS! and Flynn is just the most adorable baby around!

  • cute

    They are both so cute:)

  • @Jesse

    How can you say that, when at 35 he still looks younger than most 30 year olds?
    Sure sounds like a hater to me.

  • Sara

    Such a beautiful family!

  • other

    I love this family!! the baby is so beautiful and seems so calm- and Miranda is just so lovely to behold.

  • kami

    flynn is such a cute baby and he always looks so happy.

  • moi

    Isn’t she a “philosopher” NOOOOOT! She’s just cute. I am amazed at her being such a successful model. Good for her.

  • Average Jane

    She is so pretty but her hair always looks bad. It’s either pulled back way too tight or hanging limp. I also think it’s too dark. It’s like she hates bothering to do her hair.

  • Effy

    I think she is such a humble and beautiful person. She doesn’t have to pile on the makeup to try and make herself look better. I love that she encourages women to be themselves. Great role model!

  • Sandy

    Miranda looks beautiful here and Flynn is the cutest baby. It’s so cute to see him walking and holding his moms hand. Miranda comes across as very down to earth. She doesn’t need to wear makeup to look beautiful. She is an excellent role model to women because she says women should love themselves for their uniqueness. She says that every woman is beautiful. She is definitely a positive role model to women. Miranda, orlando, and Flynn are my favorite celebrity couple. They are loving, hands on and protective parents to Flynn which is great to see. My favorite model is Miranda because she is very sweet. Orlando still looks handsome. What is with the people saying he is aging badly?

  • ex nihilo

    just the world’s freakin’ cutest baby! …and i am FAR from being a ‘baby person’

  • lafamepoma

    in my opinion she’s young for having a child,but it’s up to her, Flynn really looks like Orli, cute little boy^^

  • Reba

    I swear!
    She is part Asian!!!
    What other white woman looks like her?
    It makes her beautifully unique,
    There is Asian in there somewhere,,,

  • Bia

    He looks like Orlando :)

  • Sandy

    Flynn is the cutest baby. You can see how much he looks like Orlando. Miranda is one of the prettiest supermodels. Flynn is going to be really handsome just like his daddy.

  • David

    That kid has Orlando’s perfectly straight eyebrows!

  • Aussie Belle

    @Reba: She comes from a farm in the middle of nowhere in Australia.Have seen her parents and grandparents…She is all Aussie!! And maybe b/c her day job involves getting her make-up and hair done constantly,it’s not a huge deal for her to let it be natural when spending time with her son esp while getting a flight.

    As for the half=blind haters on here–Did you not see the pic of Orlando recently playing with his son with his shirt off at the Beach….HOT AS. and aging mighty fine with a fantastic chest and abs.

  • Sandy

    Orlando looks handsome as always. You can see he clearly works out by the fact that he is really toned in the chest and abs. Orlando still looks great. even without makeup on, Miranda looks beautiful. Does anyone know how tall she is? Flynn is such a cutie.


    this baby is so cute–he isn´t just pretty but always is smiling and looking ultra sweet.
    they are so lucky to have such a happy baby

  • Sandy

    Flynn looks like such a happy baby. He is lucky to have such loving and protective parents like Miranda and Orlando. He always smiles in the pics. Love seeing pics of the happy family.

  • @40

    She’s 5’9″
    and GORGEOUS!
    Flynn is such a beautiful baby. He always seems so calm. Calm babies come from calm, contented parents.

  • Ivy

    he is the cutest baby ever…
    his mom is super beutiful and his dady is all hottie.
    love the bloom family so much.

  • st

    she looks beautiful

  • awww

    Bellazon has another pic of Flynn walking. He’s pointing at something and laughing his little head off.

  • Frozoid

    Baby is adorable, but lately Kerr has been looking stressed. Her body is still skinny but her face is even chubbier. Is she a secret bulimic?

  • Frozoid

    @@Jesse: No, Bloom is aging badly. He’s gotten jowly. Is he a boozer?

  • Dee

    Miranda is my role model! Sure she was born with good genes, but there are plenty of beautiful women in the world who aren’t as happy, humble and mentally/emotionally healthy as she is. The reason she shines so much on the outside is because you can tell she’s a very grounded and happy person on the inside. You can also tell by how darn happy Flynn looks all the time!

    And WOW is he ever gorgeous? Orlando’s deep brown eyes, Miranda’s cheeks and blonde hair. He is going to be so handsome as he grows older!

  • http://Justjared ?

    Omg come on she is only 28 thats still young.